You’re headed to a party at a friend’s terrace or want to listen to some music while you’re cooking or doing laundry. What you need is a spunky Bluetooth speaker that will play music at a reasonable volume without the music sounding like it's been run through a food processor. But there are literally hundreds of bluetooth speakers out there, and not all of them offer the same set of features. Some are larger and sound great, while others are small, loud, and virtually indestructible. How do you pick one that hits the right balance of audio quality, size, and ruggedness? That’s why we are here to help.

Last time we reviewed the best bluetooth speakers in India, we partnered with Rontek, an Indian company that has been in the audio technology field for over two decades, to run a series of blind tests for audio quality. Having spent over nine days testing 12 of the best bluetooth speakers we found four that were worthy of the crown. But with new products being launched boasting new features, better design, lossless music support and more we felt this was the right time to revisit the list.

Having spent over 30 hours in the past year reading about new products and the underlying technology improvements in the audio sector, talking to our audio expert at Rontek and collecting information from the audiophiles over at the Indian Audiophile Forum. Here are our top-picks across categories:

Best Bluetooth Speaker under Rs. 25000 

Bose Soundlink Revolve+

With a lantern-like form factor, the Bose Soundlink Revolve+ is a huge improvement over our previous best pick, the Bose Soundlink Color II. Not only is it a whole lot louder, but the sound is a lot more balanced and omnidirectional. Add in the battery life of around 16 hours, an optional charging dock, splash resistance, and a handy carry handle and you have one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 25000.

Best Bluetooth Speaker under Rs. 15000 (Indoor)

Marshall Kilburn

One of the few companies in the world that still continues to make products that reflect the olden ways of design styles and materials. Marshall's Kilburn is a true beauty that embodies the gorgeous vinyl, brass and mesh grill that gives it the look of Marshall’s ever popular guitar amps. But don't just be fooled by the pretty exterior, the Kilburn does live up to the Marshall reputation with its extremely loud and rich sound.

Best Bluetooth Speaker under Rs. 10000 (Outdoor)

JBL Flip 4

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys road trips and beach parties, the Flip 4 is the perfect companion. Its IPX7 waterproofing can withstand most accidental splashing and rain, and the extremely loud, rich bass from its dual stereo speakers and dual opposing passive radiators is designed for the open outdoors. The long battery life means you don't have to worry about where the closest charging point is.

Best Bluetooth Speaker under Rs. 5000 (Budget outdoor)

UE Roll 2

The UE ROll 2 is a speaker that takes the word “different” a bit too seriously: it looks like a flying saucer, can float on water with its own inflatable floatie, and has a… bungee cord? It sounds as good as the Bose though not as loud and priced at about four grand, it simply offers the best value for money. But perhaps the best thing about the UE Roll is that it can be suspended from literally anywhere, whether it is a tree branch, your bike handles, or your belt. And even if it does capsize into the water, it can survive underwater for a depth of up to one meter for about 30 minutes.

Best Bluetooth Speaker under Rs. 1000 (Budget Indoor)

Juarez JAB700

Priced at less than a grand, the Juarez JAB700 is the sort of speaker you approach with low expectations. However, there is no speaker that will surprise you more. The JAB700 is loud for its size and churns out some pleasing tunes without any distortion. It is very well built and has a minimalistic design that will look good anywhere, either on your desk at work or in a discrete corner in your bedroom. If you’re looking for an affordable but good-sounding speaker to carry around, the Juarez is the one for you.

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Why Trust Us?

We at Hometop have been reviewing smartphones and other gadgets for more than a year now. In the past, our extensive week-long tests have helped us truly understand products better. The sheer diversity in our experience truly enables us to select nothing but the very best of products for you.

Previously we partnered with Rontek to test the best speakers in the market. The speakers were tested in the in-house R&D studio at Rontek, personally by the founder, Jacob Abraham, who is a sound engineer and has over two decades of experience in the field.

But with so many new products being launched and many older ones receiving heft price cuts, we felt the moment was opportune to revisit our bests list. With our research which includes reading expert review and consulting audio experts we have managed to find five speakers that fit most budgets from Rs.1000 to Rs.25000. Also while we did not test the new products, from experience and research we know the new products will service your very well.

