“Chai Garam Chai” has always been the most cherished sounds in India, whether you are on the train, a bus or on the highway. But when your heart desires that steaming hot cup of Chai (Tea) making it can be a skill in itself and having the freedom to drink tea whenever you wish is always a dream.  

That is exactly what an electric kettle tries to deliver on. But hold on, electric kettle uses go beyond just making tea and coffee, people have tried making noodles or boiling eggs with them. Not all brands advertise their electric kettles as being able to cook stuff, but that hasn’t stopped people from experimenting with such appliances.

If you have been following Hometop for a long time you will remember us trying something similar with the humble Roti Maker, when we tried to make dosas, papad and toast with it. Read more about it in our Best Roti Maker in India article.

The positives of an electric kettle are that it can be used anywhere, all you need is a power outlet and you are sorted. This also makes it safer to use than a standalone gas stove and puts the electric kettle in the same league as a standalone sandwich maker or a juicer.

But with the market filled with so many variations and sizes of the humble electric kettle, we took it upon ourselves to research and find the best electric kettle in India for you.

Best electric kettle in India 

Philips HD9306-06 1.5-litre

Speed boiling

Philips HD9306-06 with a capacity of 1.5 Litre and 1800W of power comes with a basic but functional design. You have an auto cut-off system to prevent overheating or dry boiling. It inside and well as the outer part of the kettle is made of stainless steel which prevents any funny plastic smell from emanating out of the appliance.

In terms of performance, people had almost no issues as it boiled water in a few minutes and worked nary an issue. The button operated, spring loaded lid prevents your fingers from scalding when opening the lid.

In terms of operation you do not have any temperature display, so once its turned on the water starts boiling until you switch it off, this shouldn't be much of a worry as such type of electric kettles are preferred by the users.

Overall, the Philips HD9306-06 kettle despite being priced a little higher than others at Rs.2000, offers excellent hassle-free performance, a ton of safety features and is backed by a 2-year warranty makes it nothing less than the best electric kettle in India.


  • High-quality stainless steel body

  • Quick boiling speed

  • Easy to use

  • 360-degree cordless base

  • 2-year warranty


  • Short cable length

  • No Temperature control

  • No water window (but has measurements on the inside)

Where to buy it?

Buy the 1.5-litre version below

Heres some links to the 1.2-litre variant of the same electric kettle

Best electric kettle in India  

Pigeon Favourite Electric Kettle

Cordless base

Pigeon's Favourite Electric Kettle looks not much different than the Philips in design and size. You get a 1.5-litre capacity and 1500W of power which makes it fast for everyday use.

The materials used are stainless-steel that makes it a great choice. You get almost all the safety features found on the Philips like Auto-cut-off and button operated lid. But best of all is the low price that makes it a great budget buy if you want an electric kettle and do not want to spend on the Philips.


  • Excellent pricing

  • Decent boiling speed

  • Easy to use

  • 360-degree cordless base

  • Auto and manual shut off function


  • Short cable

  • Only 1-year warranty

  • No temperature dial

  • Slower than the Philips

Where to buy it?

This is a really long post! Use the links below to jump around.

How did we select?

Our research started by looking through reviews put forth by reputed technology websites. Here we came across some important differentiators like the various types of electric kettles- stainless steel type, ones with no temperature dial, ones with temperature display, electric kettles with wide necks and so on.

We also went through the many electric kettles listed on Amazon and Flipkart to make sure we picked electric kettles that were launched recently as well. On Flipkart and Amazon, we found the best sellers were the most basic type of electric kettles.

This meant people (at least the majority) did not want specialized features like a temperature dial and would usually prefer sizes between 1.2-1.5 litres. Another common feature people expected was auto-off functionality which we paid close attention to when selecting our picks.

User guide

Finally, people wanted an electric kettle with the ability to boil water, but that can be a little complicated with electric kettles as they do not have a native temperature gauge or a manual cut-off. This makes them very tricky to control when boiling milk, often leading to spillage. So it is recommended to use electric kettles for water-based boiling only.

If you really want a portable and small electric appliance that can boil milk then pick a multi-cooker or an induction cooker and use and utensil you have at your disposal as that will give you finer control.


Best electric kettle in India

Fast boiling

Home appliances of today are getting more and more complicated with their smart app capability and tons of features that can confuse a new user. The Philips HD9306-06 is the polar opposite of this approach with a very functional and basic design that only means business without any aesthetic garnish.

In terms of specifications, the capacity of the electric kettle is 1.5 litres and it has 1800W of power to help with fast boiling. The kettle has two parts, the base onto which the stainless steel kettle is to be added. The kettle part can be removed and washed separately.

The good part here is the kettle can be placed in any orientation on the base as there is no fixed position. The base comes with a 0.75-metre cable and winds into the base to when you need to store it away.

But being an appliance who’s a primary function is to heat stuff, it can be pretty tedious to use, but Philips has bundled some safety features to keep things in check. First, you have the plastic handle which doesn't allow a lot of heat to pass through, making it easier to hold the kettle.

