Given the sheer number of products in the market, we took it upon ourselves to find the best microwave oven in India out of the 190+ products available online today.

When we last tested microwaves a year ago, we had assembled a panel of experts with a combined cooking experience of over 87 combined years. The panel also included a leading Delhi based chef, to help us examine the cooking functions of the shortlisted microwaves.

We had also interviewed the owners of three microwave service businesses and the customer care representatives of each brand to find the quality of after-sales service that each brand provides.

To find the best microwave then, we had put each microwave through their paces for a full week, with the help of our panel, by conducting a series of real-world tests to determine their convenience, including usability, heating efficiency, cooking ability, and more.

From the tests we found the Morphy Richards 25L convection oven to offer the best performance for the price. But since it was almost a year since we updated the article and many new products had launched in that time, we felt it would be right to revisit the same.

So the find the best convection microwave oven in India we spent over 52 hours in the past year researching the highest rated and reviewed products on Amazon and Flipkart, but to really understand the market we went down to popular multi-brand dealers, Girias and Croma to look at what people are buying and which products sell the most.

Best microwave oven

LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven  (MC2886BRUM)

With a huge 28 litre capacity for large families, the LG convection microwave oven offers easy to use controls courtesy of the jog dial and the great convection, grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking experience along with the 360- degree rotisserie function. For new users, there is also a vast auto cook menu to help you with your cooking and remove any hassles you may have with using a microwave oven. For less than Rs.15,000 the LG microwave is a wonderful addition to your kitchen that can be used for just about any type of cooking.

Also Best Microwave oven 

Morphy Richards 25L (Available in various sizes)

The Morphy Richards comes with a raft of useful features, like child lock, deodorise, defrost, cake baking, and combi-tech, which makes it a supremely convenient machine, and while it's not as large as the LG microwave, its 25L capacity is still sufficient for families up to 3 people. But despite its smaller size it's known to perform really good as we had tested it and found it was amongst the best 25L microwaves, add to that the recent price cut which takes its price to less than Rs.10,000 and you simply cannot ignore this deal.

Best budget microwave oven

MarQ by Flipkart 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

The MarQ 30 litre microwave is a great tool for someone who wants a large cooking space but for a value price and the MarQ delivers just that. It has a simple to use jog dial and buttons and can be used for making pizza, chicken, boiling water and baking as well. Despite what its size may suggest you can still use it for your homes and with its ability to cook food as well as heat it smaller bakeries may also prefer this.

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Why trust us?

To find the best convection microwave oven in India, we had analysed over 190 microwaves that were available, spending over 20 hours in research time. Our research narrowed our selection down to a top three, which we had bought and tested for over a week each.

different types of microwave oven

To help us test each convection microwave oven, we had brought in the help of experts who have been using microwaves for over 80 years. Our panel also included a Delhi-based chef, who has had over 21 years of cooking experience with a microwave.

But with it being almost a year and a whole lot of new microwaves coming to the market, we revisited the article to find some new picks. We started by analyzing the new products launched in the market along with best sellers from Amazon and Flipkart.

Next, we wanted to talk to the various dealers to find out what products people prefer and what technology of microwaves are popular. For this, we headed over to Croma, one of the first multi-brand retailer in India and Girias which is  South India’s No.1 consumer durables retailer. Here we spent a lot of time to understand what people buy and what features and brands attract customers the most.

How we tested?

The last time we reviewed microwaves these were the tests we carried out before finding the winner.

We started with the basics, so we could get a feel for how each machine performed, to see if things like size, power consumption, design, and the more finer details like the opening, menu control, and usability would shape the user’s experience.

We used the auto-cook feature to see if the time the microwaves give for each recipe is accurate enough to give an even and complete cook, and went through the manual for each one to find similar recipes to test. We settled on popcorn, making tea, and boiling potatoes, as basic tests.

We then moved on to the big test—cooking—the main reason you’re using your microwave.

For all of our cooking tests, we had the help of our panel of experts, including a leading chef, who determined the results of each test. They confirmed for us if the food was evenly cooked, and the time it took to reach the desired consistency.