How we selected?

We created a shortlist from the 500 speakers listed on Amazon and Flipkart and narrowed the list down to the most popular bluetooth speakers which had the best reviews online. We then checked out reviews on The Verge, Sound guys, and CNET to add any products we missed out.

We even checked for picks and reviews on the Indian Audiophile Forum, India’s largest audiophile forum. During the course of selection we also had consultations with Mr.Jacob of Rontek to make sure our selections we correct.

What makes a good speaker- inputs from our audio expert 

After the tests were done, Jacob explained how a good bluetooth speaker needs to be a fine balance of audio quality, portability, and features. According to Jacob, “For any speaker to produce great sound, size does matter. A small speaker, even a relatively low-cost one, can produce good treble and mids but will have difficulty producing quality bass. This is of course because of size limitations - if we want a speaker to achieve bass at 50Hz (at a reasonable volume), it needs at least an 8-inch driver to achieve the same. So what most manufacturers do is add an extra device know as a passive radiator to help gain some amount of bass without compromising on the portability of the speaker.”

The best bluetooth speakers are those that hit the sweet spot between size and audio quality. Plus, the most cost-effective speakers are bundled with a ton of extra features like led lights, power bank support, dust and water resistance, USB connectivity, 3.5 mm and sd card support, and sometimes, NFC support.

Also another point he emphasises on is to make sure you pick a product by giving it a listen rather than a read of the specifications. Most mainstream speakers will quote frequency response of 20Hz to 20000Hz but in reality they cannot even come close to reaching that full range. The Marshall and Bose speakers we selected as our best picks despite their costs doesn't go below 50Hz, so how do you think a sub-5000 speaker will perform?.

Also while certifications like Hi-Res, Dolby, THX may improve some functionality make sure you don't pick a product just for their certifications.

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

You have the perfect surround system set-up in your living room, but you want a portable speaker you can carry around to other rooms. Or maybe you’re just tired of fiddling around with dozens on wires and want to be liberated from your AUX cable. Whatever the case may be, the perfect speaker for you would be one that offers high-quality sound with multiple connectivity options and basic waterproofing in case of accidents. Size (though important) is not likely to be a deal-breaker.  

Our selection sounds amazing indoors and is too large to be truly portable (yes, you can carry them, but they aren’t going to fit in your pocket or your purse). It’s best suited for sharing music with friends or colleagues in an indoor environment where no one has to lug it around and a charging point is not too far off.

Best Bluetooth Speaker under Rs. 25000 

bose speaker black



  • Amazingly balanced sound experience

  • Easy to use (NFC pairing and multipoint Bluetooth connectivity allow for immediate pairing with multiple devices)

  • The Bose Connect app lets you control music from anywhere, adjust speaker settings, and offers device updates

  • Easy to carry around

  • Good build quality with bump protection and IPX4 splash resistance (do not drop in water!)

  • Decent battery life


  • The priciest speaker in this test

  • No full waterproofing (not built as an outdoor speaker)

  • Slow charging

  • Lacks the modern USB-C port

Bose has the reputation it does in the audio products market for a reason. The company has long been recognized for their great sound quality, and the Soundlink Revolve+ too sticks to this. It improves upon our previous best pick, the Soundlink Color II which too produced great, clear, distortion-free sound considering its size.

The speaker has an aluminum chassis with a rubber matt finish base which makes it easy to grip and feels nice to hold. The flexible ribbed handle makes it easier to carry as well give its large than usual dimensions. The six debossed buttons are beautifully embedded onto the top with soft-touch rubber material and so your fingers can naturally find them. It is available in two colors - Luxe Silver and Triple Black, none of those fancy, bright colors like the Soundlink Color here, the Revolve+ is more of a premium offering from Bose. It also comes with an IPX4 rating so you can use it around the pool but surely not in it and while the speaker is built very well and can take a few bumps it's not really something designed for the outdoorsy person.

bose speakers white colour

If you’re looking for a speaker that goes beyond just being a speaker, the Soundlink is a good bet. In addition to playing great music, it’s good for taking calls and performing simple commands through Google Now and Siri. So, if your phone is too far to reach and you can simply ask your Soundlink to perform a google search or play a YouTube video. But it's not a true smart speaker like the Google Home or Amazon Echo, as it still relies on your phone.  

