To find the best mixer grinder in India, we spent 18 hours researching and then tested seven of the best mixer grinders for one week.

We brought together a panel of experts, mainly housewives having a combined cooking experience of 117 years, and had them use the mixer-grinders.

We also got external input from a respected Bangalore-based juice shop and restaurant on the quality of the juicing jars.

There are hundreds of mixers out there for you to choose from, making it a tough choice. What do you need to look for to get the best value for your money? This is where we come in.

We’d done the hard work for you, so you can just sit back, relax, and decide quickly and confidently on the right mixer that suits you. We’ve done a boatload of research into the best models you can get, and followed this up with extensive real-world testing to make sure we’re recommending only the best product based on our testing.

Best Mixer Grinder

The Sujata Dynamix 810-watt (actually 900 watt)

Best for family of four and above

Of the mixers we tested, the Sujata Dynamix took the lead for us with its quick mixing times, its overall quality, and its operation while in use. It comes with a more secure locking system, too, so your jars feel more stable when mixing. While it does wobble a little during use, the is no fear of leakage. The dual locking system makes it all feel safe, and the powerful motor (900 Watts) and speed you get more than makes up for this.

It’s delightfully compact, for what it is, so it doesn’t take up too much room when you’re preparing food, and comes with a good supply of different mixing jars (extra juice jar with tap, extra chutney and additional dome liquidising jars) available separately online, so you can grind, mix, juice, and liquidise, all with the one device. With its motor having enough power to grind and chop very quickly coupled with the size, quality and safety of the jars makes it a worthy companion for your home needs.

The Sujata mixer comes with a Chutney jar (0.4 Litre) , Grinding jar (1 Litre) and Liquidising jar (1.5 Litre with dome lid), all made of stainless steel, with plastic handles present for all their jars. Priced at around Rs.4800 it comes with a two year warranty and is well worth the price.

Best Budget Mixer Grinder

Pigeon Torrent 750 W

Best for 4 family members and below

The Pigeon was the underrated star of the mixers we tested. While it may not have the best looking design, or the largest containers with dual locks or handles for all, its powerful 750-watt motor makes it a surprising standout for its price. The power and speed make it suitable for busy kitchens, and the size of jars it comes with would be perfect for families with 3-4 members as compared to families have more than 4 members.

The Pigeon comes bundled with three jars (same as most mixers in this test), the chutney Jar (0.4 litre), the grinding jar (0.7 Litre) and Liquidising Jar (1.25 Litre with dome lid) , the jars have a stainless steel body with a plastic handle for the Liquidising jar. At around Rs. 1500 for a powerful, dependable appliance, this is an excellent value-for-money machine, backed with a one year warranty and will be a standout performer in any kitchen.

Why trust us?

To find the best mixies in India we went through over 300 mixers and bought the best seven mixers so we could test them. We tested all of the mixer grinders for a week. To further understand the nuances of the mixers we got in a panel of experts - four housewives, who brought a combined experience of 117 years of using mixer grinders. We also got external input from a respected Bangalore-based juice shop and restaurant on the quality of the juicing jars.

How we selected?

We analyzed 300 mixers available on Amazon and Flipkart. We disqualified all mixer-grinders with bad star ratings as those imply that the people who purchased it were unhappy with it. We also disqualified a lot of products that did not have sufficient number of reviews as they have not been tested by enough people yet.

We were finally left with 22 products. We disqualified all products that didn’t have the anti-skid feature and the pulse option. As we felt these add a lot of value during usage. We also made sure to only choose mixers that had the overload shut-off feature as this is a necessity. We also removed some mixers which were obscenely expensive at around Rs. 7000.

List of the Best Mixer Grinders

The selected seven mixer grinders which we subjected to our rigorous testing.

  • Bajaj Rex 500-Watt
  • Pigeon Torrent 750 W
  • Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt
  • Maharaja Whiteline Neo (MX-147) 500 W
  • Kenstar KMA50W3S-DBB 500 W
  • Preethi Popular MG 142 750-Watt
  • Sujata Dynamix 810-watt

List of the Best Mixer Grinders

How we tested?