Again, the Morphy Richards dwarfed the competition (IFB and Kenstar), delivering the best, tastiest food time and again, and in some cases several minutes quicker than the other two.

We started simply, by heating water, then moved on to defrosting.

We then tested a household staple: rice.

nice cook micro ovean

We made soup using a packet mix, to see how well each machine would incorporate the ingredients.

taste gravy in  ovean cook

We boiled potatoes to judge how well the microwaves boil harder, starchier foods.

tastey potatoes cook in oven

Popcorn was a fun test and really showed how evenly each of the machines cooked.

tastey popcorn cook in microovean

Things got more exciting with our pizza test, where we tested the quality of the convection setting.

tastey pizza in ovean

Testing the grill setting for each machine was interesting, as a lot of older microwaves don’t include a grill function. We conducted two tests, paneer and vegetables, to see how each grilled stacked up.

paneer tastey in ovean cook
ovean cook taste veg roast

The cake baking test checked to see how each performed for longer periods of time and produced some very tasty results.


  • Before we start it is important to note that the microwaves we tested were all not of similar power outputs. The Morphy Richards was 100W higher than IFB and Kenstar and also larger. But then again, Morphy Richards (our previous winner) was rated the best microwave oven in India not only due to the quality of cooking but also its performance in after-sales service and other features.

  • We would never recommend IFB currently as our best pick, due to its dubious service quality regardless of its power output. So our best pick still stands.

How to buy the best microwave- inputs from experts

When we reached out to home appliances dealers-  Girias and Croma, we got a lot of insights into what people buy and using that data we have managed to tailor our picks to customer preferences.

Here's, what we found:

  • In the microwave space, we found that convection microwaves were the major sellers, especially in the offline space. Now this was for home use while more commercial users prefer regular (solo) microwave with just heating feature

  • Auto cook menu was one of the most desirable features

  • Most people’s budget for a microwave was between Rs. 14-15,000

  • Most common brands sold were LG, Samsung, Godrej

  • The most common complaint about the microwave was malfunctioning touchpads

  • LG and Samsung offered the best after-sales service with dealers accepting that  IFB was lacking a little when it comes to service penetration

With this information, we knew what customers were looking for but after a more detailed discussion, the dealers gave us a lot more insights. Firstly the dealers suggested to really decide where and for what you are going to use the mciowave for. Using a convection for an office is a waste of money as all you will do is heat the food. Auto cook is a feature that dealers that you msut look for in your next microwave as it makes cooking easy. Hence our LG and Morphy Richards offer amongst the highest auto cook menu options (around 200). But if your buying the oven for office purposes do not go for microwaves with high auto cook menu options as you will not be needing them.

Size is another thing to take care of as just buying the largest size is not always beneficial as large ovens up to 30L maybe too big for your kitchen, so always buy according to your needs. The dealerships suggest 23-28 Litre ovens will be more than sufficient for most houses and they will not take as much space as much larger ovens.

Service can be an important factor as when reviewing oven previously we found that IFB did not offer the fastest service due to the limited service centres, this can be an issue if you do not live near major cities so always make sure you factor in service also before purchasing.

Now coming to features there are a few features that are genuinely useful while a few are not so. Read our “Useless vs Useful features” section at the bottom.

Our best pick (in detail)

mc2886brum-lg-original micro ovean


  • Rotisserie options

  • Large size is good for bakeries as well

  • The button-based menu is easy to use

  • Highest auto cook menu options

  • Milk boiling options is very good


  • Many complained about starter kit not being provided

  • Some complaints about delayed demo service

A microwave nowadays has become a tool to get things done, hence their design is nothing that most manufacturers do not pay much attention to. However, the LG 28L microwave oven at least tries to be different, it’s glossy front with a maroon body stands out amongst the dull utensils of a kitchen. But it's not all show and no go, the LG stands out with its large 28 Litre size and costs less than Rs.15000 which fits perfectly into most people’s budget. It offers some cool features to help you with your cooking and specifically for Indian style of cooking like Motorised Rotisserie, Indian Roti Basket feature, Diet Fry, Pasteurize Milk and the ability to make Ghee/ Paneer and CUrd.

