The Indian smartphone customer has never been spoilt for choice as now, with newer companies taking on more established marques, the ultimate winner is the consumer. The Rs.8000 market is one such market where you see a ton of devices with each one battling the other in terms of value for money, features, and performance. But despite the vast majority of devices, some devices do stand out which ones they are? Read on to find out.

To help you find the best phone for your buck, we have done a boatload of research, reading through reputed websites and customer reviews from Amazon and Flipkart. So sit back and read through all the work that we have done to help you find the best phone under 8000.

Best smartphone under Rs.8000
10.or G

The 10.or.G with its Snapdragon 626 processor, superb Full HD display, metal build, long battery life and stock Android makes for one of the most value for money smartphone in the market. Given that it's been around for some time its got a big price cut and now retails for around Rs.7700 for the 3GB/32GB variant making it truly a bargain and one of the best phone under 8000.

It's also available without mic here : Amazon(4GB ram) | Amazon(3GB ram)

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Why Trust us?

To find the best smartphone under 8000 we read through suggestions and reviews from a lot of websites - from NDTV Gadgets to Fonearena - to see if there was a consensus on which phone was the best. We then further verified this by reading through customer reviews on Amazon and Flipkart from people who actually have bought and used the product. Mainly, to make sure the big sites didn’t miss anything.

How we selected?

Our quest for the best smartphone started by reading through suggestions from other technology websites. Here we also looked through detailed reviews of products to see their flaws and merits.

Next, we headed over to Amazon and Flipkart to add some of the best sellers and any new products that have been launched recently.

Best smartphone under
Rs. 8000 in detail

10.or G

Front look of 10.or G



  • Superb pricing

  • Great performance from the Snapdragon 626

  • Long lasting battery

  • Great display

  • Solidly built

  • Gorilla Glass 3 protected screen

  • Stock Android with a promised update to Oreo

  • Decent camera


  • Hybrid dual+sd slot

  • Slow charging time

  • Still using the ancient micro USB

  • A few bugs in the software

What's missing?

  • IR Blaster

  • Qualcomm Quick Charging

  • 18:9 display

  • USB-C

  • NFC

  • FM Radio

  • Fingerprint gestures

  • 4K video capture

  • Slow motion video capture

  • Manual Mode in camera

  • Wifi-ac

  • Doesn’t support HD Playback for Netflix and Amazon Prime (Lacks Widevine L1 certification)

Design and Build: Well-Built but no uniqueness in design

The 10.or series of phones are a set of budget offerings that bring a lot of good features and stock Android experience for a relatively affordable price tag. Given that they offer a lot in terms of performance they often skimp in the design department. The 10.or G like the 10.or E we talked about in our previous review looks quite dull, especially when compared to the colorful smartphones from Honor and Xiaomi.

Dual Camera in Lenovo K8 plus

Looks similar like Lenovo k8 plus

                         Lenovo K8 Plus (left), 10.or G (right)

Have a close look at the 10.or G and then look at the Lenovo K8 Plus and try to find the differences, there aren't many. The 10.or G is a pretty good design ripoff of the Lenovo. The dual camera position, the flash position, and the fingerprint sensor are all exactly the same as on the K8 Plus.  

The 10.or G has a micro USB port at the bottom and a headphone jack on the top. The hybrid dual sim slot and micro SD slot is at the left and the right has the power and volume buttons. A little niggle with the buttons is they are placed really high, higher than usual.

Moving to the front you have the screen, earpiece, and camera (with flash). The screen, unfortunately, is a 16:9 aspect ratio panel which gives it thick bezels on the side but even thicker bezels on the top and bottom. This makes the front of the 10.or G look like the Pixel 2 which too suffers from the same case of enlarged bezels.

But don't mix poor design with poor quality as Fonearena reviewed this phone and they loved the overall build quality which they felt was solid. This is something that is true on most 10.or phones, but the G is made of metal which feels even stronger.

Software: Stock experience let down a little by bugs

We have previously mentioned our liking for smartphones with stock Android and the 10.or series delivers it perfectly.  Like most stock Android phones the 10.or G too doesn't have a lot of bloatware there are just a few Amazon and 10.or apps. Also you get all stock Android additions on Nougat including multi-window support, ambient display, and more.

This makes the 10.or G run smooth and fast even on the 3GB variant. 10.or has even promised an Android update to Oreo by August. But, we noticed some bugs as reported by verified users. Following are the bugs reported by customers:

  • Bokeh effect issues

  • 1080p 60fps jerky playback

  • Camera shutter sound can't be turned off

  • Proximity sensor remains on even during normal use (turns off screen when covered)

  • Network signal goes for a second causing apps to refresh

10.or has acknowledged the bugs and will fix them in the next update.

Hardware: Great display and powerful processor

The screen on the 10.or G is a 5.5 inch Full HD unit that comes with a layer of Gorilla Glass 3 for added protection. This is actually the exact same panel found on the more affordable 10.or E and it is a very good panel. Fonearena found the display to be bright with vibrant colors, great viewing angles, and good sunlight legibility. The only issue we feel? well, the screen to body ratio is 70%. Most current smartphones are heading towards the 90%+ mark.