The Soundlink is bundled with an app called Bose Connect which lets you set voice prompts, control music playback, and update the speaker. Some other cool features include Party mode where you can club other Bose Soundlink speakers to increase volume or even pair them in left and right channel arrangement using the Stereo Mode

The speaker also has a speakerphone feature, in case you want to take calls on the fly or use the speaker as a microphone for a call. One neat little feature we found is that the speaker gives you a vocal battery remaining status everytime you switch it on.

The speaker supports music playback through Bluetooth and AUX. It has built-in NFC so you can tap the speaker with your phone to connect your device instantly (even when the speaker is off). Moving to the bottom you will find something strange, a tripod thread, which lets you mount the speaker onto something like a tripod or a Gorillapod. Bose also has an optical charging accessory for the speaker which comes in the form of a base which lets you charge the Revolve+ just by placing it on the base. Once you do that you never have to worry about charging your speaker. One thing that TechRadar was disappointed with was the lack of the more modern USB-c port which paves the way for fast charging as well.

black colour speaker

Bose claims a range of 30 feet for Bluetooth pairing but JimsReviewRoom found the range to be even better with a linear distance of 40 feet.

If you’d like to use your new speaker with multiple devices and hate connecting and disconnecting, the Soundlink Revolve+ offers a simple solution. The speaker supports multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, which lets it connect to two devices at the same time and stream on one without disconnecting the other.

Audio Quality

But let’s return to where the Soundlink Revolve+ really stands out: audio quality.

Equipped with dual-opposing passive-radiators and a downward facing transducer along with an acoustic deflector, the Revolve+ as its name suggests is designed for omnidirectional audio. But don't think that that's the only thing it can do in fact if reviews are to be believed it's one of the best Bluetooth speakers for its price.

When TechRadar gave the Revolve+ a listen they immediately found an improvement in sound quality over the much smaller Bose Revolve. Not only is the quality improved but it's also much louder than its predecessor including a much better soundstage, improved bass control and superior instrument separation. The sound is still said to be biased towards the warmer side like the Revolve. So now that we know it an improvement over its popular predecessor, how does it hold up against its competitors from the party favorite UE?  

Cnet pitted the Bose with the Megaboom (one of the most powerful speakers from the UE lineup) and they found the Bose to be just that little bit better, with a deeper bass and richer sound. But they we still envious about the Megaboom's 20-hour battery life and full swimming pool dunk worthy waterproofing. In fact, Cnet felt the Revolve+ is even better than its own cousins, the SoundLink Mini II, and the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III in terms of clarity, refinement and bass response.

To sum up about the sound quality of the Revolve+ you have a warm signature, with great detail, good treble and mids, loud volume and a 360-degree sound that improves in bass when the speakers placed at a corner.

Accessories & Battery

sadg speaker

The Bose comes in a neat box with the speaker, some documentation, and a Bose branded micro USB cable. Sadly, no charging brick is provided, but at least it has a micro USB jack unlike the proprietary charging jack on the Sony XB-30. A more modern USB-C port with support for fast charging would have been justified given the price.

The speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts a long while. JimsReviewRoom found the battery to last around 10 hours and 12 minutes at 50% volume, with charging taking around 4 hours to go from 0% to 100%.

In Short

Though the Bose Soundlink Revolve+ is one of the most expensive speakers here at around Rs.24,500, it makes up for it with its amazing sound quality, quality build, and a nice feature set. To be honest, whatever you want a Bluetooth speaker to do, it will do. It plays great music, integrates with digital assistants, and is fairly damage-proof. No hassles, no glitches, no problems.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs. 15000 (Indoor)

kilburn speaker



  • Louder than you expect

  • Famed for its legendary bass and treble

  • A ton of nostalgia to the design

  • Superb built quality and attention to detail

  • Long battery life (removable battery)


