Are you look for a new appliance for your kitchen to replace your age-old mixer grinder? While at it, you also need some extra functionality and some space to be saved in your kitchen? Well, we are here to help you pick up the best food processor in India. A food processor costs a little bit more than a regular mixer grinder but does a whole lot more. 

A Food Processor can function as a conventional mixer grinder, a juicer, a vegetable chopper, a grinder and more. But is it really an appliance for your home? Or more suited to commercial applications?

Given the capacities of the jars and the price and features, most food processors sit well in your home kitchen than any restaurant kitchen. Also, they have tons of features like a coconut scrapper, citrus juicer and so on which are more useful for the home kitchen where a limited quantity of food is prepared.

As they have many features it can be hard to find the best food processor for you, should you buy the one with the most power, or the most equipped one, or the most affordable one? 

When it comes to buying a food processor you must look for the power of the motor and the various accessories that come with the food processor. This will help you with not just the speed and quality of mixing and grinding but also allows you to accomplish a lot more tasks. Read up on our buying guide to the best food processor to know more about what to look for before buying one.

To find the best food processor we spent over 16 hours examining data on Amazon and Flipkart to understand what features were necessary to buy the Best Food Processor in India. Next, we looked at the best picks by many Indian review websites, this along with our prior research on Mixer Grinders helped pick the best food processor. 

Best Food Processor in India

Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700-Watt Food Processor

Best food processor with 700W power

The Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 is a wonderful food processor that can do pretty much any task you throw at it.  With a 700W motor and three separate jars, it is an amazing mixer that can grind, blend and make chutney. The jars are pretty spacious too with a 1.5 Litre juicing/blending jar, a 1-litre grinding jar, and a 0.4-litre chutney jar.

The juicer is centrifugal, which spins the pulp at a high speed to get the juice instead of kneading the pulp as in a masticating juicer. The juicing bowl is of 1 litre and can be used for other functionalities with the different attachments.

The Inalsa supports attachments for chopping/cutting vegetable, slicer to get french fries, coconut shredding, egg whisking, atta kneader and even a citrus juicer. To use them is easy. All you have to do is remove the juicing bowl cover and feeding tube, add the desired attachment and them feed the vegetable/fruits from the spacious feeding tube.

An important safety feature is that unless the jars are sealed properly the motor doesn't turn on. This is a very useful feature and will help you in case of accidental power on which can lead to spills. Talking about jars, all jars except the small chutney jar, have handles on them for easy handling.

Being a powerful 700 Watt motor you can expect quick chopping but there is another useful safety feature that turns off the motor if it overheats. This is done to protect the motor from any damage. Also, do note that you can use the mixer continuously for up to 30 minutes only, after which you have to let it cool for a while.

To control the mixing and grinding you have a 3-speed control with a pulse option which is fairly standard on a mixer/food processor. To further help you use the machine safely there are rubber feet as well which prevents the food processor from moving due to vibration.

The product comes with 2 years of warranty with a 5-year warranty on the motor. Customer reviews about the service were very good with many users even reporting about doorstep service for repairs which is a good thing. Many users even said that a demo for the product was arranged for them within a short time of the product being delivered.

Moreover, most reviews about the product were great with most users finding the performance to be very good and the attachments easy to use.

The Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 Food Processor is for people who want to use their food processor for multiple things in their kitchen- as a jucier, as a mixer grinder, as a vegetable cutter/ chopper and more. With ample power on tap and the large jars, all that is easily possible with the Wonder Maxie.

Priced at Rs.4899, the Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 offers excellent performance, great value, superb features which makes it no doubt one of the best food processor in India.


  • Most powerful in its class

  • Comes with 3 large sized jars

  • 2 years product warranty and 5-year motor warranty

  • Non-slip feet and overload protection available


  • Price is a little high

  • Blade quality can improve

Bajaj Fx11 Food Factory 600 W Food Processor

Budget food processor

The Bajaj FX11 Food Factory has an apt name for what it can do, it is - like the Inalsa - a food factory. You have the same functionality as the Inalsa Food Processor but it's a little down on power, 600W on the Bajaj versus the Inalsa’s 700W motor.

Apart from that, both the food processors are pretty much similar, they have the same number of jars and attachments, the same speed settings (3 speed), same safety features of interlocking jars and overload protection. But if you do look closely there is a minor difference that is the chutney jar on the Bajaj is 0.3 litre only while the Inalsa has a 0.4-litre jar.

