Power cuts during summer are almost a given everywhere and bearing the dry heat can be strenuous on all. What if you could solve it all with the right inverter and the best inverter battery to go with it?

Inverters are a must in every household and how long your inverter is able to power your home appliances is determined by the capacity of your inverter battery. But don't inverters have a built-in battery, like a UPS? Why should buy another battery with it then?

Well, unlike a computer UPS which is a compact device, an inverter is designed for larger loads that can power more powerful home appliances like a refrigerator, television and more. That's why the actual inverter itself has just the conversion and charging circuitry and hence the battery needs to be kept exterior to it.

Before you buy yourself the best inverter battery, here are a few things to look for. Start with the battery technology so that you can pick one that fits your budget. Next, calculate the power requirement of all the home appliances that you want running during a power cut. To know more about this check the dedicated buying guide to the best inverter battery at the end. Make sure you also read up the buying guide to the best inverter in India.

To find the best inverter battery for you we read through multiple customer reviews on Amazon and Flipkart while also checking up various inverter battery manufacturer pages for any recent developments in the field. 

Best inverter battery

Amaron Current AAM-TT Inverter battery

Affordable, powerful and maintenance free

Amaron has done very well in the automotive battery segment with their “ Lasts long, really long” tagline for their maintenance free batteries. With the Amaron Current series of batteries, they have got the same formula to the inverter battery segment.

Designed to make its usage hassle and maintenance free, Amaron uses high heat resistant Calcium/ modified Hybrid alloy for the grids. Being fully sealed these batteries are resistant to leaks and can survive the hot summers of India with relative ease.

It too comes with an electrolyte level indicator and is vibration resistant as well. Amaron’s inverter battery is available in many capacities, but these are the ones we prefer:

  • 100Ah (Short type): L x W x H : 51cm x 24.8cm x 21.1cm

  • 150Ah (Tall type): 50 cm x 19 cm x 40 cm

  • 200Ah (Tall type): 50 cm x 19 cm x 40 cm

Amaron offers a 48-month warranty and with its maintenance-free nature, this battery makes great sense for people who want the best inverter battery in the market and also for people who are too busy to perform regular maintenance of their battery.

Priced at around Rs.11000 for the 150Ah model, the Amaron Current with its no maintenance usage and compact sizes is undoubtedly one of the best inverter battery in India.


  • Well-priced for the features

  • Maintenance free usage makes it great

  • Multiple capacities available

  • Longest 48-month warranty

  • Takes up less space as well

  • Charges quickly too


  • 100Ah and 200Ah models not easily available on Amazon/ Flipkart

Luminous Redcharge Tubular Inverter Battery

Tubular technology and low maintenance

One of the best sellers in the Luminous range of battery for inverter, the Luminous RedCharge comes in multiple sizes and capacity. There are tall and short versions of it with different capacities like 120Ah, 150Ah and 200Ah.

The RedCharge inverter battery is a tubular type battery and uses a patented alloy composition that is corrosion resistant. The battery also plays well with overcharging and can charge fast as well. This inverter is also leakproof, heat resistant and requires low maintenance.  

While it comes in many capacities here are the four we recommend along with their dimensions:

  • 120Ah (Short type): L x W x H : 50.5cm x 30.8cm x 22cm, 38.4 kgs

  • 150Ah (Short type): 50.5cm x 30.8cm x 22cm, 42.3 kgs

  • 150Ah (Tall type): 52 cm x 23 cm x 32 cm, 53.3 kgs

  • 200Ah (Tall type): 50.2cm x 19.2cm x 44cm, 59 kgs

All three inverter batteries have a charge indicator along with electrolyte Level Indicator and the battery can charge at a max of 15A (@ 12V).

The large capacity, decent charging speed and price along with the long 36-month warranty make this an excellent inverter battery for home use.

Priced at Rs.9999, 10999,13999 for the 120, 150 and 200Ah capacities respectively, the Luminous offers one of the best inverter battery in the segment with great performance, long warranty and good reliability.


  • Good price

  • Multiple capacities available

  • Has a long 36-month warranty

  • Charge and electrolyte level indicator

  • Shockproof, leak-proof and Heat resistant

  • Has fast 15A charging


  • Not a zero maintenance battery

Exide Insta Brite Flat Plate Inverter Battery

Good priced inverter battery with long warranty

Priced and specced similar to the Luminous is the Exide Insta Brite inverter battery for home usage.

This is a flat plate type battery and uses a Special hybrid alloy system to reduce failure and reduce water loss. The flat plate technology does make it older than the other two but its performance is still good for the price. Plus it is spill-proof, Fume and leak resistant and requires low maintenance. There's also a float/ float guide to indicate electrolyte level.

The 150Ah version of the battery is sized at 50.8 x 22.2 x 25.7 cm and weighs around 41kgs. Exide offers a 36-month warranty with this inverter battery.

With its performance, capacity and prices it's close to what the Luminous inverter battery offers and hence is for people looking for a good budget inverter battery.

This inverter battery price starts at around Rs. 11000 for the 150Ah model and like the Amaron one, the 150Ah capacity is the only one available on Amazon. But despite that it's good pricing, long warranty and good performance make it a great contender for the best inverter battery in India.  


  • Good price

  • Multiple capacities available

  • Has a long 36-month warranty

  • Charge and electrolyte level indicator

  • Shockproof, leak-proof and Heat resistant


  • Not a zero maintenance battery

  • 100Ah and 200Ah models not easily available on Amazon/ Flipkart

  • Uses the older flat plate battery technology

Buying Guide to the best inverter battery

When you are out to buy a new inverter, apart from the inverter itself the main part to look for is the inverter battery. This is because the inverter battery will determine how long you can run your home appliances for. And the specification that determines this is the battery capacity which is measured in Ampere Hour (Ah).

