As days keep getting hotter and hotter it becomes increasingly difficult to tolerate the heat. Air conditioners being too expensive, air coolers are the way ahead.

To find the best air cooler we shortlisted all the products on the market and then selected the ones that offered the most features and the one which had the highest customer ratings. 

​Best air cooler in India (Medium sized room)

Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler with Remote Control

The Symphony Hicool Air cooler looks more like a cutesy robot that's sent to protect you from the harsh heat than an air cooler. The Hicool with its large 31-litre capacity means you won't have to refill it multiple times and the bundled remote control gives you all the convenience. Its 31-litre capacity and 37 feet air throw distance means it's great for medium sized rooms of around 175 sq. feet.  

​Best air cooler in India (Small sized room)

Symphony Diet 22i 22 Litre Air Cooler with Remote Control

The Symphony Diet 22i contrary to what the name suggests is still a powerful air cooler that's designed for smaller rooms. The Diet 22i with its 22 litre capacity and nearly 30 feet air throw distance makes it more suited for smaller rooms of around 150 sq. feet.

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​Why Trust Us?

To find the best air cooler in India we shortlisted all the products on the market and then read through their specifications and reviews and shortlisted the ones with the best reviews.

We also looked through what other websites suggest besides looking a the highest rated products on Amazon and Flipkart.

​How we selected?

With a ton of air coolers being available in the market at different sizes it can be a little tedious to find the best one in the market.

So we started by shortlisting all the products in the market and picking the ones that had the highest ratings and reviews. From these products, we selected the ones with Honeycomb cooling pad, inverter support, auto swing feature etc. Then we read through the reviews of the products we shortlisted and selected the best ones amongst those.

We even added some products suggested by other websites along with the highest rated products on Amazon and Flipkart.

​Best air cooler in India in detail

Symphony Hicool 31L


  • Remote and Control Panel makes it easy to use

  • Good cooling even in hot summers (40 degrees)

  • Large water tank

  • Ability to use ice cubes for cooling

  • Good air throw distance

  • Extra features like timer, water level indicator etc.

  • Built-in Air Purifier

  • 1-year warranty with doorstep service

  • Can work with inverter

  • 175 sq. ft cooling area|


  • No humidity control

  • Little noisy

With its cutesy looks and small dimensions, the Symphony Hicool Air cooler doesn't quite look out of the place unlike most air coolers which are mostly boxy and huge.

In terms of specifications, you have a 31-litre tank capacity that lets it run at full speed for at least 11 hours, you get 3-speed level controls and air throw distance of nearly 37 feet. To protect the air cooler and give you clean air it comes with a Mosquito net and dust filter. Also present is the ice chamber where you can put ice cubes for better cooling.

To control the fan speed and swing options you can use the feather touch buttons on the control panel of the air cooler or the remote. The control panel on the cooler is also waterproof so you don't have to worry about spills. You can also dock the remote on top of the air cooler so that it doesn't go missing.

Another cool feature is that the air cooler can run even on inverter so if you face frequent power cuts you can still have cool refreshing air blowing towards you.

Aside from giving you cool air the Symphony Hicool even has 5- stage air purification courtesy of Symphony i-Pure technology. This means you get a bacteria-filter, smell-filter, dust-filter, allergy-filter as well as PM 2.5 wash-filter. This gives you fresh and purified cool air.

Given the capacity of the cooler, it is suitable for medium sized rooms and needs cross ventilation to give better cooling. Most customers were satisfied with the air throw and the amount of cooling. Most found the air cooler very easy to use, especially due to the remote and the wheels which make it easy to move from one room to another.

Some complaints from customers were that the machine lacked upward and downward air flow control, lack of humidity control and loud operating sound. But these are expected given the price and working technology of the air cooler.

Symphony offers a 1-year warranty with the product and you get doorstep service as well.

GIven its small dimensions, powerful performance and easy to use controls, the Symphony Hicool i 31-litre air cooler is superb for its price of around Rs.8,000 make it a great air cooler for home use.

​Best air cooler in India in detail

Symphony Diet 22L


  • Remote and Control Panel makes it easy to use

  • Good cooling and air throw distance

  • Occupies less floor space due to its tall design

  • Extra features like timer, water level indicator etc.

  • Built-in Air Purifier

  • 150 sq. ft cooling area

  • Works with inverters also

  • Wheels allow for easy movement

  • 1-year warranty with doorstep service


  • The blower is a little noisy

  • Covers less distance than our best pick

  • Priced same as our best pick

Despite what the name suggests the Symphony Diet 22i is a capable air cooler that is designed for smaller rooms. It comes with a 22-litre capacity and has a tower like design that takes up very little floor space.

The Diet 22i is similarly specced as our best pick with features like remote control, waterproof control panel, remote dock, auto swing and mosquito and dust net.

The Diet 22i also gets the i-Pure technology which gives you 5 stage air purification along with cooling. This was a feature many people appreciated as it allows one device to do the function of two (air cooler and air purifier).

