Summer, a season that we all dread due to the immense amount of heat, sweat and power cuts. What if you could stay cold in the comfort of your home even when there is a power cut? We are talking about using an inverter and in this article, we shall help you find you nothing but the best inverter in India.

An inverter works just like the UPS of your computer or like the powerbank of your smartphone, only it can power appliances a lot bigger and for much longer. But don't appliances make a lot of noise and consume more power when used with an inverter? Of course, not.

The appliances making a sound and other such issues were common on the older square wave inverters, but with modern sine wave inverters, you can relax and safely buy what is simply the best inverter in India. 

Before you get into the market to find the best inverter for your home you must look at the capacity of the inverter and the inverter battery for your home. This needs a wee bit of calculations but we have made it easy for you, just check the buying guide to the best inverter in India at the end to know more details.

To find the best inverter for your home, we read through hundreds of verified customer reviews on Amazon and Flipkart. We also surfed through multiple review websites to understand inverter and inverter battery technologies, battery capacity calculations and more.

Best inverter in India

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter

Best inverter in India

With its compact form factor, useful readout display, and powerful performance, the Luminous Zelio+ 1100 is easily the best inverter for home usage.

Unlike the drab inverters of yesteryears, the Zelio+ uses a stylish dual tone navy blue body and a thoughtfully positioned display. The display shows the Power back-up and battery charging time in Hours and Minutes and also has icons to notify you of its connected status, water top up warning and more.

In terms of specifications, it has a capacity of 900VA (Rated at up to 756W), it works with a single 12V battery only but takes any type of battery like VRLA, Tubular, Flat Plate.

It's special 32 bit DSP Processor and pure sine wave technology allows it to work with sensitive equipment without any issues of fluctuation, noise or overconsumption. This allows it to be used for appliances like tube lights, ceiling fans, televisions as well as computers.

Convenience at your fingertips

Luminous also has a wifi-enabled model of the Zelio which allows you to control and monitor the inverter status like the remaining battery charge, battery health, backup time available all from the convenience of your smartphone. It still keeps the useful readout display on the inverter too just as a backup. This model is available at a premium of Rs.1000 over the regular non-wifi enabled inverter model. This particular model is surely the best inverter in India for modern houses.

It supports a maximum charging of up to 15A @12V (fast charging). For safety you have precautionary additions like Deep Discharge, MCB, Overload, Shortcircuit. There is even a bypass inverter switch in case the connection goes faulty.

Making connections simpler

The dimensions of this product are (L x W x H) 28 x 24 x 12 cm and it weighs 11 kgs. Luminous offers a 2-year warranty on the product.

The Luminous Zelio+ 1100 was, in fact, the highest rated and reviewed inverter on Amazon and Flipkart making it the best inverter online, with people praising it for its price, performance, low noise (from the fan) and efficient cooling (of the internals).

Priced at around Rs.4699, the Luminous Zelio+ 1100 (900VA model) is also available in a 1500VA model as well for around Rs. 7500. The larger model supports two batteries for use in homes with larger appliances. The smaller model is great for most people who want the best inverter in India.

Luminous also offers a combo of the inverter with battery and also one with the inverter trolley bundled. This inverter with battery for home combo comes at the best price and saves you time from having to buy the things separately. But if you want the best inverter battery to go along with your best inverter, check out our best inverter battery article for more details.

The Luminous Zelio+ 1100 then makes a great case as one of the best inverter in India due to its sleek design, useful display, great performance for most homes and a good price.


  • Well designed

  • The display shows a lot of useful data

  • 900VA capacity good for most users

  • 2-year warranty

  • Wifi enable model is cool


  • Takes only a single battery

  • Little more expensive than the competition

Microtek UPS SEBz 1100 Inverter

Budget inverter for your home

Microtek’s pure sine wave inverter isn’t quite in the same league as the Luminous Zelio+ in terms of design but with its price and performance, it is one of the largest selling inverter series in the market.

With a dull beige-white shell and icon/ led based display, the SEBz inverter doesn’t really turn heads, but the simple design is what makes it more affordable. The led lights show the current status of charging, battery low warning, overload and power status. There's no remaining time status as in the Luminous Zelio+.

Now for some numbers, the Microtek inverter has a 950VA capacity (760 Watts), works with a single 12V battery and is based on the pure sine wave technology. Charging takes place at up to 10A, with a fast charging option that boosts it to 15A.

Microtek’s ace technology on board is the Intelli Pure Sinewave Technology abbreviated as IPS which is designed to make inverter operate with low noise and maximum efficiency to ensure long battery backup. For safety, you have Battery Deep Discharge and Over Charge Protection to prevent any damage to the battery.