The user interface is simple and easy to learn as it is button based. The buttons are large in size and have text mentioned above them, thus preventing them from fading. There is a body coloured handle as well for easy opening. But by far the best feature offered is the 251 auto cook menu options which are the highest amongst all the microwaves in the market, this means you do not have to worry about cooking temperatures and cooking times as the microwave can handle them by itself.

A feature that customers liked is the ability to boil milk without spilling which they said is a boon and really changes the way milk is boiled in most households. Also, the ability to make different types of rotis from naans to parathas was considered a genuinely useful feature.

A whopping 94.3% of the 1001 ratings were positive with almost no complaints about the products in the reviews. The two most common complains we found were not even related to the microwave itself rather people were unhappy with the slow demo service and Flipkart not delivering the starter kit with the microwave.

LG offers a 1 year warranty on the product and 4 years on magnetron. The company also provides a demo service at your place once you order the product.

Despite these two qualms the LG 28L offers the best size to performance and add almost all the features that a user would want including the Rotisserie option which the Croma dealer said was highly desirable for many people. If you are in the market for the best convection microwave oven in India, then look no further than the LG 28L oven. 

Also good pick (in detail)

morphy-richard-25cg-original micro ovean


  • Available in multiple sizes

  • A lot of auto cook menu options

  • Good value

  • Easy to use

  • Good service


  • Wasn’t that good at making popcorn

  • The touch panel may not be to everyone's liking

  • Now additional magnetron warranty

The Morphy Richards 25L microwave with a raft of useful features, like child lock, deodorise, defrost, cake baking, and combi-tech, which made it a supremely convenient machine, and with a capacity of up to 25L it can easily cater to a family of up to four, and received mostly positive customer reviews on Flipkart and Amazon.

Design wise, its silver stainless steel body and transparent glass door gave it a flawless design. It even comes with a 6 feet power cord so it sits comfortably in any kitchen, and with a two-year product warranty, you can cook with confidence. It was simple to use, with a handy touch panel and nicely-designed handle for the door.

During our testing, we also found that this microwave grill function was absolutely terrific. It gave us a perfectly grilled and roasted paneer. We loved using the options available with the Morphy Richards. Its combi-tech functions helped us get the most evenly and perfectly grilled paneer and roasted vegetables. The cake we baked with the help of the microwave and convection combi-tech function was evenly baked too.

With over 200 auto-cook menu options, the Morphy Richards had amongst the best cooking features. Even the most inexperienced cook can create a meal with this machine, although it can get a little overwhelming if you don’t take the time to familiarise yourself with the manual first, which includes instructions for each cooking option, with the corresponding numbers stuck on top of the microwave. An added bonus was the extra recipe book that came with the machine, giving you very detailed instructions for an extra 150 dishes.

Out of all the features available, the Morphy Richards excels in cooling, and deodorising—a boon for when you don't want your coffee or paneer to be stinking of chicken.

It can boil water quickly and easily, and cooks a pot of rice in just 18 minutes, a full minute quicker than the IFB. It boiled potatoes perfectly and excels at grilling paneer (some of the best we’ve ever tasted!) and beautifully-roasted vegetables.

For the convection oven, it comes with a handy convection plate, meaning you can get beautiful crispy pizzas in just nine minutes flat. It also baked a fluffy, delicious beautiful cake in only 22 minutes. We could go on and on about the food is produced, but we won’t. We’ll leave that up to you.

All that being said, despite our best efforts, we could never get an even cooking for popcorn. Another issue is that the touch panel can be a little difficult to use at first, but it gets easier as time passes by. The user manual also really helps to get you going.

Despite these issues, the Morphy Richards is a fantastic microwave, and its cooking ability and extra features far outweigh any negative points. Starting at around Rs. 9990, it fits most people's budget for a microwave and with it’s fast, user-friendly performance makes kitchen life easier. Morphy Richards offers a two year warranty on the product with no additional magnetron warranty. 