Symphony Diet features list

Most certified customers found the air cooler easy to use due to the remote, easy to fill water and found the performance to be good with a decent air throw distance (30 feet) but most felt it was suitable for small rooms only.

Symphony offers a 1-year warranty with the product and you get doorstep service as well.

Given its small dimensions and good features, the Symphony Diet 22i is great for people who want good performance but don't want a large cooler that takes up a lot of space in their room.

​After sales service

Symphony offers a 1-year warranty on both the air coolers and in case you have any issue during that you can contact Symphony who will send over a technician to your home to repair it.

​Who are our best picks for?

The Symphony Hi-cool is sufficient for medium sized rooms of around 175 sq. feet. The air cooler can also throw air at up to 37 feet which is good, but most important is the portability of the machine due to the wheels which lets you move it around rooms and even use it in your garden or terrace.

The Symphony Diet 22i is much smaller and designed for rooms up to 150 sq. feet. It can throw air at up to 30 feet and takes much less floor space than the Hi-cool due to its tall build. It too has wheels that lets you move it about easily.

Both the Symphony air coolers have a 5-stage air purification process that lets them function as air purifiers.

​Air cooler sizes

The handy image below shows what size of an air cooler is sufficient for what size of the room.

size chart

​Space taken by the air coolers

The below image shows the space taken up by the Symphony air coolers.

Dimensions explained

Space taken by Symphony Hicool (left) and Symphony Diet (right)

​Air cooler vs air conditioner

This is the first question you will have when you want to purchase an air cooler. Will the air cooler be as good as an air conditioner? Do I need to mount it? Will I have to pay more for its maintenance?

The main differences between an air cooler and an air conditioner is the working, where the air cooler works by the evaporation principle evaporating the water using the hot surrounding air. An air conditioner works on the refrigeration principle where it takes in hot air and introduces it to refrigerants which absorb the heat to give your cold air. This makes the air conditioner better for all types of regions while air coolers work well in only hot and dry regions and will not work properly in humid areas.

Unlike air conditioners, air cooler needs fresh air to work hence you need to keep your windows open for the proper functioning of your air cooler. This is actually helpful as you get fresh air rather than recirculated air from your room.

Given the complexities in an air conditioner, it is much more expensive than an air cooler. While most air coolers are around Rs.8,000 in price, air conditioners can start at around Rs.20,000.  Also with so much technology, it needs to be mounted to a fixed position. An air cooler meanwhile is portable and can be moved around anywhere including outdoors where it works perfectly.

Another merit to the air cooler is it is basically a plug and play device and needs no stabilizers or installation and even works on inverters. Air conditioners meanwhile need installation and stabilizers to run.

Coming to running costs, the air cooler doesn't hurt your wallet as much as an air conditioner as it consumes much less electricity. But there is one inconvenience as you have to fill an air cooler with water regularly which may annoy certain people. Also air coolers are much noisier the air conditioners in their daily working.

​FAQ's regarding air coolers

Does it has swing feature?
Yes, both our best picks have an auto swing function

What is the warranty period?
Symphony air coolers have a one year warranty

How to claim warranty?
You have to call up the customer care who will send over a technician to your home

How to release the water out?
There is a drain hole near the bottom, from where you can release residual water. The inlet to pour fresh water is at the side. 

Does it have a timer feature?
Yes, you get a time feature where you can set the on/off time up to 7 hours

Can I use without water?
No, these air coolers need water to function

Check blowing distance?
The Symphony Hi-Cool can blow up to 37 feet, while the smaller Diet 22i can blow up to 30 feet

Is it noisy?
Yes, the air coolers do make noise while working

Does it come with remote?
Yes, both the air coolers come with an easy to use remote that can also be docked into the air cooler

Is it compatible with inverter?
Yes, both the air coolers can be run off an inverter

Weight of the device?
The Symphony Hi-cool weighs 9kgs while the Symphony Diet 22i weighs 8 kgs. 

Space it occupies?
Look at the "Space taken by the air coolers" section to know more

Suitable for what size room.
Look at the "Air cooler sizes" section to know more

Does it leave any bad smell?
The air coolers do give a bad smell if you do not clear out the residual water. So make sure you drain the water regular from the drain hole. Also, make sure you have your windows open for cross ventilation for the proper working of the machine. 

​Final Thoughts

Getting fresh, cooling air in the summer can be tough as fans are not that capable and air conditioners are too expensive. This is where air coolers come in with the portability and good price.

If you need an air cooler for a medium sized room then pick the Symphony Hi-Cool 31 which can give you cool refreshing air due to its honeycomb cooling pads. It can also work on inverters and comes with an easy to use remote making it one of the best air cooler in India. 

If however, you want decent performance but for a smaller room than the Symphony Diet 22i will suit you well, with its tower-like design, honeycomb cooling pads and easy to use controls it is a great air cooler for your home use.