If you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for a wearable device to track your morning runs or sports activities, fitness bands trump having to carry around your phone in your pocket. A truly hands-free experience, they can track your activity, heart rate, and sleep patterns without getting in the way.

Whether you’re a hardcore fitness person or have just made a resolution to be more active this year, fitness trackers can help you track your step count and can give you the motivation you need to burn those calories.

Best Fitness Band

To help you choose the best fitness tracker, we tested and reviewed five of the most popular fitness bands (including Fitbit and Garmin) in the market.

  • We conducted experiments to test for accuracy

  • We jumped into a lake in Mysore to test for water proofing

  • We used the bands for days together to check for sensitivity

After almost 18 days of testing, we found two products consistently outshined the others.

Best fitness band

Goqii 2

With a truly unique offering, Goqii tries to cover the entire health ecosystem. The tracker comes with a subscription that gives you access to a real-time coach and free medical consultations. You can be assured that the expert advice you get is tailored to you, as it’s based on your data. A precise tracker, the Goqii outperformed the rest in accuracy in tracking steps, calorie burn, sleep, and heart rate. Whether you need to overhaul your lifestyle entirely or just need a friendly nudge in the right direction, Goqii is the way to go.

Second Best Fitness Band

FitBit Charge 2

The FitBit Charge 2 is one of the best sports trackers out there. It can integrate seamlessly with a ton of other apps. This tracker is unabashedly meant for fitness enthusiasts: with friendly reminders throughout the day and different sports modes for different activities, the FitBit Charge 2 will definitely get you moving. Not to mention: it’s probably one of the best looking trackers out there.

Why trust us?

Unlike a lot of other Indian review sites, our reviews are backed by hours and hours of testing, so we have hard data to back our choices.

We conducted a number of assessments to test the devices for a little over two weeks. We tested the bands for accuracy, ruggedness, and feature set. To test the accuracy of the fitness bands’ metrics, we walked exactly a hundred steps ten times to check their values and even visited a clinic to get our heart rate tested, so that we could compare it against the values presented by the fitness trackers. But to pick out the very best fitness tracker, we had to see how each device performed in the field.

We even tested the fitness trackers for waterproofing by jumping into a lake nearby.

Best Fitness Band test

How did we test?

To identify the best fitness band in India, we tested five of the most popular fitness trackers over more than two weeks. To start, we wanted to ensure that the fitness band we picked would be the most accurate one out there. After all, what’s the point in tracking data if it isn’t inaccurate?

Best Fitness Band Tracking

We began with an experiment to assess the step count data. Our tester wore all the fitness bands at the same time and took exactly hundred steps and then checked the readings on the fitness bands. He repeated this 10 times, to rule out coincidental errors. Using this data, we could calculate the average step count for each fitness tracker, which gave us a fairly robust index of how accurate each device is.

Then, to test the accuracy of the calorie burn metric, we repeated the experiment. But, this time, we measured to see if the calorie burn was around four calories, which is the average for someone who is 82 kg, as verified by several online fitness calculators.

verified with pulse oximeter by an doctor

We also wanted to check which fitness tracker had the most accurate heart rate monitor. To do so, we wore all the fitness bands simultaneously and had our pulse taken using a pulse oximeter by an doctor.

While reading thousands of reviews, we noticed a recurrent issue: some fitness bands were too sensitive and would pick up random movements and record them as activity. To test this, we used the fitness bands while brushing our teeth, driving the car over speed bumps, writing, fidgeting, taking a nap, driving a car, taking sharp turns in a vehicle, riding a bike in traffic, stretching, eating, and clapping. At the end of each task, we checked to see which fitness bands had the largest variation.

tester wearing the fitness bands

To test the accuracy of the sleep monitor, our tester used the fitness bands every night while sleeping for five days. Our most fun experiment came at the very end, though: to test the waterproofing, we jumped into a lake and swam around, with our tester wearing the fitness bands.

Fitness bands are meant to be worn all day, so we needed to ensure that they don’t chaff or irritate skin. So we found two fitness enthusiasts who have been using fitness bands for over a year and had them check out the design and wear the bands for a bit to see if they were comfortable to wear 24/7.

