Ever wanted to enjoy some high-quality music without attracting much attention? Well, you should try out an earphone as it gives you great sound quality as well as a portable design.

Earphones offer a discreet way to consuming your music and are also easy to carry and are light to use. But aren’t all earphones just bass heavy? Of course not.

While you get a lot of bass-focused earphones from many manufacturers due to the requirement of the market, you also have audio-only manufacturers that churn our earphones with balanced and warm signatures as well.

When it comes to buying an earphone in the Rs.2000 category make sure you don't get carried away with the marketing material of different brands. Understand the product clearly and focus more on the products comfort and sound quality rather than the colours or microphone or other marketing things like super HD sound, CD quality etc.

With tons of different earphones priced at the Rs.2000 mark, it can be difficult to pick the best product so we did all the work. We read through a lot of reputed technology websites and dedicated audio websites over the past months and even read through reviews on Amazon and Flipkart.


Best Earphones Under Rs.2000 (Balanced)

Good sound quality


Bringing Beyerdynamic’s vast knowledge and experience to the entry-level segment, the Beyerdynamic Byron leaves quite the mark with its great audio quality and affordable price. The sound is balanced with sufficient bass and sub-bass, it's also a very smooth sounding earphone and along with the build quality and features makes for a great step to enter into the world of audiophile-grade audio products.

The Byron is beautifully crafted with oodles of aluminium and industrial design for the housing. We loved the design of the remote which despite having 3 buttons looks like a single button remote and has a very minimalistic and premium feel to it.

Has 3 button remote

Provided in the box are the earphones, 3 pairs of silicone ear tips and a pouch. The cable offered doesn't tangle but is much thinner than the competition like RHA which used braided cables.

Tight-fit ear tips provided

Headphone Zone found the ear tips to provide a good seal with your ears and decent noise isolation. This is because of the in-ear style of the earphones which are designed to give you a tight fit and noise isolation.

So how do they sound you wonder? In one word - Superb. WhatHi-Fi? A leading audio and video website and Stuff another popular technology website both gave the Byron 5/5 stars in their reviews. Together, they called the Byron the earphone to beat at this price.

Frequency curve

Beyerdynamic Byron Frequency Curve (Head-Fi - @thatonenoob)

But let us get into the specifics about the audio. The Byron has a slightly more warm sound that boosts the bass and the lower mids as can be seen from the frequency curve.

A look at the graph also showed the smooth transition from lows to mids and then into the highs which Mr.Jacob loved. This gives the Byron their characteristic smooth sound which was noted by WhatHi-Fi?

The Byron’s closest competitor has been the SoundMagic E10C which has a V-shaped sound signature which is great for EDM and Hip-Hop tracks, but the Byron balance along with its well-managed highs and relative smoothness make them a great fit for just about any type of music.

The other competitor to the Byron is the RHA MA390U. The RHA earphone is known as a bass-heavy earphone, so much so, in fact that TechRadar claimed they bleed into the mid-region which hits the vocals. Making them ideal for only EDM and Pop songs. 

But with more competitors in store like Beyerdynamics own Beat Byrd and Focal’s Spark you can get great sound quality with all the extra bass you need without having to compromise as the E10C or the MA390U.

The Beyerdynamic Byron has good sub-bass, bass, mids and decent treble. This makes it suited for most types of music. There is good mid-range for vocals and the balanced sound is great for classical music and even though there is enough low end, EDM lovers may not prefer this due to the lack of boosted bass and treble.  

With their superb build quality, great fit, balanced sound and recent price cut make them an excellent pick for the price.


  • Balanced and Smooth sound

  • Good build quality

  • Great price

  • Remote and mic present


  • Cables could have been thicker

  • Not for the bass lover

Where to buy it?

You can get it on headphonezone
You can also get it from Amazon

Best Earphones Under Rs.2000 (Warm)

Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd


The Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd takes the established German audio maker to new markets with a new found youthful focus on sound and design. The Beat Byrds still carry the amazing sound quality, value price and strong build of the previous Beyerdynamic devices but are designed to please the millennials with the new logo, flat housing and more. 

