The Rs.30,000 laptop market is filled with options from various manufacturers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus and Acer. Each laptop is specced differently to fulfil the requirements of different customers, some laptops are for productivity, some for entertainment and so on.

To help you find the best laptop under Rs.30000, we went through multiple customer reviews and website reviews to find the merits and downfalls of all products. So sit back and read through all the work that we have done to help you find the best laptops under Rs.30000.

Best Laptop under Rs.30000

Asus Vivobook Max A541UV

The Asus VivoBook ticks almost everything that you may want in a budget laptop. Good processor?  Tick, an i3-7100U, A Graphics card? Tick, a Nvidia 920MX, Good screen? Yes, a 15.6inch full HD screen, Original OS out of the box? Of course, with Windows 10 what more do you need. The laptop also packs 4GB of DDR4 memory, a 1TB hard disk, decent battery life and even a USB-c port. So what's the catch? Well, it's not under Rs.30000, in fact, it’s around Rs.34000 which is still a great price for what you get.

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Best Budget Laptop under Rs.30000

Lenovo Yoga 510

The Yoga series of laptops have always been about finding the position to use your laptop, you can use it like a conventional folding laptop or you can twist it and use as a tablet or fold it halfway and use it like a tent.

The Yoga 510 comes with a 14 inch Full HD touchscreen, that is powered by an AMD A9 9410 processor. It has good battery life and even supports fast charging. What is really helpful is the backlit keyboard that is a first in this price range of under Rs.30000.

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Why Trust us?

To help find the best laptop under Rs.30000 for you, we spend a day researching about laptops in this category. We also noted the best picks by websites like Digit, TechRadar, Beebom etc.

We also did our own shortlisting and with suggestions from other website made a large list of laptops. We then went through many online reviews from NDTV Gadgets to Economic Times,  and customer reviews on Amazon and Flipkart to find the best laptops.

​How we selected?

We started by listing all the laptops in the Rs.30000 price category. The shortlist criteria we used to select the best of this lot was as follows.

  • Minimum 4GB ram
  • Minimum processor spec: Intel Core i3 or AMD A9

We choose 4GB RAM as the minimum as anything below that is not enough for normal applications like web browsing, light photo editing etc. Also there are not many laptops that have more than 4GB RAM in this price category, except the one Dell laptop that we shortlisted which had 6GB of RAM. We did not have storage space as a criteria as most laptops come with 1TB of storage space. Our criteria of having Intel i3 or AMD A9 was because anything less like Intel Atom and Celeron would comprise a lot on everyday performance. We also gave more priority to laptops with Windows 10 by default. As not everyone will prefer a DOS or Linux OS at this price and most often people may end up using pirated software.

With the parameters in place we selected the following laptops:

  • Dell 3565 
  • Lenovo Yoga 510
  • ASUS VivoBook Max A541UV-DM977T

Best Pick in Detail

​Work, Play, Music and more

Work and Play with ​Asus VivoBook Max



  • Great Full HD screen 
  • Good performance from CPU and GPU
  • Well priced
  • Has USB-c port


  • No backlit keys
  • Only one full sized USB 3.0 port

The Asus Vivobook has nothing special about its design, in fact, it's similar to the wave of affordable laptops out there. But look closer and the golden brushed aluminum finish on the outer lid and palm rest do ooze quality. 

The keyboard is the usual chiclet affair and you don't have backlighting so you may have trouble tying in low light conditions. However our budget pick, the Lenovo Yoga 510 does have backlighting but it does compromise when it comes to raw performance. There is a dedicated number pad and the keys are well spaced. NDTV Gadgets found the keys had a great tactile feedback and the keyboard was great for long typing hours.

The display is a slightly shocking affair as we rarely see Full HD panels at this price points. Kudos to Asus for this. Deccan Chronicle too loved the display which they said produces crisp images with vibrant colors and has wide viewing angles. They also loved the anti reflective nature of the screen which they said makes it good for outdoor use.

The Intel i3-7100U & Nvidia 920MX graphics card lets you handle basic tasks like web browsing, word processing and so on as well as things like photo editing, light gaming, and 4K movie watching. Video editing is also possible but it will simply take too long hence we suggest you refrain from it. So if you are a Youtuber or a Vlogger who needs to churn out quality videos daily and quickly, we suggest you look for a laptop with many cores especially an Intel i7 powered one, however if you are into basic photoshop editing and web browsing which a blogger is then this laptop is perfect for your needs.

Notebookcheck says you can play games like Fortnite, Need for Speed Payback, Call of Duty WW2 at 30+ fps in low settings, while games like Fifa 18, Team Fortress 2, Farming Simulator 17 run at 30+ fps in Full HD and high settings. While it can play games you cannot play the latest titles at highest settings, however older titles like NFS MW can be maxed out and played. What you have to note here is, most of the competition cannot play games as well as this laptop due to their lack of a dedicated GPU or the underpowered on-board GPU. But do keep in mind this laptop is not designed for or capable enough to play the latest titles at max settings for that you need a minimum of an Nvidia 1050 GPU.

