There's nothing better than a refreshing fruit juice on a hot summers day and you know what is even better? A refreshingly chilled fruit juice straight from your new and spacious double door refrigerator.

Refrigerators are of immense importance in today's household and a double door simply makes it's so much better with a lot more space and auto-defrosting technology. But isn’t a double door fridge a huge waste of electricity? Of course not.

With newer more efficient compressors and energy star ratings, double door fridges are no longer energy hoggers.

When it comes to buying a double door refrigerator make sure you consider the size requirements. Do not buy a smaller size machine if you have a large family. Also, make sure you look at energy star ratings so that you can save up on energy consumption. For more details check the buying guide at the end.

To find the best double door refrigerator in India for you, we read through Amazon and Flipkart reviews to find the best selling products. Furthermore, we visited two home appliances dealers, Croma and Girias to really understand the nuances of buying a refrigerator and to known what products sell the most and which buyer prefers what product.

Best double door refrigerator (in detail)

Stylish, spacious and very efficient

With a capacious 260 litre capacity, smart inverter and diagnosis technology, 4- star energy rating and ability to run on inverters makes the LG Double Door one of the best refrigerators in India.

At 4 feet  8 inches, the LG refrigerator is an imposing thing with a metallic finish and large door handles. You have a large compartment for the freezer and doors with enough space for ice cream packs and even a large chicken/ turkey.  

The bottom refrigerator compartment is also spacious with a large vegetable tray and spacious door pockets which can easily take 2-litre bottles. You get three tempered glass trays that you can place in different positions based on the size of the utensils you want to place on them.

Great fridge for large homes

While the bottom compartment is similar in terms of door pockets and trays to the single door fridges, the real addition is the much larger freezer area.

Talking about the freezer there is a really cool feature present here called the "Double twist ice tray". This feature lets you fill water into it and then using the knobs provided you can turn the tray to dispense ice cubes into the bottom tray - all this within the freezer.

To ensure uniform cooling throughout the fridge LG makes use of multiple air vent that let out the cool air. Furthermore, there is also a vent present on the door to ensure air reaches all the corners of the fridge.

Ample storage for your vegetables and stuff

Other cool features are the fact that the refrigerator can function without the need for a stabilizer, furthermore, it can even work on an inverter.

Another feature that is present on LG machines is the smart Diagnosis feature whereby if you find any issue in the functioning of the machine you can use a smartphone app to find out what is wrong with it and then have the call centre fix that issue for you if possible (or send someone over).

You also get a nifty little led light mounted below the freezer that shines light uniformly into the refrigerator compartment.

The LG Double Door fridge also earns a 4-star BEE rating which should give you good energy savings. BEE claims the refrigerator should consume around 194 units in a year. The reason why it is efficient is because of Inverter technology.

Inverter compressors run at different speed instead of the regular compressor which basically switch on and off to maintain the cooling. This enables them to run more efficiently and thus consuming less electricity. Not just that the Inverter technology also helps to run the refrigerators much more quietly compared to non-inverter refrigerators.

With 4.3 stars and 299 customers reviews the LG refrigerator was well received by the consumers who loved the cooling performance of the machine, its low power consumption, and sleek design. The only complaints we could find was the slow delivery and installation as the seller hadn't informed LG about the purchase, the lack of freezer light and non-convertible design of the fridge.

The LG double door fridge is for people who value performance and efficiency over capacity. It isn’t the largest in its class but offers great features, fast cooling performance and is energy efficient with a 4-star rating.

With its spacious compartments, efficient cooling, good build quality, decent price of around Rs.25,000 and a 1-year product warranty and 10 years of warranty on the compressor, the LG GL-I292RPZL is one of the best double door refrigerators in India.


  • Spacious 260 Litre capacity

  • BEE 4-star rating for good energy savings

  • Runs without a stabilizer

  • Can work with inverters as well

  • Innovative smart diagnosis feature

  • Can withstand voltages from 100-290V

  • Frost-free cooling

  • 1-year product + 10-year compressor warranty


  • Not convertible (dual refrigerator)

  • No freezer light

  • No bottom mounted freezer

Where to buy it?

Best Samsung refrigerator (Best double door refrigerator)

Innovative design with large storage

The Samsung Fridge with its 253-litre capacity, Digital inverter, and Smart connect technology, 4- star energy rating and ability to run on inverters matches the LG in terms of specifications and is equally good except for the slightly smaller size.

The Samsung RT28M3424S8/HL is one cool looking refrigerator with a metal front and hidden door handles. It is truly designed for the modern home. Also, present on the front is a digital control panel with which you adjust the interior temperature and toggle the Power cool feature, more on that later. This makes controlling the fridge easier without the hassle of opening it.

Large door pockets and compartments

In terms of capacity, the Samsung is 253 Litres which is a little lower than the LG's 260 litres. The Samsung too runs on Inverter technology which makes it run very efficiently and earning it, its 4-star BEE rating.  

Samsung includes the Power Cool feature which is of great convenience as you can place anything in the fridge and then activate the feature from the control panel and the fridge will increase its cooling to help cool it faster. Think of this as a quick burst of cold air to cool a warm bottle instantly.  

You also get an easy sliding shelf that lets you reach for utensils placed at the back of the shelf very easily without disturbing the other utensils. But by far the most useful feature is the Cool Wall and Cool pack feature which keeps the fridge and freezer cool for up to 12 hours even after a power cut.

Another neat little feature is the door alarm which starts buzzing if the refrigerator door is open for more than 2 minutes, but sadly the door doesn't have any locking system like the LG.

