We tested each battery for the following factors.

  • Durability

  • Lifecycles

  • Discharge rate

Our selected batteries

Based on our thorough and extensive review the following were our best picks.

Best Pick for AA rechargeable battery

Best Pick for AAA rechargeable batter​​​​​y​​​​​

​​​​​​​Best Pick for AA non-rechargeable battery

  • Panasonic 
  • Nippo Power
  • Godrej
  • Eveready

​Best Pick for AAA non-rechargeable battery

  • Panasonic
  • Nippo Power
  • Maxx Power
  • Eveready

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​​​​​How we selected?

We sourced all the batteries that were easily available in Chennai. We spent a day running to around 40 shops and bazaars to find as many different battery brands as we could. Here’s the list of the batteries we sourced.

The selected non-rechargeable batteries were

  • Duracell (AA & AAA)

  • Eveready (AA & AAA)

  • Panasonic (AA & AAA)

  • Nippo Power (AA & AAA)

  • Godrej Alkaline (AA)

  • Godrej Zinc Carbon (AA)

  • Vipow (AA)

  • Maxx Power (AAA)

The selected rechargeable batteries were

  • Eveready (AA & AAA)

  • Godrej (AA & AAA)

  • Sony/ Cycle Energy (AA & AAA)

  • Geemax Plus (AA)

  • Eneloop Pro (AA)

  • Camelion (AA)

  • Tuscan (AA)

  • Vipow (AAA)

  • Uniross (AAA)

Note: This post mainly answers which batteries are best from batteries that are most probably available at local shops close to you. We intend to keep this post updated as we test more batteries. We will shortly be testing more batteries from amazon's global store too. Stay tuned.

Why Trust us?

We sourced and tested most of the locally available batteries in India today. Each of the batteries was then put through a battery of tests (Pun intended). We spent over 50 hours over a span of six months to find the best batteries.

How we tested?

To test the actual capacity of the batteries, we placed each battery into a different identical torch. We turned the torch on and measured the time it took for each torch to go off. With this we compared which battery enabled the torch to run for a longer time. For AAA batteries, we powered small motors with the batteries. The time that each motor ran for allowed us to compare each batteries performance.

We tested the batteries to know actual results

If you are buying a rechargeable battery, an important factor you should consider is whether the battery will maintain its capacity over time without discharging. To test this we waited for six months and then tested the batteries again. The second time we checked to see the voltage drop and reduction in capacity.

We also took into account the theoretical cycle time of each battery. We removed any battery that wasn’t giving you at least 1000 cycles of charges.

Test performance of non-rechargeable batteries

Here’s the performance of the non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries from our performance tests. You can see that the Duracell seems to be the best. Right? Actually, no.

  • AA ​
  • ​AAA 
A comparision chart to show durability of the AAA batteries

Although, it does give you the most capacity with around 6 hours and 15 minutes of charge. The capacity you get is only an hour more than other carbon batteries. Here’s the crazy part. It is priced at around 76 Rupees! All the other carbon batteries are priced at Rs. 20. You can buy 3 carbon batteries for that price and get 15 hours of charge. Here’s the capacity per rupee graph, which should show you this difference in play.

Actual durability per rupee

Above you can see that for AA batteries Godrej gives you around 21 minutes per rupee. The Panasonin, Eveready and Nippo are all good options at around 15 minutes per rupee. The duracell is an abysmal 4.9 minutes rupee.

Generally, alkaline batteries are supposed to be much better than Carbon batteries. Which is true. They do offer more capacity. They do offer a shelf life of 7 years. But we feel you might as well pick up 3 Evereadys instead of one Duracell. You’ll get 15 hours of charge instead of 6.

Test performance of rechargeable batteries

For rechargeable batteries, we discarded price as a main factor and took into consideration:

  • Charge cycles

  • Capacity

  • Discharge time

AA Batteries

Here are the graphs for the performance of the AA rechargeable batteries.

A chart to show the durability of AA rechargeable batteries

As you can see, most batteries performed the same. Except the Gee max plus. It had a much lower capacity in our tests than the batteries. We removed this immediately. Of the others that remained, we removed all the batteries that had a lifecycle lower than 1000 charges. The final step was to remove any abttery that had a significant discharge. To do this, we checked the voltage anad capacity after a gap of 6 months. Any battery with a large drop in voltage and capacity was removed.

This left us with our winners: Cycle Energy and Eneloop pro.

Both of them are priced at around Rs. 450. This is definetely worth it, considering that Cycle Energy gives you around 1000 cycles of charge whereas the Eneloop gives you 2100 cycles. This is 100% more than some of its competitors, who had only 500 cycles. The Cycle Energy lasted for around 8 hours in our tests whereas the Eneloop lasted for 7 hours. The Cycle energy lasted the longest, with an hour more than the other batteries. Both these brands had negligible discharge over the period of six months.