  • No NFC

  • No USB in/out charging

  • No full waterproofing/ water resistance  

  • No companion app

  • Slow charging

  • Lacks the modern USB-c port

  • Tips the scales at 3kgs

Marshall has been a legendary name in the audio business with their amazing guitar amps known for the famous "Marshall Crunch". Their products being the choice of some the worlds greatest guitarists and rock bands like Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and Guns N' Roses, an audio product from Marshall has to have high expectations and the Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth speaker despite its size and price does manage to stay true to its name and legacy.

sound control speakers

In the day and age of modern design with quality materials and simple shapes like what can be seen on our best pick, the Bose Revolve+, Marshall’s Kilburn stands out like an outlaw. It is quintessentially a classically designed vintage piece of equipment and one that oozes style and quality. Be it the guitar strap like handle, the brass finished top plate with the knobs and toggle switch or the quality vinyl covering are all nods to the design of Marshall amps. It is a lovely piece of electronic equipment and simply crushes the competition in terms of built quality.

Audio Quality

With a frequency response of 62-20,000Hz and analog bass and treble controls, the Kilburn according to experts is pretty damn loud for its size. The sound according to TechRadar is unlike most Bluetooth speakers which have an anemic bass response.

The Kilburn uses two 0.75-inch tweeters and a 4-inch woofer which gives it a forward facing stereo setup unlike the omni-directional sound of the Bose Revolve+. Setting the bass and treble at 50%, TechRadar was rewarded with sound which they say blew them with its " powerful bass, shimmering highs and a good sense of space."

The frequency response too lets it reproduce lower frequencies better than even speakers like the UE Boom 2 and JBL Charge 3, which according to TechRadar is something you can feel if you place your hand on the rear bass port of the Kilburn.

Tomsguide was particularly impressed with how loud the Kilburn can get, being able to fill up a large room or a small house effectively. Pitted against the UE Megaboom they found the Kilburn to me much warmer sounding (A great sound signature for Rock lovers) with much clearer and fuller sounding vocals. But the Kilburn shines in vocals as well along with the usual low bass and treble sounds, Tom's Guide particularly loved the balance in the sound especially at low volumes where the bass sounds are usually drowned out but that's not the case with the Kilburn. It exhibits good bass even at low volume and you always have the option to turn up the bass with the knob provided.

But by far the party piece of the Kilburn is how loud it get, to put it into numbers Tom's Guide found it could top out at around 94 Decibels which they felt was enough to cover a 1,200-square-foot space!.

To sum up about the sound quality of the Marshall Kilburn you have a warm signature, with foot thumping bass, superb treble and full vocals. Add the loud volume and it's great to kickstart a party with.

Accessories & Battery

The Marshall Kilburn comes in a neat box with the speaker, some documentation, a high quality corded 3.5mm cable and charging cable. A more modern USB-C port with support for fast charging would have been justified given the price.


The speaker has a removable 2200mAh rechargeable battery that lasts a long while. Tom’s Guide found the battery to last around 20 hours at 50% volume. One little niggle that Tom's Guide mentioned was the lack of a battery life indicator. While the battery indicator blinks when the battery is below 20% apart from that you have no idea about the progress of the battery life.

While charging is through a power cable with a non-USB  (IEC C7) port which is seen in most other appliances although a USB port especially USB-c based port would have been nice to have.

In Short

The Marshall Kilburn despite its larger than usual dimension, lack of waterproofing and heavy weight is a truly great pick if you put sound quality above everything else. Priced at around Rs.16,000 it undercuts the Bose Soundlink Revolve+ and promises loud and crisp sound at the cost of weight and easy connectivity.

Best Bluetooth Speakers India (Outdoor)

jbl black speakers



  • Great sound with loud volume

  • Built like a tank and IPX7 waterproof (no worries if you drop it into water)

  • Great connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 (multipoint), Aux, JBL app

  • Priced well for the specs

  • Decent battery life


  • Lacks NFC

  • No adapter provided in the box

Note: The JBL Flip 4 was also our previous winner and we felt at the price point it still makes for a great pick. The review for the Flip 4 is from our perspective after a week long test.

