As days keep getting hotter and hotter it becomes increasingly difficult to tolerate the heat. Air conditioners being too expensive, air coolers are the way ahead. And in this article, we will help you find the best air cooler in India.  

An air cooler is a portable home appliance that uses fresh air and water to blow cold air at you without the need of an external unit or any refrigerant like an air conditioner. But isn’t an air cooler inconvenient to use? It requires a lot of maintenance and needs a lot of power right? Of course, not.

Modern air coolers only need periodic cleaning of the filters and top-up of water, that's it. As for power consumption, despite their large sizes, they consume only about the same power as two ceiling fans.

When buying yourself a shiny new air cooler make sure you check out if you really need an air cooler or an air conditioner. Next check out the right size and type of air cooler for your room. Read our dedicated buying guide to the best air coolers in India to know more. 

To find the best air cooler we shortlisted all the products on the market and then selected the ones that offered the most features and the one which had the highest customer ratings. 

Best air cooler in India

Hindware Snowcrest 85-H Desert Air Cooler

Best air cooler in India

Hindware is a brand famous for their bath accessories and now they have taken the leap into home appliances. Today we have their Snowcrest branded desert air cooler - one of the largest that they make rated at 85 litres.

Designwise, the Hindware Snowcrest is air cooler-like, to say the least, there's no uniqueness to it, but it's still pleasing to look at with its clear white and soothing purple colours. The control knobs, however, are very stylish and finished in chrome lending it a premium feel.

In terms of specifications, you have a fan to blow air with a newly designed louvre mechanism for better airflow. It uses Honeycomb pads for better efficiency and you have 4-way air deflection along with auto swing feature. It even works with an inverter without hassle. There's also three-speed control and you have an ice chamber too.

For easy movement, you have five castor wheels on the bottom. Another convenient feature to have is the auto-fill one which allows you to connect a hose to the water tank to fill it up automatically. There's also a water level indicator to remind you to refill the water.

One feature that is missing is a remote control function which is a sad omission, but despite that, the Hindware air cooler was the highest ratings and reviewed air cooler online with people especially pleased with its quick and quiet cooling, quality build and great price.

With its large 85- litres capacity, the Hindware Snowcrest is great for large rooms above 860 square feet (80 square meters).

Priced at Rs. 8599, the Hindware air cooler boasts of great performance, quick cooling, great features and is surely one of the best air cooler in India.


  • Great price for the performance

  • Uses honeycomb pads and 4-way auto-swing for better cooling

  • Large 85-litre size

  • Well-built

  • Castor wheels for easy movement


  • No remote control feature

  • A little big for smaller rooms

Crompton ACGC-DAC751 Desert Air Cooler  

Best large capacity air cooler

Crompton Ozone Air cooler has a rather dull design. Its simple but old school with all the louvres and vents and covers. They also use a dull beige like white and grey colour. It's really meant to be tucked away with its only purpose in your room being to give your refreshingly cold air.

And that's exactly where it delivers. With a 75-litre capacity, dedicated ice chambers, three-sided cooling pads and a powerful motor and fan.

It's designed to run well with inverters too to give you uninterrupted cooling. Plus the three-speed control along with the 4-way swing function makes sure the air circulation is uniform throughout your room.

That's not all the features that it has, you also get castor wheels to ferry it around your house. There is a water level indicator, auto-fill feature and a drain plug as well.

Apart from the lack of remote control and the dull design, there’s nothing else to complain about. Most users were very happy with its cooling performance, good air throw distance and moveability. The only other complaint we found about was the short 1-metre long cable.

With its 75-litre capacity, the Crompton air cooler is great for rooms up to 860 square feet (or a large room). Crompton also sells a smaller 55-litre version of the Ozone which is even more affordable and can be used by people who have rooms that are slightly smaller.

With excellent cooling performance, plenty of useful features and a price of under Rs.10,000, the Crompton Greaves Ozone Air Cooler 75 and 55 are excellent air coolers for your home.


  • Great for large rooms

  • Good cooling performance and long air throw distance

  • Uses honeycomb pads and 4-way auto-swing for better cooling

  • Castor wheels for easy movement


  • Dull design

  • Not remote control

  • Short power cable

Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 Desert Air Cooler  

Large capacity but compact design

The Maharaja Whiteline Rambo air cooler is another great contender for the best air cooler with its compact size (really compact) and powerful performance courtesy of the 65-litre capacity and that special extra being the aroma chamber.

Design wise there's not much to talk about apart from its compact size. It's almost 20 cms shorter than the previous air coolers we talked about. In fact, it's so small it doesn't even have castor wheels and is just meant to be placed on a flat surface.

Designed with a large fan based cooling along with Wood Wool Pads, this air cooler too promises longer air throws and for a long duration due to its large 65-litre anti-septic tank.