The Microtek inverter dimensions are (L x W x H) 45.1cms x 42.5cms x 21.4cms and it weighs in at 11.5kg. A 2-year warranty is also offered on this inverter.

The Microtek inverter too had good reviews and ratings on Amazon and Flipkart with customers being satisfied with its performance and price with the only real complaint being the slight humming noise during operation.

Priced at around Rs.4399, the Microtek inverter is a great budget offering in the inverter for home space. There is an 800VA version as well called the Luminous UPS-900EB which costs around Rs. 3149. This makes it a great budget inverter for families with few appliances or for someone looking for the best inverter on a budget.

Due to its lower price and good performance, the Microtek SEBz 1100 is easily one of the best inverter in India in the budget category.


  • 900VA capacity good for most users

  • 2-year warranty

  • Simple, functional design

  • Great value for money


  • Takes only a single battery

  • Doesn’t have a proper digital display

Microtek UPS 24x7 HB 1125V2 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

SImple and rugged design

The Microtek UPS HB 1125VA is another great pick for best inverter in India with its low price, powerful performance and useful features.

With its rugged texturised front panel, this Microtek UPS/ Inverter looks solid. While it lacks a true digital display, it makes do with graphical lights to show you all the important data regarding the inverter.

With a capacity of 1125VA (or 900W), the Microtek inverter works with both Tubular and Flat Plate Battery type and has a Battery type Selection Switch. Being a smaller capacity inverter, it works with only a single 12V battery but can take a vast range of capacities. There’s two levels of charging as well, standard at 10A and fast charging at 14A.

Some features it has are Intelligent Battery Gravity Management for better control over the batteries discharge and charging to ensure longer life. There is an In-Built Bypass Switch in case the inverter is damaged. You also get Automatic Trickle Mode Charging which keeps the charge cycles under control. Also being a pure sine wave inverter the inverter runs without any noise from the appliances.  

The dimensions of this product are 38.1 x 35.6 x 20.3 cm and it weighs 11.4 kgs. Microtek offers a two-year warranty on this invertor.

With its low price and great reviews from customers praising its quality, durability and performance, the Microtek is great for people who are looking for a 1100Va+ capacity invertor on a budget.

Priced at Rs.4400, the Microtek 1125VA inverter is easily one of the best inverter in India in the budget category.


  • Great price to capacity ratio

  • Durable product

  • 2-year warranty

  • Works with most batteries


  • Takes only a single battery

  • Doesn’t have a proper digital display

Luminous Zolt 1100 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Stylish design, great performance

The Luminous Zolt offers a more budget package over the Zelio+ inverter and while it does cut costs, there are not many corners cut.

Designed to look a bit more tough with those horizontal grooves and a centrally positional digital display, the Zolt inverter surely does look cool in blue. The display is still feature-rich and shows you all warnings as well as the inverter battery remaining time which is very helpful.

The Luminous Zolt inverter has a capacity of 900VA (or 756W) and supports single (12V) batteries of Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA  types. The inverter also supports fast charging up to 15A.

Features include a Safety Alarm to warn you in case of a short circuit along with a Bypass switch. You also get an Eco Mode to reduce battery usage along with a UPS mode to provide smooth, uninterrupted power supply to sensitive equipment like computers.

There also the special 32 bit DSP Processor and pure sine wave technology allows it to work with sensitive equipment without any issues of fluctuation, noise or overconsumption. This allows it to be used for appliances like tube lights, ceiling fans, televisions as well as computers.

The Luminous Zolt measures in at (L x W x H) 30cms x 15 cms x 20cms and weighs 10kgs. Luminous gives you a two-year warranty on the product.

The Zolt inverter too had very good reviews from customers for the cool design, the genuinely useful digital display, the host of safety features. The only real complaint was the higher noise level during regular operation.

With a slightly lower price tag and good quality, the Luminous Zolt 900VA inverter is a great inverter for someone looking for a new inverter for their home.

Priced at around Rs. 4700, the Luminous Zolt offers good performance, decent capacity and great features which is why it deserves a list in the list for the best inverter in India.