For mixer-grinders we included a panel of people who have used mixer-grinders for a combined 117 years. They know what works, what doesn’t, and what to expect from a good-quality machine, and helped us look at mixers from a different perspective where the performance of the mixer and quality of food prepared is of the utmost importance.

We unboxed the different mixers and noted how they came packaged in their boxes, their different specifications, and how easy they were to familiarise ourselves with, to hold, and to use. We also made sure that what we received everything that we purchased. All mixers that we received had all the equipment as advertised on the websites, except the Sujata mixer which was advertised as an 810 Watts mixer while the one provided was a 900 Watt (As confirmed by most people buying on Amazon)

We lined up each of the mixers and purchased an assortment of ingredients for the experts to use and then noted their inputs on how the mixers performed.

sweet lime juice

The Experts used the mixer-grinders with sugar and also made sweet lime juice on each of the mixers. The sugar grinding was done so we could judge the mixers’ capacity to grind spices and other fine ingredients. Juicing the sweet lime was done as it is similar to juicing apples, oranges, bananas etc. We performed the juice test twice on the Panasonic mixer, using both its juice liquidising jar and the juice jar.

sweet lime juice on each of the mixers

To understand the necessity of an additional juice jar being included with the mixers, we also brought along a juice shop owner to test out the juicing capabilities of our mixers and give his professional opinion on their performance.

juicing capabilities of our mixers

We also used each of the mixers to make chutney and noted the performance of each mixer. Making chutney, we felt was a good way of testing as mixers are used mostly to make chutneys for daily needs.

mixers to make chutney

Throughout the process we checked the sound level of the mixer-grinders to make sure that they were below the 90 decibel limit. We used a phone app called sensor stage.

After testing all the mixers the next step was to see how easy they were to clean. Every one of the mixers we tested was easy to clean, and a few had detachable blades that made the task even easier. The mixer bodies are all made of plastic, which means they’re rustproof, and can be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth.

Note about the Panasonic Mixer: After our tests, we noticed that the Panasonic mixer was the best in juicing courtesy of its dedicated juicing jar and we also noted that it was well-designed. You might want to consider this mixer if a juicer is important to you. It is important that you know however that none of the other mixer-grinders in the test were juicer-mixer-grinders and therefore we can’t say it is the best juicer-mixer-grinder. Although all the other mixers can be used to make juice.

We felt recommending the Panasonic would be unfair to the other mixers in the test and also unfair to the other juicer mixer grinders as they were not considered in the test. That being said, we did love the Panasonic mixer for its design, ease of use, safety & brilliant juicing jar.

Best Mixer Grinder (in detail)

The Sujata Dynamix 810-watt

Let’s have a bit more of a look at what the Sujata can do.

The Sujata Dynamix 810-watt

The Sujata Dynamix featured impressively fast mixing times, the best quality of mixing and grinding of the machines we tested, and featured a supply of sufficiently large jars. It also had a safe dual locking system (with clip locks and a rubber gasket), making the mixing a leakage free task. 

We found it easy to use and the reasonably small footprint it had, didn’t take up a lot of space on your table. This mixer is one favoured by juice shops due to its great performance and variety of attachments, so we would have been crazy not to try it. The Sujata was the most powerful of the machines we tested, coming in at 810/900 watts, making it great for all your chopping, grinding, and juicing needs.

​The powerful motor combined with the sharp blades help the Sujata mixer chop, cut, mince and juice most soft to hard ingredients very quickly. This power makes it great for families having more than four people, and with a continuous run-time of 90 minutes, it’s safe to use for extended periods of time.

The Sujata aced all the tests, thanks to its powerful motor. For the grinding jar test, it ground sugar to a fine powder in seven seconds flat—a full 13 seconds faster than the slowest performer. Making a masala paste was a breeze with the Sujata’s chutney jar, with a smooth, delicious paste being whipped up in just 30 seconds.

Out of the six mixers that didn’t feature a dedicated juicing jar, the Sujata was superior, and juiced sweet limes to a fine liquid in 25 seconds, with only a small amount of pulp. This is where the wobbliness was apparent, but nothing that made its use uncomfortable.

The 1.5L liquidising jar was the second largest in the tests, meaning you can mix more and store more, and the dual locking system for the jar lids make them a safer, more secure option. The presence of a handle on the chutney jar made it easier to use than some of its competitors, and a small feature that we felt really helped with the overall feel of the appliance.