The Bajaj Food Processor has a 2-year warranty on the food processor, there is also a 5-year warranty on the Motor like our best pick, the Inalsa Food Processor. You also get doorstep service which is very convenient.

This food processor from Bajaj gives people a product from a more recognizable and established brand and talking about the product itself, it is similar to the Inalsa WOnder Maxie Plus just a little slower.


  • Comes with 3 large sized jars

  • 2 years product warranty and 5-year motor warranty

  • Doorstep service

  • Non-slip feet and unbreakable jars

  • Overload protection available


  • Not as powerful as our best pick

  • Pricier than most other food processors

Inalsa Fiesta 650-Watt Food Processor

More power fewer attachments

Positioned at a segment lower than the Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus, the Inalsa Fiesta Food Processor offers more power than what the Bajaj FX11 food processor has but cuts down on a few accessories and the price as well.

Powering this food processor is a 650Watt motor, which for the price is really good. In terms of jars, you get a 1.5 Litre blending jar and a 1 Litre grinding jar, while a chutney jar is given a miss strangely. The processing jar is of the same size as the Wonder Maxie Plus which is a plus. Other accessories on the food processor are the kneading blade, french fry cutter, coarse shredder cutter, fine shredder cutter, fine slicer, egg whisker. What Inalsa has left out here to save costs are the coarse slicer, citrus juicer and coconut shredder.

You get three-speed controls and a pulse option for short bursts of power. For safety, the Fiesta gets rubber feet to prevent movements

The Fiesta food processor is for people who want additional functionality over a mixer grinder like dough kneading and vegetable cutting.

The Inalsa Fiesta also has a 2-year of warranty with a 5-year warranty on the motor. Customers were happy with the low price of the product and its decent performance although some pointed out to the missing jar and accessories

The Inalsa Fiesta food processor is for people who want the extra processing bowl and dough kneading attachments and vegetable cutter options on a budget. Sure, it misses out on a few features here and there, but overall you get sufficient power and sufficient accessories for your kitchen.

Priced at around Rs.3700, Inalsa’s Fiesta food processor takes the cake as the best food processor in India in the budget category.


  • Powerful 600W motor

  • Large sized jars and processing jar

  • 2 years product warranty and 5-year motor warranty

  • Non-slip feet


  • No chutney jar provided

  • No citrus juicing attachment

  • No coarse slicer

  • No coconut shredder

  • A little noisy

Philips HR7627/00 650 W Food Processor

Half the size and functionality

While the three food processors we mentioned before are full-fledged ones with 3-4 jars and ton of accessories, the Philips HR7627/00 Food Processor is a much smaller, more petite food processor. It's designed to save space and yet give most of the functionality and power of a full-fledged food processor.  

Kitted with a 650W motor and a two-speed control with a pulse option, power is not something this food processor lacks. You have a single processing bowl of 2.1 Litre capacity. The bowl here is important as this food processor doesn’t come with any extra juicing jar or grinding jar. Maybe that's why Philips gets to call it a mini food processor.

Talking about accessories you get granulating, shredding (coarse) and slicing (fine) discs, along with Sharp stainless steel blades for all your chopping, cutting and grinding needs. There's also an Emulsifying tool for whisking eggs. While it can knead the dough, there isn't any attachment to grate coconuts or a citrus juicer.

Some good things about this food processor are the safety-related features like the anti-skid feet, the safety locking mechanism for the bowl and the leak-bowl bowl. Most customer reviews also pointed towards the safety features and the compact nature of the food processor, but like us, many users too felt that extra jars and more accessories could have been provided with this Philips Food Processor.

The Philips HR7627/00 is for users who want a stylish and compact food processor for their kitchen and don’t mind the price but want good performance. It is also for people who already have a mixer grinder at their home but want more functionality like dough kneading and extra chopping without having to buy a full food processor.

Priced at around Rs.3800, the Philips HR7627/00 makes for a great compact food processor with limited functionality but great performance. But is it the best food processor in India? In terms of features and accessories no necessarily, but with its compactness and performance, it surely is a contender for one.


