Are you looking for a simpler, much safer way to cook at your home? Are you frustrated with the stupid lighter that doesn’t seem to ignite your gas stove properly? Well, now you can say goodbye to all your worries by choosing the best induction cooktop in India. 

An induction cooktop also referred to as an induction chulha, induction stove or an induction cooker is a small, efficient and much safer way of cooking compared to the conventional gas stove. But what all can we cook on an induction cooker? Isn’t it limited in its functionality? Of course, not.

When you have the best induction cooktop with you, you can boil water/ milk, make dosa/ chapati, make curry/ gravy, cook chicken/ vegetables and finally make rice as well. 

Buying the an induction cooktop is a difficult thing as the market is flooded with hundreds of different induction cookers from various brands like Bajaj, Preethi, Pigeon, Philips, Prestige, Inalsa and even Flipkart. The main aspects to look for when buying an induction cooker are power, controls and features. Read more about these in detail in our buying guide to the best induction cooktop in India. 

To help you find the best induction stove in the market we spent nearly 30 hours researching what each of the products in the market offer. This involved reading through customer reviews on Amazon and Flipkart. In addition to this, we read through the detailed research conducted by Consumer Voice - a group of academicians and professionals who have been spreading awareness about consumer rights since 1983.

Best induction cooktop in India

Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

Powerful and Durable induction cooktop

One of Philip’s best selling induction cooker models, the Philips HD4928/01 induction cooker has stood the test of time with its powerful performance, easy ergonomics and long durability.  

In terms of design, it is simple with clearly separated cooking and control areas. You have a well laid out and easy to read control panel with well-spaced buttons and clear lettering/ numbering. The power button is coloured red for easier detection while the others are black in colour. The buttons are feather touch in nature and are easy to click.

You have 2100 Watts of power at your disposal which is amongst the highest in the segment. This makes it very fast for cooking but Philips has added in some safety features too like auto-off and the cool touch ceramic top panel.

In terms of cooking menus, you have 6 presets like Roti, Gravy, Stir fry and more. Plus, you get full manual control in terms of temperature  (keep warm to 240 degrees Celsius) and time (0-3 hours). A thing to note is Philips calculates the manual mode as a menu preset so, in that regard, the preset menu (really only 5) isn’t as vast as its competitors.

The Philips induction cooker comes with a 1.2-metre cable which although does the job, should have been at least 1.5 metres based on what most others offer today.

The Philips HD4928/01 induction cooker comes with a 1-year warranty and you have to take the product to the service centre for repairs.

Users of the product praised it for its fuss-free working, quicking heating, durable body and easy usage. When you look at all the above, the Philips HD4928/01 induction cooker makes for a great induction cooktop for anyone who wants the best performance without worrying about the price.

Priced at around Rs.2,600, Philips induction cooktop may feel a bit expensive but when you factor in the thousands of positive reviews over the years, its powerful 2100W capacity and durable design, it's no less than the best induction cooktop in India.


  • Excellent performance due to 2100W of power

  • Easy to use feather-touch buttons

  • Durable build quality

  • Has full manual control


  • A little expensive

  • Preset menus are too little

  • The electric cord is only 1.2 metre

Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

Stylish, Premium and Powerful induction cooker

The Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 is an induction cooktop that has been around for a long time, just like its more affordable cousin featured above. But the key difference between them is the that the HD4938/01 comes with a more modern minimalistic design with touch controls and it looks as futuristic now as it did back then.

While induction cooktops have had that whiff of home appliance-like design element to it with those cylindrical feet and plasticky glass bodies, this Philips induction cooker is unique, to say the least.

It has a completely flat (almost bezel-less) induction base top. The sides too are not your regular design but have beautiful white feet that give the cooktop a raised design. We at Hometop are big fans of such design which break from the norm.

To control the induction stove you have a touch sensor based control panel which is required as the top is all glass. As it is touchscreen is are no actual buttons just marking draw around onto which you can tap to activate the option. A gold colour is chosen for the marking and fonts which is easy to read on that black background but there is no distinguishing colour for the power on/ off button.

In terms of performance, it is similar to our previous Philips best pick with 2100 watts of power which allows it to cook much faster and much better than other induction cookers.