After having been a traditional German audio brand which had a serious design language and outlook, Beyerdynamic recently went in for a complete rebrand. They are now more youthful, targeting the generation Y and X. That can be seen in their new typeface and logo which are more hip and youthful.

Apart from that, they have also transformed their design and the Beat Byrd is amongst the very first product which boasts of the new design language.

The new “Y” logo is prominent throughout the earphone (and the box), It's boldly displayed on the newer flat backed housing as well. This makes them much more refreshing than Byron’s industrial design. In the box, you get the earphones and three pairs of ear tips. There is sadly no cover provided this time around.

The earphones fit comfortably and the flat back of the housing actually allows for better fit in your ear no matter how you're using them- sitting down or sleeping on your side. One little niggle is the lack of a microphone and remote, which considering the price is a little disappointing, especially since the Byron (which is more focused on music), did have it.

good quality cables

Talking about the build quality, they are very well built and feel solid despite the all plastic construction. The cable is long too and of good quality.

Coming to the sound quality, the Beat Byrd gives a more consumer-focused sound based on the direction of the company now. This means the sound too is geared towards a much warmer side which is preferred by a lot of people. What’s nice is the sound is not all boomy with the bass being just right, unlike much cheaper earphones.

Despite the box proclaiming “Punchy Bass”, the bass on the Beat Byrd is more of a light push than a full-blown punch. But the upside is that the lows do not bleed into the mids giving you a clear sound.

Customers found the earphone to handle vocals and highs very well too giving clear and distortion-free sound even at high volume. The low impedance of 18Ω means you can easily pair it with any smartphone without the need of any amplification.  

The Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd sounds much warmer due to its slightly boosted bass which makes it great for Classic Rock and Vocals. But even this is not enough if you want foot thumping bass.

Priced at Rs.2199, the Beat Byrds give you a much warmer sound than the Byron's along with a more funky design.


  • Warm and Smooth sound

  • Good build quality

  • Great price


  • Cables could have been thicker

  • Lacks a microphone and remote

  • Not as bassy as the box mentions

Where to buy it?

You can get it on headphonezone
You can also get it from Amazon

Best Earphones Under Rs.2000 (Bass)

Low price


The Focal Spark sparks a different direction of earphones by giving you the build quality, sound and features of more premium brands but at a low price, One look at them and you can easily mistake them for an Apple product. The sound is designed for the masses, which means plenty of bass for EDM while still being good across other frequencies. 

The Focal Spark is another entry-level offering from the French Audio Maker and adds over the already brilliant Focal Sense. The design is minimalistic with a premium aluminium housing and remote. In terms of design and colours, the Focal Spark almost looks like something that Apple would have designed.

The cable is flat to prevent tangling and has the three-button remote integrated into it which is easy to access. The three buttons allow you to not only play/ pause your music but also control the volume, skip tracks and trigger your voice assistant.  


In the box, you get three ear tips and a useful hard case which allows you to carry the earphones safely.

Due to the design of the earphone housing and the ear tips, the Focal Spark is extremely comfortable to wear, stays in the ear nicely and gives no fatigue while listening.

Like the Beat Byrd, the Focal Spark is also meant to be a product for the mass market and that's exactly what can be heard in the sound signature. Headphonereview found the bass to be well-tuned and powerful. Also, they found the sound to be really naturally without any boominess to the bass. Elsewhere, the mids are really well tuned for vocals and allow the sounds of guitars to come through really well.

The sound from the earphones holds up well even at max volumes but Headphonereview found the highs to be a little lacking and felt it needed to be boosted a little.

The Focal Spark with its great low end is designed for people who are into EDM and Hip-Hop.

At the end of the day the bassy sound, the quality materials and the hard carry case make great sense if you want a budget earphone with that type of sound signature.


  • Foot thumping bassy sound

  • Stylish design and build

  • 3 button remote and mic present

  • Flat cables are a pro


  • Slightly recessed highs

  • Not for people who love their music all balanced

Where to buy it?

