While winter may be coming soon in Westeros, here in India we have to brace ourselves for the heat of summer. After all, who can bear the scorching heat? But is there a solution to it? Well, Yes. You have many options from air conditioners to air coolers to ceiling fans.

What if you do not want to spend on air conditioners and all the maintenance it requires? No problem, that's where ceiling fans come into the picture. Not only are they priced at a fraction of what an air conditioner costs but also consume far less power and look classy too.

But aren't ceiling fans a passing fad when compared to air conditioners? Not really, modern ceiling fans offer a lot of improvement in performance, come with cool integrated features like built-in light and remote control and still look regal on your ceiling without looking odd. Research also shows the volume of ceiling fans sales going up each year with nearly 50% increase in the market in north and south of India.

Buying a ceiling fan isn’t as complicated as buying other home appliances or kitchen appliances. While there are a ton of various designs and colours there are a few things that you must look for. The size of the blade and your room size are two considerations that must be made. Usually, you get a 1200mm fan size which is sufficient for rooms up to 100 sq. feet. If your room is much smaller or much larger than this do check our full buying guide below to know more.

To make sure you do not have to go through all the hassle of browsing through countless product listings and websites, we put in all the work by going through Amazon and Flipkart listings, customer reviews and product review websites before finding the best ceiling fans in the market. Based on our research, these are the best ceiling fans in India.

Best ceiling fan online (Power Saving)

Smart fan for the smart home

The Gorilla Efficio was chosen as the best ceiling fan as it is one of the most modern, efficient and coolest ceiling fans in the market. It comes with a simple design but is packed with a modern BLDC motor that has a low hum, is more efficient than most other fans and can be controlled with a smart remote. So what else does it offer?

The Gorilla Fan comes with a current generation BLDC motor that's also found on most electric scooters, this allows the fan to operate not just more quietly but also offers significant power savings. With its 5-star energy savings ratings, it consumes just 28 Watts, as compared to the nearly 50+ watts consumed by regular fans.

All the controls in your hand

That's not all, it also doesn't need a regular fan regulator and makes do with a smart remote controller. The remote lets you not just control the five-set speeds but also gives you a boost mode along with a set timer and sleep mode for added convenience.

In terms of aesthetics its pretty simple, there are no golden garnishes and it looks pretty plain for the price it commands. But it does come in a couple of different colours and Gorilla also has many other designs available in their product lineup so you can pick based on your preference. But ultimately features and specifications do not mean much if customers are not satisfied with the product.  

Customers of the Gorilla fans loved the cool remote feature, the hum-less working of the fan, its good airflow and the power savings it brought along. Many called it the next best innovation after led bulbs which replaced the older halogen bulbs. There were a few complains too mostly due to the dull design of the fan, its high price and the fact that the fan cant be repaired by your local electrician.

The Gorilla Ceiling Fan comes in sizes of 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm and 1400mm. The model we have featured here is the most common 1200mm size which is good enough for rooms up to 100 sq. feet. Its convenience and power saving features while cool may not be for everyone and the high price certainly does certify it. This ceiling fan is for someone who is fed up of the ever-increasing power bills and wants a high-quality fan that works well and saves some energy along the way.

Its priced at Rs.3000 for the base model and comes with a 3-year on-site warranty. There are other models offers which have different designs and features too. If you want a ceiling fan that has the latest technology and cool features to back it up, the Gorilla Efficio is a must buy.


  • A modern, efficient ceiling fan

  • Remote control option is useful

  • The 3-year warranty is a boon

  • The BLDC motor works with minimal noise

  • Available in multiple colours


  • You need to fully rely on the remote control

  • Pricier than most other ceiling fans

  • The design could have been a lot better

  • Cannot be repaired by your local electrician due to BLDC technology

Where to buy it?

