A washing machine can be a life-saver. To find the best front loading washing machine we surfed through the internet to find the best products recommended by other websites. We also looked through the best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart to find the best front loading washing machine in India.

To look at customers buying trends and the latest technologies in front load washing machines we paid a visit to some popular home-appliances dealers- Reliance Digital, Adishwar and Pai Electronics.

​Best washing machine in India (front loading)

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

With a large drum size, great cleaning, a ton of features and value price, the Bosch WAK24268IN Front Loading Washing machine makes for an ideal washing companion. It is also quieter and consumes much less water than top loading machines. Furthermore, it can also clean much gentler using the hot water functions making it one of the best washing machines in India.

​Best washing machine in India (budget front loading)

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Similarly specced as the Bosch, the IFB Senorita Aqua SX is just a little smaller and slower. It too has a whole lot array of wash programs along with Hot wash options. IFB also offers a long warranty over the Bosch and is priced slightly lower.

Best washing machine in India (budget front loading)

MarQ by Flipkart 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (MQFLXI75)

Coming in at an unbelievable price of under Rs.20000, the MarQ washing machine truly makes the high-quality front load machine more accessible. It's not even that spartan when you look beyond the price tag. It is well designed, has multiple programs and is easy to use. 

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​Why Trust us?​

When you get a washing machine you need it to have all the bells and whistle so you can clean anything from a sock to a dirty blanket. With this in our mind, we went online to look for what most websites were suggesting as the best front loading washing machine. Here found a lot of great picks from brands like IFB, Bosch and more.

We then decided to see what verified customers felt about these machines so we searched on Amazon and Flipkart for their reviews. Lastly, we also added some of the best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart to our shortlist.

We then decided it would be wise to look at what are people really buying when it comes to washing machines- their budgets, most requested features and more. So, we paid a visit to three popular home appliances dealers in Bengaluru to do the same. Here we spoke to the sales personnel to really understand the nuances of the washing machine market and the customer.

​How we selected?

Our search for the best front loading washing machine started with a look through what other websites were suggesting. Here we found a lot of suggestions for Bosch, IFB, and LG machines because they boasted of great performance, features, and price. 

Searching for best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart yielded the same products and the verified customers of those washing machines had very nicely detailed the pros and cons of each machine.

Our selection also took into account inputs that we gathered when we visited the dealers. Important points we gathered were the most common sizes people prefer, the most requested features, brands they trust, service quality etc. This helped us to finetune our best picks in terms of features and size.

How to choose the best front loading washing machine- inputs from the dealers

Having met with popular multi-brand dealers; Reliance Digital, Pai Electronics and Adishwar, we got some valuable advice from them regarding what features to look for before buying a new front loader.

If you are new to washing machines and do not know what size to purchase here's what our dealers suggested. If you are going to use the machine daily and will have around 2 pairs of clothes (two shirts and two pants), a bedsheet and a towel you can go for the 6kg machine. If you need to add more shirts (3 pairs) or more bedsheets go for the 7kg machine. If your washing needs are even more go for the 8kg machine.

Now that size is taken care of, if you are confused between front loaders and top loaders do check out our dedicated section explaining their differences in the Best Washing Machine (Fully Automatic and Top Loading) article. In short, front loaders are quieter, clean better, need less water, are gentler on your clothes and have a hot water wash facility by default.

If you are worried about drying your clothes, then the front loaders offer nearly dry clothes that require you to hand them up for around an hour to be fully dry. While there are front loaders with a dedicated dryer facility (that offer fully dry clothes), the three washing machines we have recommended sadly do not have a full dryer function. The reason for skipping that feature was, dryer enabled washing machines are often priced above Rs.50,000, while are our picks are priced under Rs.30,000.

If you, however, do need a machine with dryer the easy way to know if a machine has that feature or not is to look at the name of the machine. The name will include two sizes mentioned Eg. Whirlpool 9kg/6kg machine. The twin size nomenclature means its a machine with dryer facility.

