Finding the best hair straightener for your hair can be a daunting task—you want to make sure you are getting a device that works and works well. Imagine you buy an expensive hair straightener to straighten your hair. Two hours after using it, you find that your hair is rough and frizzy. You unnecessarily wasted your time, money and energy buying this product.

This is where we come into the picture. Our job is to help you find the best hair straightener on the market, at a price point that suits you. We spent 15 days testing nine of the best hair straighteners extensively. To do this well, we partnered with the stylists at Jawed Habib.

Best Hair Straightener in India

We also enlisted the help of a regular at-home user of hair straighteners just like you, who’s been using a hair straightener for over seven years. This helped us understand how these straighteners would perform in the real world.

Here’s a summary of our best hair straighteners.

Best hair straightener

Remington S1005

Remington S1005

The Remington S1005 is hands-down the best hair straightener you can buy. It is light, weighing only 300 grams, and leaves you with poker straight hair for an extended period. It has the option of six temperature settings which we found in our testing works for curly, thin and thick hair. The 1.8m long cord and 360-degree rotating swivel cord enables easy usage. It comes with a handy lock that closes the handles and makes it easy to carry along.

With a no-nonsense, simple design, and a narrow handle that makes it very easy to hold, you cannot find a better machine.

In both our customer tests and stylist tests the Remington produced smooth, glossy and poker-straight hair. The effects of straightening lasted longest with this straightener. It worked quickly, taking between three to four strokes to achieve this result. It straightens curly hair at 230 degrees, regular hair at 230 degrees and fine hair at 170 degrees.

The best part of Remington was its ability to produce a long-lasting smooth effect with a superior finish.

The one thing we did not like about the Remington was the plug, which didn’t sit securely in some wall sockets. You can fix this by using an adaptor.

For its price of around Rs. 2700, you cannot get better than the Remington S1005.

Another good one

Corioliss City Style Titanium Hair Straightener

Corioliss City Style Titanium Hair Straightener

With a sleek, stylish design, the Corioliss hair straightener won in the design department. Performance-wise, it undoubtedly gave Remington fierce competition. Its floating plates (made of pure titanium) had the most admirable grip among all the models we tested. The plates clamped down tightly on the hair, but didn’t give any tugging sensation while use. The Jawed Habib stylist was very happy with the result too: smooth, poker-straight hair. The hair stayed straight for almost as long as the Remington hair straightener. It was the only straightener to have a pair of floating plates that worked efficiently.

The Corioliss features a three-meter long cord, with a 360-degree rotating swivel plug, meaning it’s not going to get in your way while you are straightening your hair. Its lightweight body is narrow and sturdy, and the anti-slip handle makes it easy to hold for long time.

It has a dial for temperature control with four main temperature settings. Curly, thin and thick hair were all easily straightened by tweaking the settings. We did notice a slight buzzing noise when it was heating up, but this went away when the desired temperature was reached (following which the machine automatically switched off). One thing we liked about the Corioliss was how quickly it heated up. It took only 90 seconds to reach its maximum temperature of 220 degrees.

Both the at-home user and the stylist found that it ran easily through hair, with only four to five strokes needed. However, despite claims of Far Infrared technology which supposedly moisturizes hair, we found no such effect. Unlike other models like the HP8317 we tested model, it did not have any extra silky effect. It had a sufficiently smooth and frizz-free finish.

Overall the Corioliss was a strong contender but only lost out to the Remington because the hair did not stay straight for very long and its finish was not as glossy like the Remington model. It did not possess a lock either.

However, if you are after a good-looking straightener that heats up quickly and has a very long cord with plates that feel comfortable on your hair, at around Rs. 3500 the Corioliss is your choice.

Best budget hair straightener

Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener (Purple)

Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener (Purple)

The Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener works remarkably well, out-performing other contenders like the Kemei 329 and the Nova NHS 870 hair straightener.

With a slim body, narrow handle, and sturdy buttons the Philips is a great all-rounder. Full marks to the design! It comes with a 1.6m 360-degree swivel cord so that it can be used without much hindrance. The infused ceramic plates kept hair smooth and the effects lasted for 8 hours lesser than the Remington. The hair is not poker straight in appearance but definitely smooth,silky and frizz-free. It gives a natural straight hair look.

It has two temperature settings, and heats up to 210 degrees. One thing the at-home user did not like was the lack of some sort of indicator to tell us when the straightener had reached the desired temperature. You are going to have to play this one by ear.