Best ceiling fan online (Best design)

Gold colour and stylish embellishments

The Havells Nicola comes a close second to the Gorilla fan because it's simply not as well equipped as the Gorilla but commands a price tag very close to it. But before you dismiss it, hold on. Remember how we said the Gorilla fan looks simple, well the Havells Nicola is incredibly stylish to look at and instantly add to the charm of your room.

The design is the main highlight of the Nicola. Designed in a contemporary fashion, the blades and the main housing come with an attractive trim piece which comes in a contrasting colour and looks really nice. In terms of specifications its similarly equipped to the Gorilla fan with a 1200mm three blade design. In fact, it manages to move as much air as the Gorilla fan.

Being a regular ceiling fan there's not much in the name of features. The blades are light and made of aluminium and the motor manages to output up to 350rpm while consuming around 68W. So, despite the lack of a modern BLDC motor it still manages to give excellent airflow at roughly the same speeds as the Gorilla fan. But what about customers feedback about the product?

People were pleased with not only the design but also the durability, ease of use and easy installation of the fan. Most found it to be good for rooms up to 100 sq. ft and found the fan to exhibit very little noise during operation. The only cons we can think of are the high price and the general lack of cool features along with the higher power consumption.

With its 1200mm size its also designed for rooms up to 100 sq. ft. and its stylish design means it's for people who want great style over anything else.

The Havells Nicola is priced at Rs.2800 and is offered in a variety of colours that can match your room decor. Havells also offers a 2-year warranty on the product. The Havells Nicola is the fan you must choose if you want a stylish addition to your already stylish house.


  • Stylish design

  • Available in multiple colours

  • Good performance

  • Comes from a reputed brand

  • The two-year warranty is decent


  • High price

  • Lacks modern features (remote, BLDC motor, Led light)

  • Uses quite a bit of power (68W)

  • Not as quiet as a BLDC fan

Where to buy it?

Best ceiling fan online (Budget)

Simple but functional design

The Havells ES 50 comes in a close third due to its simple design and slower fan speed in comparison to our other picks. But despite coming third it still has something that sets it apart from the competition- its low price.

The ES 50 by Havells is part of their energy savings models and it comes with an impressive 5-star BEE rating. What this means is it consumes only 52 Watts of power when compared to the Havells Nicolas 68W of power. While this brings noticeable savings in your electricity bills it's still not as efficient as the Gorilla Fan which consumes a measly 28W at full chat.

Aesthetically it's not very different from the Gorilla fan, by which we mean its equally dull looking. It is available in two colours though so you can match up based on your room colours.

In terms of performance, it is slightly slower than our other two picks, managing an air flow of 215 CMM but its large 1200mm fan blades mean it is still good enough for rooms up to 100 sq. ft. Next, let us look at real-world performance.

Customers of the product were pleased with the energy savings that the 5-star rated ceiling fan got along with decent airflow performance. The only complaints about it were the dull design and slightly noisy performance at high speeds.

The Havells ES 50 too comes in 1200mm size and is best for rooms up to 100 sq. ft. But its low price and energy savings mean its great for people who want a reliable but cost-effective ceiling fan.  

Its priced at Rs.2,000, making it the most affordable fan in our list. And given the 5-star energy savings and good performance make the Havells ES 50 one of the best budget ceiling fans in India. Before we forget it too comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Budget pricing

  • 5-star energy savings is useful

  • Cools really well

  • A 2-year warranty is good for the price


  • Dull design

  • Not as efficient as the Gorilla Fan

  • Noisy at high speeds

  • Still uses the older type of motor


Where to buy it?

A buying guide to the best ceiling fan online

Unlike washing machines or pressure cookers, ceiling fans are not as complicated and are easier to differentiate between and make a purchase. But still, we would like to assist you with some useful aspects you must look at before purchasing your next ceiling fan.

Fan blade size

Pick your fan based on your room size

All the fans we have selected as our best picks are of 1200mm blade size (also called as fan sweep). This means they can work with rooms up to 100 sq. ft. If you have a smaller room or a much larger room you can consult the table above.

