Mosquitoes can be a nuisance just about anywhere- indoors or outdoors. Their constant droning buzz can keep you awake with the constant fear of being bitten. But it's not just your night's sleep that mosquitoes can harm, but your health as well.

They can even transmit diseases via microbes, parasites and infections. Common diseases they can cause are Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya. To put some numbers before you, Malaria every year kills about 15,000 in India, while Dengue affects nearly 100 million people worldwide with around 22000 deaths annually. Finally, India accounts for 38% of deaths in the Asia Pacific region due to Malaria.

All these figures are shocking and we must try our best to make sure we do not contact such disease. It is imperative that we keep our house free from mosquitoes. That was one of the biggest reasons for us doing this article, especially since the rainy season is close and it's during the rains that mosquitoes bother us the most.

To find the best mosquito killer/ repellent we looked through numerous reputed websites and customer reviews from Amazon and Flipkart before finding the best products for you. We made sure we have picked for every budget for and for every type of user

Best mosquito killer (Fly Swatter)

mr. Right MR-5620 Electric Mosquito Bat Electric Insect Killer

Quick and easy mosquito killer

While there are quite a lot of mosquito bats available online and offline, most of them are not really durable and break within a few uses. That's not the case here with the mr.Right electric mosquito bat. It is not only well-built and durable but also very effective against mosquitoes. As a bonus, you also get an led light to use it in the dark and the bat also boasts of good battery life too.


  • Works really well against mosquitoes

  • Easy to use

  • Good battery life

  • Durable

  • Wire-free, plug to charge

  • Led torch also included


  • Pricier than other mosquito bats

  • Manual operation

  • Little heavy

Where to buy it?

Best mosquito repellent (Net)

Classic Mosquito Net Foldable King Size (Double Bed) With Saviours

Classic mosquito net

While most solutions to repel mosquitoes require chemicals or electricity, the Classic Mosquito net doesn’t. It is a large foldable net that fits over your bed (just like a tent) and acts as a barrier between you and the mosquito.


  • Easy to hoist

  • No Chemicals or Electricity needed

  • Good quality

  • Effective against mosquitoes

  • Comes with a carry case and patch kit


  • A little expensive 

  • Works only on a bed

Where to buy it?

 Best mosquito repellent (Cream)

Dabur Odomos Naturals Non-Sticky Mosquito Repellent Cream

Effective indoors and outdoors

Odomos has long been the favourite companion of many due to its easy application and effectiveness both indoors and outdoors. It comes in a toothpaste-like tube and is easy to apply and is really effective against mosquitoes. What's really good about it is, it's priced very well and works with most skins types and is safe to be used by kids as well.


  • Cost-effective

  • Easy to apply

  • Keeps mosquitoes away

  • Safe for your skin

  • Can be used by kids as well


  • Works only for 4-5 hours once applied

Where to buy it?

Best electric mosquito killer (Liquid Vapouriser)

Good knight Power Activ+ Combi

Electric mosquito killer

After having long used mosquito coils and mat-based mosquito repellant, the liquid vapouriser came as a welcome relief as it neither produced as much strong smoke or smell and worked very well. The Good Knight Activ+ is amongst the best liquid vaporiser out there and its known for its aesthetics, effectiveness and durability.


  • Great against mosquitoes

  • Comes with a normal and Activ mode (higher power)

  • Refills and machine is easily available online and offline

  • Works reliably for years


  • Refills cost as much as the refill+machine combo

  • Old refill bottles add to the ever-growing plastic waste

  • Needs to be plugged in to work

Where to buy it?

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How we selected?

We started our quest for the best mosquito killer by going through suggestions from other reputed websites. Here we found many varying suggestions from electric mosquito killers to mosquito bats. Here we found many of the electric mosquito killers suggested to have long been taken off the market or have extremely poor performance as complained by verified customers.

From there we moved onto products on Amazon and Flipkart where we saw people were not just into electric mosquito killers. People were buying various other products from creams, liquid vaporizers and nets to get rid of mosquitoes and these products actually had around 500-1000 reviews with easily over 4-star ratings.

