With people preferring to spend more time on the internet than ever before, phones batteries are finding it hard to keep up. Enter the powerbank, essentially a large battery that can keep your phone going and in turn your internet needs too.

Power Banks can charge not only your mobile phone but also your tablet, Bluetooth speakers, fitness bands, wireless headphones and more. All you need is a USB cable and your are good to go.

Considering the usefulness of the product, there are a lot of power banks available in the market.

We know it's difficult for you to pick the best powerbank from the tons outs there. That's why we are here to help. We research and test multiple products so you can buy the one having the best capacity and finally prevent your phone from dying on you.


  1. We spent weeks together charging and discharging the power banks.

  2. We made sure to calculate the actual capacity using real time technique.

  3. We even analyzed the after sales service for all the power banks that we tested.

Our chosen powerbanks for testing

Best 20000mAh power bank

Syska Power Pro 200- 20000 mAh

The Syska Power 20000mAh power bank is just a Capacity monster because of its higher actual capacity with an efficiency of 85%. Not only that for its capacity it is not that heavy to hold and built with a rubbery black material which has a stylish look. It has a fast charging 2.1A port that helps you to quick charge your smartphone.

Another good 20000mAh power bank

Mi 2i 20000mAh

Mi 2i 20000mAh power bank comes with quick charge 3.0 feature which is the latest technology. When compared to other power bank it takes very less time to charge itself and the device connected on it. It has an efficiency of about 72% and the price is quite less than our best pick. It has a white glossy abs body and this is just the latest version of power bank from Mi.

Best 10000mah power bank

Syska Power Boost 10000mAH

Syska Power 10000mAh power bank is really a boost for your mobile phone because of it’s 82% efficiency in capacity. It has a compact design with white glossy abs body and fits very well inside your pocket. At the same time you can fast charge 2 mobiles because it has two 2,1A port. Not only that it takes just 5 hours 45 minutes to charge itself.

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Why trust us?

We spent over 200 hours to test each and every parameter of the powerbank. We performed multiple tests so that you can easily pick on the the best power banks available today.

Before we could decide the winner we checked each power bank for their battery life, charge time and build quality.

We even rang up each brands customer care to understand their warranty and service policy.

How we selected?

First, we listed all the products available in Flipkart and Amazon where we had a total of 3100 products. We then started removing the low rated and lesser reviewed products to make sure we only had market-tested power banks. We were then left with 51 products.

For these 51 products, we pulled up all their specifications and picked the best 11 products.

The 9 contenders were:

  • COOLNUT Ultra High Capacity Best Power Bank for Mobile 20000mAh

  • Syska Power Pro 200- 20000 mAh

  • MOERDON 20000mAH

  • ADATA PT100 Adata 10000 mAh

  • Syska Power Boost 100 10000 mAh

  • Ambrane P-1122 NA 10000 mAh

  • PNY BE-740 10400mAH.

  • Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh

  • Ambrane P-1133 12500 mAh

Lastly we selected these 2 products based on their popularity and features which has quick charge 3.0

  • Mi 2i 20000mAh

  • Mi 2i 10000mAh

How we tested?

For finding out the best power bank we analysed and tested 11 power banks for more than 200 hours.

We checked for any defects in the power banks, like in the charging ports or cable. We found our Moerdon 20000mAh power bank was having a defective USB port so we got it replaced for free.

Our tests started by charging all the power banks using the same charger (1.6A)  and noting the time taken to charge the power banks.

Secondly, we used only one single mobile for noting the number of times that mobile can be charged per power bank. The mobile was put on aeroplane mode and was not used during charging. This was done for finding out the correct practical capacity of the power banks battery.

If the phone was charged completely from 0-100% we consider that as one charge cycle, similarly if a phone charged from 0-76% before the powerbank died it was 0.76 charge cycle.

Every time we even noted the time it takes to fully charge the phones.

We even charged the devices up and discharged them to find out the actual capacities of each power bank.  The chart below shows the given capacity claimed by the manufacturer compared to the actual usable capacity. We can see a  massive difference of almost 4000mAh between the Moerdon and Syska 20,000mAh power banks.

  • ​1
  • 2
  • 3
  • ​4
Table to show the time taken by powerbanks to charge phones from 0% to 100%

Lastly we called up each customer care number to understand their warranty and service policy.

Best Pick

The best power bank outperforming all the other 20000mAh power banks with Lithium Polymer cells.

Syska Power Pro with accessories


  • Weighs less than other 20,000mAh power banks, despite higher actual capacity

  • Can charge 2 devices simultaneously

  • It has IC protection that switches off after full charging.(This can protect from overcharging).

