Tired of footing those ever-increasing laundry bills? Well, there's no need to worry any more as we have a solution to getting clean laundry at your place anytime. The solution to your problems then? A washing machine.

But isn’t a washing machine too expensive? Well, not all of them. A semi-automatic washing machine is almost 50% the cost of a front loading washing machine and costs much less to operate. 

Before you dismiss semi-automatic washing machines as not being as good as fully automatic ones, note that 70% of the washing machine sales in India are for semi-automatic ones. And a big reason for it is their cost savings. There's more, semi-automatic machines need way less water and consume less power too resulting in lower operating costs too.

Semi-automatic washing machines are amongst the most affordable types of washing machines in the market and they use two separate compartments for washing and drying. While an automatic washing machine has a single compartment for washing and drying making it more expensive.

In terms of features to look for, higher spin speed is important as a higher speed will give you better drying. Capacity is important too as you must pick based on the needs of your family. As for features, having a scrub pad/ scrub station is important to hand clean some soiled clothes. Check our detailed buying guide below to know more about specifications and features to look for when buying your next semi-automatic washing machine.

To make sure you do not have to surf through hundreds of websites and listings to find the best semi-automatic washing machine in India, we have done all the hard work so you can sit down and read through our research before making the important purchase. Based on our research, these are the best semi-automatic washing machines in India. 

Best washing machine semi automatic whirlpool

Semi autoamtic washing machine

The Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S was chosen as the best as it was not only more affordable than most semi-automatic washing machines (7kg) but also boasted of the highest speed (1450rpm) and had a ton of useful features like the scrub station, waterproof panel and a built-in dedicated scrubber. So what are the highlights of the products? Let us see.

Kitted with a 340W motor, 1450rpm spin speed, 7kg capacity for the wash tub (66L) and three wash programs. The Whirlpool Superb Atom not only cleans quickly but also allows for much drier clothes (80% dry) that need less time to fully dry (when hung in the sun). That size also makes it good to wash a lot of clothes at once and the programs help you easily wash based on the cloth type (normal, delicate or strong) It's not just good specifications that make the Whirlpool a good machine, but also the extra features that it has.  

Washing clothes made easy

Some useful features that stand out include the Smart scrub station which is a redesigned top lid that allows you to separate clothes and give them a scrubbing before inserting them into the tub. This allows for a proper straight posture as compared to the sit and scrub posture of manual cleaning.

As you might know, most washing machines come with a lint filter to collect the dust during washing, the Whirlpool Superb Atom too has one, but it also has a special scrubber which helps in cleaning your clothes even better during the wash cycle.

Spin and wash drums

Coming to aesthetics and ergonomics, we see that the control dials are placed on the top and do not interfere during cloth loading or removal. Despite that, Whirlpool has made sure the panel is waterproof and shockproof so as to prevent the user from any hazard or issue. But ultimately features and specifications do not mean much if customers are not satisfied with the product.  

Most customers of the Whirlpool machine were satisfied with the wash performance and drying performance of the machine. They found it easy to use and reliable as well. But there were some minor issues they pointed to like the vibrations during spinning (common on high-speed machines) and the separate water inlets for the wash and dryer containers where you need to manually remove and insert the hose when you need.

Space taken by the machine

The Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S is great for families of 3 and with its excellent pricing and its higher speeds and useful features make it a good pick for people who want clothes that are very dry at the end of a wash.

Priced at Rs.9499 (7kg), the Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S comes with a two-year warranty on the product and the motor and is also available in 6kg, 6.2kg and 6.5kg sizes and has different colour options depending on the size you choose.

If you are in the market for a good quality semi-automatic machine with all the bells and whistles look no further than the Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S.


  • Easy to use waterproof control panel

  • Very well priced

  • Scrub station feature is actually very useful

  • The higher spin speed allows for better drying of clothes

  • Comes in various colours and sizes

  • Has wheels at the bottom for easy movement


  • Vibrates a little during spin

  • Separate water inlets are a pain

  • Few complaints regarding slow installation

Where to buy it?

Best semi automatic washing machine LG

Simple but modern design

The LG semi-automatic machine came a close second in our picks owing to its slower spin speed (1000rpm vs 1450rpm), lesser wash related features and a higher price than the Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S.

The LG machine comes in a 6.5kg capacity, has easy to use controls on the top, and even one-ups the Whirlpool with the provision of a single water inlet for both wash and dry and comes with a rat away feature that prevents rodents from entering the machine and nibbling away all the wires and electricals. But does it have any cool features that deviate from the norm? Let us see.

Easy to use controls

The LG machine features a collar scrubber pad that allows you to clean up the dirty collars of a shirt on the machine. The roller jet pulsators at the bottom of the tub clean the clothes in the drum much thoroughly (similar to manual washing). Finally to make up for the slower spin speed you have the air dry feature to dry clothes more efficiently by sucking in air through vents. Features done, what about customers feedback about the product?