For the Goqii fitness band, which comes bundled with access to health consultants, doctors, and other health services, we decided to dig a little deeper. We looked up the profiles of the doctors and health consultants on Practo, LinkedIn, PlexusMD and their site to see if their qualifications check out. Next, we scheduled calls with the Goqii’s real-time coach and the doctors and asked them a lot of questions on weight gain and loss. Once we were satisfied with our research, it was time to crunch the data.

After all our testing, there was a clear winner.

The Best pick for Fitness Enthusiasts: Goqii Version 2

We were honestly surprised by the performance of Goqii. Powered by an Indian start-up, this fitness band challenges market heavyweights like FitBit and Garmin and still emerges a winner, all at a fraction of the cost. The Goqii app was better (or equal to) Fitbit in every test. But here’s the best part - this amazing tracker costs only Rs. 1,099. But before you jump with joy, hear us out. The thing about the Goqii is that it isn’t a regular fitness band. It comes bundled with a range of services including access to doctors and health specialists via the app, messages, and phone calls. So what you’re actually paying for is a subscription to access these services.

But before you start worrying about whether you actually need all that stuff, let us assure you that after those first three months are up, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to continue. You can still continue to use the fitness band as a regular activity and sleep tracker without having to resubscribe. But even without nutritionist and doctor support, you’ll still be left with a fitness band that is better than a FitBit and which costs only around two grand! Damn, that’s a good deal.

Goqii Version 2 fitness band

After filling a basic Health Risk Assessment questionnaire about your food and daily habits, you can specify your goals for the next month, whether it is increasing strength, improving sleep, or losing weight. You will be given a customised diet and a reminder will be set to encourage you to follow through. If you’re subscribed to their other services, then your coach will advice you on how best to achieve that goal. Because their advice is based on your data, you can be assured that their suggestions are tailored to you.

Our tester set improving sleep quality as a goal, and the coach had a chat with him regarding his sleeping habits and then sent him a Youtube clip of a deep breathing exercise. The coach then asked our tester whether he had any other goals, and he mentioned that he would like to gain weight. She then gave him several tips on how to do so, and checked in with him every two days to see if he was working towards that goal. She also reviewed the kind of food he ate to check whether he’s on the right track and sent him encouraging messages about his step count.

You can even schedule health check-ups and scans (e.g., at Thyrocare) via the app, and the reports will be sent to your Goqii account to be stored in the health locker (payments have to be made separately at the lab). Goqii also allows you to schedule free consultations for family members.

If you’re the sort of person who takes fitness seriously and has clear goals for the year ahead, Goqii will provide all the support you need to achieve them. With easy access to experts and accurate tracking, the Goqii is the perfect companion for your fitness journey.

Goqii Version 2 easy access to experts


The display of this band is OLED like the FitBit, but unlike the latter, it also has a touchscreen. Our panel particularly liked the strap quality and found it to be soft, elegant, and flexible (like the Garmin). If you’re particularly a rough-and-tumble sort of person, you’d be happy to know that you can easily get the strap replaced for about Rs.500 (if the product is under subscription) or Rs.600 (if the product is not under subscription) by mailing it to them.

Bluetooth 4.0 [BLE] connectivity ensures that it has a range of up to 41 metres. The device is water resistant but not waterproof (IP 65), so you can’t use it for swimming, but it will survive basic splashing. The device is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above and Android 4.3 and above.

The band can store 1 day’s data and when you sync your band daily to the app you can always see the data there.

The Goqii comes with three buying options: Rs 1999 (3 months subscription), Rs 2999 (6 months subscription), Rs 3999 (one year subscription). After the three month subscription, you can re-subscribe at Rs 1199 (3 months), Rs 2099 (6 months), or Rs 3099 (12 months).

Accurate tracking

Goqii is equipped with 3-axis accelerometer, pedometer, and heart rate monitor. It was by far the most accurate fitness tracker that we tried. The Goqii 2 produced the most accurate readings when we tried walking a measured 100 steps. Its sensitivity was also just right, and it did not pick up too many extra steps when our tester was trying out a variety of other activities like riding a bike or taking a bumpy car ride. The sleep tracker and calorie burn metric were also on point, as was the heart rate sensor, coming in only 3 bps lesser than the medically measured 90 bps.

The tracker starts going into sleep mode only at night, when there is no movement and the heart rate slows to 50-60 beats per minute. Even though there was a 2-3 minute variation in the sleep data, it was quite accurate in capturing the time asleep and wake up time. The device tied with the FitBit and beat the Garmin in this test.