If this size doesn't fit your family's needs you can easily find other bigger models online too. Most of the Morphy Richards' microwaves share similar features and warranty periods.

Best budget microwave oven in detail

convection oven in MarQ


  • Large size is good for bakeries as well

  • The button-based menu is easy to use

  • Superb pricing


  • Grilling is slower than other microwaves

  • Service can be a little slow at times

  • Not enough auto cook menus

With Flipkart trying to capture all of the electronic market we have new products being launched in new segments, and in the microwave space, Flipkart recently launched their new MarQ microwave oven. It promises to give a great performance, a large capacity and an unbelievably low price.

Priced at Rs.7999 for the 30 Litre version, the design of the microwave is not its strong suit. It's boxy, large and almost generic, but what is thoughtful is the neatly stacked buttons on the side and a jog dial for easy control. Another useful little details we noticed is that the text is not printed on the buttons but above them, this means in long-term using the buttons will not cause the print to fade away, thus saving you from figuring out what each button does. In terms of colours, you get just one black colour version, while the LG is offered in a nice maroon colour that can really lift up the look of your kitchen.

In terms of features, you have jet defrosting, 5 power levels, 3 memory levels, child lock and a 360 degrees cooking turntable. While there are no fancy features like “keep warm” and more such features, verified customers were very satisfied with the product. Most people loved the ease of using the grill function and baking function. With the huge space being a bonus for most users who said getting that size at this price was nearly impossible. Of the 680 overall ratings, a whopping 91% suggested that they were satisfied with the performance of the product.

In terms of power, it is comparable to most microwaves in its class with 900W power, in convection mode, it can go up to 2300W and 1100W in grill mode. However, the grill mode is something a few people complained about. They claimed that the time taken for grilling is slightly longer than usual (+15 minutes) but the quality of the grilled food was great. Coming to the convection options people were very happy with the performance as it was able to cook most ideas like pizza, tandoori chicken, boil water and bake stuff also. Also given its budget nature it doesn't have as much cooking menus as the LG or Morphy Richards.

MarQ offers a 1 year warranty on the product and 3 years of warranty on the magnetron. 

Overall with its huge capacity, easy to use controls and low sticker price makes the MarQ 30L microwave one of the best budget microwaves in India.

Useful vs useless features

Technically, most features in a microwave are useless as all of them are a function of only three things: time, temperature, and weight of the food.

That being said, some features are marginally useful like the auto-cook feature. This will get you through the occasional problem you’ll face if you are heating something new and don’t know how long you have to heat it for. But as time goes on you’ll probably know how long things have to be heated, and you’ll resort to heating by just changing the time and temperature levels yourself.

The combi-tec feature, though, is actually useful as it helps you to switch back and forth between the grill and convection function, so you don’t have to go into the kitchen all the time to keep changing between the two.

Now, there are some features that are actually useless. The steam clean function is one of them. All it does is heats a bowl of water that you’ve put into it and the steam produced cleans the walls of the microwave. You can do this yourself by heating a bowl of water normally.Simply fill a microwave-safe bowl with 200ml water, squeeze in the juice of one lemon, and set it on high for five minutes (or press the steam clean button). Once this is done, leave the door closed for a further five minutes. At the end of this time, you can wipe the insides down with a dry cloth. It’s that simple and doesn’t need its own function.

The keep warm feature, found only in IFB, is another useless one. While it sounds great in theory, it just makes more sense to reheat your food when it is ready to be served. You don’t need another button that does the exact same thing.

Who are our best picks for?

The LG microwave offers a premium design, easy to use controls, the highest auto cook menu options and large 28L space. This makes it great for large homes which need a microwave for not just heating but for cooking purpose also.

The Morphy Richards 25L microwave is similarly specced as the LG but comes in a smaller package with a cheaper price tag as well. When we had last tested it we were amazed by its performance as it cooked really well and really fast.