Talking about cooking you have 10 preset menus (one is a manual mode) that are designed for the Indian style of cooking with options like slow cook, stir fry, deep fry and more.

The manual mode lets you control the temperature (up to 270 degrees Celsius), wattage (up to 2100W) and time (up to 3 hours). You also have a preset timing option where you can delay the heating for up to 24 hours.

This Philips induction cooker also comes with a 1.2-metre cable which is shorter than its competitors. But this induction cooker has a child lock option for safety along with a cool to touch top glass panel and an auto-shut off.

The Philips HD4928/01 induction cooker comes with a 1-year warranty and you have to take the product to the service centre for repairs.

The Philips HD4928/01 received favourable reviews for its fast cooking, stylish design and durability. This makes it a great induction cooktop for modern homes which require a well-built and stylish home appliance.

The Philips HD4928/01 is priced on the higher side at around Rs.3,600. The price is one of the reasons why it wasn’t the first in this list but keeping that aside, the stylish design, great performance and Philips’ durability makes this induction cooktop one of the best induction cooktop in India in the premium category.


  • Excellent performance due to 2100W of power

  • Gorgeous modern design

  • Has more preset menus than the previous best pick

  • Durable build quality

  • Has full manual control


  • Premium pricing

  • The electric cord is only 1.2 metre

  • Not everyone will like the touch control panel

Billion Full Glass XC125 2200W Induction Cooktop

Best budget induction cooker

The Billion Induction Cooktop by Flipkart offers a great package with stylish modern design, excellent controls and powerful performance.

This cooktop comes with an elegant all glass top which has built-in touch controls. The touch controls have minimalistic and legible fonts with big golden borders which make it easy to see and use. You also have an error code display that will display certain codes if the machine is overheating and will guide you to take preventive action like switching it off etc.

Rated at 2200W it is one of the most powerful cooktops which will make your cooking faster and easier than before.

Being designed in India and Made in India product it also has 10 India specific cooking modes like Dosa/Chapati, Curry, Pressure cook along with a fully adjustable manual mode. These cooking modes vary the temperature and time of cooking accordingly, you can also manually set the temperature/ watt and time to your liking.  

You have plenty of safety features such as overvoltage protection to protect its internal circuit and auto shutdown to save electricity. There is also a child lock feature, press the “+” and “-” button at the same time for 3 seconds to activate it.

The 1.5m power cord almost makes it easy to place in your kitchen without having to worry about short cables. Overall reviews of the product were positive with people liking the fast cooking time, the built quality, the low noise and the price. People also found the delivery and service also to be prompt.

The cooktop has a 2-year warranty which is more than any other cooktop and it also comes with doorstep service. You can call up Flipkart if you have any issues with the product and they will send a technician to your home to rectify the issue.

With its performance and low price, this is the best induction stove for bachelors, small families and people who want a powerful but affordable induction stove.

Despite being one of the most powerful cooktops the price is a cool Rs.2,099 which makes it one of the most affordable 2000+ Watt cooktops. With its design and performance, the Billion Cooktop is one of the best induction cooktop in India without a doubt.


  • Excellent performance due to 2200W of power

  • Gorgeous modern design

  • Has more preset menus than the previous best pick

  • Durable build quality

  • Has full manual control

  • Has a long 1.5-metre cord

  • Priced really well


  • Not everyone will like the touch control panel

Pigeon Favourite IC 1800 W Induction Cooktop

Affordable induction cooktop

Moving onto the budget side of the market we the Pigeon Favorite induction cooktop which costs almost half of what the Philips induction cooktops cost but do not lose out on a lot in terms of performance.

In terms of aesthetics, we admit that there is nothing that stands out but it does blend into the generic design language we see on budget home appliances. You get black plastic all over the cooktop, with feather touch buttons and a dotted pattern all over for some reason. The control panel has feather touch buttons and there is clear colour coding to help you distinguish between the functions.

Despite its low price you still get ample power, 1800 watts of power which is very close to what Philips offers in their induction stove. Most reviews we read through also talked about the quick heating of this machine despite the low price.

