Pendrives help us to store extra data or backup in terms of emergencies, but what if you need to mirror all the data on your PC which has hundreds of Gigabytes of data? Multiple pen drives are wastefully expensive. What you need then is a portable HDD. But HDD’s can be used for more than just backing up your PC, you can store you movie and audio collections or have one connected to your TV or Laptop and even keep one to store photos from your camera.

TO make sure you get the best one, we spent 11 hours researching to find the best 2 TB and 1.5 TB HDDs for you. We read through reviews from reputed sites like Techradar and also went through thousands of customer reviews.

Best External Hard disk

Seagate Maxtor 2TB M3 Portable External Hard drive

The beautifully textured Segate Maxtor

Don’t be fooled by the Maxtor branding on the product, it is still a Seagate product as Seagate bought the Maxtro brand more than a decade ago. This hard disk comes in a large 2TB size of which you have a usable capacity of 1.81 TB. But despite the large capacity it's not that thick, measuring only 1.5 cm in thickness and a width of 3.5 cm it's actually quite small. The hard disk inside is protected by a multi-faceted plastic top cover which is lends it a nice design.

With support for USB 3.0 and read and write speeds of 125 MBps and 119 MBps respectively the Seagate Maxtor is a very good choice for your storage needs. It comes with pre-installed software which can be used for backing up data and this software also includes a secret zone for storing personal information. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. 

With a price tag of only Rs.5299 and an impressive three year warranty this portable hard disk earns it spot in our top pick.

If you want to purchase 2TB Seagate Maxtor hard disk get it on Amazon

If you want to purchase 1TB Seagate Maxtor hard disk get it on Amazon

Budget external Hard disk

Seagate Expansion 1.5TB Portable External Drive

1.5 GB Seagate Expansion hard drive

What if you don't need the large 2 TB space and want a more affordable HDD, then you can pick the Seagate Expansion HDD. It comes with 1.5 TB memory storage where you can use up to 1.32 TB. This drive is slim at 2.1 cms and weighs just 170 grams making it quite portable.  

It supports USB 3.0 with many sources claiming it reaches speeds of 125 MB/s for writing and 130 MB/s for reading. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and even Xbox. You even get an app where you can schedule and perform a regular backup from your system or mobile phone. Priced at around Rs.4099 it comes with three years of warranty and is also shockproof. 


If you don't find bundled backup software with your HDD do not worry, as HDDs are compatible with many softwares. To know more about the compatibility apps and software click here

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Why trust us?

We visited many websites who have reviewed portable external hard disks to check how our shortlisted hard disks performed. We then went through more than 3,000 Amazon and Flipkart verified customer reviews to get an in-depth idea of the areas the products do well and cause issues in.

Lastly, to know the speed and performance of the hard disks we checked the performance of the hard disks in popular storage benchmarks like Atto, CrystalDiskMark and Disk speed tests. 

Benchmark Performance

Benchmark performance

How we selected?

We went through many sources to see the products that were repeatedly recommended. We went through Amazon and Flipkart and shortlisted the most popular products as well as any hard disk that:

  • had 1 TB memory and cost less than Rs.4000 
  • supports both USB 3.0 and 2.0
  • is compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • had at least 3 years warranty.
  • was not more than 250 grams

We followed a similar set of rules for 2 TB as well. For 2 TB, we made sure none of the hard disks were more than Rs. 6,000 and weighed less than 300 grams. So these were the 1 and 2 TB picks we had. 

After that, we shortlisted products that give you more memory at a lesser price and we looked for additional features such as safety and encryption protection and cloud storage.

Difference between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0

  • Theoretically USB 2.0 manages speeds of up to 60 MBps while USB 3.0 is much faster at 640 MBps. These are however theoretical speeds and most often you will never get these speeds with your gadgets. 
  • USB 3.0 uses 900 mA of power and USB 2.0 uses 500mA of power
  • USB 3.0 can send and receive data simultaneously whereas USB 2.0 is half duplex (it can perform only one task at a time) only.

The latest version of USB is 3.1, and this can transfer data at the speed of about 1.25 GBps.

Difference between portable and desktop external Hard disk

Portable and desktop HDD have a very small but important difference. Portable HDD is easy to carry and can be used anywhere and it uses power from your USB cable of your laptop or desktop. But, desktop HDD (Not internal Hard Drive) takes power from mains and cannot be used while you’re travelling in bus, unless you bus has a mains connection. There is an advantage in using desktop HDD: it doesn’t take power from your smartphone battery or laptop battery so your battery wont be affected.

Desktop HDD and portable HDD

Desktop HDD and Portable HDD


External Hard Disk Drives above 5-6 TB in size mostly need power from the mains and cannot be used while traveling so, have a thorough look before buying a high memory portable HDD. 

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Difference between HDD and SSD

Hard disk drive has a disk inside which will be in motion like our normal CD’s onto which data is stored, being a mechanical moving component it needs more power and is slower. Solid state drives on the other hand are motionless and uses a flash memory (like a pendrive), Hence it is faster and requires lesser power.

When comparing the speeds, on an average SSD can transfer data for about 400-500MB/s but HDD can only perform from 100-130MB/s. But the downside is the SSD are costlier where just 250GB itself costs you around Rs.3500-4000, while a 1TB normal HDD is around the same price. So if you value speed over space pick the SSD, while if you want a lot of space and don't need the speed boost that SSD’s bring then you are better off with a HDD.

Final Thoughts

The need of an external HDD is justified because of their capacity, portability and value. So if you need a well-priced external HDD with ample space and decent price then we suggest the Seagate Maxtor 2TB M3 Portable External Hard drive which is one of the most affordable 2TB HDD in the market.

However if you need is a slimmer, less spacious HDD then you can pick the Seagate Expansion 1.5TB Portable External Drive which although has lesser space at 1.5TB, boasts of similar performance in a smaller size.