It works well on the highest setting, taking up to five strokes to straighten our regular hair to a smooth and silky finish. It does not work well in a lower setting, taking around seven strokes to get a straight finish. It has special SilkPro Care technology which helps the plates glide with less friction which leaves softer hair and lesser heat exposure.

For its price of around Rs. 1400, you shouldn’t expect the Philips to perform as powerfully as the Remington or Corioliss. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option that gives you a silky finish, then the Philips is the best hair straightener for you.

Why trust us

To make sure you can rest easy knowing you’ve picked the best hair straightener available, we purchased and extensively tested each of our shortlisted nine hair straighteners for 15 days.

We got more of an in-depth insight by enlisting the help of an expert stylist. Mrs. Lalitha from the renowned Jawed Habib Salon in Bangalore. She has had eight years’ experience using hair straighteners in a salon environment. With eight years’ in the game, she knows how a good hair straightener performs and was able to provide a precise, professional opinion.

To get an at-home perspective, we enlisted the help of a regular user of hair straighteners. She has been using hair straighteners for over seven years, religiously.

We also tested the hair straighteners on three different textures of hair (Curly, fine and regular) to make sure they are versatile.

A common problem we found during our research was that a lot of people were stuck with faulty hair straightener and with no access to a service centre. To make sure you never have to go through that, we called customer care for each of the top 4 brands and made sure they had some method of servicing a problematic hair straighteners.

Finally, after extensive research, over 15 hours of performance testing, and the experiences of our at-home user and our expert Jawed Habib Salon stylist, we were able to arrive at our conclusion.

Here’s how we tested.

How we tested

We had a total of 244 hair straighteners available to us as a part of our online research. Quite the list! From these, we shortlisted the top 30 based on customer reviews and satisfaction.

We then removed all models which did not have temperature control as it’s very important to be able to adjust the straightener for your hair.

This process left us with a total of the top nine models. These nine models were the ones we purchased and tested to find the best hair straightener for you.

The nine shortlisted hair straighteners were:

  • Nova NHS 870
  • Nova BHS 860
  • Philips HP 8318
  • Philips BHS 384
  • Philips HP 8317
  • Remington S1005
  • Vega VHSH07
  • Kemei 329
  • Corioliss City Style

Once we arrived at this shortlist we began our testing. Our aim was to answer these questions:

  1. Can the hair straighteners work on all types of hair?

  2. How well has the hair been straightened by each straightener?

  3. How long does the hair remain straightened?

  4. How easy is the machine to use?

  5. If the product gets damaged, how easy is it to replace or repair?

To find out whether it can work on all kinds of hair, we tested the all 9 straighteners on 3 types of hair - curly, fine and regular.

straighteners on 3 types of hair - curly, fine and regular

To find out how well it has been straightened and to get an experts opinion on its usage we turned to the expert stylist from Jawed Habib. We also had an at-home user who has been using straighteners for over 7 years try it out as well.

To find out how long the straightening lasts we tested each of the 9 models for a span of 9 days on the same person and observed when the straightening effects began to fade.

And finally to assess the warranty and availability of service we spent over 3 days talking with customer care centres (of the brands that were selected) to get an overall assessment on the ease of serviceability of the products.

The stand-out hair straighteners were the Remington and the Corioliss, thanks to their superb straightening quality. The Remington inched ahead to be the best hair straightener in India, thanks to its flawless finish.

Testing was conducted under relatively cool , non-humid conditions so results are bound to vary    with change in weather and hair textures.

Straightened hair does become frizzy under hot and humid conditions and the areas where you pin  your hair will bend even after straightening.

For effective straightening do a strand by strand technique to ensure longer staying period.

Warranty and service

Warranties can sometimes be the hard-to-read fine print that people ignore but must take seriously. Would you honestly know what to do if your product malfunctions? Not to worry, we’ve got your back.

Some, like Kemei claim they have warranty coverage in India but we found one small problem when we checked. To claim the warranty you have to contact their service centre.

Their service centre is in........China.

“I’ll just get it serviced locally by an electrician”, you might think. The problem is that not a lot of electricians have experience or spare parts for hair straighteners. While they might solve your basic wire problems, anything with regards to the plates they won’t be able to handle. We arrived at this conclusion by contacting local electricians in Bangalore and discussing hair straighteners with them.