AAA batteries

Here’s the performance of the AAA rechargeable batteries

A chart to show the durability of AAA rechargeable batteries

As you can see, most batteries performed the same here too. Except the Cycle energy, which did an hour better than the rest in our tests.

We then removed all batteries that didn’t have atleast 1000 cycle times and had a heavy discharge. This left us with only two batteries: Cycle Energy and Eveready.

​Best Pick for AA rechargeable battery

Eneloop  (Panasonic) & Cycle Energy (Sony)

The Eneloop & the Cycle Energy rechargeable batteries performance excellently in our durability and discharge tests and had long charge cycle times. Apart from most regular electrical appliances they can also be used to power digital cameras.

Cycle Energy (Sony)  (White)

Specifications (Eneloop)

Battery Capacity:1900mAh

Voltage: 1.2V

Price: Rs.450

Specifications (Cycle Energy)

Battery Capacity:2500mAh

Voltage: 1.2V

Price: Rs.450

​Battery Durability : Expect long durability with the Eneloop & Cycle Energy

The Eneloop by Panasonic is a 1900mAh battery with a max voltage of 1.2V. When used with a torch, the AA battery managed to keep it running for around 7 hours and 15 mins. Testing the same battery after 6 months gave us a durability time 7 hours and 12 minutes, which was very good.

Sony’s Cycle Energy battery comes with a larger 2500mAh capacity. The larger capacity gives it a better durability time of 8 hours and 5 minutes. The durability time we got after 6 months was 7 hours 55 minutes, which was still good. 

The Chameleon Battery is the best at durability with a time of 8 hours and 10 mins, but sadly it discharged by 0.08 volts in a week. Hence we feel the Eneloop and Cycle Energy we better overall.

Battery Discharge: Negligible discharge during storage

Storing batteries without usage can cause them to lose their voltage. Some batteries discharge quickly while some slowly.

Of all the batteries we tested The Eneloop and Cycle Power were the least discharging under storage. Testing the discharge of the Eneloop and Cycle Power after a week showed a negligible drop of 0.01V and 0.03V respectively.

Charge Cycles: Highest charge cycles amongst the other batteries

The Eneloop batteries had the highest charge cycles of upto 2100 cycles. Which is impressive for long term use.

The Cycle Energy has half the charge cycles as the Eneloop at 1000 cycles. But the charge cycles are still higher than the other batteries.

In Short

Priced at around Rs.450 the Eneloop & Cycle Energy are products from well know brands and perform very well in all our tests. These two batteries had the amongst the largest capacities and longest charge cycles. Add to that the low discharge rate and excellent durability and they make for a great purchase if you need rechargeable batteries.

​Best Pick for AAA rechargeable battery
Cycle Energy (Son​y)

Sony’s AAA sized Cycle Energy takes the cake again as the best rechargeable battery. These AAA batteries can be used in Toys, TV remotes, face scrubber and wireless computer accessories.

Pretty and mordern: Cycle Energy (Son​y)

Specifications (Cycle Energy)

Battery Capacity: 840mAh

Voltage: 1.2V

Price: Rs.350

Battery Durability: Best durability amongst the rechargeable AAA cells

With a capacity of 840mAh the Cycle Energy battery managed to keep the DC motor running for 5 hours and 12 minutes. This was the highest amongst all the AAA batteries.

Battery Discharge: Lowest discharge amongst others

Need to stash your batteries away for emergencies needs? Then the Cycle Energy is the one you must pick as it has the lowest discharge rate of just 0.01 V (in a week)

Charge Cycles: Amongst the best in terms of charge cycles

The Cycle Energy can be charged for upto 1000 times before it’ll fail or lose capacity.

In Short:

Priced at Rs.350 the Cycle Energy one of the better AAA rechargeable batteries with longest durability, very good charge cycles and lowest discharge rate.

Budget Pick for AAA rechargeable battery


If you are not able to source Cycle Energy AAA rechargeable battery you can go for the Eveready which performs nearly as well as the cycle power but is priced at almost half the price.

Reachargeable Everyday batteries

Specifications (Eveready)

Battery Capacity: 600mAh

Voltage: 1.2V

Price: Rs.170

Battery Durability: Second in durability amongst AAA batteries

In our durability test, the Eveready AAA battery was able to run a normal DC motor for about 4 hrs 54 mins 13 secs. Only the Cycle Energy battery managed to surpass its durability.

Battery Discharge: Very low discharge rate

With a low discharge rate of 0.02V in a week it's second to the Cycle Energy's 0.01 V discharge rate.

Charge Cycles: Amongst the best in terms of charge cycles

Matches the Cycle Energy’s 1000 charge cycles.

In Short:

With a price tag of Rs.170 the Eveready AAA rechargeable battery manages to second to the Cycle Energy in most tests.