Spacious drums for cleaning

Like the Whirlpool machine, the LG machine too had great reviews from customers who were impressed with its fit and finish, wash and dry quality, low noise and low water consumption.

But there were some complains too, common ones being vibrations (which is common with washing machines), missing soak function, the short cables and pipes and the irritating buzzer sound (at the end of the wash cycle). There are minor things that can be lived with considering the performance of the machine.

Space taken by LG machine

The 6.5kg capacity is enough for families with three members, but if you have a larger family we suggest you look at the 8kg version of the same machine. The LG makes for a for people who want a reliable machine from a trusted brand and prefer the larger sizes.

The LG P7550R3FA is priced at Rs.10500 for the 6.5kg size and is available in 6kg, 7kg, 7.5kg and 8kg capacities as well. LG offers a 2-year warranty on the washing machine. 


  • Well-built

  • Good performance

  • Rat away feature is useful

  • Collar scrubber feature is a thoughtful addition

  • The air-dry feature helps to improve the drying of the clothes


  • Vibrates a little 

  • No soak function

  • Pricier than the Whirlpool despite slower speed

  • Short power cable and pipes

  • Irritating buzzer sound

Where to buy it?

Best semi automatic washing machine Samsung

Purple and grey accents on the machine

The Samsung WT725QPNDMP semi-automatic washing machine offers a mix of features similar to the Whirlpool and LG but its much slower spin speeds (750rpm) means it will not dry as well as the Whirlpool or LG machine a reason why it's below the other picks. Its also more expensive than the Whirlpool, but despite that, the machine still has some cool features to help you wash better.

fan like rotary dials

Like the Whirlpool, the Samsung machine too has a wash tray making it easy to scrub clothes. The Air Turbo dry system helps dry the clothes more efficiently jsut like on the LG. Again it's not always the features but how it performs in the real world that matters.

Customers of the products loved the quality of the machine, the ease of use, the stylish design with purple accents and the wash quality. The complaints about it were the high noise and vibrations during washing. Apart from that most were satisfied with the product, although it had much fewer reviews than both our other picks.

Space taken by Samsung machine

The 7.2kg capacity of the machine makes it great for people with around 3-4 family members and its good for people who are more into the Samsung brand and want a dependable product for the long run. It also gives you a mix of features from the Whirlpool and LG making it a  great semi-automatic washing machine. 

Its priced at Rs.10,700 for the 7.2kg version and is available in 6.5kg and 7kg variants too. Of the machines featured here it's the only one with a 2-year product and a 5-year motor warranty. 


  • The best looking washing machine here

  • Quality build

  • The scrub pad is very useful

  • Soak option is present

  • 5-year motor warranty is higher than the competition


  • Noisy motor

  • Vibrations too are present

  • Priced higher than others in its class

  • Much slower than the LG and Whirlpool machine

Where to buy it?

Best semi automatic washing machine

Simple, easy to use design

The Intex WMS62TL washing machine has one very important reason why it's popular- the price. Its cheaper than most smartphones in the market and if reviews are to be believed does it work without any hassles. The reason why its last on this list is because the features and specifications do not match what Samsung, LG and Whirlpool offer.

It's the smallest of the picks here at 6.2kg, but it has a 1320rpm spin speed which makes it just slightly slower than the Whirlpool machine when it comes to drying of clothes.

There is not a lot in the name of features, you do get a transparent lid which makes it easy for you to peek into the drum to monitor progress. The body is made of plastic which makes it rust proof (so are the others) and it has wheels on the bottom to make it easy to move around if needed. So a low price, not a lot of features, but does it at least work well?

Well, yes. The Intex washing machine is amongst the highest rated washing machines on Flipkart with over 10000 ratings and nearly 2000 reviews. People loved the drying performance of the machine more than its washing performance. This is due to the high spin speed. Most found it simple to use and the lightweight body makes it easy to move around your place.

Priced at nearly Rs.7299, it comes in only one size of 6.2kg which is enough for small families of two members and given its humble features and specifications works best for bachelors or families who are looking for a washing machine on a budget.


  • The most affordable semi-automatic washing machine around

  • Simple to use

  • Wash performance is good for the price

  • Drying performance is even better

  • Lightweight and easy to move around


  • Noisy motor

  • Vibrations too are present

  • Not the most famous brand

  • Looks pretty cheap

  • Spartan when it comes to features

Where to buy it?

A buying guide to semi-automatic washing machines

When you talk about washing machines there are a few things you must note and understand before making the purchase. Washing machines in the market today are available in different types, sizes and features. So understanding the difference between them is important.  

Washing machine types

Washing machines can be classified as below

Semi-automatic washing machines use two separate wash and dry drums and need you to tell it how much water to take and how long to operate. Also, it's you who has to move the clothes from the washer to dryer as it has two drums. Upside? They are the most affordable type of washing machine and work very well while consuming less water and power. 

Fully automatic top loaders use a single drum for wash and dry and offer better performance than a semi-automatic one. They are also much advanced and can operate with just a click of a button. Downsides? They take up a lot of water to work and are more expensive than semi-automatic machines. 