Of the electricians we spoke to, none of them knew how to solve straightener-specific issues like fixing the straightener coil, non-starting or non-heating issues, or the wire burning out. They should be able to fix most electrical cord issues, and any LED problems, but for the most part you’ll want to make sure you can get your straightener fixed by the manufacturer.

To find out which brands do this well, we gave each one of their call centers a ring to find out warranty and service details, the most common issues, and how easy their problems are to fix.

We noted down which brands have no service capacity in India. Here’s what we found for our top picks.

Remington S1005

The Remington comes with a three-year warranty, and you can get an extra year if you register online. What we learned was that only internal damages are covered by the warranty, but any physical damage is repairable only on a payable basis.

The good news is that there’s a centre in India that services Remington machines, Gryphon Appliances, and your Remington should come with a warranty for this centre. You can call their Customer Service Centre on 1800 3000 0353, where they will help you get in touch with a service technician.

And the great news is, if your straightener needs any in-depth repairs they allow you to ship your straightener to their location in New Delhi.

Corioliss City Style Titanium Hair Straightener

The Corioliss comes with a two-year warranty and an instruction manual. When you encounter any issues with your Corioliss, the Customer Service Centre can organise a courier to pick it up from you, which is a great service. They organize a pickup from any part of India including remote areas.

There is a Customer Service Centre in Santacruz, Mumbai. We found the staff here to be helpful, but they only answered our call after three times. You can contact them at 8879262954 to coordinate the pickup.

Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener

The Philips comes with a two-year warranty, which is included in the box, along with an instruction manual. The warranty for this appliance only covers internal damage or company defects; physical damage is on you.

Philips has service centers all over India. The Philips Customer Service Centre takes a while to get in touch with, as their line is quite busy, but they’re quite helpful when you get a hold of them.

The bad news is that if there’s not one in your state, you cannot ship your straightener to them, nor will they pick it up from you. So make sure to check if you have a centre within your reach before you buy. You can check here.

Our best hair straightener (in detail)

Remington S1005

We chose the Remington S1005 as the best hair straightener for two main reasons. First, we loved how our hair looked after straightening: smooth, poker-straight and glossy. Second, the effects lasted the longest of all the straighteners we tested.

Its 1.8m long electrical cord gives you enough freedom to use without getting in the way. It comes with a three-year warranty, with an extra year available if you register online.

The Remington S1005 has extra long ceramic plates for effective straightening. Its plates are made of teflon and ceramic.

One thing we liked about the Remington was its plate locking feature, which ensures the plates stay shut when not in use. A handy safety feature to have, this means you can pack it in your bag and travel with no concern of the plates getting damaged. Another helpful feature is its worldwide voltage rating (120v-140v), meaning you can use it anywhere in the world without the fear of overloading.

Remington S1005 The handle and temperature settings

The handle and temperature settings

Our expert stylist was of the opinion that the Remington worked almost as well as a professional-grade model, gliding effortlessly through the hair. The ironing was effortless, and the plates glided smoothly over her customers’ hair without tugging at the strands.

It heats up pretty quickly, reaching its minimum setting (140 -170 degrees) in a minute, and getting up to full power (230 degrees) in around 2 minutes. We found that it was compatible with all of the hair types (curly, fine and regular) we tested.

It has a red LED indicator that blinks when heating up and stays red when it is the desired temperature. You can control the temperature using a rotating dial, with the three focal temperature ranges outlined on it. This dial actually allows you to set it halfway between these settings, effectively giving you six temperatures to play with. The temperature is not written on the dial, but the ranges are available in the instruction manual.

One feature we liked was that it automatically shuts off after 60 minutes, meaning you will never have to worry that you have left it turned on when you’re out of the house.

Remington S1005 The lock and swivel chord

The lock and swivel chord

The stylist felt that the hair straightener did not damage hair and it made hair poker straight with a glossy finish. It leaves you with glossy, smooth, poker-straight hair. When we conducted independent testing on ourselves we found that the effects lasted the longest. The only reason we cannot comment any further than this is because our tester had to wash the straightening effect out to make way for the next model’s tests!

The hair wasn’t damaged at all during testing and it lets you straighten a bunch of hair in four or fewer strokes. It took approximately half an hour for our stylist to straighten a full head of thick, shoulder-length, wavy hair.

