Micro SD cards despite their micro sizes are of maximum importance when it comes to data storage. With people now storage more data on their phones than before finding the most spacious and fast micro SD is of utmost importance.

To help you find the best 64GB and 32GB micro SD cards we went through multiple review websites and read through thousands of customer reviews on Amazon and Flipkart to shortlist and pick the best micro SD card of the lot. We also have a dedicated section to help you compare between real and fake SD cards so you don't get scammed after a purchase. 

Best pick for speed conscious people

Samsung EVO Plus 100MB/s Grade 3, Class 10 64GB

Impressive and heavy-duty: Class 10 64GB

Samsung has been one of the most respected companies in storage and memory solutions with their components making their way into most phone makers and PC makers including Apple’s iPhone series.

So it's not really difficult for us to suggest Samsung Evo Plus range of SD cards which bring to you different capacity options, class leading speeds courtesy of Class 10 and UHS-3 ratings, a low price and an outstanding 10 years warranty.

The card comes with a usable space of 59.5GB. Samsung claims around 100 MBps of read speed and a write speed of 60 Mbps. That sounds pretty good, but is it really that good? We went through multiple reviews online and used data from CrystalDiskMark, Atto and disk speed test benchmarks. Many sources claimed read speeds of around 69 Mbps and write speeds hovering around the 43 Mbps mark, which is still decent for a micro SD card.

The tiny card is also built like a tank with ability to work in temperatures from -25° C all the way up to 85° C. The IPX7 rating makes it waterproof, it also has the ability to withstand seawater, extreme temperatures, airport X-ray machines and magnetic fields equivalent to an MRI scanner for a whopping 72 hours.

For around Rs.1369 you also get an adapter to change it to an SD card and an impressive 10 years of warranty.

If you want to purchase a ​64GB card hit on these links Amazon | Flipkart

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  • For storage speed freaks out there don't buy our bet pick yet. Wait for the upcoming Samsung UFS SD cards that promises data speeds of 530 Mbps, That's a speed boost of around 5 times. 
  • Higher capacity versions of SD cards bring marginal speed boost over the smaller capacities, although the speed difference is around 1-3 MBps.
  • Make sure you use USB 3.0 card readers with your PC if you want to use UHS-1 or above cards. USB 2.0 cards readers can manage speeds only up to 20 MBps and will act as a bottleneck with faster cards.
  • To be sure that you don't get a fake SD card look at the pointers below in the section titled “Tips to find whether your micro SD card is original.”

  • Best pick for space and value conscious people

    Strontium Nitro 64GB 85MB/s UHS-1 Class 10

    The spacious ​Strontium Nitro 64GB

    While our best pick is for people who want speed and a lot capacity, the Strontium Nitro 566X is for people who want a lot of storage for an affordable price.

    The card has a usable capacity of 59.5GB which is same as the Samsung. But with a UHS-1 rating the card card manages much slower speeds than the Samsung, Read speeds top out at around 20 MBps with write speeds coming close at 19 MBps. But it costs Rs.999 which makes it one of the cheapest 64GB cards and yet it comes with a lifetime warranty which no other manufacturer provides.

    Like the Samsung the Strontium card to is protected from water, temperature, X-ray and Magnetic Fields. While you do get an adapter in box, the card is available with different combos like Card+USB-C adapter, Card + USB 3.0 adapter and Card + micro USB adapter.

    You can get the 64GB micro SD card here: Amazon | Flipkart

    You can get the 64GB micro SD card plus adapter and USB here: AmazonFlipkart


    While going through the comments section on Amazon we found many comments complaining that this card gets corrupted, but we still recommend getting it as you do have a lifetime warranty and plus it's super cheap compared to the other cards out there in the market today.  

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    Best 32 GB Micro SD card

    Samsung EVO Plus 95MB/s Grade 1, Class 10 32GB

    After being picked as the best 64GB card, the Samsung Evo Plus takes the crown again as the best 32GB SD card. 

    With a usable space of 29.5 GB and UHS-1 level speeds of around 30-40 MBps read speeds and 23 MBps write speeds the Samsung represent good value and decent speeds as well.

    The card is priced around Rs.800-850 online, but it is available at a much cheaper price on Samsung’s website.

    ​This is a really long post! Use these links to jump around.

    Why trust us?

    To find the best micro SD cards we read through many websites from Techspot to TechRadar to see how our shortlisted products perform. For technical data like read and write speed we went the card's performance on the Crystal Disk Benchmark test.

    To know the real world usage and issues in the products we read through the verified reviews on Amazon and Flipkart.

