Are you looking to make cooking easier than ever? Do you want to make those amazing gravies and chutneys that you see on a food channel on Youtube? What you need to help you on the way is an excellent mixer grinder.

A mixer grinder is actually a magical tool for your kitchen. With it, you can chop, grind, mix, juice and do a lot more things just at the click of a button. But isn’t it cumbersome to use? Of course not.

Mixer grinders are easy to use and safe too, most of them come with rubber feet to prevent movement, proper lid locks to prevent spilling and an easy to use speed dial. And with thousands of videos on Youtube showing you how to cook easily, using the mixer grinder in today's day and age is extremely easy.

Buying a mixer grinder is simple too, make sure you know your requirements first. A regular mixer grinder comes with three jars and each company gives you a different size one so make sure you keep that into consideration. Also make sure you pick one that is powerful enough to grind and mix quickly and thoroughly. For more details check our detailed buying

But there are hundreds of mixers out there for you to choose from, making it a tough choice. What do you need to look for to get the best value for your money? This is where we come in. We’d done the hard work for you, so you can just sit back, relax, and decide quickly and confidently on the right mixer that suits you.

Best mixer grinder Sujata

Great power

The Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder is no doubt a powerhouse, it is designed to take on anything you through at it and make mincemeat of it. It's in fact designed to take a lot more than the average Indian household may throw at it and that's why its first on the list today. Due to its power, space and quality, the Sujata Dynamix is also the weapon of choice across restaurants and juice bards and for good reason too.

In terms of design, the Dynamix takes up very little space due to its tall design. It’s delightfully compact, for what it is, so it doesn’t take up too much room when you’re preparing food, and comes with a good supply of different mixing jars (extra juice jar with tap, extra chutney and additional dome liquidising jars) available separately online, so you can grind, mix, juice, and liquidise, all with the one device.

3 speed control

3-speed control with Whip button

The 1.5L liquidising jar was the second largest in the tests, meaning you can mix more and store more, and the dual locking system for the jar lids make them a safer, more secure option. The presence of a handle on the chutney jar made it easier to use than some of its competitors, and a small feature that we felt really helped with the overall feel of the appliance.

The only downsides to the Sujata were that the clip-lock lid design is a little dated, but the presence of 3 clip locks does help in case anyone breaks apart , also the top-heavy design of the machine itself makes it a little wobbly during use—however, the suction feet on the bottom of the machine prevents it from moving around.

When you have 900 watts of power at your disposal you must be able to control it properly, and hence present is a 3-speed control knob with a pulse option, that helps you finetune your chopping/grinding depending on the type of ingredient you are using.

Lock system
Lock system

Sujata Dual lock system (Clip locks & Gasket lock)

The mixer comes with an ABS plastic body which makes its shock-proof also and we did not witness an electric shock related issue during our use. The Sujata mixer lids as we said before had a dual locking system that prevents leakage of the jar contents, this shows that the rubber gaskets are working well.

But the jars themselves cannot be considered to be airtight as there is a small flap on the top, which is to be used for checking the inner contents of the jar or to add some extra contents into the jar.

While it does wobble a little during use, there is no fear of leakage. The dual locking system makes it all feel safe. 

Thanks to its powerful motor, the Sujata Dynamix aced all the tests. For the grinding jar test, it ground sugar to a fine powder in seven seconds flat—a full 13 seconds faster than the slowest performer. Making a masala paste was a breeze with the Sujata’s chutney jar, with a smooth, delicious paste being whipped up in just 30 seconds.

Out of the six mixers (that we had tested) that didn’t feature a dedicated juicing jar, the Sujata was superior, and juiced sweet limes to a fine liquid in 25 seconds, with only a small amount of pulp. This is where the wobbliness was apparent, but nothing that made its use uncomfortable.

During the testing, we conducted we did not feel any excess noise (The sound was below the 90 DB limit) from the mixer apart from the usual sound of the motors and ingredients being ground in the containers.

Liquidising jar handle

Sujata liquidising jar handle

While it’s definitely the costliest of all the machines we tested, the power and features of the Sujata more than makeup for this. Featuring the longest electrical cable (207cm) of all the tests, you can comfortably place it anywhere on your workspace, and with a low noise level during use and a two-year warranty, the Sujata was a delight to use and a machine that will see you mixing and grinding well into the future.