Goqii Version 2 accurate in capturing the time asleep and wake up time


Goqii is social and pretty popular in India. Make sure to find out if your finds have a Goqii tracker before you buy one though. This can be super useful as you can use the special social arena thay have in their app. Here, you can connect, challenge, form groups, and chat with Goqii users. The feature allows you to interact with other users, post your activity, and compete with others. After all, the best way to stay motivated is to do it together.

Goqii Version 2 special social arena app

The app itself is well-designed and you can log your food and water intake via the app, you get comments from your coach about your calorie intake. You can also update this information socially so that your friends can ‘like’ your updates.

One thing which might be a problem for you is that Goqii does not intergrate well with other apps. Currently, it can link only with Google Fit, whereas FitBit can sync with 37 other apps.

Goqii Cash

Goqii also offers a virtual reward programme called GOQii Cash. Points are awarded for completing weekly step count targets and other health goals, and can be redeemed at the online Health Store for discounts on products. Goqii has also tied up with Axis Bank to reward 500 Axis Bank account-holders with 2,000 reward points for completing 70,000 steps a week.

Karma points

For those not really keen on shopping in the health store, another really cool initiative is Karma Points. GOQii rewards its users with Karma Points when they meet daily targets (1 Karma Point for every 390 steps). You can use your Karma Points to make monetary contributions to charity organisations and causes that you care about. GOQii is currently partnered with Oxfam International, a global confederation of 17 organisations in 94 countries whose aim is to end poverty throughout the world.

GOQii tracker app

After sales

There is no warranty for the Goqii core, but the company will replace it for free if you’ve subscribed to the Goqii ecosystem. However, you can get the strap replaced for Rs 500 (with subscription) or Rs 600 (without subscription).


  • You have frequent software updates on the app.

  • It has an elegant slim strap that does not stick to your skin.

  • It has a very good battery life of up to 10 days and 3 hrs.

  • You get a diet plan from your coach according to your goals.

  • It has a well developed app packed with features.

  • It is very accurate while counting steps (during step count testing, we got an exact value of 100 steps 5 times). It has an accurate heart rate tracker and the best sleep tracker.

  • You get unlimited access to a real-time coach and doctors (during the subscription period).

  • There is a progress bar on the band that shows you how much of your daily target has been achieved.


  • The tracker is not readable in bright sunlight.

  • The buckle of the strap is plastic as opposed to steel, which makes it more fragile.

  • It’s not waterproof and you cannot wear it while swimming.

  • There is an option to set inactivity alerts on the Goqii app, but we are unable to switch it on (this was a bug in the app).

  • Unless you subscribe, you cannot get the core replaced for free.

The Goqii 2 is our best pick for anyone who is a fitness enthusiast. This fitness tracker is a goldmine considering it comes bundled with a 24-hour real-time coach, free doctor consultation, health locker to store reports, online store to buy protein supplements and other fitness products, and a platform for connecting with other Goqii users. The Goqii tracker is truly designed to change your life.

Runner Up: Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2


It’s no surprise that FitBit, one of the market leaders in the fitness tracker category, features on our list. This elegant tracker performed accurately when measuring step counts and heart rate, has the capacity to store a week’s data, and is stylish to boot. But perhaps the best part about having a FitBit is how seamlessly it integrates with other apps like Strava and My Fitness Pal. So if you use a whole bunch of apps to track multiple activities, the FitBit Charge 2 is a great bet.

The Fitbit Charge 2 has a large OLED display which is clearly visible in the dark, but struggles under direct sunlight. The tracker also has a stopwatch to measure laps or any other activity. The clock display comes with 11 different clock faces, so you can pick one according to your mood. However, the display is not touchscreen, and you’ll have to use the button on the side.

This is the only tracker that gives you the option of buying interchangeable bands in different colours like purple, black, blue, white, orange, pink and more (you can buy the straps online at Rs.500). The straps come in different sizes such as small, large, and extra large. In our tests, the Charge 2 demonstrated a battery life of 4 days and 12 hrs, and it took about 1 hour 40 minutes to charge.

Fitbit Charge 2 app


The Fitbit is equipped with various sensors like an optical heart rate tracker, 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter (stairs climbing), and an ultraprecise pedometer (step count), to make sure it tracks any sort of movement accurately.