  • This power bank is BIS IS 13252 certified.


  • Higher cost because of Lithium Polymer battery.

  • Only 1 USB port supports 2.1A fast charging.

  • Lacks Qualcomm Quick Charge support.

  • Warranty period is just 6 months.

  • It did not have LED torch for emergency flash use.

Design & Features: Solid design with 2 USB ports

Available in Black & White colors the Syska power bank has an industrial look to it with boxy design. The power bank has a matte rubbery finish which feels nice to the touch, but as you can see from the pictures is a fingerprint magnet. 

It weighs around 403 gms and has a Lithium Polymer battery. The power bank uses 4 LED indicators for charge representation. The power bank doesn't feature any Led torch function.

The splendidly designed Syska Power Pro

The powerbank can be charged with a 5V/2A charger. While it charges other devices with its two USB ports rated at 2.1A and 1A. Sadly only one port supports the 2.1A charging and the powerbank lacks Qualcomm’s Quick Charge support. A usb cable is provided in the box.

Performance: Highest usable capacity of the lot

It took about 11 hours for the powerbank to be charged fully. While the Syska is marketed as a 20000mAh battery the usable capacity is 16860mAh which was the highest practical capacity out of the other 20000mAh capacity power banks that we tested.

If you want a power bank that holds its charge then get his. We were able to charge a Moto G4 Plus phone having a 3000mAh battery about 5.62 times (about 5 full times from 0-100% and one cycle came up to 62% so we concluded it as 5.62 times).On an average, it took about 2 hrs 39 mins to charge the phone completely (0-100%).

In Short:

You get a 20000mAh power bank that had the highest actual capacity and can charge a 3000mAh phone more than 5 times.

Another good power bank

The higher capacity plus cheap rate makes this power bank a great pick for if you are on a budget.

Mi's 2i Powerbank


  • Has quick charge 3.0 feature than provides fast charging.

  • Cheap for the given higher capacity (Maybe due to Amazon’s sale)

  • At a time 2 mobiles can be charged with both the ports quick charge enabled.

  • It is handy because it’s just 358gms.

  • It has IC protection feature where it switches off after charging.(so that we can protect from over charging)


  • Warranty period is just 6 months.

  • It did not have LED torch for emergency flash use.

Design & Features: Glossy white design with quick 3.0

It comes in pure white colour and handy because it weighs about 358 gms only. Good hand feel is achieved due to the ABS body. It has a scratch resistant and slip resistant body. It houses a Lithium-Polymer battery and was very easy to carry around.

It has 2 USB ports and the power switch is placed at the left side of the power bank. Both these ports have quick 3.0 charging capability and performs fast charging with good actual capacity. Perfect for if you want to charge your phone and your friends phone. You will be provided with one USB cable when you purchase and the output voltage specifications are 5.1V/2.4A which is higher than all other power banks that we tested. Last but not the least it has 6 months warranty period and has 4 LED indicators for charge representation. The warranty period is not great but we haven’t heard of too many problems with Mi’s power banks.

The glossy front of the ​Mi 2i

Performance: Quick charging and excellent actual capacity for the price.

It took 8 hours & 13 minutes for the power bank to fully charge itself. We were able to charge a Moto G4 Plus phone for about 4 full times and next cycle came up to 88% so we mentioned it as 4.88 times. Its actual usable capacity was 14640mAh which was the highest capacity next to our best pick. On an average, it took about 1 hr 49 mins for the mobile phone to charge completely which is very fast when compared to all other power banks that we tested. If you want your phone to be charged quickly before a meeting or a phone call then get this.

Phone connected to Mi 2i


This quick charge 3.0 feature only works with smartphone which supports quick charge 3.0. But, it doesn’t matter because now a lot of modern high end mobiles comes with that feature.

One interesting fact that we found was some smartphones that has quick charge 2.0 also supports quick charge 3.0 feature this we experienced when we were testing out smartphones(Honor 8 pro that had 2.0 feature also supported 3.0 fast charging feature).

In short  

For the price of around Rs.1500 you get Lithium Polymer battery plus 14640mAh of actual capacity and quick charge 3.0 feature on both the USB ports.

Best power bank 10,000 mAH

Best 10000mAh power bank with good usable capacity and lightweight

​Syska Power Boost with connective cord


  • It has IC protection that makes power banks to switch off after full charging.(This can protect from overcharging).

  • At a time you can use two mobiles for fast charging.