The Flip 4 has a cylindrical design with rubber ends and fabric-like material covering the middle with a metallic JBL logo in the center. A flap covers the micro USB charging port and the aux port. The power button and multi-link button are placed at the back, while the music controls and Bluetooth button is placed at the top. The buttons are a little hard to see, but they’re not impossible to find and easy to get used to. A very useful feature is the led lights denoting battery charge (there are five led lights, each corresponding to 20% of charge); the Flip 4 was the only speaker to have this feature, and it’s particularly useful when you’re on-the-go and need to know when the speaker needs to be charged next.

The speaker comes in a total of six colors - Black, Teal, White, Gray, Blue, and Red.

Using the JBL Connect app, you can remap the play/pause button to control your voice assistant. From the app, you can also link up your friend’s Flip 4’s to get stereo sound (left and right sound separation) or select party mode and wirelessly link up to a hundred JBL Connect+ enabled speakers (not limited to Flip 4). The speakerphone works flawlessly, and the caller’s voice through the speaker was loud. The JBL also has an IPX7 rating, so you can drop it in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes and the speaker will survive.

The Flip 4 is a Bluetooth 4.2 speaker with support for multipoint connectivity. The speaker also supports audio through the aux cable. NFC would have been the icing on the cake, but sadly, the Flip 4 does not support this technology. The Bluetooth range is around 9 m, like the Soundlink 2.

Audio Quality

With dual 40mm drivers and dual external passive radiators, it’s no surprise that the Flip 4 sounds loud and has good bass. It was one of the loudest speakers in our tests, second only to the Sony XB30 (the Bose Revolve+ and Marshall Kilburn are louder). The loudness doesn’t hinder the sound quality though. The Flip 4 has a frequency response range of 67 Hz to 19.6kHz, giving it excellent treble and bass. Jacob, our expert at Rontek, noted that the Flip 4 came close to the Bose Soundlink 2 (Our previous best pick) in terms of audio quality and that the speakers would be perfect for small parties and outdoors.

During the subjective hearing test, our panel felt that the Flip 4 handled bass better than the XB30 and some other speakers, while still retaining the distinction between various musical instruments, which is impressive given the size of the speaker. The Flip 4 is not only noteworthy for its feature set alone, but makes for great listening too!


This speaker had one of the coolest unboxing experiences (the other being the UE Wonderboom), as the packaging feature vivid colorful illustrations of the speaker. The box contains the speaker itself and an orange flat USB cable. There is, however, no charging brick provided so you will have to just use one lying around the house.

The speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery with is rated at eight hours. After mixed Bluetooth and AUX use for eight hours on our test, the speaker still had 60% of its charge left which is great.

In short

What makes the Flip 4 an enticing buy is its loudness, bass, rugged build, and full waterproofing, all at around Rs. 8000. Its bass will make you the hit of the party with the music thumping loud enough to drown out any ambient noise. Party on! The best part about this speaker is that the loudness does not sacrifice clarity - so even if you want to listen to something soulful, the Flip 4 is a perfect choice.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs. 5000

ue orange colour outline speaker



  • Excellent sound quality when you factor in the price and size

  • A standout design with a bungee to attach it to your bike or bag, and not to forget, its own floatation device called Floatie!

  • IPX7 (full waterproofing), a solid build, and the floatie make it great for indoors, outdoors, and in the pool

  • Has Bluetooth, aux, an app to connect more than two Roll 2’s for stereo sound


  • No speakerphone facility

  • Lacks NFC

  • No charger provided in the box

  • The Volume button placement is not the best (Yes, the + and - stitches on the front are the buttons, seriously!)

  • The micro USB and 3.5 mm ports are hard to reach

The UE Roll 2 is impressive in terms of audio output, especially when you factor in the low price tag. It’s also uniquely designed with it's flying saucer-like shape, and with the bungee and the floatie, it sure tries to be different. The Roll 2 is available in four colors: Habanero (orange), Volcano (black), Atmosphere (blue), and Sugarplum (Purple).