It was the second most precise tracker when measuring step counts, varying only by a step or two. During our calorie burn test, it gave us an accurate value of around 4 calories, which was much closer to the real value than what was produced by the other fitness bands.

As far as sensitivity is concerned, FitBit had the second most balanced result: while some of the other fitness bands recorded 60 steps that didn’t occur, FitBit recorded only around 20 (Garmin recorded 60). It also automatically recognised stair climbing well.

Fitbit allows you to catalogue your activity data under various titles such as run, weights, treadmill, workout, bike, elliptical, and interval workout. You can create your own titles as well, and catalogue your data under any sport of your choice. This way, you can track your progress on various activities, instead of having all your data jumbled together.

Fitbit Charge 2 calculate run activity

Fitbit allows you to catalogue your activity data under various titles such as run, weights, treadmill, workout, bike, elliptical, and interval workout. You can create your own titles as well, and catalogue your data under any sport of your choice. This way, you can track your progress on various activities, instead of having all your data jumbled together.

Sleep tracking

The FitBit Charge 2 has an accurate sleep tracking feature which measures sleep as when the heart rate is in its resting state (50-60 beats per minute) and when you hand is idle for more than 15 minutes. It calculates deep sleep, actual sleep, time awake, and light sleep time. The app represents this information in a graph so that it’s easy to identify patterns, to see if you are getting enough sleep.

Fitbit Charge 2 sleep tracking


The FitBit app is chock-full of social features and is pretty popular in India. You can find other FitBit users amongst your Facebook and email contacts and connect with them.

You can also share your activity data on Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and Messenger. The app also encourages you to take up challenges and competitions; we tried out the workweek hustle challenge, where you need to achieve 70,000 steps in a week. Once you’ve achieved your goals, you can proudly brag about it on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger, knowing that you’re one step closer to a healthier you.

Fitbit Charge 2 Challenges

Calorie intake

As far as calorie intake goes, we are yet to find the perfect device to measure your calorie intake. You can log your meals on the FitBit app, and it will analyse the meal and let you know its calorific value. But the problem is that there is no accounting for quantity eaten and, therefore, the stats end up being an approximation. You can also download Fitbit’s partner app - Myfitnesspal - to log your food. The app lists a variety of Indian foods, including upma, idli, paneer, and roti. The app also includes auto-fill options to easily log repeated meals so that you don’t need to scan the list every time you log a meal. As far as calorie counters go, these two apps are easy to use and are accurate enough to give you a reasonably good idea of where you stand.

Fitbit Charge 2 Calorie intake


Fitbit Charge 2 breathing session

FitBit also has a very useful feature for those who often find themselves frequently stressed out: it offers quick deep breathing sessions to calm down. The tracker’s display guides you on when to inhale and exhale, thereby helping you calm down and connect with your immediate environment.

The tracker will also give you friendly motivational messages to nudge you towards a more healthy lifestyle. For e.g., if you’ve been sitting at work for a few hours, it may say, “Take me for a walk”. It’ll vibrate when you’ve been inactive for too long, and is sure to keep you on your feet.

The FitBit plays well with other apps as well. It integrates with over 37 other apps. We installed nine of the most popular apps to see how we could improve our current FitBit experience. The most useful one we found was Fitbit Coach, which gives you video tutorials of exercises. (You will have to pay a premium for extra video content.) Other popular apps include Strava, Map My Run, and FitStar Personal Trainer.

Fitbit Charge 2 activties

There are a few flaws to the FitBit: it lacks a touchscreen and waterproofing. However, it more than makes up for it with accurate tracking, excellent social features, and great integration with other apps.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast who already uses other fitness apps (like Strava or My Fitness Pal) the FitBit Charge 2 is a great wearable device to track your activity throughout the day and integrate this data with other apps to get a holistic picture of your health. Designed more as a fitness tracker than a smartwatch, the FitBit looks great and does a great job at motivating to make small changes to your daily routine for big results.


  • For sports activities it produces many results like step counts, calorie burned, pace, distance, heart rate which is more than enough data to track your health.

  • You can connect with your fellow Fitbit users on Facebook, your contacts, and Gmail friends. It has a great social media ecosystem for updating your progress.