  • It has a lightweight  ABS plastic body.

  • This power bank is BIS IS 13252 certified.


  • Since it is white in colour there are many chances for the power bank to become dirty after some usage.

  • Warranty period is just 6 months.

  • It did not have LED torch for emergency flash use.

Design & Features: Lightweight power bank with two 2.1A fast charging

It comes in a single white colour with a white glossy body. It weighs only 286 gms courtesy of an ABS plastic body. This power bank has a capacity of 10000mAh and has Lithium-ion cells.

A phone charging with ​Syska Power Boost

You get 2 USB ports and both support 2.1A fast charging. A usb cable is also provided in the box. Its input charging DC supply is 5V/2A and comes with 4 LED indicators for charge representation. Its dimensions are 22*62*142mm and come with 6 months of warranty.

Performance: Good usable capacity and charges itself rather quickly

It took 5 hours & 45 minutes for the power bank to fully charge itself. We were able to charge a Moto G4 Plus phone for about 2 full times and next cycle came up to 67%, so - 2.67 times. Its actual usable capacity was 8040mAh which was the highest capacity amongst all the 10000mAh power banks. On an average, it took about 2 hrs 39 mins for the mobile phone to charge completely.

In Short

For the price of Rs.699, you get a 10000mAh power bank that had the highest actual capacity and can charge a 3000mAh phone for more than 2 times.

Useful Information and tips for power banks

In this section we will try to clearly explain the different features, which would help you compare the different power banks in the market and make a judgement on the purchase.

  • Charging Output: In many reviews and descriptions of power banks, you will often find “...has an output of 5V/2A” mentioned in their content: So what is 5V & 2A and how does it affect your charging? Well don't worry, it is very simple. There are two elements to charging. The first is the voltage (5V) and the second is current (2A). These two terms basically will help you determine if your phone is fast charging or not. In general, most phones or devices support 5V charging at 1A or 2A, which is categorised as slow or normal charging.
  • Fast Charging: There are phones that support charging at 9V/2A or 12V/1.67A, these are called fast charging phones. Each company has a different type of fast charging mechanism and a different name for it. Qualcomm has Quick Charge, Mediatek's Pump Express, OnePlus has Dash Charge, Motorola has Turbo Power and so on. Despite minor changes they work in similar fashion. Fast charge compatible power banks will charge a phone in lesser time than normal charging ones.
  • Power Bank Capacity: The actual capacity of the power banks is generally lower than the marked capacity. This is  due to some conversion losses which arise from AC to DC conversion, generation of heat, etc. For example a 20,000 mAh battery may have a usable capacity of around 14 -16000 mAh only. In general you should expect only 80% of the stated capacity.
  • Safety: Batteries have the tendency to explode, and hence it is advisable to buy a power bank from a well-known company than to buy one which you might have never heard of just to save a few bucks.
  • Charging Phones: When we mention that a power bank can charge a device for 2+ times it means, it can fully charge it from 0 to 100% 2+ times while the phone is not being used. Using the device while charging it will draw more power effectively reducing the number of times it can charge that device.
  • Torch: LED torches on power banks emit very little light. In most cases, your smartphone’s LED flash will be better. So we request you use your power banks torch only to search for your smartphone or a bigger torch. 

How many times can I charge my device?

To find out the number of times that a power bank can charge your device, you need to know two things:

  1. The actual capacity of the power bank

  2. The battery  capacity of your device

Let’s say you have Moto G4 Plus or any device with a 3000 mAh battery. Then a power bank of 10000 mAh should be able to charge your phone around three times. But it will charge it only around 2 times. This is because power banks have conversion losses of around 80% (varies with product) which means a 10000mAh power bank can supply only around 8000mAh of juice.

With the actual capacity of the powerbank you can divide it with the phones battery capacity and you get the number of times you can charge.  

Number of times a Moto G4 Plus can be charged: 8000mAh/ 3000mAh = 2.66 times.

After sales service

At Hometop we are concerned about the customer satisfaction not only with respect to products but also the products after sales & service. We understand it can be difficult when your favorite product stops working and you have to search around before you know how to claim warranty.

Syska Accessories

We called up the customer care and raised a false issue to check how they handle an issue. For issues to the product within warranty you can courier (Cost to be borne by customer) the powerbank to the nearest Syska Service to get it rectified. After warranty, the company can’t service the power bank and you need to get it repaired from a local technician or buy a new power bank.


