Losing or misplacing an AC remote is a common yet troublesome experience that all of us have gone through. For devices such as an AC which works largely through a remote, losing the remote can limit the use of the AC and can hamper its usability. In such cases, universal remotes are a lifesaver. These are remotes that can control a device of any brand.

Today we will know about these remotes in detail so that the next time you lose your remote you don’t need to panic or consider buying a new remote.

What is a Universal Remote?

Universal Remote

The first universal remote control was developed in 1985 by the Phillips company. They were designed to be suitable for multiple brands of electronic devices. Universal remotes are available for many different electronic devices such as A TV, an AC, and more.

They are programmed to work on a device by any manufacturer. For example, a TV universal remote will work on any TV by any brand. Similarly, an AC remote control will work on any AC by any brand.

Many high-end remotes can even handle multiple devices. This means a single remote can handle your TV, your AC, and any other remote-controlled device that you have in your home. This is possible even when all the devices are of different brands or manufacturers.

Over the years, these universal remote controls have developed rapidly. Nowadays, even some smartphones can be used as a universal remote.

Do Universal Remotes Work With All Air Conditioners?

Universal Remotes Work with AC

The answer to that is, yes, most universal remote controls work with all air conditioners. But sometimes some universal remote controls will only work with split ACs or only window ACs. Any good remote however will allow you to control all ACs. But in order to do that, you require a code that is specific to your brand/manufacturer. Once you enter this unique code you can control your AC unit without any hassle.

Following are some of the major AC brands that are available in India and we have listed their corresponding codes to make it easier for you to operate your universal remote control:

Global Warming
Energy EfficiencyThey are goodR32 has better energy efficiency
Cooling EfficiencyThey can cool wellIs better than R410A at cooling
Ozone Depletion
MinimalZero ODP
Inflammability They are flammable under high heatThey are less flammable than
Refilling CostThe refilling cost is highThey use less product while refilling
hence the refilling cost is less
Easy to HandleDue to the high pressure and inflammability,
they are difficult to handle
They are comparatively easy to

How to Set Up a Universal Remote Control?

Universal Remote Control

There are two ways to set up a universal remote control; you can either do it manually or you can put it in auto finding mode. Let us see how each of these works;

Manually setting up universal remote control: You can very easily program your universal remote control manually by following the steps mentioned below;

Before following the steps, ensure that you have compatible batteries in your remote and you are pointing it towards the device you want to control.

  • First, switch on the AC but keep it in standby mode
  • Now press the switch that indicates you want to control an AC ( there will be a picture resembling an AC on the remote)
  • Using the code given above, press the code of your AC, if the device has multiple codes, try each one, once you reach the correct one, it will start the AC
  • Remember, you have to press the device button after entering the code to see if you have the correct code
  • If you have entered the wrong code the power button will blink multiple times. It will turn green once you have entered the correct code
  • Don’t forget to press STOP to save the code

Setting up auto finding universal remote control: Auto finding remote control is used to automatically search the code of an AC if you don’t have the code with you. This is a convenient method as the remote automatically searches for the code of the AC. Here is how to set it up;

  • First, start the AC but keep it on stand by mode
  • Now click the SET button present on the remote for 5 seconds
  • Here, the remote will start searching for code on its own
  • When you hear a beep sound, then the remote has found the correct code
  • Press STOP to save the code and check if all the functions are working properly with the code
  • If they are not, then repeat the process and find another code, some code will allow you to use maximum features while others will allow only basic functions

Universal remote controls are a great way to save space and avoid clutter as they work with multiple devices and brands. However, they are not a replacement for traditional remotes because traditional remotes have multiple features, some of them are unique to the brand or device and cannot be found in a universal remote.

These universal remotes are also difficult and time taking to use, unlike traditional remotes. They have a learning curve that might not be suitable for every member of the family such as the kids or the seniors. However, they are great to have in case you misplace or lose the original remote.