For fine hair, we found that the Remington works well at 170 degrees, and can straighten curly hair at 230 degrees. Even at high temperatures it didn’t burn or singe the hair.

Unlike some other straighteners, the Remington makes absolutely no noise. While doing our research we read a lot of forums in which people were not happy as there was some weird smell coming from their straightener. We found no such problem with the Remington S1005.

If you do need any servicing, you can send your device to Gryphon Appliances in New Delhi. This might seem like an inconvenience but you’ll find that most other brands have somewhat a similar setup, if not worse.

While this is a fantastic device, there were a few downsides. Our testing panel noticed that the handle did heat up a little during use. However, it never became too hot to touch.

did not sit firmly in the wall socket

Our customer tester felt that the plug was inconvenient, as it did not sit firmly in the wall socket due to the pins being a little too thin. While annoying, this can easily be fixed by buying an adapter from your local electronics store. 

Another issue they had with it was that it does not automatically turn on when you plug it in—it needs to be switched on using the power button.

While this is not a bad thing, it is not mentioned in the manual, so if you just plug it in and expect it to switch on, you might start to worry that it is not working.

Finally, it doesn’t have a loop in the cord, which would make it easier to hang up after use.

These tiny faults aside, we found the Remington to be a top-of-the-line model, and well worth its price. When you buy the Remington you know that you’re getting absolutely fantastic results, and hair that will stay poker-straight for a good amount of time ( depending on your hair texture).

Our runner-up pick (in detail)

Corioliss City Style Titanium Hair Straightener

The gorgeous, slim-lined Corioliss was our runner-up top pick, performing almost as well as the Remington.

Corioliss City Style Titanium Hair Straightener

Temperature control dial

We liked its slim body and found it to be quite comfortable and lightweight. The body was made of a black, non-slip rubber-like material that’s easy to use for extended periods of time. An added perk we noticed was that the hair straightener heats up instantly. On days when you have to rush, this is a real advantage.

The Corioliss is designed for most spaces, with a three-metre-long professional cord that means you won’t have trouble with the cord getting in the way. The rotating swivel cord means you will have no plug detachment issues.

You’re covered for any internal damage, with a two-year warranty. If you do need any repairs during this time, customers can get their device picked up directly and taken to their service centre by a Corioliss courier, which is a really great service that other brands don’t provide. Pickup can happen from any part of India. You must cal their service centre first though.

The floating heating plates themselves were where the Corioliss shone. One inch wide and made of pure titanium, the plates are fixed sturdily to the narrow body but offset a little so that they are sitting just off the frame. It has floating plates which means the plates can flex more naturally than the others and gives you a stronger grip on the hair, so you get better control. Some other models advertise floating plates, but the Corioliss was the only device to have this feature.

Our stylist loved this feature, saying it provided some of the best control of all the models, and lets you run the hair straightener over the hair much more smoothly—practically effortlessly. There was no tugging sensation when using this and was very comfortable to use.

The temperature regulation is intuitive, with the dial located on the side of the device, and is microchip controlled so you will always get an even temperature.

It has four main temperature settings, but you can fix the dial to settings in between these, effectively giving you seven temperature settings.

An LED light is visible when it is heating up and switches off when sufficiently heated. We did notice a slight buzzing sound during this heating period, but this went away when it was at the appropriate temperature.

We loved how fast the Corioliss reached temperature—the speed was phenomenal. Even our expert stylist was impressed! It reaches its minimum temperature of 60 degrees in ten seconds flat. Intermediate temperatures of 120 degrees and 180 degrees are reached in 16 seconds and 29 seconds respectively. The maximum temperature of 220 degrees takes a bit longer, coming in at 90 seconds, but this is still incredibly fast.

The swivel chord and lack of locking features

The swivel chord and lack of locking features

Performance-wise the Corioliss gives you smooth, poker-straight hair which lasts for a really long time. It came in second only to the Remington. Four or five strokes was all that was needed to straighten healthy hair, leaving it with a smooth finish and no damage whatsoever, even on the highest setting. Thanks to its beautiful titanium plates, the Corioliss can straighten a full head of hair in 28 minutes. During extended periods of use like this you won’t get any funny smells from the plate.

We found that fine hair works well at an intermediate temperature of 180 degrees. Curly hair needs the highest setting, at 220 degrees. You can definitely use a lower temperature setting to straighten your hair but the only issue is it will take longer. Regular hair could also be effectively straightened at 200 degrees but it was faster at a higher temperature.