All over India in 451 cities Mi has 758 authorised service centers and you won’t face any problem in their service. If at all you face any problem with your power bank and if it is in warranty you can get it replaced for free. But, after 6 months they can’t help and you need to get a new power bank.

Why others didn't make it?

COOLNUT Ultra Power Bank for Mobile 20000mAh-Mobile Battery:

Coolnut with its 3 USB ports

The Coolnut was a cool package with 20,000mAh capacity, 3 USB charge ports, Led Flash and overcharge protection. The large capacity however made it very heavy and bulky. Also its actual capacity was only 14600mAh compared to the Syska’s 16860mAh this meant the Syska could charge our test phone 73% more than the Coolnut.

Ambrane P-1122 NA 10000 mAh Power Bank

This power bank seems to be cheap but there were many disadvantages one of which was slow charging speed (5V/1A) of the powerbank. This means the 10000mAh power bank took nearly 9 hrs 30 mins for charging. We were also able to charge a 3000mAh mobile for only 2.36 times compared to a Syska 10000 mAh power bank can give 30% more charge. The only redeeming feature was that all 3 USB ports supported 2.1A fast charging.  

PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank

The sleek and compact ​PNY BE-740  Power Bank

WIth a price of Rs.1600 the PNY power bank sadly has a single USB port which thankfully charges at 2.1A, but the actual usable capacity is only 7230mAh which is lesser than our best picks.

Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank

The Intex power bank had three ports, of which 2 were 2.1A fast charging ones and one was 1A charging. The power bank charging time was also good at about 6 hours & 21 minutes. Also Intex has around 1000+ service centres across India which is great from a service point of view.

Despite having all these positive things, the Intex power bank lost out. This was because the actual usable capacity was only 7920mAh and we were able to charge a 3000mAh mobile only for 2.64 times.

Ambrane P-1133 12500 mAh Power Bank

Ambrane had two 2.1A fast charging ports but the main drawback was the input charging current was 1.5A and it took about 8 hours & 15 mins for the power banks to full charge. This powerbank was competitor for Adata because of its capacity, but we were able to charge 3000mAh mobile phone only for 3.05 times compared to the Adata’s 3.25 times.

MOERDON 20000mAH Power Bank

This was the cheapest power bank 20000mAh power bank that we tested. It had 2 USB ports in which one was supported charging at 1A and the other at 2A. It had a bright LED torch. Having these many benefits it was able to charge 3000mAh mobile for just 4.26 times which was very less and moreover, the input charging current is 1.5A which meant it took 12 hours 54 minutes to fully charge.

Textured MOERDON Power Bank

Adata 12500mAh Power bank

Having a perfect digital charge representation feature and with actual capacity of 9750mAh we did not choose this power bank because for spending Rs.1600 and buying this power bank you can spend around Rs.1499 and buy our budget pick 20000mAh Mi 2i power bank.

Compact and nice: Adata Power bank

Mi 2i 10000mAh power bank

Though the power bank had features like quick charge 3.0 on 2 of their ports, we didn’t go with this power bank. Mainly due to the fact that it was a little more expensive and actual capacity was less than our winner.

Simple and smooth Mi 2i power bank

​Below we have mentioned our earlier power banks that didn't make the cut in our 2017 research

Asus Zen Power Bank - 10050mAh It has a great brand name, is very light and compact but we found it to be too pricey for its capacity. With only a capacity of 10050 mAh, a price tag of Rs. 1799 was way too much. Also, it had only one USB port.

Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC (10000mAh) The Anker PowerCore Speed power bank is very compact and light for a 10000mAh power bank. It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 power delivery. Hence, it is the cheapest power bank with QC 3.0 support from a decent brand. This power bank combines three distinct fast-charging technologies to ensure that any and all devices are charged in the shortest time possible. Its Superior Safety Surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control, and other advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe. It also comes with a warranty of 18 months.

We didn’t choose this as, it is quite costly for a 10000mAh power bank, priced at ₹ 2,375. It has only 1 USB port, which means you can charge only 1 device at a time. Apart from the cost which is expected, a QC 3.0 support from a reliable brand is not a deal to overlook. After all, a power bank is a functional device and not a device to show off. And it has been known to function impressively, securing the 4th place in the list

Lenovo PA13000 Power Bank (13000mAh) Lenovo PA13000 power bank has got good brand value with a capacity of 13000mAh. It has good capacity for its price, which has been fixed at ₹ 1,299. This power bank has two USB ports, which means that you can charge two devices at the same time. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year. However, some Amazon users have complained about getting a fake power bank delivered on ordering it. This has led to several 1 star reviews.