​Best washing machine in India (front loading)

The stylish Bosch Washing machine


  • Large 7kg capacity

  • Low water consumption (47 litres)

  • Lots of wash programs

  • Easy to use control panel

  • 15 minutes quick wash program

  • Fast 1200 rpm speed

  • ECARF certified

  • Option to pause washing available

  • 2-year machine warranty + 10-year warranty on motor

  • Good value


  • Consumes more electricity than top loaders

  • Customers noticed high vibrations at max speed

  • No wheels for easy movement

  • No dedicated dryer

With its understated grey exterior, the Bosch Washing Machine looks no different than the machines you might have seen in an American sitcom. But the washing machine is a functional device that doesn't really care about aesthetics. The controls are laid out in a very easy to use manner with a single large knob to select the programs, the start/pause button and the display with extra controls.

The Led display is large and easily readable, in fact, it's much bigger than even our budget pick, the IFB washing machine. This large screen lets you clearly see the wash time remaining, the temperature or the program selected.

Bosch Washing Machine: Control Panel

Talking about programs you get a lot of useful wash programs tailored for your different needs. You have the usual programs like Synthetics, Jeans, Delicate/Silk, Daily wash, Wool, Cotton, Kidswear, Sari, Sportswear. Some specialized programs are Monsoon (Uses warm water to remove odour and moisture from clothes to make them dry quicker), Allergy Plus (Washes away the detergent residue to prevent allergies), Super 15/30 (Cleans lightly soiled clothes up to 2kg in 15-30 minutes) and a rinse only and spin the only program.

The Allergy Plus program is so effective that the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) honoured the Bosch washing machine (1st in the world)  with the ECARF Seal of Quality for products and services suitable for allergy sufferers. ECARF claimed the longer and more intensive washing and rinsing cycles remove flower pollen, animal hair and detergent residue from the clothing almost entirely.

Some useful technologies onboard the Bosch that help you improve your washing experience are as follows.

  • ActiveWater senses the weight of the clothes and accordingly uses the right amount of water, thus saving on the water and in turn the electricity.

  • Anti Vibration Design is a technology that is designed to reduce noise and vibration during the spin cycle. 

  • SpeedPerfect helps reduce wash time by 65%

  • Reload Function lets open the door to throw in or remove an article of clothing in the machine without having to completely turn off the machine. 

  • VoltCheck checks for any voltage fluctuations and will even resume the washing from its previous state in case of power shutdown. 

  • Vario Drum is a specially designed drum to allow better water circulation and reduces the need for soaking of clothes

The Bosch Machine has a lot of features and programs that will come in handy during your wash programs, but what makes it better than the rest is it has a huge 7kg drum for the same price at which IFB offers a 6.5kg drum. The 7kg drum is sufficient for 3 shirts, 3 Jeans, 2 Dish Towels, 2 Small Towels and 2 Pillowcases. It is also much faster at 1200rpm so it will clean much better than the IFB which is limited to 1000rpm.

A closer look at the Bosch Washing machine: The backside

Verified customers of the Bosch Washing machine liked the machines quick wash program, the huge wealth of specialized wash programs, the quality of the machine, the speed and the temperature washing.

The Bosch machine doesn't come with a dedicated dryer but customers said that the clothes they put for wash would come out at least 75% dry and needed only 1-2 hours of sun drying.

What they did not like was that the machine was a little noisy during spin cycles (which they claimed was still less than top loaders). Some users even complained of vibrations during the spin cycle but that is true for most washing machines especially given that the Bosch spins at 1200rpm which is more than most top loaders.

Bosch claims the washing machine consumes about 47 litres of water per run. Bosch provides a detailed list of electricity consumption values on their website as shown below.

  • Energy consumption for (30C) delicates: 0.21 kWh

  • Energy consumption for (30C) woolens : 0.22 kWh

  • Energy consumption for (40C) color: 1.08 kWh

  • Energy consumption for (40C) easy care:  0.79 kWh

  • Energy consumption for (95C) cotton: 2.30kWh

  • Bosch claims an annual energy consumption of 174 kWh

Note: 1kWh = 1 unit of electricity = Rs.6-8/ unit in Bengaluru 

Bosch offers a 2-year warranty on the machine and 10 years on the motor, they also offer door step service but only in major cities. Although many users were satisfied with the service offered by Bosch from the installation to door service, some did mention that the service was a little slow in some areas. 

