There are a ton of different earphones priced at the Rs.2000 mark. From more established brands like Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic to newer brands like 1more and RHA.

To find the best earphones under Rs. 2000, we went through a lot of reputed technology websites and dedicated audio websites. We even had our researcher join an Indian Audiophile group to get a sense of what some of India’s biggest audiophiles listen with. Lastly, we consulted with Mr. Jacob Abraham, CEO of Rontek. Rontek has been in the audio and power-electronics manufacturing for nearly two decades.  He helped us pick the best earphones from the shortlisted lot.

Best Earphones Under Rs.2000

Beyerdynamic Byron

Bringing Beyerdynamic’s vast knowledge and experience to the entry-level segment, the Beyerdynamic Byron leaves quite the mark with its great audio quality and affordable price. The sound is balanced with sufficient bass and sub-bass, it's also a very smooth sounding earphone, which at this price is great.

To get the product buy it from their official distributor: Headphonezone

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Why Trust Us?

To find the best earphones under Rs.2000 we spent three days going through reputed technology and audio websites for their best picks. We also looked for suggestions from The Indian Audiophile Forum. The forum consists of India’s top audiophiles who take their audio very seriously, often going to great lengths to help others find the best audio product. 

Armed with picks from different websites and earphone specifications we paid our expert at Rontek a visit to help decide the best earphones amongst the shortlisted ones.

How we selected?

With the help of our audio expert Mr. Jacob, who helped us to understand the technical details of the earphones, we managed to shortlist the top earphones in the Rs.2000 segment.

We started by researching the best earphones that were suggested by top tech websites and audio websites. We also looked at suggestions from audiophile forums. This gave us a list of the top recommended earphones by experts. To this, we added earphones that were popular on Flipkart and Amazon. For all the shortlisted earphones we searched for their key specifications like impedance, sensitivity and frequency response. We even gathered frequency response curves from review websites like rtings, phonograph, and head-fi.

Best Pick in detail

Reliable and fine: ​Beyerdynamic Byron earplugs


  • Balanced and Smooth sound
  • Good build quality
  • Great price
  • Remote and mic present


  • Cables could have been thicker

The Beyerdynamic Byron is the latest entry-level earphone from Beyerdynamic, one of the world's oldest audio company. Being an old company, they stick to more traditional design which is evident on the Byron. The Byron is beautifully crafted with oodles of aluminum and an industrial design for the housing. We loved the design of the remote which despite having 3 buttons looks like a single button remote and has a very minimalistic and premium feel to it.

Close up: Mic and other buttons

Provided in the box are the earphones, 3 pairs of silicone ear tips and a pouch. The cable offered doesn't tangle but is much thinner than the competition like RHA which used braided cables.

Headphone Zone found the ear tips to provide a good seal with your ears and decent noise isolation. This is because of the in-ear style of the earphones which are designed to give you a tight fit and noise isolation.

So how do they sound you wonder? In one word - Superb. WhatHi-Fi? A leading audio and video website and Stuff another popular technology website both gave the Byron 5/5 stars in their reviews. Together, they called the Byron the earphone to beat at this price.

Beyerdynamic Byron Frequency Curve Chart

Beyerdynamic Byron Frequency Curve (Head-Fi - @thatonenoob)

But let us get into the specifics about the audio. The Byron has a slightly more warm sound that boosts the bass and the lower mids as can be seen from the frequency curve. A look at the graph also showed the smooth transition from lows to mids and then into the highs which Mr.Jacob loved. This gives the Byron their characteristic smooth sound which was noted by WhatHi-Fi?

The Byron’s closest competitor has been the SoundMagic E10C which has a V-shaped sound signature which is great for EDM and Hip-Hop tracks, but the Byron balance along with its well-managed highs and relative smoothness make them a great fit for just about any type of music. The recent price cut of Rs.1000 has made them more accessible than before. The other competitor to the Byron is the RHA MA390U. The RHA earphone is known as a bass-heavy earphone, so much so, in fact that TechRadar claimed they bleed into the mid-region which hits the vocals. Making them ideal for only EDM and Pop songs.

With their superb build quality, great fit, balanced sound and recent price cut make them an excellent pick for the price.

After-Sales Service

Beyerdynamic offers a 2-year warranty on the product. Upon any issue, you can contact the seller for replacement (provided there is no physical damage to the product) or take them to the service centre (Bengaluru only) for repair. 

Soundmagic (1-year warranty), RHA (3 years warranty) and 1More (1 year) have a replacement only warranty. These brands don't have a service centre in India so you cannot expect a replacement if you have physically damaged your product.

However, brands like Sony, Mi and Sennheiser have dedicated service centers which can even repair your products along with providing replacements.

​Who is the best pick for?

The Beyerdynamic Byron has good sub-bass, bass, mids and decent treble. This makes it suited for most types of music. There is good mid-range for range, good bass for EDM and treble for everything else. This makes it perfect for all genres of music.

The ones that didn't get selected


One of the most popular earphones online, comes from the Reid Heath Acoustics company based in Scotland. They are known as the Aston Martin of the earphone world due to their high quality construction and luxury materials used. The MA390U is their most affordable earphone and is loved by a lot of bass lovers but TechRadar found the bass lack control, often bleeding the mids. 

SoundMagic E10C

One of the best earphones in this price point till the Beyerdynamic Byron's beat them. The E10C has a very desirable V-shaped sound curve that is perfect for listeners of genres like EDM and Hip-Hop. But the Beyerdynamics versatility make it a better earphones than the Soundmagic.

Mi Pro HD

On paper the Mi Pro HD has some amazing specifications, with triple drivers and the Hi-res certification, the Mi Pro HD is the cheapest earphone with those specs in the market. It’s frequency curve is also quite similar to the Byron with a very balanced bass and mid. However ThePhonograph noted that it is a little bright and has more piercing highs which can cause irritation. Also, the sound leakage is more than usual.

1More Single Driver

1More is a modern earphone brand that has had a huge part in designing most of Xiaomi’s earphones. 1more is popular for their multi-driver earphones, one of their most popular being the quad-driver earphone. The Single driver earphone has a very wide soundstage for an earphone, but they lack depth in the low-end. Many users also complained that the angled ear-tips cause discomfort while use.

1More Piston Classic

The 1more Classic has a really cool, vintage design but lacks when it comes to sound. It's not bad sounding but with the newer earphones performing much better it falls behind. It has an average bass and mid region with a decent treble.

Sennheiser CX275

The CX275’s are for their price a very decent sounding earphone, they have good balance in the sound with a hint of boost in the bass region. You also have Sennheiser’s superb service and warranty to back you. But if great sound is what you seek then pick up the Byrons on your way home.

Sony XB55AP

The Sony XB55AP was a great pair of earphones at this price but their bass heavy sounds limits the audience for this earphone. It is also quickly overshadowed by the superior sound of the Byron’s.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve always felt something missing in your usual pair of earphones and wanted to upgrade to a really good pair, then look no further than the Beyerdynamic Byron. They are really well built, comfortable to wear have a smooth and balanced sound and are priced very well. If you’ve always felt something missing in your usual pair of earphones and wanted to upgrade to a really good pair, then look no further than the Beyerdynamic Byron. They are really well built, comfortable to wear have a smooth and balanced sound and are priced very well.