The Roll 2 has two buttons in front to control the volume and two buttons at the back for Bluetooth and power. The speaker integrates with the UE Roll app, which lets you control the equalizer, set an alarm, and connect two Roll 2’s for better sound (called Double UP). The Block Party feature allows you to connect multiple devices to a single Roll 2 and then play and pause music from any of those devices. The Roll 2 also packs an IPX7 rating that makes it waterproof to a depth of 1 meter for 30 mins, but Floatie sure helps the speaker stay afloat when you want to listen to some tunes in the pool. The Roll 2 sadly cannot be used as a speakerphone, but it’s really not the sort of speaker to sit on a desk.

With Bluetooth and AUX support, the Roll 2 is covered for wired and wireless music. Although the company claims a range of 20 m, our indoor testing showed a range of around 9  m (with a wall in the middle) for Bluetooth. The Roll 2 also lacks NFC, which would have helped with faster connections.

The Roll 2 also takes a little while to be recognized by iOS devices (happened with our experts’ iPad and iPhone). Another issue is that the micro USB and aux ports are covered by a flap (to protect them underwater), because of which the ports themselves are very difficult to insert cables into. The space around the aux port is also very small, which makes it hard to insert the aux cable.

Audio quality

The Roll 2, to our surprise, produces crisp and clear tones which left even our expert impressed. According to Jacob, the Roll 2’s performance almost matches that of the Bose, which is high praise given that it is almost a third of the price. The Roll 2, however, is not the loudest speaker and doesn’t have the best bass when compared to Soundlink 2 or Flip 4. But it’s still super affordable.

Our panel loved the compact and unique design and commented that the Roll 2 was clear, crisp, sufficiently loud, and had rather good bass.


The Roll 2 ships in a cool box with the speaker itself, a bright yellow flat USB cable, the Floatie, and some documentation. The battery is rated at 9 hours, and the speaker did have a lot of juice remaining after a couple of test sessions.

In short

The speaker sells for around  Rs. 4,000, which makes it a tremendous value for money considering that it's a much larger speaker with better sound than similarly priced speakers. Add in the app capability, the build quality, the fun additions like the bungee and floatie, along with full waterproofing, and it’s clear why it topped our list for this segment.

Best Bluetooth Speaker under Rs. 1000

juarez JAB700 speaker



  • Pleasing, clear sound for its size

  • Pocket-friendly size and quality built

  • Has speakerphone capability

  • The price!

  • Bluetooth 4.2, SD card slot


  • No NFC

  • No dedicated aux port

  • No battery life remaining indicator

  • Hybrid aux and micro USB cable

As we said earlier, size does matter when it comes to producing good sound (especially bass). But this puck shaped Juarez speaker does punch above its weight. It has a nice, sophisticated matt black and silver body that exudes quality despite it being one of the cheapest speakers in our test. The speaker body is made of CNC cut aluminum alloy and comes only in black.

The speaker has four buttons: power, volume up, volume down, and a multi-function button (to switch between Bluetooth, AUX, and sd card), all mounted on the bottom of the speaker.

The Juarez speaker supports playback through Bluetooth and SD card. It comes with a single cable which acts as both: a charging cable as well as an aux cable. The speaker doesn’t have a dedicated Aux input, so you’ll have to use the provided cable to gain aux functionality. Also, this kind of cable once damaged might be a little hard to replace.

The speaker has a straight line Bluetooth range of around 8-10 meters, which would probably be shorter if there are multiple walls between the speaker and the transmitting device. The speaker can also be used as a speakerphone - call quality was decent but not great. Double pressing the power button will call the last dialed number. Single pressing it can play/pause a song.

Audio Quality

The Juarez speaker has a 5W 50 mm driver and the sound quality is decent, but our expert did comment that a slightly larger driver would have helped especially the bass and loudness. The speaker has a frequency range of 90Hz to 11.5kHz on the LARSA test, which shows that though you cannot expect oodles of bass, it does its job reasonably well given its size and price.

When our panel saw how small the device was after a blind hearing test, they simply fell in love with this speaker due to its size, surprisingly good sound, and the incredible price. It really is incredible that a speaker this size can produce such clear notes without any distortion. On some songs, even the JBL GO which is almost thrice the price stumbled, but not the Juarez. Where the Juarez underperforms is volume, but you did hear us go on and on about its size didn’t you?