If you are in the market for a fine washing machine that has all the features, the necessary and comes with a great price the Bosch Front Loader is the one to pick. It comes with a whole host of programs is one of the fastest in its class and comes with a large drum to allow more clothes.

​Best washing machine in India (budget front loading)

The 6.5kg IFB Washing machine


  • 15-minute turbo wash mode

  • Low water consumption (43 litres)

  • Lots of wash programs

  • Easy to use control panel

  • Option to pause washing available

  • 4-year machine warranty + 10 years spare part support


  • Consumes more electricity than top loaders

  • No dedicated dryer

  • Slower and smaller than the Bosch

  • No wheels for easy movement

The IFB Senorita Aqua SX looks pretty much like the Bosch machine with just a little change in the screen position. The screen is also a little smaller than the Bosch but you have a similar number of programs controlled through the mode dial.

You have programs like Wool, Synthetic, Baby wear, Whites along with programs that are based on the number of stains on your clothes like, heavily soiled program, lightly soiled etc. We liked this arrangement as it is more useful to people rather than just names of cloth materials.

IFB Washing machine's control panel

Some technologies that are present on the machine are as follows:

  • Aqua Energie helps to wash better even with hard water

  • 3D wash uses specially placed nozzles around the drum to ensure better circulation of water

  • Crescent Moon Drum has patterns on the inner drum to prevent the clothes from rubbing against the wall

  • Auto Imbalance System stabilizes the washing machine in case the clothes are unevenly loaded which can cause an imbalance

  • Laundry Add is similar to the pause function in Bosch where you can open the door during a wash to add or remove an article of clothing.

The 6.5kg can hold up to 3 shirts, 3 pairs of trousers (Jeans take more space) and 2 single cotton bedsheets. It is slightly smaller than the Bosch washing machine as well as slower by 200rpm at 1000rpm but customers did not specify that the machine was slow by any means.

Most customers were happy with the product, the features, the wash quality and even the service offered, although some people did complain about extra charges taken during installation for descaling powder, stand, stabilizer. Another issue was that of the washing powder where you have to use premium front-loading powder only which was a problem with even the Bosch machine.

The washing machine uses about 43 litres of water which is less than the Bosch, but this is due to its smaller size. It also uses 93 kWh of electricity which is more than most top loaders but is common with most front loaders.

IFB Washing machine's backside

IFB offers 4 years of warranty on the product and 10 years spare part support. IFB has a service network of 450 franchisees across 1500+ towns.  

If you want a slightly smaller washing machine, which has all the features of the Bosch but also has slightly better service coverage than you can pick the IFB Senorita Aqua SX. 

Best washing machine in India (budget front loading)

The beautiful MarQ washing machine


  • 18-minute express wash mode

  • 1200rpm washing

  • Low water consumption (43 litres)

  • Lots of wash programs

  • Easy to use control panel

  • Option to pause washing available

  • Does have hot wash option

  • Amazing value

  • 1-year machine warranty + 3-year motor warranty


  • Consumes more electricity than top loaders

  • No dedicated dryer

  • No wheels for easy movement

  • Start/Stop button doesn't stand out

  • Makes more noise and vibrations than the others

  • Service needs to step up in reach and turn around

MarQ’s latest front loading washing machine may be one of the most affordable ones around (especially given the 7.5kg size) but the design is inspired by some of LG’s high-end washing machines. The blackened machine door, right-sided display and a central scroll wheel all exude style (and LG inspiration) and make the washing machine look like a modern piece of design rather than a mundane piece of appliance. The wash programs are easily selectable from the scroll wheel and they are arranged very well with separate options for heavily and lightly soiled clothes along with programs for cloth materials like synthetics, wool etc.

