Do you like to dress sharp with ironed clothes for every meeting? But are simply fed up of the delays or non-availability of the laundry when you urgently need a pair of clothes ironed? Well, don't worry any more as you can get your clothes ironed at your home without any hassle. We are talking about using a modern iron box.

An iron box makes ironing clothes extremely convenient and quick and it works with a lot of different cloth materials making it possible to iron not just your regular shirts but also sarees and more. But does an iron even give a proper clean ironing experience? Especially when compared to the ironing quality of a laundry?

Of course, the steam iron and even the regular irons work very well and with innovative features also give you excellent ironing quality that is comparable to what a laundry gives.

Iron boxes come in two major types- dry iron and steam iron. The dry irons are more affordable but do not give the same great wrinkle-free iron quality as a steam iron. Which one of these should you pick? Do check out our dedicated buying guide at the end to know more.

Given the sheer number of iron boxes out there it can be difficult to choose the best. Hence we did all the hard work to find the best one for you. We had also bought and tested in detail ta few iron boxes but with newer products now in the market, we revisited this space and added any new products to our best pick lists that we felt offered better performance or features over our existing best picks.

Best Steam Iron Philips (Best performance)

When it comes to steam irons, the Philips EasySpeed Plus GC2040 Steam Iron is among the best in the market. It ticks almost all the boxes when it comes to performance and features giving you the ultimate ironing experience.

The design too looks much improved with a more uniform colour palette. The aqua blue colour definitely adds a Tron-esque vibe to the humble home appliance. The buttons and dial too are ergonomically placed along with the 360-degree swivelling electric cord.

Steaming functions are also improved on the GC2040 with it now managing a continuous steam output of 30g/min compared to the 17g/min of the GC1905. You also get the useful steam boost function that was missing on the older one. The steam boost function gives you a 100g worth of steam to help tackle tough to remove creases.

And that's not all its got to help reduce creases, you get a precision tip to reach around the buttons of your shirt, there is a spray function too which moistens your clothes to allow for a much better ironing experience. The soleplate too has a non-stick coating so that it works hassle-free on any type of fabric.

Some other useful features on it are the vertical steam function that allows you to iron clothes that are placed vertically (on a hanger). Also, the water that you pour in your steam iron can be regular tap water. Doing this does no harm to the machine as it has a built-in calc-cleaner, that can be used once a month.

For a steam iron one important feature to look for is the water tank capacity, the Philips GC2040 comes with a large 270ml tank which should be great for most users. In fact, the Philips GC1905 with a smaller 180ml tank was enough for up to 13 to 14 dresses of a variety of fabrics while the GC2040’s larger tanks should easily last for way more clothes. So how were peoples responses to the product?

With a lot of positive reviews from customers who praised it for its quick heating, excellent ironing performance and durability.

The Philips GC2040 despite its high price makes for an excellent steam iron and is for people who are looking for a versatile iron which gives better performance when ironing out wrinkles.

While it is a little expensive at around Rs.2400, the performance gains you get compared to a regular iron and the backing of the Philips brand with 2-years of warranty make it undoubtedly the best iron box in India.


  • Great performance with speedy heating

  • Excellent steam production

  • Steam boost feature available

  • Fine spray feature is helpful

  • Vertical steam feature

  • Self-cleaning function

  • Minimal pressure is required to remove wrinkles

  • Works on all fabrics

  • Cord doesn’t get in the way

  • V-shape design for ironing hard to reach places

  • 2-year warranty


  • A little pricey

  • Weight is much higher than other irons we had tested

Best Steam Iron

Out of the six iron boxes that we tested, The Philips GC1905 was by far the best. This iron box provided a neat and clean finish to all of the fabrics we tested. It came out on top when we tested different modes on seven of the most widely available fabrics in India.

The Philips GC1905 was the favourite iron box of all of our product testers. Both the Dhobi and the housewives loved this Iron box. The Dhobi also stated that he specifically liked this iron box even though it was heavier than all others, because of the smooth and neat ironing quality was so far superior to the other iron boxes we tested.

It has a V-shaped edge which made it easy to access hard to reach areas like the space between shirt buttons. And, you can use it on all kinds of fabrics from Nylon to Denim thanks to its ability to produce (and maintain) temperatures ranging from 100 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius.

Filling and emptying water is also very easy with this iron box and the tank lid prevents leaks very well (when we tested the leakage, there was literally not a drop that came out).

