If you have  hypertension or if you are a heart patient or a pregnant woman who constantly wants to keep an eye on your blood pressure then a cuff BP monitor is a very useful device to have in your house. The Cuff BP monitor helps to record your systolic, diastolic and heart rate readings.

There are different types of BP monitors available in the market with the different brand specification but don't worry about which one to pick as we are here to help. To find the best BP monitor for your needs we consulted two Cardiologists from Apollo BGS hospital (Mysuru).

Mysore's Apollo Hospital

Best BP monitor

Omron HEM-7113 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Simplistically Designed Omron Automatic  Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron HEM-7113 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor was recommended as the best cuff BP monitor by the cardiologists we consulted whom we consulted. In fact, Omron BP Monitors are used in most hospitals including Apollo because of their more accurate readings.

The product is very compact and easy to carry which comes with a 22-32cm medium sized cuff. Many Amazon verified reviews stated that the cuff quality was very good.

The product comes with 4 AA batteries with which you can use the device and you can purchase a separate 6V adapter that can power the device if the batteries die out. It can hold up to 14 previous readings so you can keep a tab on your health data and even take an average or find out the best reading.

The BP monitor offers 3 special features where it indicates if it detects body movement, irregular heartbeat or if it senses hypertension. All three of these might cause inaccuracies in your reading. The Omron HEM - 7113 alerts you if it detects any inaccuracies due to these above mentioned inconsistencies.

With the Omron you get a 5 year extended warranty from the company where if you face any problem you can get it rectified by sending the product to their service center (which are located in major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai). This is the longest warranty policy of the monitors we considered in our shortlist.

In short

With the reputation that it has in the medical industry, we find the Omron to be a safe bet. The Omron Cuff BP monitor with its three important features (body movement, irregular heartbeat, hypertension indicator) and its ability to store 14 readings makes it the best BP monitor for its price.

If you want to purchase Omron 7113 you can get it here Amazon | Flipkart

If you want a large cuff you can get it here Amazon

If you want an adapter get it here AmazonFlipkart

Budget BP monitor

Health Sense Classic BP120 Blood Pressure Monitor

Health Sense's Futuristic build

The HealthSense Classic BP120 Blood Pressure Monitor makes perfect sense if you need a budget BP monitor with an impressive set of features.

It comes with multiple charging abilities, including using 4 AAA batteries or a 6V wall adapter or even a normal USB cable. You get a 22-42cm cuff size with it but make sure to wrap the cuff perfectly as specified here

It can store up to 240 readings for two users, 120 readings each. It also has 2 of the main features to prevent inaccurate readings - the detection of body movement and irregular heartbeat. When compared to Omron, Health sense misses out the hypertension indicator feature but that isn’t that important as it can easily be inferred by the reading on the screen. It has anti-skid feet prevent the monitor from moving and affecting your reading. This is another nice-to-have feature and not absolutely necessary. It provides the readings and commands in speech form wherein there is no necessity for you to look on the monitor for the readings. Many verified reviews on Amazon stated that the device does provide accurate readings and the bright display is easy to read from.

Unlike our recommendation for the best pick, with the healthsense you only get a 1-year warranty. But, they have promised that they do door to door service, since they have partnered with courier and postal services.

In short

For it’s price of around Rs. 1000, the healthsense makes it a great budget option, which comes with USB charging and higher reading storage capacity of upto 240 readings..

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Why trust us?

To make sure the BP monitors we suggest are capable, we consulted two of the top Cardiologists from Apollo BGS hospital in Mysuru (Dr. Jayakumar and Dr. Aditya Udupa). We used their inputs and suggestions to help find the best BP monitor.

Apollo BGS hospital in Mysuru's specialist testing the BP monitors we selected

In addition to consulting with them, we also made sure to run through all the verified reviews of the products we shortlisted to make sure there weren’t any prevalent problems by people who have already purchased the products. We even rang up each brand's customer care to understand their warranty and service policy.

How we selected?