Features include a water level indicator and the aroma chamber in which you can insert your favourite fragrance into the provided pocket so you get not just clean and refreshing air but an aromatic one too.

Some missing features on the Maharaja Whiteline air cooler are the lack of castor wheels, remote control and the ice cube tray. This was the reason why we’ve placed it third in our list. But still, its low price and powerful performance and quick cooling even in large rooms make it a great pick.

With the 65-litre capacity, the Maharaja Whiteline Rambo air cooler is the best air cooler for large rooms.

Priced at around Rs.7999, this air cooler is priced really well for the performance it delivers in the compact form factor and it surely deserves to be on the list of the best air cooler in India.


  • Great for large rooms

  • Compact dimensions

  • Good air throw distance

  • Fast cooling

  • Aroma chamber is a great feature


  • Dull design

  • No remote control

  • No ice cube tray

  • No castor wheels

Flipkart SmartBuy Alpine Tower Air Cooler

Best budget air cooler

Finally, for people who want a smaller sized air cooler which eats up lesser floor space, you have the Flipkart SmartBuy Alpine Tower Air Cooler with its 30-litre capacity, honeycomb cooling pads and castor wheels for easy movement.

With a tall body, the Aline tower air cooler takes up very little space on the floor, in fact, it takes up just 36 cms x 34 cms of area of the floor. The 30-litre capacity also helps it shed some weight and space making it a great air cooler for smaller rooms.

You get tons of useful features like honeycomb cooling pads, a blower based cooler, ice chamber, water indicator, cord hanger, castor wheels, dust and mosquito net and easy to use controls.

The list of features missing includes the remote control option and empty tank alarm. Most reviews pointed towards the low price, performance, compact and tall design to be the main reason why the got this air cooler.

The 30-litre capacity of the air cooler is great for small and medium-sized rooms of around 300 square feet (or around 28 square metres).

Priced at Rs.5799, the Flipkart Smartbuy Alpine tower air cooler with its space-saving tower design, ample performance for medium-sized rooms and easy controls make it one of the best air coolers in India in the budget category.


  • Great for medium sized rooms

  • The compact and tall shape is great

  • Fast cooling

  • Has caster wheels for easy mobility


  • No remote control

  • No water empty alarm

Buying guide to the best air cooler in India

When buying an air cooler, apart from understanding the various types and sizes of an air cooler, the first thing you will think of is whether you need to buy an air cooler or an air conditioner.

Air cooler vs air conditioner

This is the first question you will have when you want to purchase an air cooler. Will the air cooler be as good as an air conditioner? Do I need to mount it? Will I have to pay more for its maintenance?

The main difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner is in the working, where the air cooler works by the evaporation principle evaporating the water using the hot surrounding air. An air conditioner works on the refrigeration principle where it takes in hot air and introduces it to refrigerants which absorb the heat to give your cold air.

This makes the air conditioner better for all types of regions while air coolers work well in only hot and dry regions and will not work as effectively in humid areas.

Unlike air conditioners, air cooler needs fresh air to work hence you need to keep your windows open for the proper functioning of your air cooler. This is actually helpful as you get fresh air rather than recirculated air from your room.

Given the complexities in an air conditioner, it is much more expensive than an air cooler. While the air cooler price starts at around Rs.8,000, air conditioners can start at around Rs.20,000.  Also with so much technology, it needs to be mounted to a fixed position.

An air cooler meanwhile is portable and can be moved around anywhere including outdoors where it works perfectly. Air coolers are also more eco-friendly due to the lack of refrigerants.

Another merit to the air cooler is it is basically a plug and play device and needs no stabilizers or installation and even works on inverters. Air conditioners meanwhile need installation and stabilizers to run.

Coming to running costs, the air cooler doesn't hurt your wallet as much as an air conditioner as it consumes much less electricity. But there is one inconvenience as you have to fill an air cooler with water regularly which may annoy certain people. Also, air coolers are much noisier the air conditioners in their daily working.

Now that you know which of the products is for you, let's move on the things to look for when buying an inverter:

Type of air cooler

Desert Air cooler: The largest air cooler in terms of capacity uses blowers to provide the cooling. Usually, desert air coolers are available in sizes above 30 litres and can go up to 85 litres. Due to their sizes, they are the most expensive type of air coolers in the market.

Personal Air cooler: A much smaller air cooler that uses fans to blow air instead of blowers. These are more compact and due to their small sizes are more affordable as well.

Tower air cooler: These are a new type of air coolers that use blowers like the desert air coolers, but are of a much smaller capacity and are designed to take up more vertical space and less horizontal space, hence the name tower air coolers.

Once you are done with the type of air cooler, the next thing to look for is the type of cooling pads.

Type of cooling pads

Honeycomb pads: These use aspen material and are styled to look like honeycomb grids which makes them very efficient and durable and they need less maintenance too. But being a newer technology air coolers with honeycomb pads are more expensive.