​Best Pick for AA non-rechargeable battery

Panasonic, Nippo Power, Godrej and Eveready

Non-rechargeable batteries as the name suggests can't be recharged and hence are available at a very low price. They can be used in devices like a torch, TV remotes, Toys and some computer accessories.

Three non-rechargeable batteries that offer good backup

Specifications (Panasonic)

Battery Capacity: 1100mAh

Voltage: 1.5V

Price: Rs.20

Specifications (Nippo Power)

Battery Capacity: 1100mAh

Voltage: 1.5V

Price: Rs.20

Specifications (Godrej)

Battery Capacity: 1100mAh

Voltage: 1.5V

Price: Rs.15

Specifications (Eveready)

Battery Capacity: 1100mAh

Voltage: 1.5V

Price: Rs.20

Non-Rechargeable batteries can be gauged on only 2 parameters cost and durability. Based on those 2 parameters we felt the Panasonic, Nippo Power, Godrej and Eveready to be the best picks amongst the non-rechargeable batteries.

The capacity of a non-rechargeable AA Zinc-Carbon battery is 1100mAH whereas Alkaline is 1600mAh that’s why Alkaline is of higher cost. Alkaline durability will also  be 1-2 hours more than that of a Zinc-carbon battery. But for the price of Alkaline batteries, you can buy 4-5 sets of a Zinc-Carbon battery.

Amongst the Zinc-Carbon batteries, the average durability was around 5 hours. The Duracell Alkaline battery manages a durability of 6 hours and 15 mins. But the high cost of Rs.76 makes it actually more expensive.

For that same price you can get 3 Eveready batteries which can give you a charge for around 15 hours!

​​​Best Pick for AAA non-rechargeable battery

Panasonic, Nippo Power, Maxx Power, Eveready

Non-rechargeable batteries with heavy duty performance

Specifications (Panasonic)

Battery Capacity: 540-750mAh

Voltage: 1.5V

Price: Rs.20

Specifications (Nippo Power)

Battery Capacity: 540-750mAh

Voltage: 1.5V

Price: Rs.20

Specifications (Maxx Power)

Battery Capacity: 540-750mAh

Voltage: 1.5V

Price: Rs.10

Specifications (Eveready)

Battery Capacity: 540-750mAh

Voltage: 1.5V

Price: Rs.20

The AAA batteries had capacities ranging from 540-750mAh at 1.5V.

In our durability test,they all ran an average of around 5 hours. They differed mainly in price. The Maxx power was half the price of the others which made it our first choice.

But since it is not really a common brand, you might not find it easily. In that case you can pick the Nippo, Eveready or panasonic.

Things that you should not do while using batteries

  1. Do not recharge the non-rechargeable batteries using a charger as there is a chance they could explode.

  2. Do not use 2 different brands of batteries on the same device.

  3. Use the formula to recharge the rechargeable batteries and don’t overcharge the battery.

  4. Never dump used, damaged or leaking batteries with your household waste, instead deposit it at an e-waste disposal plant.

Batteries that were not selected?

Out of nearly 24 pairs of batteries that we tested, we were able to give only 2-3 best picks per category. Here we shall discuss about the products that did not make it as our best picks.

Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries:

Tuscan seems to be reliable but over the course of 6 months, the durability decreased and the life cycle was less (500 cycles only). Tuscan batteries also had the highest discharge rate at 0.1 V in a week.

Camelion was one of the costliest batteries but  it’s discharge rate increased over the course and durability also decreased. More than durability we have given importance to the life cycle and the discharge rate.

In AAA batteries we saw that the Vipow battery had the highest battery capacity (1100mAh) but had the least durability figure. It had a high discharge rate too.

Likewise, the Uniross and Godrej were not selected because they had higher discharge rate when compared to the Eveready battery.

Non-Rechargeable AA and AA batteries:

We did not choose Duracell (Alkaline) batteries because for the rate of Duracell you can purchase 3-4 sets of Zinc Carbon batteries. This is a massive cost saving especially considering the benefits of Duracell are not that much.

Non-Rechargeable Eveready batteries (AA & AAA) didn't make it to our top picks as it was slightly less durable. Although 2 or 3 of these batteries is a better option than Duracell.

Final Thoughts

If you need a rechargeable AA battery for your digital cameras blindly go with Eneloop batteries which have low discharge rates and can be used for many times. If you don’t find Eneloop, you should get the Cycle Energy.

If you are in need of AAA rechargeable batteries you can go with Cycle Energy (Sony) which has a very low discharge rate and if you need a budget one under Rs.200 you can go with Eveready.

When you have a need for AA non-rechargeable battery, you can either go for Panasonic or Nippo Power or the Godrej if it's available. Even Eveready is a good pick.

For AAA batteries get the Maxx power. Else, choose either from Nippo power, Eveready or Panasonic.