With our busy 9 to 5 jobs doing household chores can be pretty arduous. But what if we did not have to do it all? While microwaves and washing machines have made cooking food and cleaning clothes easier, what about doing the dishes once you've eaten? Well for that you have the dishwasher. But are they even useful for our Indian dishes? Well, Yes.

A dishwasher is a wonderful home appliance that washes away all your worries about washing your dishes. It is extremely easy to use, works very well and suits most types of kitchenware including kadhais, pressure cookers, steel utensils, tea and milk pots and even glassware.

But aren't they a little expensive for the what is basically a washing machine for utensils? Yes, and No. While a dishwasher is expensive it goes beyond just a regular wash. Apart from making your utensils hygienic it also saves a tremendous amount of water when compared to manual washing - almost 70% of water!

Also buying a dishwasher is fairly simple. You have two major types- under counter and free standing ones. Freestanding ones are more popular as you can plonk them anywhere in your kitchen. Next, you must look at the capacity so you can choose based on your family needs. A 12-place setting is enough for families up to four and can take up to 12 utensils. These are just two of the specifications you must know about, read the full buying guide below to know more.

To make sure you do not have to go through all the hassle of browsing through countless product listings and websites, we put in all the work by going through Amazon and Flipkart listings, customer reviews and product review websites before finding the best dishwasher in the market. Based on our research, these are the best dishwashers in India.


Best Bosch Dishwasher in India

12 place settings dishwasher

The Bosch Dishwasher comes first due to its excellent wash performance, spacious interiors and useful programs designed specifically for the Indian market.

There is not a lot to the design, its typical dishwasher like and the only real differences you can see between various models from manufacturers are in the control panel design only. The panel on the Bosch we really liked as it is very simple to use, logically designed and easily legible.

Like a washing machine, Dishwashers too have multiple wash programs and the Bosch is no different with 6 useful programs. The easiest of which is the auto program where you merely select the program and it will do the rest from figuring out the temperature, water level etc. The intensive kadhai program is equally helpful for the Indian context as it can thoroughly clean oily and masala stained utensils like kadhais, pressure cookers etc.

Plenty of storage

It's not just useful programs that the Bosch machine has up its sleeve, but also some useful functions like Delay Timer and Half Load option. The delay timer lets you delay the start of the cleaning to up to 24 hours, this can be useful if you do not have regular water connection. While the half load function can be used to save water and power when washing only half the capacity of the dishwasher. But you cannot judge a product just by its specifications and features on paper but on its real-world performance.

The Bosch dishwasher was, in fact, one of the highest reviewed and rated dishwashers on Amazon. People loved that it cleaned all types of utensils (including glass) while using very little water (when compared to manual washing). They also found electricity usage, noise levels and build quality of the machine to be good. The only real complaint was the slow service of the company.

The Bosch dishwasher comes in a 12 place setting, free-standing model which can hold up to 12 pieces of utensils if they are neatly stacked into the set positions. This makes it great for families with up to four members. Also, while it is higher priced, it is the ultimate dishwasher for someone who doesn’t want to compromises on quality. 

There are two colour options for the dishwasher, with the silver inox one being the more expensive model (Rs.41000), while the white one is cheaper by almost Rs.4000. If you are in the market for the best dishwasher in India, then the Bosch dishwasher is what you need.


  • Works very well with oil and masala stains of most types of utensils 

  • Easy to use control panel

  • Useful programs with a special made for India Kadhai program

  • Uses around 10 litres of water and 1 unit of electricity per wash

  • Low noise at 52Db

  • 2-year warranty


  • Not suitable for non-stick, hard anodised or aluminium containers.

  • After sales service should improve

  • Has fewer programs than the IFB machine

Where to buy it?

Best Dishwasher in India

Strong build quality

The IFB Neptune VX is very close to the Bosch dishwasher in terms of performance and features and is in fact priced much lower than it, but it comes second because it had some issues cleaning of stains on some types of utensils like milk pots.

The Neptune VX has a similar exterior design to the Bosch machine, but the control panel is a little different. Personally, we feel the Bosch panel is a little simpler to use as it has a button for all programs, but the IFB ones aren’t that difficult if you are used to their washing machines.

Talking about programs you have 8 different programs (2 more than the Bosch) to use from Hygiene to Intensive 70-degree wash programs. The Intensive wash programs are great for heavily soiled utensils while the Quick wash modes allow you to clean lightly spiled utensils in 40 minutes.

Like the Bosch, the IFB machine too has a delayed start mode and half load option which allows you to start the machine when you have adequate water supply and lets you clean your dishes even when you have not fully filled up the machine. So how does it perform in the real world?

