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Best Computer Speakers in India 2019

Harman Kardon, Logitech, F&D, Bose or Marshall: We read through reviews from reputed audio websites, Amazon and Flipkart to find the best computer speakers for you.


Best Soundbar in India 2019

To find the best sound bar in India, we shortlisted and analyzed some of the most popular sound bars available online. We also went through a lot of reputed tech sites to see what they were recommending.


Best 2.1 speakers in India 2019

To find the best 2.1 speakers in India, we read through many reputed technology and audio websites along with user reviews from Amazon and Flipkart.


Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

To find the Best Bluetooth Speakers in India, we’ve spend over 30 hours in the past year reading through reputed technology websites and consulting Rontek – a company run by a sound engineer with more than two decades of experience working with speakers