In terms of preset menus, you get seven preset menus like saute, curry, deep fry and more. The manual mode allows you to choose the time, temperature (up to 270 degrees Celsius) and wattage (up to 1800W).

Pigeon offers a crystal top plate for the induction cooker and a 1.3-metre cable. You also get a 1-year warranty on the product and you need to take it a Pigeon service centre for repairs.

Reviews of the Pigeon Favorite were favourable with people particularly liking its cost to performance ratio, the quick heating capacity and its lightweight with the only issues being the check quality plastic body and the durability being not as much as the Philips induction cooker.

The Pigeon Favorite is the best induction cooktop for bachelors or students staying in hostels who need an affordable but quick way of cooking their favourite food.

The Pigeon Favorite brings about a much-needed budget option to the market and is the best induction cooktop in India priced at a low Rs.1399 which is great considering its power and performance. It's not the most well built or the prettiest but with over 13000 reviews and a 4.1-star rating, it is the highest reviewed induction stove Flipkart has on offer.


  • Good performance with 1800W of power

  • Easy to use feather-touch buttons

  • Has more preset menus than the previous best picks

  • Has full manual control

  • Excellent pricing


  • Average built quality

  • Not the best design around

  • The electric cord is only 1.3 metre

  • Not the most durable induction stove

Flipkart SmartBuy Induction Cooktop

Best entry level induction cooktop

The Flipkart SmartBuy Induction Cooktop is another offering from Flipkart which for some reason is almost exactly the same in terms of features, design and pricing as the above-mentioned Pigeon induction cooktop.

The design is simple with feather touch buttons and a lot of colour in the buttons which looks a little messy, but it is still legible.

The induction cooker has 1800 watts of power and supports seven preset menus. There’s a dedicated manual mode to control the time, temperature and wattage. For safety, there’s the auto shut off option and also overheat protection. As we said before it identical to the Pigeon cooktop in almost every regard.

The reviews also had similar points to talk about with praises for its low price and ease of use but this induction cooktop had a few complaints about its slightly slower cooking speed.

With its low price and decent performance, this is an induction cooker for people who are strictly on a budget.

The Flipkart Smartbuy induction stove price of just Rs. 1425 makes it a great budget induction cooker option and it's set of features and easy usage it’s a great entry level pick for induction cooktops.


  • Decent performance with 1800W of power

  • Easy to use feather-touch buttons

  • Has more preset menus than the previous best picks

  • Has full manual control

  • Excellent pricing


  • Not the fastest induction cooker around

  • Average built quality

  • Not the best design around

  • The electric cord is only 1.3 metre

  • Not the most durable induction stove

Buying guide to the best induction cooktop in India

As we have said before an induction cooktop is an excellent way of cooking your food without the tension of fires as in a gas stove. But, if you are still confused as to why you must buy an induction cooktop over a gas stove, here are a few advantages they have over the latter.

  • Faster heating with more precision control over the temperature

  • No need for an external lighter

  • No open flame hence much safer for new users too

  • Various preset cooking options make controlling it easy

  • Takes up very little space on your kitchen counter

  • Utensils are placed flat on the induction cooktop

But being a newer technology there are some drawbacks as well when compared to traditional gas stoves.

  • You must use flat base carbon steel, cast iron and stainless steel else the induction cooker doesn’t work

  • There are no dedicated spill channels and hence milk spills will fall on the machine itself

  • Most induction cooktops allow only a single utensil to work at a single time hence they are more constrained than the two burner or three burner gas stoves

  • They are priced pretty high and can cost around the same as a two-burner or three-burner gas stove

Once you have understood what you can expect from an induction cooktop, here are some things to look for before buying the best induction cooktop.

1) Power (Wattage)

The Wattage of an induction cooktop depicts how much power it consumes and how quickly it can heat up. Usually, a higher wattage induction cooktop will heat much faster and much better. Make sure you pick a minimum wattage of 1500W when buying your induction cooktop.

2) Controls and Ergonomics

Given that the induction cooker has to be used by you for your daily cooking it is important that you check what type of controls are given on it. The latest induction cooktops use a touch-based control to simulate smartphones, but a few have feather touch buttons that give better feedback.