Next, you have a button operated lid opening so you do not scald your finger when opening the kettle. Finally, you have auto-off which cuts of power to the kettle if it overheats.

In terms of performance, NDTV Food tested the 1.2 litre variant of this electric kettle and found it to be the best amongst most kettles in the market due to its high accuracy, good boiling speed and ease of use.

Customer reviews too mirrored the same opinion with most people reporting times of only a few seconds to boil 100ml of water and under 5 minutes for boiling 1.5 litres of water. The all-steel insides also make it very easy to clean and doesn’t give any foul smell (unlike plastic).

People also loved the auto-off feature as they could keep water to boil and the kettle would turn it off once the water has heated enough. This not only saves time but is extremely convenient for people who are in a hurry and do not have the time to stand in front of the kettle to heat up (like on a gas stove).

But, not everything is perfect and the Philips electric kettle also has some misses, like the lack of a temperature dial. The neck (or lid) is small so that the only thing that you can boil easily is water, anything else will be a little difficult to pour, remove and wash. Also, the cable which is only 0.75 metre in length caused some issues with people who had higher mounted power outlets.

Another missing feature is the lack of a water window that allows you to peek inside the kettle to see the contents and even see how much content is there (in litres). While the window is omitted on the Philips kettle, you still get marking on the inside to show how much millilitres (ml) of water is poured inside.

A point that TheWirecutter raised in their reviews was that appliances that heat can have a short life so its imperative to have a long warranty and that is exactly where Philips 2-year warranty helps.

When you factor in usability, performance, safety and reliability the Philips HD9306-06 becomes a must-have addition to your kitchen.

Best electric kettle in India  (Budget pick)

Easy to use

For a budget price that's nearly one-third that of the Philips, Pigeon has managed to give you the same size (1.5-litre), similar stainless-steel design with a plastic handle and basically all the safety features that come on the Philips.

You get the auto-cutoff feature that turns off the machine once it detects overheating or dry boiling. You also have the button-operated lid to prevent finger scalding.

You also have the 360-degree base where you can place the kettle in any direction. The base also houses the cord winder just like the Philips and here too people found the cord to be short.

In terms of performance, people found the kettle could boil 0.5 litres of water in under a minute. This is pretty fast and considering the price, the Pigeon electric kettle performs very well.

The electric kettle is backed by a 1-year warranty from Pigeon which is lower than the Philips, but given the price, we can let it slide.

Overall, when you take the price, capacity and performance of the kettle, there is really no match to the Pigeon Favorite electric kettle as a budget pick.

Who is our best pick for?

The electric kettle Philips in this segment comes in two sizes, 1.5 litre and 1.2 litres and both use the same 1800W power. With the lack of a temperature dial, the Philips kettles are limited to regular usage for making normal tea or if you are adventurous to try to make noodles or soup.

The Pigeon Favorite Electric Kettle is not as powerful as the Philips Electric Kettle but its biggest draw is the incredibly low price of around Rs.700, one of the reasons why it is the most reviewed product on Flipkart. For that price, it performs very well and even has auto-cutoff feature, cord winding in the base and the 360-degree base.

Both these electric kettles are designed to primarily work with water, so try it with milk at your own risk.

Who is the competition?

Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS - 1500watts

The best seller and highest reviewed electric kettle on Amazon weirdly has really poor ratings when it comes to its quality, build and durability. We really don't know why its the best seller with so many complaints of the heating handle, noisy operation and rusting body. In its defensive, the boiling performance is fast just like the Philips but we would recommend the Pigeon due to its superior quality and more affordable price or the Philips which trounces it in quality, durability, performance and warranty.

Prestige PKOSS 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle

This electric cooker fared better than the previous Prestige cooker in terms of quality and durability, but with its higher price and slower boiling time, the Pigeon makes for a better pick.

Pigeon By Stovekraft Egnite EG1000 1-Litre Electric Kettle

Despite its funky design, the Engite electric Kettle from Pigeon did not receive positive reviews from its users who hated the plastic design and found the water from it to taste odd.

The market is filled with many variations of electric kettles from unheard brands which offer similar features but lucrative prices. Most of these had pretty poor reviews so we suggest you stay away from them especially because of a kettle involving high heating and electricity.

Stay safe and buy only trusted brands that offer a minimum of 1-year warranty and have safety features. Do not hesitate to buy a product with good build quality over a cheap product with tons of features.

Final Thoughts

An Electric Kettle is a wonderful addition for your kitchen and it is a helpful tool for not just pro users but also for new users due to its simplicity and hassle-free operation.

The Philips electric kettle is simple in operation and has a basic but durable design with all the right safety features that make it easy to use. You also get a fast boiling time along with a nice stainless-steel body. Best of all you have the legendary Philips name and a 2-year warranty to back you up. 

The Pigeon Electric Kettle looks not much different than the Philips and varies only in its power rating (1500W vs 1800W), warranty (1-year vs 2-year) and price (almost 1/3rd). If you ask us and the 24,000+ satisfied customers (4 and 5-star ratings), this is the budget electric kettle for your home.