The only downsides to the Sujata were that the clip-lock lid design is a little dated, but the presence of 3 clip locks does help in case any one breaks apart , also the top-heavy design of the machine itself makes it a little wobbly during use—however, the suction feet on the bottom of the machine prevents it from moving around.

When you have 900 watts of power at your disposal you must be able to control it properly, and hence present is a 3 speed control knob with a pulse option, that helps you finetune your chopping/grinding depending on the type of ingredient you are using.

During the testing we conducted we did not feel any excess noise (The sound was below the 90 DB limit) from the mixer apart from the usual sound of the motors and ingredients being ground in the containers.​

3 speed control knob with a pulse option

​During the juicing tests we operated the mixers till the maximum speed during which we felt a little wobble from the mixer (Due to its top heavy design), but we did not notice any excess vibrations from the body of the mixer or the containers.

ABS plastic body

The mixer comes with an ABS plastic body which makes its shock-proof also and we did not witness an electric shock related issue during our use. The Sujata mixer lids as we said before had dual locking system that prevents leakage of the jar contents, this shows that the rubber gaskets are working well. But the jars themselves cannot be considered to be air tight as there is a small flap on the top, which is to be used for checking the inner contents of the jar or to add some extra contents into the jar.

small flap on the top
rubber gaskets

Spare parts for the mixer like the blades or jars are available at the service centre, while the Sujata mixers does come with additional jars which can be bought from Amazon itself, Search for “Sujata Dynamix jars” in the search field on Amazon.

While it’s definitely the costliest of all the machines we tested, the power and features of the Sujata more than make up for this. Featuring the longest electrical cable (207cm) of all the tests, you can comfortably place it anywhere on your workspace, and with a low noise level during use and a two-year warranty, the Sujata was a delight to use, and a machine that will see you mixing and grinding well into the future.

Budget pick (in detail)

Pigeon Torrent 750 W

The Pigeon is a solid, dependable kitchen workhorse, and quietly powers through your mixing and grinding needs without showing off. It’s uncomplicated, and doesn’t focus on having a wide range of features; nor does it have a unique or exciting design.

It more than makes up for this with its motor. It comes equipped with a powerful 750-watt motor that sees it power through all the tests, and producing reliable, good-quality products at the end.​

It doesn’t have the biggest sized jars in the test, but neither did any of the competitors in its price bracket. The Pigeon has the power and speed to be used by large families, but due to these small containers we recommend it for smaller families only (unless you’re okay with using the mixer several times to meet the mixing and grinding needs of a larger family). The grinding and chutney jars lacked handles, making it slightly more difficult to use.​

Pigeon Torrent 750 W

The tests proved just how helpful the Pigeon is. It ground spices and hard ingredients like coconut into a pleasantly smooth, tasty masala paste in 30 seconds, and in the grinding test it ground sugar into a fine powder in just eight seconds—only one second behind the Sujata. It did really well when juicing as well, coming in a joint second place with the Sujata. It juiced sweet limes into a fine, smooth juice in 25 seconds, with minimal pulp.

3 speed controller knob with integrated pulse

What we didn’t like about the Pigeon though was that it featured one of the shorter electrical cable lengths (130cm), and only a one-year warranty, so we found it lacked in these departments. A note of warning, too: while it do come with suction cup feet, its does tend to move about if pushed so be careful when it’s in use.

A mixer is subjected to wear and tear during use and may give up, especially the blades or gaskets, in such a case you can take the product to the service centre for repalcement parts.

But its grinding and mixing ability was where the Pigeon shone, coming near to second-best in all tests. With its ease of use, low noise level during operation, and no extreme vibration or heating issues, the Pigeon comes in at just Rs. 1500, making it excellent value for money, and a star in any home.

jar lid
small air cavity on the top of the lid

As is the norm with all the mixers, the Pigeon also features a 3 speed controller knob with integrated pulse for quick whipping for short durations. Again the jar lid is not completely air tight as it did have a s small air cavity on the top of the lid.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the product has Warranty?

All products we selected had a minimum warranty of 1 year. Some products do have separate longer warranties for the motor.