You can get it on headphonezone
You can also get it from Amazon

Best Earphones Under Rs.2000 (Wireless & Bass)

Well tuned


Given how most manufacturers are ditching the headphone jack and moving to USB-C or wireless headphones, the need of a product like the E10BT which gives you access to wireless audio without putting a large hole in your wallet is of importance today.

The SoundMAGIC E10BT is merely the wireless version of the E10C and that one little difference is enough to make it an extremely useful piece of audio technology. It allows you to ditch the headphone jack (which many manufacturers are doing) and also the 3.5mm to USB-C dongle that comes with USB-C phones. This allows you to carry your phone and your earphones without the need for any crazy dongle or port.

Given the low price and the Bluetooth connectivity, build quality isn't the strong suit of the E10BT especially when one looks at the remote or the battery box. The saving grace is the aluminium housing which does feel better built.

While SoundMAGIC uses braided cables on most of their earphones, the E10BT uses normal rubber cables that are really thin. But for a wireless earphone with short cables, it's not that big of an issue.

The remote control is similar to most with three buttons- for volume control and play/pause.

One little detail that Digit mentioned is that the remote and the battery box are two separate units. Most other manufacturers try to integrate the battery within the remote or make sure the remote and the battery are opposite to each other on the same wire, allowing for better weight distribution.

The reason this is mentioned is the battery box by itself is quite large and ungainly but the upside is you do get great battery life from it.

Semi-rigid cover case

In the sub-Rs.2000 segment, we believe the SoundMAGIC E10BT is the only product that offers a ton of kit in the box. Here is all you get:

  • 3 pairs of domed silicone ear tips (S/M/L)

  • 3 pairs of bowl silicone ear tips (S/M/L)

  • 4 pairs of vented silicone ear tips (XS/S/M/L)

  • 1 pair of double flange silicone ear tips (M)

  • micro USB Charging cable

  • Semi-rigid carry case

Coming to the sound quality it is similar to the wired E10C which has a good focus on the bass region and that is mirrored onto the E10BT as well, which should please many. Digit found the sound to be very accurate with clear vocals and controlled bass which did not bleed into the mids or was too boomy. They found the sound to get pretty loud too without many distortions.

Given its a battery powered earphone you get about 12 hours of playtime, which is fantastic for its price and size and really justified lugging around the battery pack on the earphone.

For around Rs.2000, the SoundMAGIC E10BT is amongst the most affordable, quality sounding wireless earphones in the market. In fact, the good sound, easy fit and long battery life make it the best earphone in India under 2000 in the wireless category.


  • Bassy sound

  • Great price

  • Remote and mic present

  • A lot of in-box items provided

  • Great battery life


  • Big battery box

  • Not as well built as the others

  • Uses the older micro USB port for charging

Where to buy it?

You can get it on headphonezone
You can also get it from Amazon

Who is the competition?



One of the most popular earphones online, comes from the Reid Heath Acoustics company based in Scotland. They are known as the Aston Martin of the earphone world due to their high quality construction and luxury materials used. The MA390U is their most affordable earphone and is loved by a lot of bass lovers but TechRadar found the bass lack control, often bleeding the mids. 

SoundMagic E10C

One of the best earphones in this price point till the Beyerdynamic Byron's beat them. The E10C has a very desirable V-shaped sound curve that is perfect for listeners of genres like EDM and Hip-Hop. But the Beyerdynamics versatility make it a better earphones than the Soundmagic.

Mi Pro HD

On paper the Mi Pro HD has some amazing specifications, with triple drivers and the Hi-res certification, the Mi Pro HD is the cheapest earphone with those specs in the market. It’s frequency curve is also quite similar to the Byron with a very balanced bass and mid. However ThePhonograph noted that it is a little bright and has more piercing highs which can cause irritation. Also, the sound leakage is more than usual.

