Food is one of the most essential needs of a human and today with the advent of the internet, cooking has become much easier. Almost anyone can cook today with appliances like the microwave and an induction cooker. But what if you live in an area marred with frequent electricity shutdowns? In that case, you must look for is the good old gas stove.

A gas stove instead of using electricity relies on gas cylinders nor does it need specialised cookware (like an induction cooker). This makes the gas stove more affordable, and more versatile with its multiple burners. But a gas stove seems very confusing to use and also the open flame a bit dangerous no? Of course not.

The modern gas stove is very safe to use especially because they are safely installed by experts and every gas cylinder company conducts checks on the stove over a period of time to check its safety. Also, while there is a small learning curve to it, once you get the hang of it, a gas stove is very easy to use and cook on.

When it comes to buying a gas stove the first thing is to decide how many burners you need. More the burners, more utensils you can place on the stove. Usually, people have a two burner stove while few are moving towards three and four burner stove. To know in detail what to look for before buying a gas stove check our buying guide at the end.

Given the sheer confusion you may face when picking the best gas stove, we at Hometop decided to do that work for you. We have compiled the best picks with through research which included reading through many websites and customer reviews on Amazon and Flipkart.


Best gas stove in India 

Pigeon Ultra Glass Stainless Steel gas stove

The Pigeon Ultra Glass embodies good style, performance, value for money and comes in three burner options that give you the flexibility to choose depending on your family size.

Compared to the silver coloured all steel gas stoves of yesteryears, the latest models are quite stylish with glass tops and stainless steel bodies. The Pigeon Ultra Glass is no different with a lovely scratch resistant glass top and a stainless steel body. This gives the gas stove not just its strength but also a modern look which should match most modern kitchens.

Other features include the rubber feet that prevent the stove form moving about and the easy to use knobs.

Using the glass on the top actually makes it very easy to maintain and clean the gas stove which was difficult with a steel top stove which used to get stained quickly.

Piped gas is now available in many cities of India, but by default, all the Gas stoves including this one come with nozzles designed for LPG cylinder only. But you needn't worry as the technician who will install your piped connection will make the necessary changes to your stove.

Do note that while the Pigeon Ultra Glass has modern features and design it still has to be manually ignited, this is something we found in almost all the gas stoves in the market currently. Auto-ignition is a feature more common on hub tops and more expensive gas stoves, but the ones online had relatively poor reviews.

Specific look at gas burner

You also get a 2-year warranty with the gas stove and you have to take it to your dealer or nearest service centre for repairs.

The Pigeon Ultra Glass was also one of the highest rated and reviewed gas stove online garnering 4.1 stars and nearly 4200 reviews. People were particularly pleased with their value for money and performance.

In terms of complaints, some people did find the knobs to be a little hard, while some complained the pan supports were a little slippery. A common complaint on all the gas stoves we saw online was that some of them leaked gas which can be hazardous, so we requested you to insert the gas pipes properly (or get a professional to do them) and use new pipes if necessary.

The Pigeon Ultra Glass gas stove is one of the highest rated gas stoves online and offers amazing quality and value for money. With its 2,3 and 4 burners options, it is great for most families.  

The Pigeon Ultra Glass is an online exclusive product and that lets Pigeon price it very competitively, in fact, it's one of the most affordable four burner gas stove. This gives you great flexibility and performance and makes it one of the best gas stove in India.


  • One of the most affordable 4-burner stove in the market

  • Brass Burners for better efficiency

  • Anti Skid rubber feet

  • Pan Supports

  • Scratch-resistant glass and steel design looks and feels premium

  • Available in two and three burner option also

  • ISI Marked

  • 2-year warranty


  • No auto ignition

  • Knobs are a little hard to turn

Where to buy it?

Buying Guide to the best gas stove:

When it comes to choosing a gas stove, the first specification you must tick off is the number of burners. A gas stove burner is the part over which you place your utensil. More number of burners means more number of utensils on the stove. You can find a stove with two, three, four and more burners.

Next, you have the material of the burners. Modern stoves (like our best pick) come with brass or aluminium burners which are more pleasing to look at and are corrosion resistant. The older cast iron burners are more durable but need more maintenance.

Finally, you have ignition type. Most of the gas stoves come with manual ignition which means you have to use a lighter (kitchen lighter) to get the flame. Alternatively, you also get automatic ignition gas stove where you merely turn the dial to ignite. These types of gas stove are more expensive and usually found on hob tops.

Still, have some doubts about gas stoves? Check out the FAQs section below.



  • Is there a glass top?


  • How many burners?

    You get gas stoves with two, three and four burners

  • Is there a built-in induction cooker?


  • Can we use all three burners at the same time?


  • Dimensions of the gas stove?

    The dimensions are as shown below:

Mid size gas stove

Dimensions of the three burner stove

Small size gas stove

Dimensions of the two burner stove

Large gas stove

Dimensions of the four burner stove

  • Does it work with PNG (Piped Natural Gas)?

    You will have to ask your technician to fix the piped connection to the gas stove to ensure a safe installation

  • Is the lighter provided?


Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a new gas stove and are confused with the many options available online, we have three different picks for you that will be perfect for your needs.

The Pigeon Ultra Glass is an affordable and well-built gas stove that is available in two, three and four burner options but we would like to recommend the four-burner option as that gives you the most value for money.

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding 2.1 speakers? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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