If making a milkshake or a soup in a jiffy is what you need then look no further than our picks for the best hand blender in India.

To make sure you get nothing but the best, we spent a day searching through many home appliances websites and e-commerce best sellers. Going through  a lot of products and their user reviews to make sure you get only the best.

Best Hand Blender in India

Philips Daily Collection HR1363 600-Watt Hand Blender with Chopper and Beaker

If you are in the market for a hand blender with chopper attachment then the Philips HR1363 will fit your needs perfectly. It comes with an incredibly powerful 600 Watt motor, stainless steel blades that can chop and blend easily and a convenient 500ml beaker and chopper attachment as well. Also with the great power, you get great control as well with its two-speed option. Lastly to make sure your hand blender can blend without fault Philips even offers a long 2-year warranty.

​Best Blender

Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender

But if you need a tool that helps ease your cooking without burning a large hole in your pocket then the Orpat HHB-1-E makes for a great pick. It has a 250-Watt motor that is more than sufficient for basic blending. It has only a single speed operation unlike the Philips dual speed but this makes it simple and hence more affordable. You also get a year's warranty with the product and given the price of around Rs.800 it makes for a great budget hand blender for your kitchen.

Without Beaker

You can get it on Amazon or Flipkart

With Beaker

You can get it on Amazon or Flipkart

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​Why Trust Us?

We started by perusing the best picks by other websites. We read up about each of these picks looking for what feature is missing and what is great about it. We then cross-referenced these with best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart to see if we could find any other hand blenders worthy of being selected.

​How we selected?

When we started having a glance through best picks on other websites we saw that each of them suggested almost a dozen best hand blenders. We felt this was a little too much and would easily confuse you more than simplifying it. So we took the best picks from other websites, looked at what people wanted in a hand blender and then picked the best ones from these. Next, we took all the best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart and added them to our existing list of the hand blender.

With a list of products, we started reading verified reviews to check for the product’s durability and the quality of the features offered. Finally, we narrowed the list down to two products. One that had a lot of power and better control over the blending while the other one was for budget-conscious users.

​Best Pick in detail

The white and Blue Philips hand blender


  • Powerful 600 Watt for quick blending and cutting

  • Convenient two-speed operation

  • 2-year warranty

  • Chopper attachment and Beaker provided


  • A little pricey

The white and mauve colored Philips HR1363 feels more at home in a Wall-E set than your kitchen. Hold on we are not implying that its not designed for your kitchen but it simply looks so cool almost like “EVE” from Wall-E. The fully curved shape makes it extremely ergonomic while using. The two-speed buttons are also round in shape and have a groove around them which makes locating them without looking very easy.

Using it is simple too, attach the chopper attachment if you need to chop vegetables or use a large bowl to whisk eggs or cream. However, we did find a lot of complaints regarding the size of the chopper bowl which was too small. But it is around 500ml which was more than some of the Vegetable Choppers we had reviewed previously like the one on the Black and Decker chopper which had a 350ml bowl. There is a useful beaker provided which even has volume marking and a useful lid so you can blend and store in the fridge directly. 

The motor on the blender is a powerful one and can blend and chop easily, Philips knows that running the motor at its max capacity will be an overkill for most applications hence they’ve given it two speeds. One is the default slower speed useful for most kitchen tasks while the “Turbo” speed makes it more capable for blending tougher ingredients.

Priced at around Rs.2,500 the Philips Hand Blender does not represent great value for money but it is one of the most powerful hand blenders in its class, comes with two useful accessories and is backed with a class leading 2-year warranty. 

The old school look: Orpat handblender


  • Value for money price

  • Decent power for most blending needs

  • 600 ml beaker option available

  • Stainless steel blade

  • 2 metre electric cord


  • Single speed only

  • No chopper attachment

With an all-white plastic shell the Orpat HHB-100E doesn't look as good as the Philips but is not here to win any beauty contests, it is a simple no-frills hand blender that doesn't cost a lot and works flawlessly. You have one button on the blender that serves as the on-off button and that is all you need to know before using the blender.

But features aside it has a solid stainless steel blade, a shroud to prevent splashing, decent capacity motor, easy to grip body and a long 2-meter cable. All these make it easy and convenient to use. There is a version with a 600 ml beaker also but there is sadly no chopper attachment like the Philips Hand Blender. The 250-watt motor was surprisingly not at all a deal breaker with people online, as most were very satisfied with the speed of blending. In fact, the Orpat blender is the best seller on Amazon.

But what makes the Orpat really worth it is the low price of around Rs.800 which is more than 1/3rd the price for the Philips. It also carries a 1-year product warranty and the low price bundled with the decent performance makes it the best hand blender in the budget category, easily.

​After Sales service

Philips offers a 2-year warranty on almost all its products including the Hand Blender. During your use, if you find any issues you have to take the product to any Philips Service Centre and they will either repair or replace it for you.

Orpat offers a standard 1-year warranty on its hand blender. For any issues, you have to take the product to one of their service centers for repair or replacement.

​Who is our best pick for?

The Hand Blender makes great sense if you do not want to use multiple utensils and want to simplify your cooking and cleaning tasks. Making soup puree, blending milkshakes and light chopping can all be achieved in one bowl only.

The Philips Blender with its 600 Watt power and dedicated chopping attachment, it makes chopping and blending faster and easier.

But if you have a smaller budget and are not too keen on heavy chopping than the Orpat blender makes more sense especially on the wallet.

​Final Thoughts

If you want a powerful blender with all the bells and whistles than the Philips 600 Watt hand blender makes for a great pick. It is fast, easy to use and more controllable.

But if you want something that is capable but doesn't cost much than the Orpat 250 Watt Hand Blender can become a useful tool for your kitchen.