What was the blade type and was it sharp?

While we cannot measure the exact sharpness of the blades, what we can share is that all the mixers we tested worked brilliantly with the various tasks we provided including powdering fine sugar cubes, making a paste out of ground coconut, chillies, onions etc. & making great juice from sweet lime. All mixers have a steel blade.

What was the wire length?

The average length was 125 cm, with the Sujata Mixer having the longest cable length of 207 cm

Does the lid have a rubber holding inside it?

All mixers lids come with a rubber gasket which helps to form a seal between the lid & container and prevents and contents of the mixer from leaking out.

Does it have Auto shut off option?

Most mixers we chose do come with an overload option that turns off the mixer in an overload condition (When the jar contents is too hard or the mixer is used for too long)

Jar type (Steel or Glass)?

It would be actually dangerous to use a glass jar for a mixer container! All mixers come with a stainless steel jar, while a few juicer jars come with transparent plastic jars.

Do all Jars have handles? Are they easy to grip?

Not all mixers have jar handles, but almost all mixers come with a handle for the Liquidising jar, while the Sujata, Panasonic & Preethi mixer had handles for all their jars.

Stability of the Mixer Grinder (Vacuum feet)?

All mixers in our tests had vacuum feet.

Does it has speed control option?

All mixers must strictly have a speed control option, otherwise it basically becomes an electric chopper. All mixers will have a three speed control along with a whip/pulse function. What differs between mixers will be the design of the speed control, the Panasonic mixer had buttons, the others had a rotary knob

Can it be used for making Juices? Milkshakes?

Using the Liquidising jar one can make juices and milkshakes comfortably.

Was the Pulse option available?

Yes, all mixers had a pulse/ whip button

Can we grind dry cloves, Cardamom, Turmeric,Ice?

Of course, mixers work brilliantly when grinding hard ingredients to fine powder.

How to approach for Warranty?

The easiest way would be to ring up the customer care line provided with the warranty card, or take the mixer to one of the mentioned authorised service centres. Never try to open the mixer on your own, even if you have the necessary tools as that may void the warranty.

Purpose of buying (i.e) it depends on number of members in the family?

It is always difficult to gauge the exact size to person ratio. Most mixers in this test will be sufficient for a family of 3-4 people. While the Larger size mixers i.e. Sujata, Preethi will be good for families larger than 4 as you can quickly do the mixing/ grinding work and then repeat it again for more quantity.

Size of the product (Compact or big)?

The mixers come in 2 main designs vertically stacked (Sujata, Kenstar) and L shaped (Panasonic, Preethi). The L shaped mixers take up more floor space but are more stable compared to the vertically stacked mixers. The mixers by themselves cannot be termed as a portable appliance as it would be difficult to carry around the mixer body and the 3 jars.

Do the mixers have a Shock proof body?

The Mixers are made with ABS plastic material for the bodies and are hence Shockproof

Were there heating problems?

We did not face any heating issues during the time we used the mixers for testing. But we must know that electrical appliances, when used for long periods of time will produce heat.

Final thoughts

A good kitchen wouldn’t be the same without a good mixer-grinder—these kitchen wizards help save you time and effort by mixing, grinding and juicing your ingredients in seconds.

Of the seven we tested, the Sujata Dynamix 810-watt and Pigeon Torrent 750 W impressed us the most.

Which appliance you choose is up to you, and rests purely on what your needs are in the kitchen.

If you’re after a great value machine that delivers the best bang for your buck, the Pigeon is the choice for you. With a powerful motor, excellent mixing and grinding capabilities, and a price tag of just Rs. 1500, it’s a handy, powerful mix that will make itself at home in any kitchen.

But if you’re making bigger batches, and you don’t mind spending slightly more for more power and faster mixing times, the Sujata is the way to go. With its great feature set, large jar size, and outstanding continuous running time, the Sujata stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Here at Hometop, we’re committed to researching, analysing and testing products thoroughly to make sure you never buy a horrible product. Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis, and happy mixing!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed researching for it. Adding in an expert panel, and interviewing those actively using these appliances in commercial situations, certainly made it a fun, in-depth piece to write for you.

So now we want to hear from you. If you have any questions leave us a comment below.

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