Finally, the MarQ 30L oven is affordable and the largest in size, this makes it great if you have to cook a lot of food or need to reheat lots of food. With its low price tag and easy to use buttons makes it great for bakeries as well as for large families.

Our analysis of after-sales service

A large part of your satisfaction depends on the quality of the installation and the after-sales service, so we decided to investigate how these three brands conduct theirs.

In our initial investigation, we had called all the three brands’ customer care numbers (IFB, Morphy Richards and Kenstar) and spoke to three owners of local microwave service centres. We also grilled (figuratively) the installation guys who came to set up our microwaves for as much info as we could get on their service practices.

We learned that all three companies send a person right to your doorstep to install and service your machine.

More importantly, we learned that IFB actually has their own service centres and use their own trained specialists to service their microwaves, whereas Morphy Richards and Kenstar partner with local mechanics to do the work.You might think that IFB is hands-down better as they use their own branded technicians—but this isn’t necessarily the case.Since IFB uses their own service personnel for this work this means they have to pay them a salary, therefore they can only hire a limited number of specialist technicians and only cover a limited amount of areas across India.

Morphy Richards and Kenstar, however, partner with local mechanics which means that they only pay a commission per successful service they perform, meaning no fixed prices. This means they only have to pay their partners when they perform a service, so they can tie up with more local mechanics and cover more areas in India.

We also found a lot of reviews and customer complaints online that further corroborated our theory that IFB’s service in certain parts of India can be sub-par. This was further backed up by the dealers who said that their customers we more satisfied with LG and Samsung’s quick and widespread service. This should be a major concern for you if you don’t live in a big city.

Now, you might be worried that if Morphy Richards works with local third-party mechanics then they might not have the necessary knowledge to do the job properly.We thought so too. So, we called up three owners of three separate microwave after-sales businesses and identified five problems that microwave users face. We made sure that some of the problems were rare in their occurrence. The rare problems would be a good test to see if the Morphy Richards' service personnel was actually knowledgeable.

Once we identified the top five problems, we spoke to all the three brands’ installation and service personnel to test their knowledge on these problems. We checked to see if all brand reps/local mechanics understood these problems and knew how to solve them. We also got some quotes from them in the process.

Here, surprisingly it cost much more to get it replaced from a 3rd party mechanic. This is probably due to the lack of spare parts available.Yes! Not only did the local mechanics who tied up with Kenstar and Morphy Richards have an understanding of the problems we discussed, but they also had prior experience solving them. Plus, they also directly sourced their parts from Kenstar and Morphy Richards. So there should be no problem regarding the quality of spare parts either.If your microwave stops working and you can’t heat up your coffee or tea or your food, you want this solved quickly. This is why we prefer Morphy Richards’ service to IFB—it’s most likely quicker.

So think twice, or call the closest IFB service centre, before choosing IFB.

Coming to LG, they have a huge network of service centres across India and even offer the highest magnetron warranty amongst the best picks.

MarQ meanwhile has service centres across 200 cities of India and even they provide 3 years of magnetron warranty  

Space taken by our best picks

Microwaves can be pretty large in size when compared to other home appliances so our helpful chart shows just how much space each one of our best picks takes up so you can plan accordingly.  

look nice micro oven

Final thoughts

Cooking shouldn’t be a chore, and these days using a microwave makes it that much easier, so we wanted to find you the best microwave in India that can do everything you need.

If great performance, class-leading features and a large size are what you need in your next microwave oven then look no further than the LG 28L convection oven. It also brings a fresh design to your kitchen and is priced very well at below Rs.15000. 

Next, we have Morphy Richards 25L microwave with its 900 Watts of power for a faster cooking time and its 200 auto-cook recipes which make it easy for the beginner to start creating culinary masterpieces. Despite being much smaller than the LG it makes up for it in performance and creates some truly exceptional food as we found out. 

If you’re after a more budget-friendly choice, the MarQ by Flipkart does the job very well. It offers the largest size (30L), comes with a low price tag and cooks really well.