There are a whole bunch of induction cooktops in the market from Preeti to Prestige each offering a similar set of features. While on the surface they look similar, digging deeper we found a lot of difference between each of these products. To help you find the best induction cooker in the market we spent a day researching what each of the products in the market offer. In addition to this, we read through the detailed research conducted by Consumer Voice - a group of academicians and professionals who have been spreading awareness about consumer rights since 1983.

Best Pick

Billion Full Glass XC125 2200W Induction Cooktop

With a premium glass body and a powerful 2200W capacity the Billion Cooktop is a great addition to you kitchen. Despite the great features and performance it doesn't quite break your bank and is in fact one of the most affordable 2000W+ cooktops, the deal is further sweetened by a class leading 2 year warranty with door step service.

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Why Trust Us?

To find the best induction cooker we spent a day going through the top home appliances review websites to look for what is important in an induction cooker. We looked at articles from Bijlibachao to even a detailed testing report by Consumer Voice.

Finally, we read through many customer reviews of different products to see how each product performs.

How we selected?

As the main task of an induction cooker is to cook/heat food we wanted to only pick the products that can cook really well and fast. While reading the in-depth review of Induction cooktops on Consumer Voice we saw that their best-performing products were the ones with power of 2000W or more. So during our selection, we picked only 2000W+ induction cooktops. This helped remove a lot of cooktops that aren’t really great at cooking well.

Next we started looking at features that are present in the induction cooktops. We found a whole lot of different features depending on the brand so we seperated what was useful and features that were not so useful. A few useful features were Auto Shutdown which turns off the machine if there is not utensils, Over Voltage protection is as the name suggests a safety feature to prevent the internals from burning during overvoltage. Now these two features are present by default on almost all the induction cooktops so you don't have to look out for them. Then there are features like Child Lock, Keep Warm, 10/15 cooking modes etc. about which you have to be smart and understand if they will actually help you. Child Lock simply locks the control panel, Keep Warm is basically a longer duration heating mode then there are cooking modes which are always present in all induction cookers so don't get fooled by cooktops that have a whole lot of cooking modes. Child Lock and Keep warm are also present on most cooktop so you don't have to look out for them. One standout feature we saw was whistle counter on the Prestige Induction cookers that counts the whistles of a pressure cooker, this is helpful for people who have a hard time keeping track of the cooker whistles. So after going through features of each products we decided to stick to specifications that matter like power, cord length, warranty etc.

Our next criteria was the length of electric cord, so we picked only products that had 1.5m or longer cords. This was because electric cords less than 1.5m will cause inconvenience in kitchens.

While shortlisting we also say many queries regarding the maximum diameter of utensil you can use on an induction cooktop along with the maximum weight it can carry. For the shortlisted products we found that utensils with a max diameter of 20cm and weight upto 5 kgs can fit on most of the induction cooktops. So we did not use diameter and weight as a selection criteria

With all criterias considered, we were left with a the following products:

  • Prestige PIC 3.1 v3 Induction Cooktop 
  • Pigeon Rapido Slim Induction Cooktop
  • Billion FullGlass XC125 2200W Induction Cooktop

Best Pick in detail

Designed with Black and Gold, Bilion Full Glass cooktop

The Billion Induction Cooktop by Flipkart comes with an elegant all glass top which has built-in touch controls. The touch controls have minimalistic and legible fonts with big golden borders which make it easy to see and use.

Being a designed in India and Made in India product it also has 10 India specific cooking modes like Dosa/Chapati, Curry, Pressure cook along with a fully adjustable manual mode. These cooking modes vary the temperature and time of cooking accordingly, you can also manually set the temperature/ watt and time to your liking.  

Rated at 2200W it is one of the most powerful cooktops which will make your cooking faster and easier than before. Also, induction cooktops bring significant savings over using a gas stove. They are also much safer as there is no open flame to worry about. You also have useful safety and power saving feature slike over voltage protection and auto shutdown. You also have error code display that will display certain codes if the machine is overheating and will guide you to take preventive action like switching it off etc. The machine by itself weighs only 2.33 kgs so you can actually carry it in your bag if you travel a lot and need something to cook with.

Being an electrical appliance there are a few safety features such as overvoltage protection to protect its internal circuit and auto shutdown to save electricity. There is also a child lock feature, press the “+” and “-” button at the same time for 3 seconds to activate it. However, we strongly request you to make sure you keep your child away from an induction cooker as the child lock feature will only disable the control panel, while your child can still touch the extremely hot utensils on the cooktop which can cause more damage.

The 1.5m power cord almost makes it easy to place in your kitchen without having to worry about short cables.

Overall reviews of the product were positive with people liking the fast cooking time, the built quality, the low noise and the price. People also found the delivery and service also to be prompt.

Despite being one of the most powerful cooktops the price is a cool Rs.2,199 which makes it one of the most affordable 2000+ Watt cooktops.

The cooktop has a 2-year warranty which is more than any other cooktop and it also comes with door step service. You can call up Flipkart if you have any issues with the product and they will send a technician to your home to rectify the issue. 


  • You should only use utensils with induction base with the cooktop

  • You can use utensils with a maximum base diameter of 20 cms

  • The cooktop can take weights of up to 5kg which basically means a 5kg cooker with contents.