Power rating

As the fans are operated by a motor, the motors consume a certain amount of electricity to run. This power consumed is denoted in Watts. According to BEE, a fan with a 1200mm blade size consuming more than 80 Watts is considered to be inefficient.

This is very important as using an efficient fan will help reduce your power bills significantly, especially if you use the fan for the most part of the day. This is also helpful because if you have a lower power rated fan you can run more of them on an inverter. In fact, two Gorilla Efficio fans consume lesser power than one Havells Nicola fan (28W+28W < 68W)


If you look at our best pick, the Gorilla Efficio you will note that it has a BLDC motor. A BLDC motor is what is found in electric scooters and cycles and due to its modern brushless construction not only is it very efficient but also almost noiseless.

So if you want low noise and great efficiency makes sure that your next fan has a BLDC motor. But being a new technology they cannot be serviced at most regular electricians and need to be taken to the manufacturer's service centre only.


With the industry always filled with competition its only time that manufacturers started adding more and more features to the humble ceiling fans. While these features do add convenience they also bring a jump in the price so you must make sure you choose a feature only if needed.

Some common features found on ceiling fans are a remote control, app control, integrated led lighting, support for Google Assistant and Alexa.

While buying and using a ceiling fan is fairly simple, here are a few tips to consider before and after your purchase.

  1. Make sure you keep your fan clean from dust with periodic cleaning this will help with air flow

  2. Do not get your hands inside a running fan as it can be hazardous

  3. Do not be confused over how many blades to prefer, usually, a three blade fan is considered optimum for performance and air flow. Anything more is mere for decorative purposes.

  4. Do note that the ceiling fans do not come with a regulator (fan speed controller) and you must purchase it separately

  5. The Gorilla Efficio fan must be used only with the remote (or app) so do not use it with a regulator

Still, have some questions on ceiling fans? Check out our FAQs section below.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Are 4-blade fans worth buying?
    A 3-blade fan is more than enough for air flow. A 4-blade fan in comparison will be slower and is more suited for aesthetic purposes only.

  • Is it coming with speed control regulator?
    No, none of the fans come with regulators, you must purchase them separately. The Gorilla fans with remote do not need a regulator.

  • What is the power consumption of this fan
    The Gorilla fan consumes 28W, the Havells ES 50 consumes 52W while the Havells Nicola consumes 68W.

  • Are the blades dust proof?
    No, none of the fans have dust-proof blades 

  • Does the fan have a bldc motor?
    No, only the Gorilla Fan uses a BLDC motor

  • If I buy multiple Gorilla fans, can all fans be controlled with a single remote?
    Yes, you can control multiple fans with a single Gorilla Remote

  • Is the Gorilla remote an infrared remote which requires a line of sight with the fan for operation? Can we use IR blaster in mobile to control it?
    Yes, the remote requires a line of sight as it uses IR. Yes you can use an IR Blaster of a phone to control the Gorilla fan

  • Does the fan work with an inverter?
    Yes, these fans can work on an inverter when there is a power cut

  • Do these fans have a warranty?
    Yes both the Havells fans come with a 2-year warranty while the Gorilla fans have a 3-year warranty

Final Thoughts

Having a ceiling to provide a cool and refreshing breeze is a must in summers. But with so many with so many models in the market which one should you choose? To help you with that we did all the groundwork so you can just pick the best ones.

Of all the ceiling fans out there we found the Gorilla Efficio to be the clear winners as it offers the best performance and power savings along with some cool feature additions. It trumps the other two fans in terms of airflow, power savings, noise levels and features (BLDC motor, remote control). The only real let down is the simple design and high price. 

If however, you want a more stylish fan don’t forget the Havells Nicola which has a stylish design but comes with a regular motor and consumers more power. But if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option try the Havells ES 50 which looks simple but comes with a 5-star energy rating and consumes very little power and costs   Rs.2000 only. 

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding ceiling fans? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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