Easy storage


Well, most of the customers were extremely pleased with the machine as it gives them you clean, hygienic utensils after a wash. They also pointed out to the low noise level (49Db), low water consumption (9 litres) and low electricity usage (Energy A++ rating). The only complaints that people had were the inability to clean out the thicker milk layers (cream) from some utensils, the inability to clean aluminium utensils (a general complaint with dishwashers), higher costs of IFB dishwasher detergents and the slightly slow service.

The IFB Neptune also comes in a 12 place setting, a free-standing model which makes it useful for families with up to four members. It is also priced much lower making it a good dishwasher for someone who doesn’t want to spend over Rs. 40000 for the Bosch.

The IFB Neptune VX then is a great dishwasher with low water and electricity consumption, good wash performance and with a low price tag of around Rs.34000 which makes it for sure, the best dishwasher in India in the budget category.  


  • Energy saving dishwasher

  • Low noise during operation

  • Low water consumption

  • Spacious interiors

  • Useful wash programs

  • 2-year warranty


  • IFB official detergents are a little costly.

  • Control panel is a little difficult to understand

  • Has difficulty fully removing milk stains

  • Service can improve

Where to buy it?

Buying Guide to the best dishwasher in India

When you look at dishwashers, there are fewer products in the market than most other categories. This is because we are slowing warming up to the idea of a machine doing our dishes. Another major reason is the high price, most dishwashers start upwards of Rs.30,000 which is quite steep, to begin with.

But if you are fed up of waiting for your maid to clean the dishes or are personally trying to save on some time and water, then here are some things you must look for before buying your next dishwasher.

Firstly you have two different types of dishwashers:

  • An under counter dishwasher which fits under your kitchen counter or a kitchen cupboard and sits flush with the fitments.

  • A free-standing dishwasher is like any other home appliance, which you can keep anywhere you want but it takes away some space from your kitchen floor. All the dishwashers we have featured today are of the free-standing type.

Next, we come to capacity. The most common capacity of a dishwasher is the 12 place settings one which is enough for up to 12 utensils which are enough for a family of up to four people. You also get dishwashers with 6-place, 9-place and 14-place settings. Make sure you pick based on your needs.

Wash programs are something you must also look into. It is vital to have a heavy wash program (kadhai) which can get rid of oily stains from utensils, while a quick wash program along with half-load programs will be vital when you want to save time and resources. 

Apart from this, there are many other little features you can look for based on your conveniences like a child lock feature, a large display, low water usage mode and steam dry mode etc.

Once you have bought your dishwasher here are some tips and precautions you must know to use your machine properly.

  • Do not use aluminium, regular plastic and hard anodized utensils in the dishwasher and it can damage them

  • You can use microwave safe plastic and glassware in a dishwasher, but make sure you use the right “gentle” wash program with fragile utensils

  • You can wash a kadhai or pressure cooker in a dishwasher by placing it in the lower compartment

  • Dishwashers need a detergent and dishwasher salt to function properly

  • Do not stack vessels onto one another inside the dishwasher as water may not be able to reach them

Still, have some doubts about dishwashers? Check out the FAQs section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can a pressure cooker and kadhai be cleaned in this?
    Yes, you can clean a pressure cooker and a kadhai in the dishwasher

  • What about installation? and where can it be installed?
    Installation service is provided by the respective brand. The dishwasher can be placed where there is a proper water inlet, outlet and wall plug

  • How much electricity will consume? And water?
    The dishwashers consume around 1 unit of electricity per wash and depending on the model can consume between 9-12 litres of wate

  • Can we wash old fashion broad thali?
    Yes, the lower compartments are large enough for large thalis (plate) and even pressure cookers and kadhais

  • Does it clean burnt kadhai and vessels?
    No, a dishwasher can not clean the burnt vessels

  • Does it have auto restart after a power failure?
    Yes, the dishwashers can resume from their previous state in the event of a power cut

  • Is the body shockproof and do we need to buy stabilizer with it?
    Yes, the bodies are shockproof and you do not need a stabilizer to run them

  • What is the time taken to wash on full load & half load?
    The dishwasher takes around two hours for a regular full load and about an hour at half load.

Final Thoughts

Dishwashers can be extremely helpful for today's ever-busy millennials and families. But from the dishwashers in the market which one should you buy? To answer just that we did all the hard work and have found two really good products for your needs. 

The Bosch Dishwasher with its amazing wash performance, easy controls and quality is the dishwasher we would like to declare as the clear winner. Yes, its more expensive eats up a little more water and electricity than the IFB but when it comes to the main task of washing utensils, the excellent programs and wash quality are uncompromising. 

If however, you want a more budget-friendly product, the IFB Neptune VX comes in the same size as the Bosch, but is priced much lower, has almost the same wash performance and is more efficient when it comes to water and electricity consumption. As a budget dishwasher then, there's no better option. 

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding dishwashers? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.


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