The Dhobi specifically mentioned that the water tank’s 180ml capacity was great for anyone who needs to iron a large quantity of clothing, and found during his testing that this iron box can provide a neat press for up to 13 to 14 dresses of a variety of fabrics with the tank. The dhobi also noted that It’s best to use distilled water or drinking water for steam irons because of its formless salt deposits when compared to hard water.

The Philips GC1905 was really good at sustaining heat without power. It was able to sustain a consistent temperature for around two shirts while still providing a neat press and effectively removing wrinkles. As for the preheat test, it took some time to reach temperature. We weren’t too worried about this, as a quick warm-up time is nice to have, but not a deal breaker for most.

The turn dial was in a good condition and easy to rotate. It had only 5 fabrics options - Nylon, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen.

We initially were concerned that the iron box would not be able to iron the Polyester and Denim fabrics. The dhobi, however, told us that these fabrics could be ironed using the Linen temperature setting itself. He tried it out and we found that the iron worked effortlessly on all the fabrics including denim and polyester. We later found that 230 degrees work for both Linen and Denim.

One other thing to note about the Philips GC1905 - we decided to test it as a dry iron just to see how it did since many people might also use it this way too from time to time.

While it still provided a neat press, we found it a little harder to use without the steam (as expected). It still easily glided across most fabrics, but it didn’t iron out all the creases as well and required a bit more pressure to be applied. These issues were not present when using the iron with water, so we recommend using the steam feature on this iron best ironing experience.

The Philips GC1905 makes sense for people who want a steam iron but do not want to spend on the more powerful and more expensive GC2040.

After we saw how easily this iron took the wrinkles out of our fabrics, we knew this would be our top pick for the best budget steam iron. That’s why we recommend the Philips GC1905.


  • Water tank lid prevents leakage

  • Higher steam production than the other irons we tested

  • Water spray feature works very well

  • High-capacity water tank (180ml)

  • Minimal pressure is required to remove wrinkles

  • Works on all fabrics

  • Cord doesn’t get in the way

  • V-shape design for ironing hard to reach places

  • 2-year warranty


  • No steam burst feature

  • Weight is much higher than other irons we tested

  • Short cord length

Best dry Iron

Bajaj DX7 Dry Iron

Out of all the dry iron boxes we had tested, the Bajaj DX7 performed the best overall. This iron box was highly recommended by our product testers and was very easy to work with. Plus, it’s was priced very reasonably as well and it still is amongst the best dry irons in India.

At first, we thought this iron would be a let down in the performance test, but the Dhobi specifically mentioned it’s brass non-stick coated soleplate was great for producing heat and also preventing it from sticking on clothes. We heard this from the housewives as well.

Even though there were some small issues with this iron box, like the temperature dial sticking, our testers stated that this iron box was compact, lightweight and very easy to use. It provided a neat and clean press, without the need for a large amount of pressure. Our testers also commented that it was well designed and easy to use for tricky areas of clothing thanks to its size, even though it doesn’t have that V-shaped edge.

The dial had 6 fabrics options - Nylon, Rayon, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linin. Something important to note - there is no separate operation for denim cloth on this iron box.

We thought that meant denim couldn’t be ironed, but the Dhobi stated since it’s soleplate is brass and can produce comparatively more heat without sticking, it should be ok for your jeans. He used it on multiple denim jeans and the ironing was done perfectly. Additionally, it heats up relatively quickly, which is very nice to have.

If you want a good iron that doesn’t burn a big hole in the pocket and doesn’t need to be refilled with water again and again, then this the right product for you.

We initially thought of dropping this iron box as one of our picks at first, but there was a high enough recommendation from the Dhobi and housewives that we decided it was a worthy recommendation even though there were some flaws with it.


  • Separate auto cut off and power indicator lights

  • High temp brass non-stick coated soleplate

  • Lightweight and well designed overall

  • Very efficient wrinkle removal

  • 2-year warranty


  • Shorter cord than other irons

  • Turn dial not as smooth as other irons

  • No V-shaped edge

Best Budget Dry Iron box (under 500 INR)

Orpat OE187 Dry Iron.

Sometimes you just need a tool that gets the job done as cost-effectively as possible. If that’s the case, the Orpat OE 187 is the iron box we’d recommend. It was great to work with, including weight, build quality, and overall wrinkle removing performance.

The Orpat OE187 iron box was the winner of many tests and has a great set of features all around. This was the last iron box that the Dhobi tested, and he specifically mentioned that the build quality was really well done.