Keep this into account before you buy as you will need to use the induction cooker daily. Also, pay attention to the legibility of the fonts on the display and menus.

3) Preset menu

This is a list of set options (menu) for some of the most common dishes that can be prepared/ heated on the induction cooker. The preset menus are predetermined options with set temperature and time so you do not have to manually adjust anything on the induction cooker.

4) Features

Features have always been an important thing to consider when buying any product from a smartphone to a television, a refrigerator to a pressure cooker and the same is true when it comes to buying the best induction stove. Here are some of the features you can take a look at:

  • Automatic safety shut-off: This feature turns off the machine if it detects no appliance placed on the induction cooktop base

  • Scratch proof toughened glass: As the name suggests its a toughened scratch proof glass top for added safety

  • Child lock: This is a feature that lets you lock the control panel to prevent your child from tinkering with the settings. However, we strongly request you to make sure you keep your child away from an induction cooker as the child lock feature will only disable the control panel, while your child can still touch the extremely hot utensils on the cooktop which can cause more damage.

  • Whistle counter: One standout feature we saw was whistle counter on the Prestige Induction cookers that counts the whistles of a pressure cooker, this is helpful for people who have a hard time keeping track of the cooker whistles.

  • Electric cord length: This is an aspect that we often forget about. Having a long cable is very helpful as some people have high mounted switchboards.

Now that you know how to pick the best induction cooktop in India here are a few tips to keep your machine running without any issues:

  • You should only use utensils with induction base with the cooktop

  • You can use utensils with a maximum base diameter of 20 cms

  • The cooktop can take weights of up to 5kg which basically means a 5kg cooker with contents.

  • Use only a cloth to wipe the induction cooktop and don't wash the cooktop

  • If in case the cooktop shows an error code, turn it off and wait for a few minutes. This happens when the cooktop is overheated because of continuous use and needs to cool down.

Still, have some doubts about the best induction cooktops? Check out the FAQs section below.


  • Does it work with a regular plug point? 
    The induction cookers have a 5A/10A plug points while a few do come with 15A plugs

  • Can we boil milk?
    Yes, you can boil milk on an induction cooker.
  • Can it work with a laptop USB?
    No, it works off the mains plug 5A/10A depending on the product

  • Can we make chapati on the cooktop?
    Yes, you can

  • Touchscreen or button based?
    Our top picks have a mix of feather touch buttons and touch-based UI

  • What type of utensils can we use?
    Technically you need to use flat bottom utensils or induction base utensils (any material) with an induction cooktop

  • Does it have voice-control​
    No, they have a touch-based UI only

  • The fan is on even after the induction cooktop is off?
    Once cooking is done and if you hear a fan is on, keep the machine on till the fan stops and then turn it off. The fan comes on to cool the internals and is normal.
  • What are the beeping sounds the machine makes?

    You will hear a continuous beeping sound if there is no utensil on the cooktop, it stops beeping if you place a utensil or if the machine shuts down it detects no utensil for a long time. 

Final thoughts

Induction cookers are a helpful tool for your kitchen needs and finding the best induction cooktop is always a difficult task.

The Philips HD4928/01 was chosen as the best induction stove for its great performance, stylish design and durable build quality. These factors along with the dependability of the Philips brand makes this product the best induction cooktop in India.

Specced very similar to the Philips HD4928/01 but with a much better design, is the Philips HD4938/01 which performs almost the same but feels more premium and another great pick.

The Billion induction cooker is great for fast cooking and is also great value for money at Rs.2199. It is also backed by a 2-year warranty with doorstep service. Not a lot of cooktops can beat it at this price.

Pigeon’s Favourite induction cooker is an excellent offering in the budget segment with good performance, fast heating and an easy to use user interface. Buy it if you are not too sure about putting down your money on the more expensive induction cooktops.

Finally, we have the Flipkart SmartBuy induction cooker which like the Pigeon induction cooker is built for affordability but doesn’t skimp on a whole lot. Like the above pick, choose this one if you are on a tight budget otherwise go for the more durable Philips induction cooktops.

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding buying the best induction cooktop in India? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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