Finally, we have fully automatic front loaders which are the most expensive type of washing machine and for good reason. They operate with minimal noise and vibrations, has very fast spin speeds and deliver the best wash and dry quality amongst all types of washing machines. 

To summarize what you must know is if you want the best washing experience buy a front loader (fully automatic). If you want a budget machine buy the semi-automatic washing machine. While the fully automatic top loader machine fits in between these two types, offering better washing and ease of use than the semi-automatic machine, but costs less than the front loader. 

Washing machine sizes

Washing machines usually range from 6kgs all the way up to 9kgs in capacity. An increase in size means you can put a lot more clothes for washing. But which size is for how many people? Well, typically machines under 7kgs are enough for families of two. 7kgs to 8kgs machines are useful for 3 people. While anything larger than that is enough for 4 or more people.

Washing machine features

Because we are talking about semi-automatic washing machines, let us limit the features to those only found on such machines

Air-Dry: A feature used in the spin cycle where the air is sucked in through vents to allow for better drying of the clothes

Scrub station/ Scrub Pad: A flat surface on the top of the washing machine that can be used to scrub soiled clothes especially the backside of collars.

Rat Away/ Rat mat: A plastic cover that's bolted to the underside of the machine to prevent rats from entering into your machine and eating into the cabling.

Spin Speed: This is the speed of the spin motor and usually the higher the speed the better the drying of the machine. The average speeds of most machines are 1000rpm so anything higher than it will give better drying.

Plastic body and drum: Having a plastic outer body and a plastic drum not only makes the product light in weight but also prevents rusting which is can be common given how much water comes in contact with these machines.

These are only a few of the features on the products, the features will vary with manufacturers and models. It's important that you know what is important for you and not get drawn into just features.

Now that you know how to pick your next semi-automatic washing machine, it's also important to know some tips and precautions before using the machine.

  1. Because a washing machine is hollow make sure you load the clothes into it properly. Usually putting the heavier clothes at the bottom and lighter ones at the top will help keep a tab on vibrations

  2. Do not unnecessarily overload the machine as this will cause more vibrations

  3. Make sure you have sufficient water inside the machine before washing

  4. Make sure you wash your delicates and whites separately from coloured clothes

  5. Also, make sure you do not unnecessarily get water on the control panels (they are usually not covered under warranty)

Still, have some questions on washing machines? Check out our FAQs section below. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What if I want a Hard Water to Soft water conversion?
    You can add an external water softener.

  • Is there detachable lint filters in this model?
    Yes, the machines come with detachable lint filters.

  • Is there a dryer?
    Yes, the machines have separate drying compartments.

  • Does my machine require a permanent connection to a water supply?
    Being semi-automatic you can simply pour water and use them without any permanent connection.

  • Does this washing Machine have inverter technology?
    No these washing machines do not feature inverter technology as they are more budget friendly. 

  • How many clothes can be accommodated in this machine?
    For a 6-7kg machine, you can use approximately 3 shirts, 3 Jeans, 2 Dish Towels, 2 Small Towels and 2 Pillowcases. For more details check our top loading fully automatic machines .

  • Can I run the washer and dryer at the same time?
    Yes, you can run both the washer and dryer at the same time.

  • I can't decide between a top load vs front load. What are the key benefits for each?
    Top loaders usually consume more water and less electricity, while front loaders consumer way less water and give better wash performance. Click here to know more the differences between them.

  • Does it have a steel drum?
    No, these machines have rust-free plastic drums.

  • What washing powder should be used for this machine?
    Any regular washing powder can be used.

  • What about installation?
    If you buy online, Amazon or Flipkart will send over a company approved installation person over to your house to install. The same is usually followed by offline dealers too.

  • Does it have a child lock feature?
    No, none of these machines have a child lock feature. 

  • Does this Washing Machine have Fuzzy Logic inbuilt?
    No, being semi-automatic they do not use Fuzzy Logic.

Final Thoughts

Having a washing machine is very helpful as it helps clean your clothes at your will and you are not at the mercy of the laundry (and their prices). But it is important you buy a washing machine that is of good quality so you do not run into any issues when you most need the machine.

After doing all the research by reading through customer reviews and website reviews we found the Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S to offer the best wash and dry performance, the best set of features, pleasing but functional design and best of all a great price making it the best semi-automatic washing machine in India.

Why we picked the Whirlpool over the others is simple, it trumps the others in almost all the categories. Start with speed, with a 1450rpm motor its faster than what the Samsung, LG and Intex offer. This allows it to dry the clothes much faster than them.

Next, you have the design and features of the Whirlpool including the waterproof control panels and large scrub station which apart from it are present only on the Samsung machine. But Samsung’s semi-automatic washing machine is much slower than it and priced much higher.

Also, the Whirlpool machine sits in the sweet spot in terms of pricing and size, its 7kg in size which is good for 3 people and its priced below Rs.10000 which makes it a great deal too.

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding semi-automatic washing machines? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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