Hence we picked different types of mosquito killers/ repellers across different price bands so we have products for all your requirements and budgets.  

Best mosquito killer (Fly Swatter)

Easy to use

Designed just like a tennis racquet, the mr. Right electric mosquito bat is well built with durable plastic material and comes in a pleasing design with muted colours. The company claims it uses aircraft grade plastic, but the thing to note is customers found the bat to be very well built, with good quality plastic that lasted for a long time, especially when compared to those roadside mosquito bats.

The usage is simple, you turn it on and everytime you hear or see a mosquito you swat it with the bat. But unlike a regular fly swatter, this bat has electricity through its net that zaps the mosquito dead. But don’t worry, its not powerful enough to electrocute a person.

Customers found the bat to be effective against mosquitoes and some claimed they are using it without any issues for over 6 months. That speaks a lot fo the quality of the machine.

Quick charging

Talking about battery life and charging, people said you can use it for almost a week with a charge of 6 hours. For charging you do not need an additional cable or dock, it has an integrated charger which just plugs directly into your mains. Making it very convenient to use.

If you need a chemical-free mosquito killer, that is durable and works really well, then give the mr.Right electric bat a try. It's not just built very well, but works effectively and has a long battery life which justifies the Rs.579 price tag.

Best mosquito repellent (Net)

Portable and light

While there are plenty of solutions that use chemicals or electricity to keep mosquitoes at bay, using a mosquito net is a simple but very effective option that doesn’t need any extra resources. Also, because it is chemical-free, it is great to be used by children as well.

The Classic Mosquito Net we are looking at today is the highest rated mosquito net on Amazon and is actually one of their best sellers. It is very well built and easy to open up into a net and equally easy to fold up (as shown below) into the pouch provided. 

Chemical and electricity free usage

Talking about quality, verified users found the frame of the net to be strong and flexible, with the net blocking off mosquitoes while still allowing air to flow through. The net also features a door that can be closed/ opened from the inside and outside making it very convenient.

But given it is a net-based material, it can be torn with rough handling so the company has even provided a patch kit which consists of two glow in the dark stars that can be attached to the torn portion as shown below.

Easy to repair

Other features of the classic mosquito net include washable material, self-supporting structure and size that's large enough for king size beds (200cm x 200cm x 145cm).

When compared to the other solutions we have mentioned here, the net may seem a little expensive at nearly Rs.1000, it is a solution that is completely safe, it doesn't need any refills, doesn't use electricity and just works.

The only downside we can think of is the fact that you can only use it on your bed, but apart from that, it is amongst the best mosquito repellents in the market.

Best mosquito repellent (Cream)

Easy application

The Dabur Odomos cream allows you to quickly stop the irritating bites of mosquitoes by merely applying the cream on yourself. It uses natural ingredients that are safe on you and still works to keep mosquitoes at bay. It is safe to be used on kids as well and it works by masking the human body odour which attracts mosquitoes. 

Given that its a cream you can use it indoors as well as outdoor, say when you take your kids to the park. You even get different versions of the cream like the naturals we have featured along with regular and vitamin-e version.  It's also available in lotion and gel form.

Customer reviews suggested no side effects, in fact, they found it to have a pleasant fragrance once applied. Most reviews suggested it works brilliantly and highly recommended it.

While Dabur claims the cream can ward off mosquitoes for around 8 hours, customer reviews suggested it lasts 3-4 hours in areas with lots of mosquitoes (like a city), while it lasts closer to the 8-hour mark in areas with fewer mosquitoes.

Apart from this we really did not find any faults with the product and given that you can use it on kids and indoors as well as outdoors, makes it an effective mosquito repellant.

Best electric mosquito killer (Liquid Vapouriser)

Replacable refills

Liquid vaporisers are very popular in Indian households due to their effectiveness and easy availability. The Good Knight Active+ Liquid Vaporizer is very popular online and was, in fact, the highest reviewed and rated vaporiser on Amazon.