Romoss Power Bank - 10000mAh This power bank is less thick compared to most 10000mAh power banks. It is light in weight and is very economical, priced at just ₹ 899. It comes with 2 USB ports, which means you can charge two devices at the same time. It has the auto switch off feature which shuts down the device once charging is complete. One of the biggest drawbacks of this power bank is that it suffers from the issues of questionable brand value and support.

Coolnut Solar Power Bank - 13000mAh As evident by its name, the Coolnut Solar Power Bank is a unique environment friendly power bank, which has a solar panel for charging. Priced at just ₹ 1,499, this is a decent cost for a power bank of 13000mAh capacity. It comes with 2 USB ports and a warranty of 1 year. It has also got an auto off feature which turns off the gadget when no device is connected.

The downside to this power bank is that although it has a solar panel as a USP, it is not practical to charge it via the sun. It is quite bulky. The brand value is questionable. The brand value matters largely when it comes to gadgets and devices like these, which is the reason why this power bank has not made it to the top our list. It is simply not wise to spend such money on questionable products when there are better products with better brands and prices available. And if you really wish to take such a risk with your money, the Lenovo power bank would be a better call of judgement. Check out this graph below showing the popularity of the Coolnut brand in comparison to it competition.

F-Eye Power Bank This power bank comes with 2 USB ports, which means you can charge two devices at the same time. It is very stylish and easily portable. It has smart 4-LED indicators which keep you updated about the remaining charge. It has got a capacity of 10400mAh. This power bank is from a company which many people have might not even heard of. Hence, it has a very weak brand value and support.

PNY BE-520 Power Bank (5200mAh): The only advantages to this power bank’s credit is that it is very light and compact and has got a built-in LED torch to ensure there is light when needed. This power bank comes with only 1 USB port. The input and output supports only 5V/1A. This means that the charging time of the power bank as well as the device connected to it is very slow. It has a capacity of 5200mAh and is priced at ₹ 1,114. Clearly, it is costly for such low capacity.

COOLNUT Power Bank 13000mAh This power bank comes with a power adapter and three different micro USB cables. It also has a small LED display to show the remaining charge. It has got two USB ports, enabling you to charge two devices at a time. Its round edges provide a comfortable body to hold. It is very stylish and compact and has a capacity of 13000mAh. But, it is overpriced at ₹ 2,499 considering the capacity. The issue of a good brand arises once more, here. It lacks the benefits of a good brand value and support, and hence, is not much popular and preferable.

Zaap Power Bank 6700mAh This power bank is very compact, light and easily portable. It has got LED power indicators. Its special rubber coating gives additional drop/shock protection. The Zaap power bank is priced at ₹ 1,499, which is extremely overpriced considering a capacity of 6700mAh. It has got only 1 USB port. The brand Zaap does not possess a good brand value and hence is not much reliable.

Coolnut Power Bank (7800 mAh) This power bank is lightweight and compact, making it easier to carry. It has got dual USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at a time. It features LED indicators to show remaining charge, is durable and beautiful. It is equipped with an LED flashlight for dark conditions and features charging-discharging protection mechanism to ensure that battery life works efficiently without any issues. It is highly overpriced, at ₹ 1,199, given its capacity of 7800mAh. There arises a question of reliability as this company does not hold a good brand value. The ratings regarding this power bank aren’t that many either.

MOERDON Power Bank 10000mAh This power bank has got 3 USB ports. It has 4 LED indicators to show the remaining charge and comes with an LED lamp function. The question of brand value arises here as well, which is a major drawback. The ratings of this power bank are not good either.

Ambrane P-1310 Power Bank (13000mAh) Priced at ₹ 949, this power bank provides a good value for money for 13000mAh capacity. It is sleek, compact and easy to operate. It comes with two USB ports to enable charging two devices at a time. It also has a torch. But, it is quite bulky to carry around. This power bank failed to be selected among our top picks as there are better options available, like the ADATA power bank or the Lenovo one for 13,000 mAh where you would actually save a few bucks.

Final thoughts

After running tests for nearly a month, we were finally able to bring out the best power bank for you.

If you want to buy a 20000mAh power bank that can charge your mobile for more than 5 times you can opt for the Syska 20000mAh power bank.

If you want a smaller 10000mAh capacity power bank that can charge your mobile for more than 2 times you can go with the Syska 10000mAh power bank.

But if you are very much concerned about price and you’re looking only for quick 3.0 feature you can blindly choose Mi 2i 20000mAh power bank that can charge your mobile for more than 4 times.