The Juarez is a much softer speaker than the Bose, Flip 4, and Roll 2, but we felt that for an ultraportable speaker it is sufficiently loud. Also, compared to the dual speakers on the Moto X Style we used for testing, this speaker was far louder and clearer, less distorted, and simply much brighter when it came to sound quality.

This speaker is ultraportable and will sit discreetly on your desk in your pocket during long journeys. But be careful though, it doesn't come with any water resistance.

The speaker has a 1200Mah battery that is rated at 10 hours. After using it for six hours it had plenty of charges left, but sadly, there is no way to know the remaining battery life.

In Short

Given it's around the Rs. 599 price tag, we felt that it made a great budget speaker that comes with a great built quality, small size, and amazing sound (for its size).

Who Are our best picks for?

Home, Party & Pool

The Bose Soundlink Revolve+ is easily the speaker with the best sound quality here. It preserves bass and mids beautifully and offers balanced sound which is quite impressive in a speaker this size. The speaker can connect immediately with any NFC-enabled device and supports Google Now and Siri. It's IPX4 certification makes it great for use around the pool as well.

Home & Party

If you are someone who wants a retro speaker which can used for home parties than the Marshall Kilburn with serve you well. It has a gorgeous design with quality materials, a loud sound with foot thumping bass and long battery life. You also have some weird quirks like a removable battery and non-USB charger but for the price it's a great pick. The lack of water proofing/ resistance limits it to indoor use, but hey parties are held indoors right?

Home, Party, Pool & Trek

If you’re looking for a speaker you can carry outdoors or will lend itself to a pool party, you need one that is sturdily built, is waterproof and rugged, and is loud enough to hear in open areas where sound can carry in all directions (as opposed to a closed room). These speakers are for people who love to entertain a crowd be it on the beach or in the woods: sound quality is not as important as loudness, portability, great bass, ruggedness, and good battery life. In this category, there is nothing to beat JBL Flip 4.

Home, Party, Pool & Trek

If you’re looking for a compact all-rounder that won’t break the bank, then the UE Roll 2 is a great deal for you. It has great sound quality, is completely waterproof, is compact and looks tough enough to carry on treks. Be warned though: connectivity options are limited and are not as smooth as on the more expensive speakers. If you’re cool with spending a few minutes extra to figure out the bluetooth, there isn’t a speaker that’s better in this segment.

Home & Travel

As we said earlier, size does matter when it comes to producing good sound (especially bass). But this puck shaped Juarez JAB700 speaker does punch above its weight. It has a nice, sophisticated matt black and silver body that exudes quality despite it being one of the cheapest speakers in our test. This it the speaker not only great to use at your desk but also for short trips to dry places (no water resistance).

After sales service

Bose offers a 1-year warranty on the product. The warranty is applicable to products brought from Bose or their authorized dealers. Bose even services products purchased abroad through authorised sellers and legally imported into the country. The can repair or replace products free of cost for manufacturing, material and workmanship defects. Bose has service centres in Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurugram, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.

Marshall too offers a 1-year warranty on their product and the warranty is handled by the Luxury Personified company, who have offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

JBL offers a 1-year warranty on the Flip 4 and you can take it to any JBL/Harman service centre for repair/ replacement. Alternatively you can even contact teh Harman customer care number who will direct you to their service centre or if no service centre is available near your area pick up the product from your home for repair/ replacement. Harman has service centres in Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Gurugram, Kolkata, Jaipur, Secunderabad, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

UE offers 2 years of warranty on the Roll 2 and you can take it to a Logitech service centre (Ensure service support) for repair/ replacement. They have 49 service centres across India.

Those That Didn’t Make the Cut

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM: The MEGABOOM with its dunkworthy protection, super loud sound and great price make it a worthy contender at the Rs.15000 price. But the Marshall Kilburn and Bose Revolve+ offer slightly better sound in the low end and quality and hence we did not pick it. However if you have to budget and would like an IPX7 rated bluetooth speaker you can pick it up.