  • Well designed

  • The display shows a lot of useful data

  • 900VA capacity good for most users

  • 2-year warranty


  • Takes only a single battery

  • Little more expensive than the competition

  • A little noisier when compared to the rest

Buying Guide to the best inverter in India

An inverter is a wonderful home appliance that can save electricity into a battery (DC) and then convert it into usable current (AC) to run most home appliances. When buying an inverter these are the things you must look for:

Types of inverter

Sqaure wave, modified sinewave and pure sine wave inverters

Based on the shape of the output waveform, inverters are classified into three types:

Square Wave inverter: The most basic and affordable type of inverter, outputs a square waveform which doesn’t play well with most types of home appliances, as they can give out a noise, get heated up or even be damaged during use. Most electric motors, bulbs work with square wave inverters, but they will heat up and consume more power.

Modified Sine Wave inverter: Designed to roughly simulate the pure sinusoidal waveform of the pure sine wave inverters, these inverters are priced much lower than sine wave inverters. These too have the same limitations as square wave inverters as they too have issues working with televisions, computers and so on.

Pure Sine Wave inverter: Offers the smoothest sine wave that allows these type of inverters to be more efficient, offer a smooth output and work well with even sensitive equipment. Pure Sine wave inverters are the preferred type of inverter in the market today and their prices have come down significantly. These work very well with just about type of home appliance from televisions to light bulbs, from fans to computers.

Once you know the type of inverter, the most important part is the power requirement. Now, this is where things get a little confusing as Inverter power rating is in VA, which battery power output is in Ah. So here are a few calculations and number crunching to help you with it.

Before you start thinking about buying an inverter, you must understand the power requirement of your home i.e. how many devices you want to run in your home during a power cut. Refer our inverter battery article to get a better idea of how to calculate power requirement.

Now assume you need 610 Watts of power to run the devices in your home. So the power capacity of the inverter (in VA) is as follows:

Power of Inverter (VA) = Power required (Watts) / Power factor

Here power factor is usually assumed as 0.8, so we get

Power of Inverter (VA) = 610 watts / 0.8 = 762 VA

The closest inverter you can get for this is an 850VA or a 900VA inverter. Similarly, there are 700VA, 1100VA, 1500VA inverters in the market.

Have a look at the chart below which shows you how long you can run the most common inverters based on your usage.

Inverter capacity and battery size required

Requires inverters that support two batteries, as the maximum single battery capacity is only up to 220/ 230Ah.

Have a look at the chart above to understand your power requirements, the capacity of your inverter and the battery you will require to match the output requirement.


  • What type of invertor is a pure sine wave one? How is it better?
    A pure sine wave inverter gives smooth, uninterrupted power supply which plays well with sensitive equipment like computers. It is better than square wave and simulated sine wave inverters as appliances don't give out a noise when being used with one. Check out our buying guide to the best inverter in India for more details.
  • Can I connect the desktop to the invertor?
    Yes, you can connect your desktop computer to these inverters.
  • Can I connect 2 or more batteries to the invertor?
    Most of our inverters take just a single battery up to 200-230Ah capacity. The inverters with 1500Va/ 1700VA and above capacity do take two batteries. The Luminous Zelio+ 1500VA supports two batteries.
  • Is it compatible with 129Ah/ 150Ah/ 200Ah tubular battery for home invertor setup?
    Yes modern inverters are compatible with batteries of different capacities and types (tubular, flat plate, VRLA)

  • Does this invertor have an inbuilt battery?
    No, none of these inverters have a built-in battery. You need to purchase the inverter battery separately with your invertor. If you want the best inverter battery in India to go with anyone of the invertor picks we have check out our dedicated article on the same here.
  • Should we use the same invertor and invertor battery brand? Will it be an issue otherwise?
    No, you can use any brand of inverter battery with any invertor brand.
  • What is the total output in watts?

    The most common sizes of inverters we have suggested are the sizes 900VA and 1100VA capacities and they usually give around 500-760 Watts of power.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best inverter in India can be a tad difficult not just due to the different brands and products but also with a large number of different inverter batteries in the market. With our thorough research, we managed to find not just one but four inverters that we feel are amongst the best inverters for home.

The Luminous Zelio+ offers best in class features with an excellent modern design, powerful and smooth pure sine wave backup and is priced well for its set of features. The 900VA variant is easily the best inverter in India. This inverter price starts at around Rs.4700 and there are multiple different variants to choose from.

Microtek's UPS SEBz inverter is more budget friendly with a simpler, older generation design. At around ₹4400 for the 900VA model, it is easily the best inverter in India in the budget segment.

Microtek's 24x7 UPS inverter is another great pick with a more durable design, a graphical display and large 900VA capacity all for ₹4700. This too offers great value for money when you factor in the price and capacity.

The Luminous Zolt is a more affordable version of the Zelio+ with a much simpler, rugged design at a much smaller price tag.

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product. Still, have a doubt about buying the best inverter? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with it.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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