It comes in a compact shell that has the trademark Good Knight red shade and a transparent liquid refill that makes it easy to track its progress as you use it. The refill simply screws into place and doesn’t drip or leak.

The Activ+ machine comes with two modes: Normal for everyday use and Activ+ mode for when you have a little too many mosquitoes. Customers were very satisfied with the performance of the machine and found the Activ+ mode to be particularly useful when they unknowingly kept their windows open.

The liquid lasts for around 20-30 days in normal mode if used for 8 hours every night. Using it in active mode lasts for 10-20 days. The weird thing is the refills costs around Rs.75 each, while the combo with the machine is around Rs.85.

The plastic refills bottles are of the use and throw variety which sadly does add to the ever-increasing plastic waste.

But when you take effectiveness into account and the fact that the liquid is odour-less and actual works very well, makes it that much easier for us to recommend the Good Knight Activ+ combo as the best mosquito killer around.

Who are our best picks for?

Our picks are selected based on various budgets starting from the entry level creams and liquid vaporisers which are priced below Rs.100, to nearly Rs.600 for the mr.Right electric bat going towards the most expensive product, the mosquito net priced at around Rs.1100.

But it's not just budget that separates them, it's also where and how you can use them. The mosquito net we recommended, is strictly to be used on a bed which makes it great while sleeping (even when there is no electricity), but useless anywhere else.

The Good Knight Activ+ liquid vaporiser needs an electric outlet which again limits it to indoor use. But at least you can use it in a room and is not just limited to a bed.

The electric bat can be used indoors and outdoors as it has a built-in battery, but the form factor makes it more suited for indoor usage along with usage in your garden. After all, who is going to take a walk outside with a tennis bat like device in their hands?

Finally, we come to the Odomos cream which can be easily applied to your skin and works effectively inside and outside, shielding you from the blood-thirsty mosquitoes. Also, the tube-like shape makes it very pocketable.

Who is the competition?

While we have recommended a similar product, this particular mosquito bat suffers from poor battery life with users complaining that it needs multiple hours of charging for a short 10-minute usage. A big no-no.

The GM Mosquito Repeller uses ultrasonic sound to repel mosquitos, but many people complained about its performance when it comes to actually repelling mosquitos. And despite its really low price of Rs.120, the average rating of 2.1 stars from 566 reviews doesn’t really inspire confidence to a new buyer. Stick with any of our best picks.

When it comes to warding off mosquitoes, the HIT spray is extremely effective and costs very little. But, every time you use it, it leaves behind an unpleasant chemical smell that many people complained about.  That is the reason why we did not pick it, despite its effectiveness.

This device uses a cathode tube to attract mosquitoes and a fan to trap them into the cage. The good thing about this is that it works both indoors and outdoors up to areas of around 1000 sq. ft. It doesn’t use any chemicals and the lamp lasts for 20000 hours.

While it sounds great on paper, the 2.9-star ratings for the product coupled with the strictly divided opinion of the customers along with the high price of Rs.2999 is the reason why we hesitated to pick it.

OBLIQ C-Series Mosquito Trap Killer Kids Safe USB Powered for Indoor & Outdoors (Black)

This is a smaller version of the product mentioned above and it too has a clearly divided opinion from users. Some people found it very effective, while some downright hated its inability to do anything. But sadly the 2.8-star rating prevented us from suggesting it to you.

Final Thoughts

If you are tired of the irritating mosquitoes buzzing you to insanity, we have not one, not two but four different picks that will suit all your needs.

Firstly we have the mr.Right mosquito bat, that unlike its competitors is very well-built, durable, works effectively and has good battery life as well. Best of all, it also motivates you to exercise a little to stop mosquitoes. 

Next, we have the Classic Mosquito net which is the priciest here but works without any chemicals or electricity, making it safe to use for everyone without any tension. 

The Odomos Naturals cream is an effective option for kids and adults that's affordable and easy to apply. Best part? It works both indoors and outdoors.