Android TV has become a necessity these days. After all, you just cannot stay where you are while the world is moving ahead. Android TV comes with similar features as that of an Android Phone. However, the features are limited, but the screen size Android TV comes with is massive.

One of the best features of an Android TV is you can browse anything on the internet. And for that, you need a browser. Yes, we’re talking about Chrome, Firefox that you use on your mobile or on your Personal Computer. If you want to know which is the best browser for your Android TV, read along.

What is Android TV?

Android TV is a simple device similar to your TV that runs on the Android Operating System. It’s quite similar to a mobile Android device but comes with limited features. You can use the Play Store to download applications for your TV and do numerous other things.

What is a Browser?

A browser is an application or a software program that helps you access the internet. Common examples are Opera, Chrome, Firefox, etc. You must have used some or all of these browsers on your mobile or on your PC.

Some Best Rated browsers for Android TV

1. Puffin TV Browser

Not all TV browsers work with generic remote control. You either need a smartphone application or a gaming controller for controlling the browser. However, the Puffin browser works fine with the TV remote.

This application has been designed specifically for Android TVs. This browser is fast, lightweight, and easy to operate. It also has a QR code feature. This feature allows you to add the sites you like to your app.

2. Google Chrome

Google developed the Android operating system and Google Chrome. But the weird part is Android TV doesn’t come pre-installed with Google Chrome. Also, it’s not available in the Android TV play store.

But there’s a way you can get your hands to Google Chrome on your Android TV. But first, you need another web browser. You can visit the play store’s web version and search Google chrome. You’ll find one there.

If you already have used Google Chrome, you can access your browsing history, bookmarks, and remaining synced content. The worst part about this browser is you may not be able to control it with your Android TV remote.

3. Mozilla Firefox

You may not find a specific TV version of Firefox like Google Chrome, but it can be easily sideloaded. The browser is amazing and is quite popular on Android smartphones and Computer devices. You won’t find it on the Android TV Play Store, so you may have to download it from elsewhere.

One amazing feature about the TV Firefox is the extensions. Chrome TV doesn’t support the majority of extensions you use on a Computer, while Firefox does. Some users also claim that YouTube works faster when streamed through Firefox, while the results can be different in your case.

You must not look down upon Firefox because it has to be sideloaded. It’s a great browser and can easily be installed.

4. TV Web Browser

TV Web Browser, similar to the Puffin TV browser, is specifically designed for Android TVs. The browse is easy to operate because of the simple navigation. You can select any search engines, bookmarks, and settings on the left-hand side.

There are numerous features, such as voice search. You can also access your bookmarks and browsing history from other browsers. There’s an on-screen mouse option that’ll help you with the easy operation of this browser.

5. Web Browser for Android TV

Web browser is another web browser for Android TV. Yes, the name is Web Browser. Quite confusing, right? The navigation may not be as smooth as that of the Puffin browser. Still, it can be controlled with your TV remote.

There are some features like customizable bookmarks and the support for HTML5 full-screen video content.

6. TV Bro

TV Bro is a great web browser for your Android TV. It’s still under development but offers praiseworthy features. As it’s in development, you won’t find it on Play Store. You’ll have to sideload this browser from elsewhere.

The browser comes feature loaded. It’s compatible with your TV remote and also supports bookmarks, shortcuts, and even multiple tabs. You can also use Voice search to command this browser. It’s a feature that is not available in most TV browsers.

For everything you download on this browser, there’s a download manager to manage it all. All in all, this browser gives good competition to the Firefox browser. So, you can download it and reap its benefits.

7. Opera

Here’s yet another good browser for your Android TV. It works pretty fine on PCs and mobile devices. In terms of availability, you won’t find this browser on the Play Store. You’ll have to sideload it and can customize it to a certain extent for TV use.

You can navigate websites using the TV remote, but you need a keyboard and a mouse to interact. This may increase complexities if you don’t already have a mouse and keyboard.

8. Samsung for Android

This is a basic web browser that comes with Samsung based Android TVs. However, you can download it from the Aptoide TV store. The navigation difficulty level is somewhere in the middle. It’s neither too hard nor too easy.

The search bar and the menu bar do not occupy much space as they do in other browsers. You can easily scroll down and up and switch between tabs. But as there’s no indicator like a cursor, determining which tab you’re currently on.


Choosing the right browser for your Android TV is crucial. Otherwise, you won’t be able to browse through the internet swiftly. You can go for TV Bro or Puffin browser if you want a browser designed specifically for TV. Otherwise, you can sideload Chrome or Mozilla Firefox easily.

You should know that the best TV Brower will be the one that works best for you. So, you can try multiple browsers and can compare them for your ease. If you liked the info in this article, please share it with others.