The most important element in a BP monitor is its accuracy. So to make sure that we find the BP monitors that are accurate we chose only the most popular and high reviewed and rated monitors online. We didn’t pick any monitors that had too few reviews or any that had low reviews. We also made sure to pick the monitors that were able to detect irregular heartbeats and body movements which might hamper the readings. Once we had that down, we removed all products that were unnecessarily overpriced. Anything above Rs. 1,500 was removed. We then consulted our 2 expert doctors from Apollo (Mysore) to get their inputs on what makes a good BP monitor and what products, in their experience, have earned their trust.

Discusions on the capability of the blood pressure monitors

Interviewing Dr. Jayakumar and grabbing inputs

So, this was the final list of products that we selected:

  • Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Health Sense BP100 Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Dr. Trust Blood Pressure Monitor Silver Line
  • Omron HEM-7113  Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Health Sense Classic BP120 Blood Pressure Monitor

In our shortlisting, we did not choose any wrist BP monitors because the reviews and ratings were less and moreover Dr. Jayakumar recommended staying away from them as their accuracy is much less than cuff monitors.

After sales service of a BP monitor

Omron takes the lead in after sales by giving 5 years extended warranty wherein if you face any issues you need to courier it to your nearby service center and your issue will be fixed. After warranty also you can get the product rectified but you need to pay them the service charges. 

Health Sense is a small growing Bangalore based company who provides warranty for 1 year along with Doorstep service throughout India. They achieve this by partnering with well-known courier companies.

Inputs from the Cardiologists

We consulted two Cardiologists who practice at Apollo BGS hospital (Mysuru). 

Both the Doctors immediately stated that they recommend Omron cuff BP monitor for their patients. They went on to add that they personally have used the device and have had accurate readings. They also said that they’ve been using Omron for nearly 15 years and that is the case with a lot of hospitals.

Dr. Jayakumar stated that more than wrist BP monitors, cuff monitors can produce some good accurate results because of the direct artery vein connection to the heart.

Dr. Aditya Udupa recommended choosing the correct cuff size for your arm to get the correct reading. He also gave a real-life example where one of his patients checked used a larger cuff on his arm and complained about low BP reading.

As far as features are to be concerned Dr. Jayakumar told that the BP meter should have at least two features namely body movement and irregular heartbeat detection. Both the doctors stated that we should choose the device that can store some 10 previous readings which is more than enough and we don’t need 90 or 100 previous readings.

When to not attempt a reading

There are some restrictions on when you can take readings from a BP monitor. So, follow these instructions before attempting to take a reading.

  • Do not take reading for an hour after food intake.
  • Do not attempt a reading 20 minutes after you have a bath.
  • Never attempt a reading immediately after a tea, coffee or a smoke.
  • Do not take the reading while moving.
  • Never take a reading when your bladder is full or if you feel like discharging urine.

Cuff size and instructions on how to wear it

Selecting the correct cuff size and wearing the cuff in the correct position is vital for accurate readings.

  • First, take a deep breath sit erect and relax.
  • Now remove the cuff and wrap it up around your arm which should be 1 inch above your elbow pit.
  • Don’t wrap it too tight or too loose, You should keep a two finger gap between the cuff and your skin.
  • Rest your hand on a desk and place the device on a flat surface
  • Now press the Start button and take your readings.

Cuff size is really important because the BP monitor comes in 3 different cuff sizes

  • 17 to 22 cms - Small arm.
  • 23 to 32 cms - Medium arm.
  • 33 to 42 cms - Large arm.

So, make sure to get the correct cuff size. As Dr. Aditya Udupa said, if you wear a smaller cuff size and have a medium arm, then your readings will be higher and if you wear a larger cuff size and have a small arm, then the readings will show low BP. Both of which are inaccurate.

Cuff BP monitors Vs. Wrist BP monitor

Dr. Jayakumar stated that, more than wrist monitors, the cuff BP monitors would be very accurate because the reading is taken from the artery vein which directly connects to the heart. But on the wrist, the artery veins are really narrow and you can expect inaccurate readings. Even Mayo clinic states the same.

Final thoughts

Buying the right BP monitor isn't enough, you also need to pick the correct cuff size to get accurate readings.

From the different BP monitors out there we found with the help of cardiologists that Cuff monitors are more accurate.is used by the medical industry as well then look at the Omron 7113. It comes with superb features, good accuracy and an impressive 5 year warranty. 

But if you want a budget product that can provide you a number of features in less amount then go for Health Sense BP120 which is a great budget pick.