  • Powerful 650W motor

  • Large processing jar

  • Compact dimensions

  • 2 years of product warranty

  • Non-slip feet


  • No chutney jar, grinding jar or blending provided

  • No citrus juicing attachment

  • No coconut shredder

  • A little noisy

  • Not your full-fledged food processor

Buying Guide to the best food processor in India

Being a home appliance, a food processor must be shopped for based on your personal requirements of brand preference and budget but here are a few things to look for when making the purchase.

Power: The most important aspect of the food processor, the power of it will determine how fast and how well the grinding, mixing etc. can be done by the machine. While 450-500W is sufficient for daily use, having a powerful 600-100W motor will improving your work tremendously and even save a lot of time.

Make sure you pick a higher power rating if you have a large family and you have to process a lot of food (or a lot of tough vegetables or fruits).

Capacity: Next thing to look for is the size of the capacity of all the containers and jars. Usually, you have three main jars and an extra multipurpose container in the following sizes:

  • Liquidising/ Blending Jar: Around 1.5 litres

  • Grinding Jar: Around 1 litre

  • Chutney Jar: Around 0.4 litre

Make sure to stick around that are around this size or more.

Attachments: What separates the food processor from the humble mixer grinder isn’t the motor capacity or the larger size of the jar but the various attachments that come with it that helps you perform a lot more tasks.

Some accessories you must look for are listed below:

  • Dough kneader

  • Centrifugal Juicer

  • Citrus Juicer

  • Coconut Shredder

  • Cutters (Coarse Shredder, Coarse Slicer, Cutter, Fine Shredder Cutter, Coconut Shredder, Fine Slicer, French Fry Cutter)

Once you are done with these three things the only other aspects to look for are the brand, budget and ease of use of the product. Make sure you look through reviews about the service centres and reliability of the products and also the ease of use of the product itself- you wouldn't want a complicated machine when you have lots of cooking to be done.

Finally coming to the budget aspect, you must understand that food processors are priced at a premium over mixer grinders, this is due to the additional containers and attachments that add some much functionality that a single food processor can replace many other home appliances like a coconut grater, citrus squeezer, vegetable chopper and more.

Still, have questions on how to find the best food processors? Check out the FAQs section below.


  • Can you knead the dough(atta) in it?

  • Is it only a food processor?  Or also a mixer grinder?
    All food processors can work as a mixer grinder also and come with 2-3 jars. Philips is an exception to this as it comes with a single bowl

  • Can I scrape coconut with it?
    All our picks except the Inalsa Fiesta and Philips food processor get a coconut scrapper/ shredder accessory

  • Does it make noise while grinding?
    Yes, most food processors make sounds in the 80-90 DB range

  • Does it have a citrus juicer?
    All our picks except the Inalsa Fiesta and Philips food processor get a citrus juicer accessory

  • Can you mince meat in it?

  • Can we blend cream?

  • When grinding does the food processor side also run?

Food Processors that didn't get selected:

Usha FP 2663 600 W Food Processor: The Usha Mixer didn't get picked because it was more expensive despite being similar in power to the Bajaj Food Processor. It also had a lot more complaints with regards to the after-sales service.

Philips HL 1660 700W Food Processor: This particular Philips Food Processor had plenty of poor reviews due to its limited cutting blades, improper dough kneading mechanism and poor operation after few months of usage.

Inalsa Maxie Premia 800-Watt Food Processor: One of the most powerful food processors in Inalsa’s lineup got some flak for its average mixing/ grinding qualities when it came to grinding ragi, making dosa batter and juicing. Also, many customers were unhappy with the plastic quality on the body.

Final Thoughts

With their ability to chop, mix, grind and juice the Food Processors are a wonderful addition to your kitchen and it can help replace many appliances and even help improve your cooking.

If you are in the market for a great food processor which gives you a plethora of attachments and a lot of power, then the Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 is what you must pick as it is one of the best food processor in India due to its performance, pricing and features.

If you want the best food processor from a more reputable brand and one that has all the bells and whistles than the Bajaj FX11 will do wonders for you. It may be a little low on power to the Inalsa Food Processor but it makes up with its ability to cut, juice, mix, and chop.

Finally, you have the Inalsa Fiesta which sits well on the more budget oriented side of the market with a slightly slower motor and fewer accessories, but don't let the power or price fool you, it still is one of the best food processor in India.

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product. Still, have a doubt regarding food processors? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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