Spacious storage compartments

Apart from this, Samsung is very similar to our LG best pick, it has pretty much the same features as well. Both refrigerators have stabilizer free operation and both can work on inverters, both feature multiple air vents, tempered glass shelves/ trays, they have a lot of space in the doors and trays to keep big bottles and utensils and both have the cool twist ice tray feature to make and dispense ice cubes easily.

New generation features for a new generation user

With 4.4 stars and 241 customers reviews the Samsung refrigerator also was well received by the customers who praised it for its minimalistic design, effective cooling, low power consumption and the innovative twist ice maker.

The complaints about the product were the lack of the door locking system, no light for the freezer, non-convertible design apart from the usual slow delivery and installation.

The Samsung is very similar to the LG refrigerator but with its outer control panel, minimalistic design and some nifty little cooling features its designed for people who want a stylish and minimalist fridge for their modern kitchen.

With its minimalistic design, low power consumption, effective cooling, unique digital control panel and a 1-year product warranty and 10 years of warranty on the compressor, the Samsung RT28M3424S8/HL is a superb refrigerator that is as good as our LG best pick.


  • 253 Litre capacity

  • Handless doors look sleek

  • BEE 4-star rating for good energy savings

  • Runs without a stabilizer

  • Can work with inverters as well

  • Power Cool feature is very useful

  • Can withstand voltages from 100-300V

  • Frost-free cooling

  • 1-year product + 10-year compressor warranty


  • Not convertible (dual refrigerator)

  • Pricier than our best pick

  • Smaller than our best pick

  • No door locks

  • No freezer light

Where to buy it?

Best double door refrigerator Haier

Haier 320 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator(HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E, Brushline silver, Bottom Freezer)

Haier double door refridgerator

Haier’s Bottom-Mounted Refrigerator gives you a unique but useful design, the spacious capacity of 320 litres, fast icing technology and a 3-star BEE rating making it one of best large capacity double door refrigerators in the budget segment.

The design of the fridge is simple from the outside with handle-less doors and that understated grey colour, but open the door (or doors) and you will see a big difference- the freeze is placed at the bottom while the fridge (which is mostly used by people) is top mounted. This Haier claims reduces bending up to 90%- a real problem solver there.

There is 360-degree cooling technology so that air is circulated around the large fridge. Then you have the large vegetable storage which is almost twice the size of regular storage compartments. You also have ample space for large bottles in the door pockets. Also, you have a bright LED light to light up the fridge compartment. Sadly the freezer compartments lack a light.

For added convenience, the freezer has Twin Twist Ice trays and the freeze can make ice in around an hour. Add to it the toughened glass shelves and the ability to run without a stabilizer and frost-free operation and you have a great large sized double door fridge for your family.

With a 3-star energy rating, it's not as efficient as the Samsung or the LG machine but it's still decent for its size and price. Plus the fridge stays cool for up to 10 hours after a power cuts- pretty nifty for its size.

With 4.3 stars from 407 reviews on Amazon, the Haier Double Door fridge was one of the highest rated in its size class. People were very pleased with its enormous capacity, large vegetable (or fruit) compartment, huge bottle pockets and its quick cooling capacity.

No more backpain when usuing the fridge

With its large capacity and good price, it's a great refrigerator for large families as well as small hotels and cafes.

Priced at Rs.26990, the Haier Double Door fridge is extremely spacious in its size, comes with a ton of features and has a 1-year product warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty.


  • 320 Litre capacity

  • Handless doors look sleek

  • Runs without a stabilizer

  • Bottom mounted freezer is a boon

  • Can withstand voltages from 100-300V

  • Frost-free cooling

  • 1-year product + 10-year compressor warranty


  • Not convertible (dual refrigerator)

  • No door locks

  • No freezer light

  • Not as efficient as the other two

Buying Guide to the Best double door refrigerator

After having a word with the Girias and Croma dealers regarding refrigerators we found out that their major sales come double door refrigerators especially from brands like LG, Samsung and Godrej.

These inputs really helped us understand the customer better and helped us zero in on our best pick more easily.

The first thing the dealers said before buying a fridge is to fix what type of to get as buying a double door fridge for a small office isn't worth and buying a small single door for a large household isn't worth it either.

Next, the dealers suggested understanding the size requirements as some of these refrigerators (Especially 300+ Litres) can be massive in size, so really take your needs into considerations before making that purchase.

But the most important tip that the dealers gave was to make sure you check the BEE star labels and look for Inverter technology in your next fridge, these two things will ensure that your machine is more efficient and consumes less electricity. A higher BEE star rating will mean more power savings and its best to spend that little bit extra for a more efficient refrigerator.

Still, have some questions about double door refrigerators? Check out the FAQs section below.


  • The compressor is of the inverter type?
    Yes, only the Haier loses out on the inverter technology

  • Is online shopping of a fridge advisable?

  • Is this a convertible refrigerator?

  • Does it have wheels?

  • Does it have led lights when opened?
    Yes but only for the fridge compartment

  • Is the installation charged?

Final Thoughts

If you are on the look for a great double door fridge with good energy savings then we have two picks from reputed brands.

The LG Double Door refrigerator with its spacious 260-litre capacity, 4-star energy rating, inverter technology and uniform air flow is our best pick especially due to its great price of around Rs.25,000.

You can also pick the Samsung Double Door refrigerator which although priced similar to the LG refrigerator but is a wee bit small at 253 litres. The Samsung is similarly specced as well with inverter technology, multiple air flow vents, stabilizer free operation and twist ice tray.

But if you need more capacity, pick the 320 litre Haier fridge which boasts of a large and spacious top mounted fridge compartment and a large bottom mounted freezer.

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding double door refrigerators? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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