1More Single Driver

1More is a modern earphone brand that has had a huge part in designing most of Xiaomi’s earphones. 1more is popular for their multi-driver earphones, one of their most popular being the quad-driver earphone. The Single driver earphone has a very wide soundstage for an earphone, but they lack depth in the low-end. Many users also complained that the angled ear-tips cause discomfort while using them.

1More Piston Classic

The 1more Classic has a really cool, vintage design but lacks when it comes to sound. It's not bad sounding but with the newer earphones performing much better, it falls behind. It has an average bass and mid region with a decent treble.

1More Piston Classic

The 1more Classic has a really cool, vintage design but lacks when it comes to sound. It's not bad sounding but with the newer earphones performing much better, it falls behind. It has an average bass and mid region with a decent treble.

 Sennheiser CX275

The CX275’s are for their price a very decent sounding earphone, they have a good balance in the sound with a hint of a boost in the bass region. You also have Sennheiser’s superb service and warranty to back you. But if great sound is what you seek then pick up the Byron's on your way home.

Sony XB55AP

The Sony XB55AP was a great pair of earphones at this price but their bass heavy sounds limits the audience for this earphone. It is also quickly overshadowed by the superior sound of the Byron’s.

Skullcandy - Smokin' Buds 2 w/ Mic

The Skullcandy Smokin’ had mixed reviews when it comes to sound quality, ranging from a flat sound to a bass-heavy sound that took away a lot of the mid-section. But that wasn’t all, across platforms we saw people complaining about poor quality, improper service and often receiving fake products irrespective of where they bought it from. We suggest you pick any one of our best picks which offer a whole variety of sound signatures and offer much better quality.

Sennheiser - CX 1.00

While the CX 1.00 had good reviews for the sound, people felt it wasn’t enough for the Rs.2000+ price tag that it has and lacked in the low end. Many compared it to the much cheaper CX180 and found it wasn't value enough for what it offered.

OnePlus Type C earphones

decent sound quality

Given our move towards the USB-C port, the newer generation of USB Type C earphones will be getting common and the OnePlus ones are just the beginning. The OnePlus Type C earphones were rated as the best type c earphones due to its low price, decent sound quality and design. But even with the build in standalone DAC the sound quality isn’t mind-blowing so pick them up if you do not want to live with the dongle. Otherwise, you have a ton of options to choose from our best picks.

Buying Guide to the best earphones

Sound quality can be an important aspect when it comes to picking your next earphone. When we talk about sound quality it's not just about the sound being clear or loud but also how it sounds to you- the person.

While music has different genres from Classical to R&B to Rock and Hip-Hop, earphones are also designed to give the type of sound that can complement some of these genres. Bass-Boosted earphones are great for Hip-Hop and electronic music while classical songs sound great with flat or balanced earphōnes.

Check out all our earphones, ehadphōnes and speaker articles to know more about audio specifications, sound signatures and more.

Still, have some doubts about earphones? Check our FAQs section at the end.



  • Does it have deep bass?

    Not all of our best picks boast great bass, do check each individual review to know more

  • Does it have noise cancellation?

    No, but earphones due to their design do passively block out some noise

  • Does it work with OnePlus 6t?

    Because the OnePlus 6T is lacking a 3.5mm jack, you need to use an adapter with it

  • Can I answer calls with these headphones?

    Except for the Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd, all the other earphones have mic support

Final Thoughts

If you’ve always felt something missing in your usual pair of earphones and wanted to upgrade to a really good pair, then look no further than the Beyerdynamic Byron. They are really well built, comfortable to wear have a smooth and balanced sound and are priced very well.

If the balanced sound of the Byron's doesn’t cut it out for you, try they much warmer sounding Beyerdynamic Beat Bryd which brings a more youthful design and sound that has more bass then the Byron.

If you want to really tap to every beat then the Beat Byrds “despite the name” is not going to be enough for you and what you recommend is the Focal Spark. A beautifully designed earphone which promises oodles and oodles of Bass. Oh, it even comes with some cool in box accessories.

Finally, if you want to just ditch all the cables, then try the SoundMAGIC E10BT which promises a bassy sound, 12-hour long battery life and Bluetooth connectivity.

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