Before you pick which capacity of inverter battery to go for, here are a few quick calculations which will come handy to help you buy better.

Home appliances as we know consume a certain among of power (measured in watts (W)), for example, a basic computer can consume around 250 Watts, a television takes around 120 Watts, a ceiling fan around 80 Watts and so on.

Now you have to start your calculations by adding up the wattage of all the appliances you want to be turned on during a power cut. Assume two ceiling fans (160 watts), two tube lights (80 Watts), a television (120 watts) and a computer (250 watts). This gives you a total of 610 Watts which we can consider as an average load for most households (during a power cut and power requirement for two rooms).

Once you get the total power requirement, next you must determine for how long you want the appliances to run (in hours). So our calculation is as follows.

Total Power Requirement (P) = 610W

The time required (T) = 2 hours (assume you want the inverter to power your home for two hours)

Therefore, the battery capacity needed (BC) = 610W x 2 hours = ? Wh

But as we said earlier, the battery capacity needed is in Ah nor Wh, So we need to convert the Watts into Amperes by using the formula,  

Power (W) = Voltage (V) x Current (A)

Therefore, Current (A) = Power (W) / Voltage (V)

Current (A) = 610W/ 12V = 50A

Therefore, the inverter battery capacity needed (BC)  = (610 W / 12V) x 2 hours = 101.67 Ah

This shows that you will need a 120Ah battery to run your home for 2 hours. similarly depending on your load you get batteries of 100Ah, 150Ah, 220Ah. Always make sure to pick a battery capacity that is slightly more than your usage.

Also remember to pick the appliances you want to run on your inverter carefully, large appliances like an air conditioner or refrigerator

The next thing to look for is the type of battery as follows:

  • Flat plate inverter battery: The older generation battery technology, needs the most maintenance, more regular water top ups, more ventilation but weighs less and is priced really affordable. But their low life of around 3 years has pushed people towards tubular batteries. An example of this is the Exide Insta Brite inverter battery we have recommended above. 

  • Tubular inverter battery: Boasting long life of up to 5 years, tubular batteries require lesser maintenance than flat plate batteries, but weight more than them. Tubular batteries are the most popular type of inverter battery around due to their pricing and range of brands available like Amaron, Exide, Luminous, Su-Kam. An example of this is the Luminous RedCharge inverter battery we have recommended.

  • Maintenance free inverter battery: The latest generation of batteries require low maintenance, have better safety, require no ventilation and last for 3-4 years. You can find MF batteries from Luminous which star upwards of Rs.10000. The Amazon Current inverter battery is a good example of a maintenance-free battery that we recommended above. 

Once you have got yourself an inverter and a sizeable inverter battery to go with it here are a few tips to ensure the long life of your devices:

  • Follow the maintenance guidelines strictly, this includes topping up/ replacing the distilled water at regular intervals. Some inverters themselves keep track of the water levels and informs you when the levels are low

  • Make sure the load on your inverter is lower than the capacity of it, otherwise your appliances will simply not run.

  • Do not disconnect the battery when the inverter is running

Still, having doubts on what to look for in the best inverter battery? Check the FAQs section below.


  • Can I use it for 650Kva, 800Kva, 900Kva, 1100Kva, 2 kva inverter?
    Make sure the battery capacity nearly matches the inverter specifications, do not buy a very powerful inverter and feed it with a small 50Ah or 100Ah battery. Check our best inverter in India article to know more.

  • Is it delivered to my place?
    Make sure you clearly enter your pin code before buying as sometimes batteries are not delivered to some places due to their design. Alternatively, you can just pop into your local inverter battery shop.

  • Do you take the old battery?
    Yes, companies do offer an exchange offer, but only in some cities. Usually, you will have to contact the Amazon/ Flipkart directly to know more.

  • What is the warranty? And what is a pro-rated warranty?
    The warranties offered are as follows:

    Amaron: 0-36 Months Free + 37-48 Months pro-rated warranty

    Luminous: 0-18 Months Free + 19-36 Months pro-rated warranty

    Exide: 0-18 Months Free + 19-36 Months pro-rated warranty

    The pro-rated warranty is a period of warranty during which if the battery falters, the company will offer you a new battery at a discounted price (not free)

  • How many appliances can the battery run?
    How many appliances you can run and for how long depends on the capacity of the battery and the power consumption of those devices. Check the buying guide above to know more.

  • What is an inverter trolley?

    An inverter trolley is a basic stand with wheels wherein you can mount your batteries and the inverter for easy movement. 

Final Thoughts

Buying an inverter battery online can be quite a task in itself, it's not just the inverter battery price that differs, but also the different types of technologies: flat plate, tubular and maintenance free. It’s further complicated by the “ inverter with battery combo offers” But we did all the research so you do not have to go through the misery and came up with a simple buying guide and three best picks that fit most budgets and house requirements.

If you need the best inverter battery with no compromise, no maintenance, excellent price to performance then what you need is the Amaron Current inverter battery. Available in 100Ah, 150Ah and 200Ah capacities, this battery is excellent for home use and works well with most inverters.

Next up is the more traditional Luminous RedCharge inverter battery which is more easily available but needs a bit of maintenance, but its good performance and low price make it another good reason to buy it in case the Amaron isn’t available.

Exide Insta Brite battery is similar in performance and price to the Luminous battery and with multiple capacities available it makes for another good option to the best inverter battery list. 

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product. Still, have a doubt about buying the best inverter battery? or about Any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with it.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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