One thing we found confusing was the claim of Far Infrared technology. This technology is supposed to provide the hair with a moisturized finish. However, we did not notice anything of that sort happening.

Something our at-home user noted about the Corioliss was that it doesn’t have a locking feature, which leaves it open to potential damage during travel. So be careful when your device is not in use, and treat the plates carefully.

The Corioliss, while second to the Remington as far as quality of hair straightened goes, stands up to the Remington in almost every way. It provides speedy heating times and long-lasting poker-straight,smooth hair.

Our budget pick (in detail)

Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener

When you buy the Philips, you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener

The temperature control and LED

The infused ceramic heating plates were a nice touch, and we also thought the purple color was a pleasant change from the array of black models on the market.

The 1.6-metre electrical cord is not as long as others, and our testers found it to be slightly less flexible. However, the 360-degree swivel cord allows you to use it in any direction with ease.

It only has two temperature settings, with a maximum heat of 210 degrees. A green indicator light tells you when it is on, and it automatically shuts off after 60 minutes, giving you an added element of safety. It also has the worldwide voltage feature which lets you use it wherever you travel.

Another feature we liked was the plate lock. You can easily slide a button, and the plates lock firmly and securely—great for traveling.

While the performance of the Philips did not match the Remington or the Corioliss, it still performed admirably, with hair staying smooth and straight for a significant amount of time. Your hair won’t be poker straight but definitely will be smooth,silky and frizz free. It gives a natural straight hair look.

Our stylist found the Philips to be an efficient machine, straightening a full head of hair in just 25 minutes. She noted that it only takes four or five strokes to remove frizz and leaves you with a smooth, silky finish. She found that it took very little time to straighten and the narrow plates were an added advantage considering grip.

The fun-colored design

The fun-colored design

Our at-home user disliked the lack of any indicators to tell the user when the straightener has reached the desired temperature. While this was not a deal-breaker, it did detract from her overall experience of the device.

Thin hair can be straightened even on the highest setting with absolutely no damage at all, and only takes two or three strokes to straighten. In fact, fine hair proved to work better in the higher setting.

There was no unpleasant smell. However, we noticed a slight buzzing sound when the Philips was in use. However, after extended use, you forget it’s even there. Both our testers found it comfortable to use, with the handle staying nice and cool during extended periods.

The Philips comes with a two-year warranty, which covers internal damage or company defects, and there are Philips service centers located in most cities. However, they don’t accept pick-ups nor do they allow you to ship a broken hair straightener to them.

So all in all, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, the Philips is the pick for you. At around Rs. 1400 it is affordable for any budget and is sure to brighten up a bad hair day.

Thin Vs. Wide plates

Our at-home user felt that the narrow plates are not as efficient to use and takes longer to straighten. She preferred to use wide-plates.

However, our stylist believed that narrow plates have a better grip over the hair and prefers using one instead of a wide-plate hair straightener. She felt that this gives a better end result and gives you control and finese while straightening.

But, if you lean towards getting the job done as soon as possible and aren’t too worried about getting it done perfectly, then we recommend the Phillips Hp8318.

Final thoughts

Straightening your hair takes time, so you want it to be as comfortable a process as possible. Our top three picks certainly provide that.

We loved the Remington for its beautiful glossy smooth finish, and the ability to keep hair poker-straight for a really long time. It provides salon-quality styling that you can do at home.

The Corioliss was a close second. It had a superior grip on the hair compared to the Remington straightener. However, the hair stayed straight for lesser amount of time and the finish was not glossy like the Remington straightener. It is still an effective straightener with high quality plates and good performance.

For a more budget-friendly choice, you cannot go past the Philips. Slim-lined, fun-colored, and easy to use, it is a great all-rounder that you know is going to get the job done. It has a silky,natural look that stays for a good amount of time as well.

A huge thank you to Jawed Habib Salon and its resident expert stylist Mrs. Lalitha from Jawed Habib Salon, Bangalore, for helping us out with this article by providing her time and expertise to help with our tests. With over eight years’ experience we think she is one of the best stylists around, so do drop into the Jawed Habib Salon on New Bel road the next time you in need any beauty service.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed researching for it. Enlisting the help of both an expert stylist and an at-home user to help us test these devices certainly made it a fun, in-depth piece to write for you.