While the hardware is capable, the 4GB RAM may not be enough for more demanding tasks but Asus lets you upgrade to up to 12GB of RAM. The competition also carries around 4GB which is a norm in this segment, except the Dell 3565 which has 6GB of RAM but compromises else in performance, display and price.

The laptop ships with Windows 10 which is a great addition at this price allowing you to get to work directly out of the box instead of wasting time looking for an operating system. We wish more and more manufacturers supply the OS with the product as this will help reduce pirated software.

To help you with your movie watching you have speakers from Bang & Olufsen. NDTV Gadgets found the speakers to be very good for movies as they were decently loud and clear.

The video camera, however, was not liked by most users of the laptop because of the noisy footage that is captured so your Skype calls may not be the clearest.

Most users and reviewers got anywhere from four to six hours of battery life which isn't the best but still decent. Also, the charging brick is quite compact, unlike traditional laptop chargers.

In Short:

If you want a no compromise laptop which can handle most tasks and light gaming has a good screen and decent battery life then the Asus Vivobook Max is the one to pick.

Best Budget Laptop in detail

Twist and Spin while you work

Flexible and powerful ​Lenovo Yoga 510



  • Great Full HD screen with touch support
  • Foldable laptop
  • Decent performance
  • Superb pricing
  • Backlit keyboard


  • No DVD drive
  • Single memory slot
  • No side number pad

The Lenovo Yoga 510 is a different type of laptop compared to the Asus Vivobook, it's more fun and yet has some interesting offering for productivity-focused individuals. 

Like the Asus, it looks traditional and weirdly houses only the Yoga logo on the outside. But it has a few yoga tricks, we mean tricks up its sleeve. You can rotate the laptop in the opposite direction to convert it into a tablet, or fold it 180 degrees to make it stand or fold it half way and use it like a tent. This makes it extremely versatile to work with, in different environments.

The various degrees of flexibility of ​Lenovo Yoga 510

The keyboard is still chiclet style but has a unique feature for productivity users, a backlit keyboard. More expensive laptops do not have backlit keyboards and here we have a Rs.28000 laptop with this feature.  You can even control the level of brightness of the keyboard. The layout, however, can take some getting used to with the lack of a number pad and some weird key positions. Although most user reviews were positive about the keyboard feedback.

The display was loved by most users because of the resolution, viewing angles and its touch ability. We love how manufacturers are bringing better quality displays at lower prices and we hope most laptops will have full HD displays. Also note that while the screen has touchscreen you don't have pressure sensitivity options and a stylus with which you can use the screen as a graphics tablet for sketching or designing.

An AMD A9-9410 handles the processing and graphics need of the laptop. The processor is a dual-core unit and works well with most daily tasks like web- browsing, word processing and it can even play back 4K videos which is cool. People said Lightroom and basic photo editing too worked fine on this laptop, but it was actually quite decent for gaming. NotebookCheck says the Radeon R5 graphics card on board can play games like Fifa 18, Dirt 4, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike Go, Tomb Raider 13 and more at 30+ fps with settings turned low. The Lenovo is slightly weaker than the i3 powered Asus Vivobook Max and hence is designed to be used for much lighter applications like web browsing, word processing and basic photoshop editing only. While gaming is possible, you will have to play much older games as the laptop cannot handle high graphics modern games.

The Yoga 510 has 4GB of RAM, but its single channel and has only one slot so if you want to upgrade to say 8GB you have to buy a new 8GB stick and not a 4GB one. We really wish Lenovo would have provided a dual slot or at least a version with 8GB of RAM.

The software is Windows 10 Home edition with some amount of bloatware which is common with most Windows laptops. But again we are happy to see companies providing the OS in the package.

The laptop has stereo speakers from HARMAN which perform really well according to Business Today and are a delight to listen to movies and videos.

With the touch screen and backlit keyboard battery life, people reported battery life of around 5-6 hours. Charging is said to be really fast courtesy of the fast charging brick which is designed like a mobile charger making it extremely portable.

Products that didn't make it

Dell 3565

The Dell laptop has the same processor as the Lenovo Yoga 510 but gets 6 GB of RAM but that's about the limit of what's good with it. The screen has HD resolution and it lacks touchscreen apart from that, there is no backlit keyboard or any of the crazy folding mechanisms like the Lenovo or the GPU performance of the Asus Vivobook Max. In short, that biggest issue is its priced too close to laptops that are much better in performance or features than it.

Final thoughts

There was a time when finding good laptops on a budget was like finding a needle in a haystack, it was just not possible. But now it's easy to find decent laptops which don't break your bank.

Our best pick the Asus Vivobook Max lets you do all your basic computing needs courtesy of the i3 processor while the Nvidia GPU lets you do a little basic gaming during your breaks. Also the superb screen and audio make it a machine for unwinding yourself with a movie or music. So what does all this cost you? Around Rs.34,000.

But for the younger crowd out there who hates to type and prefers the touch, we have the Lenovo Yoga 510 which gets a foldable screen with a superb FHD display and good audio. Computing duties are taken care of by the AMD A9 processor which also have a decent GPU for basic gaming. All this goodness comes for a relatively cheap price of around Rs.28,000.