  • It has about 37 compatible apps which you can use for finding water hydration level in the body, calorie intake, finding nearby fitness class, noticing the weather, coach inputs etc.


  • Fitbit will not replace your tracker if it gets damaged after one year. This is the biggest disadvantage because the product is really expensive and one would have to throw it away after a year of usage in case any mishap occurs.

  • It does not store data for more than a year.

  • It’s not waterproof and you cannot wear it while swimming.

  • Fitbit for some strange reason cannot count the number of floors when you climb down.but it had data to the number of floors climbed.

  • We were only able to get notifications on the fitbit but we could not read the messages on the display unlike the Garmin tracker.

  • It did not have a touchscreen. Considering its price, Fitbit should have had a touchscreen and waterproofing!

A note on warranty

Common issues that can crop up while using a fitness tracker are inaccuracy while recording, problems with notifications, the display not being scratch proof, sensors not working, charging issues, syncing issues, and broken straps.These are not problems that can be solved by your local repair person, so we looked into the warranty and service offered by these companies.


Fitbit’s can be reached over their number or email (via their website). The customer care personnel tend to be very systematic and polite while addressing queries, and they solve problems quickly. If the problem persists, they will let you know the nearest drop-off point to post your device so that you can get that issue solved for free. However, if the product is past its one-year warranty, you will need to buy a new tracker.


In the Goqii app, there is a help option where you can raise a ticket for problems with your tracker. You can expect a reply within 48 hrs. If the issue continues and your subscription is active, you can get the Goqii core replaced for free (but not the strap). You need to send a courier (tracker and invoice) to their Mumbai office to get it replaced for free. If your subscription has lapsed, then you need to buy a new tracker. If your strap gets damaged and you need a new strap, you can mail them and they will replace it for you for Rs. 500 (with subscription) or Rs. 600 (no subscription).

Those that didn’t make the Cut

From the five activity trackers we tested, only two were truly accurate. But in case you want to check out a few more options, read on to see which other trackers didn’t make the cut.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

We had high hopes for the Garmin, but we were surprised by how inaccurate this fitness band was. It was way too sensitive. It consistently overtracked steps, the heart rate, and calories.

The Garmin Vivosmart does have a lot going for it though. It has great features and, in fact, perfect display. It allows you to adjust screen brightness, has a full touch screen, and allows you to control your music from the tracker itself. Using the ANT+ feature, it can connect with other Garmin running accessories. But despite these cool features, the tracker was inaccurate in terms of step count and calorie burned. It did not automatically track sleep for one day, and the number of stairs climbed was off. In addition, when we wanted to record a run, the pace and distance details were not mentioned. Garmin does not have a great following in India, so the social features are not very useful.

MI HRX edition & Garmin Vivosmart HR+

The MI HRX is a sturdy and affordable fitness tracker with a unique strap (with click lock), a bright display, and basic waterproofing (IP67). In addition, the device has good battery backup for about 14 days and is scratch proof. However, it failed our step counting and calorie burn tests, giving inaccurate and inconsistent results. In addition, this tracker lacks a heart rate sensor and has a very small display. The app, in turn, was underdeveloped and lacked a visual representation of sleep data. The MI band is just a little cheaper than the Goqii, and honestly, the Goqii has a lot more to offer.

Lenovo HW01

Though the Lenovo HW01 offers numerous features like music control (play and stop), good battery backup, and notification access (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp), it didn’t perform so well in terms of parameters like accuracy (step count, calorie burned). In addition, the bluetooth connectivity wasn’t great, and the device would get disconnected at regular intervals. Sleep tracking and heart rate were off the mark, and the strap quality and app need much improvement.

Final thoughts

After rigorous testing to find the best fitness band in the market, we can confidently say that only two truly make the mark in terms of accuracy. The Goqii 2 and FitBit Charge 2 both look great, track activity and sleep accurately, and great have feature-rich companion apps.

If you have a budget or need some motivation to get moving or to stick to your diet, the Goqii is a great option because you will have a real-time coach who will support you and give you expert advice. On the other hand, if you’re a fitness freak or an athlete, the FITBIT Charge 2 is a solid tracker. It is extremely precise and the various sports mode settings leave very little room for any error in values.

We hope this article helped you figure out the fitness tracker market, at least a little. If you have any questions, leave us a comment below and we'll get right on it.