Given the power ratings of the mixers, we can easily say that the Sujata Dynamix with its greater 900W of power will be much faster in the day to day operation and the larger jars will be better for families with over four members. Also note that the Sujata is designed to work in a much more stressful environment that may require it to run very long (up to 90 minutes), something that is not possible on the home-friendly Bajaj GX1

But, with it being able to do so much at such fast speed, the Sujata mixer is priced at a little premium at around Rs.5000 but it comes with a two-year warranty and its performance is well worth the price.


  • Superfast mixing and grinding

  • Most powerful in its class

  • Build very well

  • Has lots of accessories available

  • Large jars with dual locking

  • 2-years warranty


  • Pricey

  • A little wobble due to top heavy design

  • Older generation clip locks

Where to buy it?

Best mixer grinder bajaj (Budget)

Value pricing

When it comes to budget mixer grinders the competition is tough and there are too many options that can confuse you. But when we went through the different models on Flipkart and Amazon we found the Bajaj GX1 to offer the perfect blend of performance, features and price.

When it comes to budget mixers, we found a lot of people flock towards the Bajaj GX1 500 W Mixer Grinder. It is designed just like the Sujata Dynamix with a tower-like design, comes with three jars and has enough power for everyday use.

You get three jars with the mixers of sizes, 1.25-litre, 0.8-litre and 0.3-litre and all jars come with a lid. The jars are made of stainless steel and the liquidising jar, as well as the grinding jar, come with grab handles.

The rotary controller has the three speeds and the boost integrated into a single knob making it very easy to use. The feet are rubber suction type which keeps it planted on a surface without any sideways movements.

Despite the 500W motor being smaller than our best pick, it holds its own and even comes with a motor overload protection. With over 38,000 positive ratings, people loved the Bajaj GX1 for its sharp blades, powerful grinding and mixing, ergonomic controls, auto-shutoff feature and design.

The Bajaj GX1 with its 500W motor and much smaller jars is more suitable for families under four members. But don’t let the small size and capacity fool you, this mixer grinder is perfectly up to the task of daily family needs

When you consider the brand, the decently powerful motor, quality jars and good reviews, the Bajaj GX1 mixer makes for a great addition to the Indian Kitchen for its affordable Rs.1599 price tag.


  • Value pricing

  • Three well-sized jars

  • Takes very little space

  • Fast mixing and grinding

  • Rubber suction feet


  • Short cable

  • A little noisy

Where to buy it?

Who is the competition?

Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Priced much lower than our best pick, the Lifelong Power Pro too has a ton of reviews but much lower ratings. Customers found that the product had many quality issues with it, with people complaining about the poor quality of the lids, the missing lid gaskets, loosening blades and more. People also had a lot of complaints on the after sales part of the brand so we suggest you stick to the more established picks we have suggested.

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 63152293 400-Watt Mixer Grinder

The Nutri-Blend is a mini mixer grinder that even supports one large juicing jar. This is the type of mixer that is advertised on teleshopping channels on television and it is primarily designed for light usage. 

In fact, you need to allow it to cool for 3 minutes after every minute of usage! And the price of Rs.2699 simply adds insult to injury. It's best to stick to the conventional mixer grinder like the Bajaj GX1 for light usage or the Sujata Dynamix if you need to make enough juice for your home party and the party next door.

Prestige Elegant 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

While the 750-watt motor and the four jars provided with the mixer can make for an interesting proposition, the high price of nearly Rs.3000 and the poor quality of materials on the panels, motor and blades make the Prestige Elegant a less desirable product. 

Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

This mixer grinder too had pretty much the same complaints from buyers as the above Elegant 750 watt mixer. The complaints on this were even more with people finding the buttons to stop working suddenly, motor whine, shoddy construction, horrible packaging and to top it off a distinctive plastic smell.

Buying Guide to the Best Mixer Grinder

Selecting a mixer grinder can be a little complicated as there are so many different types of mixers apart from the usual specifications and features. Here are the different types:

  • Vegetable chopper: The most basic kitchen appliance to chop vegetable and fruits. Works similar to a mixer but is not as powerful and comes with only one jar

  • Mixer Grinder: The product we are talking about in this article, comes with at least three jars and can be used for chopping, grinding, mixing and more. One of the most versatile appliances in your kitchen

  • Juicer Mixer Grinder: Similar to a mixer grinder but comes with an additional juicer jar that allows it to juice more efficiently. Great if you want to make juices regularly but don't want to spend on a standalone juicer.

  • Food processor: A food processor is basically a mixer grinder on steroids, it works as a conventional mixer grinder, a juicer, a vegetable chopper, a grinder, a dough kneader and more. 

