The advent of smartphones has made our reliance on them for our daily plans, work and fun extremely necessary. The last thing we see before going to sleep and the first thing we see when we wake up is our smartphone. To say we are addicted to smartphones is a debate for another day, but we need smartphones to last us the whole day and be charged and ready at our disposal the next day.

But that doesn't always happen. The number one problem we face with our smartphones is that the batteries keep on depleting every minute and every second, sometimes much before the end of the day. This makes it hard for smartphone users to keep up with the limited and short backup time of the smartphones.

While sense does prevail on manufacturers and they sometimes give us phones with superb battery lives like the  Mi Max 2 and the Infinix Zero 5, the same is not always the case. Flagships like OnePlus 6 and Pixel 2 XL's rarely have batteries large than 4000mAh, which when combined with their large power-hungry screens and powerful processors yields rather poor battery lives. In such situations we, the consumers have to take matters into our hands and use a selection of battery saving tips and hacks to prolong our smartphones battery life. Without hacks and tricks to use, it is nearly impossible to get even a day’s charge out of them.

With the internet, information is often scattered making it difficult to find so we spent some time compiling all the different battery saving hacks and made a beautiful infographic which spells out the basic and the simplest ways of saving smartphone batteries.

While the simplest way to top up your battery would be to charge it, that's not always possible as you may be far from a power outlet or may not carry a power bank. So let's start with the Display- one of the most power sucking components of your phone. You can start by turning down the brightness and screen timeout of your display as this will definitely help to reduce your screens power draw. However, if you are rocking a OnePlus or a Samsung with a Super AMOLED display you can use a black wallpaper or a theme with black accents as this will bring a big improvement in battery life. This is because Super AMOLED displays simply turn off the pixels that have to display the color black which helps save battery.

Another proven method of saving your battery from dying out on you is to turn off the auto-sync option. Although you may be inclined to make use of this feature, auto-sync drains your smartphone’s battery substantially. This feature works even when you are not making use of your phone or when your phone is lying idle. If however turning off auto-sync completely will be a hassle for you setting up your email apps to sync every thirty minutes or so will save your smartphone’s battery and will give you a good backup time.

Another way to maintain your battery and significantly improve your smartphone’s battery performance is to make use of the airplane mode correctly. Switching your smartphone to airplane mode when in bad signal areas, will save your smartphone from giving out. The reason behind this is that the phone constantly tries to search for better network coverage, in turn, depleting more battery than usual. If you switch to airplane mode, these background scans for better network coverage are shut down and will save your smartphone’s battery life.

Keeping your phone in airplane mode can also help you charge faster. Smartphones have 4G sims that are always connected to the network and are in constantly on state, putting your phone in airplane mode shuts down all radios which are necessary for communication. This reduces the toll on the battery and it can charge up quickly. Another way to further improve the charging speed is to shut down your phone completely. We can personally vouch for this as we tested the same when we reviewed the Honor 8 Pro. The phone with two sim cards and 4G hotspot turned on took 3 hours and 20 minutes to charge fully. When we shut down the phone completely and then charged it, it took 1 hour and 50 minutes to full charge. That is a saving of 1 hour 30 minutes which goes to show how much we tax our phone battery with our usage.

Smartphones, although a crucial part of our daily lives are extremely fragile in the way that our use case determines how well they will work. This is because of the complex sensors and processors that work in conjunction behind the scenes. And what's really weird is even if you do not use the phone (screen off) there are still processes in the background that consume memory, processor cycles, data and ultimately battery. So the final tip we have for you is to uninstall an app or shut down any feature that your rarely or do not use at all.

So take a look at the infographic which has even more hacks that you can give a try to keep your smartphone from giving out on you. Also comment down below if you have some other cool hacks that you use to eke out even more battery life from your phones.

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