The Orpat OE 187 has a lot of great features for its price range, which is why we picked it as our budget pick. It comes with V-shaped edges and is very lightweight compared to the other iron boxes that we tested. It has a perfect scratch-resistant German grade soleplate which can resolve all of the creases in your clothing without sticking. Combine this with near instant heating capabilities, and it’s truly a great choice for the money.

This iron box is suitable for all kinds of fabrics. There is a temperature setting available for all types of clothes you could possibly need, and the dial operation was perfect. This iron box, in particular, is very well suited for linen cloths, and the Dhobi specifically told us that if an iron box is giving neat press on denim and linen, then it will be well suited for just about all fabrics.

Please note, that the turn dial has only 5 fabric settings - Nylon, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Lenin. But, it can be comfortably used on all fabrics.

The Orpat with its low price is a great iron for people who do not want to spend a lot but still want a good iron.

For this price, you cannot get a better iron than this. This iron would be great for students on a budget because it’s quick and easy to use and performs well without breaking the bank.


  • Good heating performance

  • Provided a neat press on all fabrics

  • Long cord makes it easy to use

  • 15% bigger soleplate than other irons we tested

  • Light to use (600 grams)

  • Great price for the features


  • Not as durable as the Philips or the Bajaj

Who is the competition?

Philips GC101/02 750-Watt HV-Coated Dry Iron

The Philips GC101 has a really conventional design and comes with lesser power than most of our best picks. That coupled with the high price degrade its value appeal also many people complained about its working with silk and cotton fabrics.

Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron

As a budget steam iron, the Bajaj Majesty MX3 heats up quickly and generates proper steam as well but most of the users pointed towards it poor durability in the long run with common issues being the leaky tank, roughing of the base plate and base sticking to clothes.

Maharaja Whiteline Pristine SI-103 1300-Watt Steam Iron

Common issues on the Maharaja Whiteline Pristine included poor quality of the coating on the baseplate, small tank size, leaky tank, delicate buttons and more. All these surely point towards poor durability and even the low price tag doesn’t justify buying it.

Usha Steam Pro SI 3713 1300-Watt Steam Iron

Another example of a steam iron facing leakage issues and weirdly is not priced very low to justify poor performance and durability. We recommend you pick the Philips GC1905 which comes for around Rs.1400 and offers much better performance and durability.

Buying Guide to the best irons

Here are a few things that you must look at before buying your next iron box.

The most common difference between irons is the type- dry and steam. A steam iron needs to be filled with water and then it lets out the steam on the clothes to allow much better wrinkle removal so you get a good ironing experience. But such irons are expensive.

Dry irons as the name suggest, do not have a water tank and iron clothes directly. Because there is no steam or water they cannot iron jeans and other thick clothes as well as a steam iron. But they are priced very economically.

The soleplate is that metal/ ceramic plate that transfers the heat from the iron onto your clothes. It can be made of different materials but make sure you have one that is non-stick or made of ceramic as this will help you easily navigate the clothes and iron them without having the cloth stuck to your iron.  

Others things to note are the length of the cord so that you can easily reach your clothes without having to move the ironing board itself, the water tank capacity on steam irons, the ergonomics fo the handle and finally the warranty and service centre availability.


  • Is there a warranty on the product?

              Yes, all these irons have a warranty

  • Is the body made of metal?

              No most of these have plastic bodies as that is shock-proof

  • Should we empty tank after use? (steam irons)

              Yes, you should empty the tank

  • Does the iron have non-stick soleplate?

    Yes, these irons come with a non-stick soleplate for easy ironing action

  • Can we use normal water with steam irons?

    Yes, you can use normal water with the above menitoend steam irons

Final thoughts

We highly recommend all the four iron boxes we selected as our best picks. The one that will work best for you is going to depend on what your budget is and whether you prefer a steam iron or a dry iron.

That said, based on our feedback from the Dhobi, while the steam iron price may be more it is worth the extra investment to go with the steam iron since it helps your fabrics last longer and gives you a better pressing overall. It will save you some time and money on replacing your clothes (or other fabrics you might press regularly).

If you want the best steam iron out there, go for the Philips GC2040. For a more budget offering with good performance look at the Philips GC1905.

However, if you need something more affordable, then pick either the Bajaj DX7 or the Orpat OE187 iron box.

As always, here at HomeTop, we’re committed to researching and analyzing the products in-depth (not just on the surface level), to help you avoid buying horrible products.

Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis.

For now, we want to hear from you. Have a question for us? Drop a comment below!

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