  • Use only a cloth to wipe the induction cooktop and don't wash the cooktop

  • If in case the cooktop shows an error code, turn it off and wait for a few minutes. This happens when the cooktop is overheated because of continuous use and needs to cool down.

  • After Sales Service

    The Billion Cooktop comes with a class leading 2 year warranty which is much more than what Prestige and Pigeon offer. But what's really good is unlike Prestige and Pigeon where you have to take the product to a local dealer or service centre for repairs, Flipkart will actually send over a service engineer if required. This is actually quite helpful as you don't have to go around searching for a nearby service centre with the product and then go back again to pick it once it's fixed, it just gets fixed at your doorstep. 

    ​What can you do with an induction cooker?

    Think of the induction cooker as a smaller, cleaner, efficient and much safer way of cooking compared to the conventional gas cylinder and stove. So you can actually do the same things that you did on the conventional stove:

    • Boil water/milk
    • Make dosa/chapati
    • Make curry/gravy
    • Cook chicken/vegetables
    • Make rice

    Basically, you can do almost everything you do on a conventional stove but you need to have induction base compatible utensils.

    Is Induction cooker faster and cheaper than cooking gas?

    Consumers Voice conducted a detailed research where they put induction cookers from 12 different brands to test and compared it with a conventional gas-based system. Their findings were as follows:

    • The average time taken by the inductions cookers to boil 1 litre of water was 3.31 minutes compared to 5.36 minutes taken by the gas stove. Do note the scores are taken as an average of  the best and worst performing induction cookers so the induction cooker is still a faster machine. 
    • As for costs, the average cost per day if we use the induction cooker for 10 times comes to about Rs.6.78 while a gas stove costs Rs.6.76. Do note the scores are taken as an average of the best and worst performing induction cookers so the induction cooker is still cheaper to operate.

    But apart from the cooking time and costs you also have to look at the convenience of the induction cooker there is no open flame, they are much easier to operate for experienced as well as inexperienced people, they take up much less space on the kitchen floor and are portable. However, you will need to spend on induction base utensils.

    Who is our Best Pick for?

    With its single base that lets you cook only one thing at one time, induction cookers are useful for people who either don't want a gas cylinder + stove combo, like a hostel dweller or a bachelor or for people who want a quick secondary option in their kitchen for when the gas cylinder runs out. Our Best Pick the Billion Cooktop with its 2200W power is one of the most powerful cooktops and can cook really fast, in fact it is must faster than Gas cooking. Billion claims their cooktop even cooks 25% faster than a conventional gas stove and can boil water 20% faster. Also the dedicated cooking modes mean's new users will not have to face much difficulty while cooking. To sum up while cooktops can cook food much faster than gas stoves and are easy to use for newbies and experienced users their single base means you may not want to use it as the only cooking device in your house.

    Induction Cooktops that didn't make it

    Pigeon Rapido Slim Induction Cooktop

    Simply designed, Pegeon's slim cooktop

    The Pigeon cooktop has 2100W of power, similar touch controls as both the Billion and Prestige induction cooktops but is priced much higher than the billion cooktop. It also did not have any unique features like the Auto Whistle counter like the Prestige cooktop to justify its price. It also comes with just a years warranty and no door step service like the Billion cooktop. We found many complain online regarding poor response and slow service at service centres . 

    Prestige PIC 3.1 v3 Induction Cooktop

    Prestige's Cooktop

    With a more generic looking design, the Prestige PIC 3.1 v3  has lesser power than the Billion at 2000W power. Like the Billion cooktop, the Prestige too has Indian specific modes for cooking along with a very useful whistle counter, that counts the whistles of the Pressure cooker so you don't have to keep a count. However, the high price tag of Rs.2,600 and only a years warranty means we had to cut some points off it. Also for service you have to take the cooktop to a local service center or dealer to get it fixed, we prefer the doorstep service offered by Flipkart on the Billion cooktop. 


    • Regular plug point?
      The induction cookers have a 5A/10A plug points while a few do come with 15A plugs
    • Can we boil milk?
      Yes, you can boil milk on an induction cooker. Look at our “What can you do on an Induction Cooker” to know more. 
    • Can it work with laptop USB?
      No, it works off the mains plug 5A/10A depending on the product
    • Can we make chapati?
      Yes, you can
    • The diameter of the pan?
      The Billion and Pigeon can take up to 20 cm in diameter while the Prestige can take 26cm diameter pans. 
    • Touchscreen or button based?
      Our top picks have touch-based UI, while a few products do get button-based UI
    • What type of utensils can we use?
       Technically you need to use flat bottom utensils (Steel) or induction base utensils (Any material) with an induction cooktop
    • Does it have voice-control?
      No, they have a touch based based UI only
    • The fan is on even after machine is off?
      Once cooking is done and if you hear a fan is on, keep the machine on till the fan stops and then turn it off. The fan comes on to cool the internals and is normal. 
    • What are the beeping sounds the machine makes?
      You will hear a continuous beeping sound if there is no utensil on the cooktop, it stops beeping if you place a utensil or if the machine shuts down it detect no utensil for a long time. 

    Final thoughts

    Induction cookers are a helpful tool for your kitchen needs and finding the best one is always a difficult task. With our extensive research, we have found that the Billion induction cooker (2200W) is great for fast cooking and is also great value for money at Rs.2199. It is also backed by a 2-year warranty with doorstep service. Not a lot of cooktops can beat this at this price.