House of Marley Liberate: This speaker was the dark horse in this segment, according to our expert. The audio quality was surprisingly good compared to the heavyweights against which it was competing. But the Liberate is just a wee bit softer and doesn't have any sort of water resistance. It looks pretty great though so you can pick it up if you’re a fan of the design.

Sony SRS-XB31: An upgrade over the XB30 which we had previously reviewed. The newer version comes with more rounded design, IP67 rating and improved battery life. Like the previous version this speaker too has a focus on the low end bass, but user reviews suggested that it can get a little muddy with the “Extra Bass” option turned on. The Flip 4 makes for a better pick if you don't fancy the colorful lights of the Sony. Besides the Flip 4 is even cheaper than the XB31.

Sony SRS-XB30: This speaker is packed to the gills with features: it has lights, an 8800mAh battery that also doubles up as a power bank, and an Extra Bass Boost button which gives you better decibel gain at the same frequency. If the volume is what you’re looking for, this speaker was the loudest in our test. However, we found the bass lacking for a speaker this size, and our expert at Rontek agreed that the Bose had much higher audio quality. Also, considering its price (almost Rs. 9000), you can just pick up the cheaper Flip 4 or the more expensive but tremendous Bose Soundlink 2.

sony SRS speaker

UE Wonderboom: The Wonderboom sounds great, but again, it's not the loudest considering its size. Although it floats in water, it doesn’t have an app, a 3.5 mm jack, or NFC. With a price hovering close to Rs 5,000 but with limited features, it's not going to float for long (forgive us for the bad pun, but we rarely get an opportunity) especially considering that it's overshadowed by its smaller, cheaper cousin, the Roll 2.

reyu6 wonder speaker

JBL GO: This pocket speaker comes in fun colors and produces pleasing audio. However, it does everything the Juarez does but is priced twice as much. You can still buy if you don't mind the price (or are a JBL fan), it's really good.

Sony SRS-XB-10: The XB-10 is compact, has IPX5 waterproofing, NFC, and great sound for its size. However, the Roll 2 takes the cake for boasting vastly better and louder sound at the same price, and don't forget the full waterproofing.

Boat Stone 600: This is another unique product that offers a lot for its price. The only IP66 rated speaker in our tests, it offers good mids and highs but has relatively poor lows, with distorted bass notes. But when you factor in the price, this is a good enough speaker but not great. (However, if you do plan to spend time on a boat, this speaker will be a trooper.)

Zoook ZB-Jazz: In case you thought the design looked familiar, it’s because it looks a lot like the JBL Pulse. The Zoook ZB Jazz costs around Rs. 1,200 and has a neat rubber body, a ton of connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB, 3.5 mm jack, an SD card, but there seems to be very little focus on the audio quality itself. If you’re looking for something flashy to impress friends this might work, but it’s not exactly a great speaker to listen to.

reyaery ZB speaker Jazz

Max Pi C5: This was one of the cheapest products in our tests, and it tries to compensate for its lack of sound quality with rugged looks, NFC, Bluetooth, and AUX connectivity, and the lanyard. But, honestly, you’d be much better off just getting the Juarez.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need an indoor speaker that you can carry from room to room and which sounds great but might not exactly be waterproof or portable? Or do you want an outdoor speaker that is loud, portable, rugged, and has a battery that lasts forever? Or do you have a budget in mind and just want a tiny but great sounding speaker that won’t weigh too heavily in your backpack? Whatever your jam is, we have an option for you.  

If you’re on a hunt for the best top-of-the-line bluetooth speaker that will last you several years, the Soundlink Revolve+ is the perfect fit with tis balanced omnidirectional sound, great design and ease of use. 

If you need a speaker to flaunt with equally loud sound, then the Marshall Kilburn makes for a great pick.

If however you are the adventurous type who wants to travel the world and still have your music by your side the​ JBL Flip 4's Flip 4 is designed for just such a tough routine. 

But what if you want the JBL Flip 4’s toughness and sound but in a small package, size-wise and price-wise? That's where the UE Roll 2 comes to picture with its cutesy toughness and terrific sound quality. 

Finally is the Juarez JAB700 speaker for people who want to grow out of the smartphone sound and onto something much louder and clearer without breaking the bank.