Best Led TV in India

Sony Bravia KD-55A1

Award-winning and with multiple 5-star reviews under its belt, the Sony Bravia A1 is the next generation of televisions. It ushers into the new with a striking design and ticks off just about ever specification needed to make the viewer impressed into it. With superb smart tv features, a high-end display, great audio, it's not exactly the most affordable, but then again the best is rarely affordable.

Best Led TV in India (Budget)

Mi TV 4

The Mi TV 4 is Xiaomi's penchant for budget devices taking the shape of a television. Large screen? Check, 4K resolution? Check, Smart features? Check and finally budget price? Check. With all that features and a small price tag, the 4K enabled Mi TV 4 is also a design award winner being one of the slimmest televisions. All inclusive the Mi TV 4 is the best led tv under 50000.

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Why Trust Us?

To find the best led tv in India we started by looking at suggestions from reputed technology websites like TechRadar, Digit, T3 and Stuff.

Finally, we surfed through Amazon and Flipkart and picked some of their best sellers.

How we selected?

Given the worldwide appeal of great television, we looked through reviews from many international websites searching for the latest and greatest products in the market. We read through reviews from T3, TechRadar, Digit and more.

We also looked through the best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart to search for more budget offerings.

Some criteria we used while selecting was a minimum of 55-inches of screen size, 4K resolution and some sort of smart tv features.

Best Led TV in India

best led tv in sony


  • Gorgeous picture quality

  • Supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG

  • Rich and detailed audio quality

  • Hauntingly beautiful design

  • Great connectivity


  • Ports are difficult to reach

  • Not the best implementation of Android TV

  • Just a years warranty is too less

Design: The perfect amalgamation of art with modern design

modern design led tv

Design is a really complicated discipline to perfect, there are so many directions of design. You have the "less is more" philosophy, while some lean towards biomimicry. Whatever side you choose there always has been a fine line between art and design. But the Sony Bravia A1 seems to blur that fine line. It's not really designed like your usual television, Yes it is still rectangular on the front (there is only so much you can do in the name of form so as to not hamper the function), but take a peek behind the screen and that's where the magic happens. The television is designed like a photo frame with a stand or even an easel. There is no conventional stand that sits below the panel, rather the TV leans slightly towards the back. This gives you the illusion that the TV is standing up all by itself. The television is also unbelief slim as Stuff put it, with the gubbins being neatly tucked away into the stand which allows the screen to be super slim. It's not just us who loved the design, but the  "The artist aesthetics of the One Slate experience" as Sony calls their design won three design awards (Good Design Award 2017, iF Gold Award 2018, red dot award 2017).

Connectivity: Great but position needs work

back viewon sony led tv

Being a premium television you do get a lot of connectivity options like 4x HDMI ports (one of them is ARC), 3x USB,1x Digital Audio Out,1x Composite,1x LAN, Bluetooth and Wifi AC. Digit was not very happy with the bottom facing ports as it makes them difficult to reach. But Sony seems to have done this to keep the wire clutter to a minimum. You also get a similar feature like the Mi IR Blaster that lets you control your set-top box with the tv remote itself. Digit wasn't too happy with the remote as they said it lacks a touchpad which would have made using it with the Android TV OS much simpler.

Software: One step away from being the best

Running the smart tv show on the Bravia is an optimized-for-television version of Android called as "Android TV". This gives it a large catalog of apps and games that are tuned to make use of the larger screen and the higher resolution. You also have a great selection of high-quality content streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon prime that can display in glorious 4K. Then there is the support for high-quality audio from Spotify and even Google music. But on actual use, both Stuff and Digit found the Android TV experience less than favorable, with the sluggish response, limited customizability and a hotchpotch of interface designs (Google, Sony, and Youview). Upon further research, Stuff found that the issue was with the operating system as the Netflix and Prime apps worked perfectly without lag. They also found the interface to smoothen up after a period of use. This is nothing a software update can't fix and we hope Sony and Google will iron out the minor chinks. A little more work and this can truly become the best smart tv in india.

Display: The best in the market!

With a 3840x2160 HDR capable TRILUMINOS™ OLED display sourced from LG and a 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme you are pretty much assured of an amazing picture quality. The television also supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG. Sony promises a 1000 units of peak brightness and a high contrast ratio (180000:1 at 50% brightness) as reported by Digit.

bravia led tv on top view

T3 rated the television a full 5-star finding the panel to handle 4K and regular HD outstandingly. They were particularly pleased with the blacks, the fine details, and the gorgeous color gamut. Digit too was full of praises for the television, they found the colors to be natural, more natural than Samsung's QLED TV's, pointing out that the only issue is that low-resolution content doesn't do justice to this panel and you will need high-quality 4K or Full HD content to bring the best out of this panel.

Stuff who also handed a full 5-star rating to the television commented that with the Bravia A1 your Bluray collection is in good hands. They were awed by the subtlety of the television especially in terms of colors which were balanced and not overboard. They loved the manner in which the television also faithfully reproduce the textures in clothing and hair, giving you a realistic view.

Audio: Something new, something brilliant

Coming to the audio, Sony has a radically different solution to how you can hear your television. Sony employs the help of an Acoustic Surface which aims to solve the common problem with television speakers - the direction of the sound. Given the slimness of the profile and their small bezels manufacturers point the speakers downwards or at the back so that they can bounce off surfaces and eventually reach you, but that's not as elegant as it sounds. To give you a much more impressive sound, Sony uses twin actuators behind the panel which vibrate the screen to produce sound. To reproduce the lower frequencies there is also an 8cm sub woofer integrated into the kickstand.