Aspen pads: These use wood shavings like materials to absorb the heat and despite being more affordable require more maintenance and have lower durability and efficiency.

The capacity of the air cooler

The capacity of the air cooler you pick must be based on the size of the room you want to use it in. Using a larger air cooler in a smaller room is wasteful while a smaller capacity one in a large room will be overworked. So make sure you pick the right one based on the table shown below.

Air cooler buying made easy

Finally, you have to look for some key features that will help improve your experience and get more out of your air cooler.

Features to look for

Ice cube tray: This is a dedicated tray/ cavity on your air cooler where you can keep the ice cubes which eventually melts into the water tank giving your refreshingly cold air.  

Air cooler compatible with inverter: Unlike say an air conditioner or a refrigerator, modern air coolers consume little electricity and hence they can be used with an inverter so that you get that fresh refreshing air even when there's a power cut. Just make sure the inverter you buy has inverter compatibility mentioned for optimum performance.  

Remote control feature: Controlling your air cooler by using the onboard control panel can be a chore especially if you are in your bed or away from the air cooler. That's when a remote control feature comes handy. It's just like using your air conditioner or television remote.

Variable speed control knob: This feature lets you control and changes the fan speed of your air cooler according to your wish. This can allow faster or slow air flow.

Water level indicator: As you know that air coolers need water to add the cooling to the air and hence it is important that you know when the water in the tank is nearing empty. The water level indicator does just that informing you of the amount of water left in the water tank.  

Empty tank alarm: Apart from the visual water level indicator, having an audible empty tank alarm can be very helpful as this can prevent your air cooler from running dry which may damage your air coolers motor.

Wheels: Having multi-directional wheels on your air cooler is a great convenience, as an air cooler is a plug and play device the wheels allow you to move it around your room or into different rooms. This is another important plus point to air coolers over air conditioners.

As for brands of air coolers you have plenty in the market like Symphony, Hindware, Bajaj, Maharaja Whiteline, Kenstar, Havells and Crompton Greaves. But make sure you do not blindly rely on the brand but also read up about the faults and positives of each product before making the purchase.

Air cooler price in India starts around the Rs.5000 marks and go above Rs.10000 depending on the capacity. But irrespective of the sizes all of our best picks are the best air coolers under 10000.

Now that you know what to look for before buying the best air cooler here are a few tips to make the experience more pleasing:

  • When the air cooler is not in use keep it covered. This will protect dust and dirt from clogging up the filters

  • Always clean your air coolers before the peak season. This will ensure better efficiency

  • Make sure you regularly top up the water in the tank and clean the tank as recommended by the manufacturer

  • Finally, don’t forget to keep the windows open so there is always a fresh circulation of clean air in your room. If you keep your windows closed, your air cooler will not be able to work properly

Still, have some questions about how to buy the best air cooler? Check out the FAQs section below.


  • Does it have a swing feature?
    Yes, all our best picks have an auto swing function

  • What is the warranty period?
    All the air coolers have a one year warranty

  • How to claim warranty?
    You have to call up the customer care who will send over a technician to your home

  • How to release the water out?
    There is a drain hole near the bottom, from where you can release residual water. The inlet to pour fresh water is at the side.
  • Can I use without water?
    No, these air coolers need water to function

  • Is it noisy?
    Yes, the air coolers do make noise while working

  • Does it come with remote?
    No, our best picks do not have a remote

  • Is it compatible with inverter?
    Yes, both the air coolers can be run off an inverter

  • Suitable for what size room?
    Check out our buying guide to the best cooler in India to know more

  • Does it leave any bad smell?

    The air coolers do give a bad smell if you do not clear out the residual water. So make sure you drain the water regular from the drain hole. Also, make sure you have your windows open for cross ventilation for the proper working of the machine. The honeycomb based inverters too leave an odour when they are used for a first few days. 

Final Thoughts

Getting fresh, cooling air in the summer can be tough as fans are not that capable and air conditioners are too expensive. This is where air coolers come in with the portability and good price.

If you need an air cooler for a large sized room then pick the Hindware Snowcrest 85-litre air cooler which can give you cool refreshing air due to its honeycomb cooling pads. It can also work on inverters and has caster wheels for easy movement making it one of the best cooler under 10000.

Another great option for large rooms is the Crompton Ozone 75-litre cooler which offers great performance at a good price despite the average design. It even comes in a smaller 55-litre capacity for slightly smaller rooms.

Next, you have the Maharaja Whiteline 65-litre air cooler which has a very small and compact design despite its large capacity. It's not the best looking, but with its powerful performance and price it’s another great contender for the best cooler in India

If however, you want decent performance but for a smaller room than the Flipkart Smartbuy Alpine tower air cooler will suit you well. its tower design, honeycomb cooling pads and easy to use controls it is a great air cooler for your home use.

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding buying the best air cooler in India? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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