One little issue we can see with the layout of the control panel is that the power on/ start/ stop button isn't visually distinguished from the other buttons. A larger button or a different colour would certainly help, but in the long run its no big deal once you get used to it.

Control Panel: MarQ, closer look

Some technologies that are present on the machine are as follows:

  • Tumble wash replicates manual washing style and allows for better cleaning of heavily soiled clothes and better detergent dissolution

  • Curved vanes in Drum for smoother movement of clothes

  • Auto Balancing technology stabilizes the washing machine in case the clothes are unevenly loaded which can cause an imbalance

The 7.5kg capacity of the machine means it can easily hold up to 3 shirts, 3 pairs of trousers (Jeans take more space), 2 single cotton bedsheets and some more articles of clothing. It is by far the largest in capacity (Bosch 7kg- MarQ 7.5kg) and even matches the Bosch’s 1200rpm speed.

Most customers were happy with the product, the features and the wash quality. Customer satisfaction for performance stood at 72% with the most common issues being marginally more noise and vibrations (when compared to other machines). The only other issue people talked about was the service being slow (installation service) and delayed delivery.

A closer look at the MarQ Washing machine: The backside

The washing machine uses about 46 litres of water which is less than the Bosch, despite it being larger in size. Electricity consumed will be more than most top loaders but is common with most front loaders.

MarQ offers a years warranty on the product and a total of four years on the motor. Being an online-only brand, they offer doorstep delivery only and have a presence in 300+ cities.

If you are in the market for an upgrade over your rusty old top loader but are not too keen on spending a fortune on the Bosch and IFB, then the MarQ makes perfect sense. It offers tremendous value while giving you the essentials of the front load machine.

​After-Sales Service

Bosch offers 2 years warranty on its washing machine and 10 years on the motor. They offer installation and doorstep service as well. However we did find some complaints from customers regarding slow service in some areas, this is because Bosch service is available in major cities only. There were also the complaints about installation personnel recommending buying connectors, descaling powder etc. which can add up the costs.

IFB meanwhile offers a better 4-year product warranty and gives 10 years of spare part support. They have a slightly better service network than Bosch with around 450 franchises across 1500+ towns.  However, their service also falters when it comes to some rural and suburban regions. IFB too pushes their customers for additional accessories like washing machine stand, cover, additional powders, water softeners etc.

MarQ offers a 1-year product warranty and a 4-year motor warranty. They have home service across 300+ cities in India. However, this is a small number which may lead to delayed service in certain parts of the country.

​Who are our best picks for?

Our picks require very little human intervention and give you very clean clothes irrespective of how dirty they were before.

If you already have an old top loader or a semi-automatic machine than the front loader will make your life even easier. The front loading machines are much quieter, clean much better and also use 1/3rd the water used by top loaders. Yes, they are more expensive and will consume more electricity but that is because they are far superior in performance.

The choice between the Bosch, IFB and MarQ depends purely on your brand preference, capacity and budget. Despite being the cheapest here, the MarQ offers the largest capacity at 7.5 kg. Bosch offers the best performance at the highest price and comes in a useful 7kg size. While the IFB is the smallest here at 6.5kg but offers great performance.

​Space taken by each of our picks

A chart to show how much space do our chosen washing machines take
A chart to show how much space do our chosen washing machines take

Dimensions and Weight of the Bosch and IFB washing machines

​Final Thoughts

If you are planning on adding a swanky new washing machine to your home and want nothing but the best, get the Bosch Front Loading washing machine which has been the best seller for a long time. It has a large 7kg drum, has the fastest speed, a ton of cold and hot wash programs and a very good price. 

If however, you need a slightly smaller machine which still has a good wealth of wash programs and performs very well get the IFB Front Loader which has consistently been the second-best seller on Amazon. 

Finally, the MarQ washing machine offers something that is refreshing. A good quality front loader at top loader price. Add in the larger 7.5kg capacity, smashing looks and it's easily the best front load washing machine in India in the budget category.