    Benchmark Performance

    Better understanding of the MicroSD Cards

    How we selected?

    First, we went through all the other website recommendations to see if there was a consensus on what the best card out there is. Then we ran through amazon and flipkart and shortlisted the best products we found listed there. We only selected SD cards that met our criteria:

    • The card should have at least 32GB memory.
    • It should have Class 10 & UHS-1 speed level.
    • The read speed mentioned should be 80MB/s and above.

    We did not select any 16 GB cards because the price difference between 16 GB and 32 GB was just Rs.200. You might as well get the 32 GB card. The Class 10 and UHS-1 speed levels means that you will get superior speeds over cards that have Class 4 or Class 6 ratings.

    So, here is the list of the final cards:

    UHS-1 vs UHS-3: Differences and what is right for you?

    There are many people who are confused out there whether to choose UHS-1 or UHS-3 so, in this section, we will explain in detail about it.

    Normally UHS-3 cards will have higher speeds than UHS-1 but they are also priced much higher. The UHS-1 cards can handle HD and Full HD video recording which will satisfy the requirements of most users.  But for a professional photographer or if you need to record 4K video the UHS-3 will help you cope with the extra data speeds that the 4K would need. 

    If you get a micro SD card which has UHS-3 rating and it is priced similarly to UHS-1 cards, like our best pick Samsung 64GB then blindly choose that.

    Read speed Vs. Write speed

    Sometimes you may get confused or you may wonder what is the difference between read speed and write speed. So, we've broken it down here.

    Write Speed: When you copy data from you internal storage (PC, Phone) onto an sd card or pendrive, that task is called as writing and the speed you get is write speed.

    Read Speed: When you copy data from an external device (SD card, Pen Drive) onto an internal storage, it is called as reading and the speed is called as the read speed.

    The read speed will be always be higher than the write speed, and the speed rates depends on various parameters like internal storage speed, type of storage device, type of connection etc.

    Micro SD with adapter Vs. SD card for DSLRs

    Nowadays all the micro SD cards are provided with an adapter which plugs into you DSLR’s card slot. But with DSLR’s images having large pixel size of 20-30 Megapixels and image sizes around 20-30 MB in RAW you will see a delay when you are rapidly clicking photos. This is because of the slow read/ write speeds of the micro SD cards compared to dedicated SD cards. 

    But, if you are not a professional photographer and will be just using the card in a smaller camera you are better off with the micro SD card and adapter.  

    Thumb rules to avoid getting scammed

    ​While doing our research to find the best SD card, we found a lot of stories where people got scammed while trying buy an SD card. While fake SD card scam are huge in the offline market it has a sizeable presence in the online market too. Have a look at our thumb rules to make sure you don't get scammed. 

    Made in Korea is the fake one on the left

    Made in Korea is the fake one on the left

    Fake one has black colour edges

    Black colour on the side(right image)

  • Buy from reputed sources especially those who provide a bill. This is a pretty basic one.
  • Don't buy SD cards from a road hawker selling you one for dirt cheap money, they are merely pieces of plastic and will never work or will not have the advertised capacity. Buy online via amazon so at least if it is fake, you can return it.
  • If the printing on the cover or box isn't clear or faded its mostly fake. 
  • Some Samsung cards with 'Made in Korea' stickers are definitely fake. It's best to avoid these SD cards and pick the Samsung SD card which says 'Made in Philippines'. While we can't say that Samsung won't manufacture these cards in Korea in the future it's best to be safe and give it a pass. If you really want to take the chance then you could make sure it doesn't violate any of the other thumb rules we've provided here.
  • Sometimes on Samsung Evo Plus cards if the sides are coloured black then it is probably a fake card. The original colour on the sides it should have is white.
  • On the packaging, if you don't have many details about that card also tells you that the card is fake. So make sure the card you have has official and detailed packaging.
  • If you buy a 64 GB memory card and when you insert inside your mobile and if it shows less than 59 GB then it is fake card. This one is not helpful but at least you'll know!

  • Final Thoughts

    With its impressive speed and good space of 64GB the Samsung EVO Plus 100MB/s Grade 3 makes for the perfect option considering the value for money. 

    However if storage space and value is higher on your priority and you can make do with a dip in performance then the Strontium Nitro 64GB 85MB/s UHS-1 Class 10 is a great choice at the price of Rs.999.

    But what if you don't want 64GB of storage and you looking for storing much less stuff then 32GB should suffice your needs, which the Samsung EVO Plus 95MB/s Grade 1, Class 10 32GB does perfectly while still managing to have good performance.