While the implementation sounds outlandish it really works and does give you a great sound. Stuff loved the fact that the audio is directed towards you and found the sound has weight and space to it while managing to get really loud as well. T3 went one step ahead calling it "the best TV audio implementation" they've heard in years. T3 even exclaimed that you don't even need a soundbar with this TV (the common upgrade every Led TV owner goes for) and the only way to improve sound would be through a full-blown speaker system.

In Short:

Priced at nearly Rs.2,50,000, the Sony Bravia A1 is in a different league from our budget pick, but it's one of those gadgets that's worth the price. The audio and picture quality are nothing but the best the industry has to offer. And while this is Sony's first OLED TV, don't forget who makes the panel- LG, a market leader in OLED televisions. Then you have the software support of one of the large tech companies- Google, and while it does need some work, you have access to amazing 4K content. So if you need the best in terms of technology and experience look no further than the Sony Bravia A1- the best led tv in India.

Best Led TV in India in detail

clear picture quality on sony led tv


  • Great display for its price

  • Smooth smart TV experience

  • The most value-for-money TV in the market

  • USB 3.0 and 3x HDMI


  • Doesn't support as many HDR formats as the Sony

  • Difficult to buy during flash sales, Mi Home stores too few

  • Installation niggles due to slow service

  • IR blaster kit doesn't work with local cable networks

  • Now 4K content from default providers

Despite the lower price the Mi TV 4 is quite a looker, with a razor-slim profile of only 4.9mm, it quite a sight to behold. The design has even earned it a Red Dot design award. The slimness is also carried forward to the bezels which although still existent are better than most other televisions.

slim led tv in sony

In terms of connectivity, you have 3 HDMI ports (one of them is ARC), two USB ports (1x USB 3 and 1 x USB 2), an Ethernet port, AV input, Bluetooth and Wifi AC. You also get the cool smart remote that lets you control your TV and you set top box through the minimalistic single control. You can also use the Mi Remote Controller app to use your phone as a remote control.

The TV supports their proprietary PatchWall OS which is in fact based on Android. Xiaomi also offers a host of content by default but there is sadly no true 4K content available with the default providers. The sad omission here is the lack of an app store to download more app but Xiaomi has promised to add them in the future. But what we loved is the fluidly of the PatchWall OS as we have personally seen when we reviewed the Mi TV 4A 32 inch and 43 inch.

bravia led tv side view

The Mi TV 4 uses a Samsung sourced 10-bit color 3840x2160p HDR capable panel. What all that technical jargon translate into is more sharpness than the usual Full HD displays and far more colors. When Digit reviewed this TV they found it could deliver a great 4K HDR viewing experience at almost half the price of its Samsung, LG, and Sony competitors.

sony bravia led tv remote

Using 4K and 1080p content Digit found that the TV offered a whole raft of picture settings which they said is useful as you can tinker the settings according to the movies. They also pointed out that out of the box the television wasn't very well calibrated, this was something which we also saw when we reviewed the Mi TV 4A that needed quite a bit of tinkering with a colorimeter and an AV expert. TechRadar too liked the display and found it to produce decent colors and contrast, they said you can notice a visible difference in picture quality if your upgrading from lower end brands.

A few niggles found by Digit were the reflective nature of the display and the viewing angles, which although good did shift color after 45 degrees of view. TechRadar complained about clouding in the display, where the screen had bright patches in certain areas leading to a very non-uniform display brightness.

In terms of Audio, both Digit and TechRadar found that the sound to be decent for movies and TV in a medium-sized room. But if you really have the ear for audio than you'll surely think of adding a soundbar or a better speakers.

Xiaomi offers a 1-year warranty on the product and you also get doorstep service and installation. There is an additional 1-year warranty on the panel.

With a price tag of Rs.44.999, the Mi TV 4 offers a great value proposition if you want a large 55-inch 4K HDR TV that has smart features as well.

After-Sales Service

Sony offers a one year warranty on the television and also gives free installation and demo within 48 hours of delivery. You have doorstep service in areas with a Sony service centre. We would have preferred a longer warranty but you do get additional years warranty that is priced at Rs.25000!!

Xiaomi offers a 1-year warranty on the product and you are offered doorstep service. You also get an additional year of warranty on the panel. The Service of Mi TV is handled by Jeeves (Flipkart) as well as Servmobi (a company that looks after service of Mi TV). The warranty covers TV Panel, Remote, Mi IR Cable, Main Board, Power Board, IR PCB, LVDS Cable and Speaker.

Note: Be prepared with two AAA cells as Mi does not provide battery cells for the remote, Yeah this was the first time we encountered something like this. 

Also be ready to shell out Rs.499 for the wall mount kit, again something that is shipped for free with every other TV.

Who ar​​​​e our best picks for?

The Sony Bravia A1 with its premium price is for people who want the absolute best in terms of image quality. Whatever content you stream, the Bravia A1 can support it from the more standard HDR10 to the technically brilliant Dolby Vision and even the newer HLG format. You also get superb audio quality and a full Android TV experience.

The Mi TV 4 to be fair isn't as good as the Sony, but when you factor in the costs it's almost one fifth the price of the Sony. Besides Xiaomi does offer you a 4K Smart TV experience without having to shell out a fortune.

Final Thoughts

In the market filled with hundreds of televisions from various manufacturers and each touting their technology as being superior, it can be difficult for the consumer to decide. But we have done all the necessary research to find you two of the best led televisions in the market for two very different budgets.

If you want the ultimate expression of what a led television is then the Sony Bravia A1 will be perfect for you. It comes with an easel like design, a display that's brilliant and offers great audio for a television. To further enhance your experience you have Android TV as well as built-in Chromecast for easy casting. All that makes it the best led tv in India.

If however you need a taste of the 4K experience without having to spend as much then the Mi TV 4 will serve you perfectly. It has a large 55-inch display, a great smart tv experience and is extremely value for money making it the best led tv in India in the budget category.