Once you know which type will suit you the next thing to look at is power (or wattage). Generally, a more powerful machine will help mix/ grind/ juice much faster, take our best picks across the types as an example. The Preethi Turbo Chop with its 450W motor was the fastest in vegetable choppers, the Sujata Dynamix was the fastest in Mixers and the Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 was the fastest in food processors.

Looking at the brand service is also important as you may need to change some parts depending on your usage (gaskets).

Also make sure you look at the time rating, which is a measure of how long you can use a mixer with proper breaks. Usually, most mixers have a rating of 20-30 minutes while more powerful mixers like the Sujata Dynamix have a rating of 90 minutes and hence is useful for restaurants and juice shops as well.

Still, have some doubts about mixer grinders? Check out our FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Does the product have a warranty?
    All the products we selected had a minimum warranty of 1 year. Some products do have separate longer warranties for the motor.

  • What was the blade type and was it sharp?
    While we cannot measure the exact sharpness of the blades, what we can share is that all the mixers we tested worked brilliantly with the various tasks we provided including powdering fine sugar cubes, making a paste out of ground coconut, chillies, onions etc. & making great juice from sweet lime. All mixers have a steel blade.

  • What was the wire length?
    The average length was 125 cm, with the Sujata Mixer having the longest cable length of 207 cm

  • Does the lid have a rubber holding inside it?
    All mixers lids come with a rubber gasket which helps to form a seal between the lid & container and prevents and contents of the mixer from leaking out.

  • Does it have Auto shut off option?
    Most mixers we chose do come with an overload option that turns off the mixer in an overload condition (When the jar contents are too hard or the mixer is used for too long)

  • Jar type (Steel or Glass)?
    It would be actually dangerous to use a glass jar for a mixer container! All mixers come with a stainless steel jar, while a few juicer jars come with transparent plastic jars.

  • Do all Jars have handles? Are they easy to grip?
    Not all mixers have jar handles, but almost all mixers come with a handle for the Liquidising jar, while the Sujata mixer had handles for all their jars.

  • Stability of the Mixer Grinder (Vacuum feet)?
    All mixers in our tests had vacuum feet.

  • Does it have a  speed control option?
    All mixers must strictly have a speed control option, otherwise, it basically becomes an electric chopper. All mixers will have a three-speed control along with a whip/pulse function.

  • Can it be used for making Juices? Milkshakes?
    Using the Liquidising jar one can make juices and milkshakes comfortably.

  • Was the Pulse option available?
    Yes, all mixers had a pulse/ whip button

  • Can we grind dry cloves, Cardamom, Turmeric, Ice?
    Of course, mixers work brilliantly when grinding hard ingredients to fine powder.

  • How to approach for Warranty?
    The easiest way would be to ring up the customer care line provided with the warranty card or take the mixer to one of the mentioned authorised service centres. Never try to open the mixer on your own, even if you have the necessary tools as that may void the warranty.

  • Size of the product (Compact or big)?
    The mixers by themselves cannot be termed as a portable appliance as it would be difficult to carry around the mixer body and the 3 jars, the Bajaj is farm more compact than the Sujata Mixer

  • Do the mixers have a Shockproof body?
    The Mixers are made with ABS plastic material for the bodies and are hence Shockproof

  • Were there heating problems?
    We did not face any heating issues during the time we used the mixers for testing. But we must know that electrical appliances, when used for long periods of time will produce heat.

Final thoughts

A good kitchen wouldn’t be the same without a good mixer-grinder—these kitchen wizards help save you time and effort by mixing, grinding and juicing your ingredients in seconds.

Of the mixers we tested, the Sujata Dynamix 810-watt impressed us the most. With its great feature set, large jar size, and outstanding continuous running time, the Sujata stands head and shoulders above the rest.

If you’re after a great value machine that delivers the best bang for your buck, the Bajaj is the choice for you. With a decently powerful motor for most home needs, useful jars, and a price tag of just Rs. 1599, it’s a handy, powerful mix that will make itself at home in any kitchen.

Which appliance you choose is up to you, and rests purely on what your needs are in the kitchen.

Here at HomeTop, we’re committed to researching, analysing, and testing products thoroughly to help you decide on what to buy in five minutes or less. Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis, and happy mixing!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed researching for it. Adding in an expert panel, and interviewing those actively using these appliances in commercial situations, certainly made it a fun, in-depth piece to write for you.

So now we want to hear from you. If you have any questions, or you’ve got a recommendation for a mixer-grinder that you think is the best, leave us a comment below and we can discuss the benefits of these kitchen heroes.

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