Different benchmark tests

Powering the superb display is the Snapdragon 626 processor, which is the successor to the widely popular and overused Snapdragon 625 processor. This makes the 10.or G one of the most powerful smartphones in this segment trumping all the Xiaomi's and Honor's by a noticeable margin. The S626 processor gives the 10.or G great gaming prowess while still maintaining decent battery life. This means you can play just about every game at high settings and encounter no lags during gameplay.  What particularly impressed Fonearena was the performance of the phone as it topped nearly all their benchmarks, and at a price of ₹7699 and you cannot ask for more.

The speakers on the 10.or G are another merit on the phone. Notice how we said speakers and not speaker? that's because there are two. You get a  bottom firing speaker like most smartphones in this class but the earpiece to doubles as a speaker giving you more sound. Fonearena found the audio quality to be good and loud for a phone. They loved the audio quality through earphones as well pointing out the only issue being that the phone lacked FM Radio.

While the phone does support 4G VoLTE on both sims, you can only use 4G on one sim at a time. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.2, Wifi b/g/n, USB OTG, and GPS. Fonearena reported no call drops or other issues during phone calls.

Camera: Decent in most conditions except low light

The 10.or G comes with a dual sensor rear camera, making it one of the most affordable dual camera phones in the market. The rear camera is made up of a 13-megapixel RGB sensor and another 13-megapixel monochrome sensor, you also have a dual tone led flash to illuminate the scene in dark conditions.

Close look at fingerprint sensor

Fonearena found the camera quality to be good, with them appreciating the quick focusing nature of the camera along with the quality of the depth mode which they felt was very good. The camera sadly doesn't have a manual mode and the bokeh mode is reported to be a little buggy after the previous update. HDR shots come out really nice with Fonearena commenting about the improved saturation and contrast. But turn to low light and everything goes downhill with a lot of noise being capture and drop in image quality.

Video recording goes up to 1080p 60 fps and there is even EIS up to 1080p 30fps. There is, however, no 4K video support despite the processor supporting it. The 60fps video recorded has playback issues but the regular video recording is fine. Fonearena particularly like the crisp audio recording during the video.

The front selfie camera is a 16-megapixel unit and Fonearena found it to be pretty good for selfies and video calls. But they did say that the flash gave a bluish tint to the images when used sometimes.

Battery & Charging: Long battery life with long charging time

The battery life is also great, with Fonearena claiming the phone lasts around a day with heavy usage and little more than a day with light usage. In terms of the screen on time, you can expect over 5 hours under heavy usage including having the hotspot turned on.

While Snapdragon 626 does support fast charging, the 10.or G doesn't support it making do with the conventional 10W charging for charging the 4000mAh battery.  This means it takes around 2 & ½ to 3 hours to fully charge the phone.

After-Sales service

10.or offers a 1-year warranty on the product. For any issues, you can use the app to book a service appointment and then opt for the doorstep pickup option or hand over the device personally at the service center. 10.or currently has 31 service centers across India.

Who is our best pick for?

The 10.or G is one of the cheapest smartphones with the Snapdragon 626 processor at a price of under Rs.8000, it is also one of the most affordable mobile phone with a Full HD display. The great display, processor, and superb battery life make it perfect as a gaming smartphone. You can also use it for long calls, as a hotspot device, and for web browsing all thanks to the long battery life. All this combined make it a great daily driver for most people.

Phones that didn't make the cut

Redmi 5

The Redmi 5 serves as the replacement to the hugely popular Redmi 4. The Redmi 5 boasts of a modern design, 18:9 display and an updated processor. While all that is good and it is a tangible upgrade over the Redmi 4, it falls short when compared to the 10.or G. The HD+ display, Snapdragon 450 processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage for Rs.7999 make the Redmi 5 look overpriced. Also, the battery is smaller at 3300mAh which is again strange as the Redmi 4 came with a 4000mAh unit.

Redmi 5A

Currently one of the most affordable phones by Xiaomi, the Redmi 5A is also their best selling models. It slots below the Redmi 5 and gives you 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage just like the 10.or G but comes with a 5-inch display with HD resolution and much weaker Snapdragon 425 processor and just 3000mAh of battery. Also while it does come in better colors than the 10.or G it simply cannot match the G in performance and value for money.

Smartron p

Smartron is an Indian mobile company that's backed by the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar himself. The Smartron p is their budget smartphone offering that comes with a massive 5000mAh battery that easily gives it two days of battery life. But apart from the battery there not much justifying the Rs.8000 price tag. The screen is small at 5.2 inches and has a resolution of 1280x720 only. The processor too is just a Snapdragon 435, a step up from the Redmi 5a but not as good as the Snapdragon 626 that lies in the 10.or G. There cameras too aren't that great so except battery life there's not much that draws you to the phone.

Infinix Hot 6 Pro

One of Infinix' latest smartphone in the market seems to have taken a different route over the Infinix Note 4 that we previously reviewed and genuinely loved. While the Note 4 boasted of a unique design with a gorgeous display and good camera. The Hot 6 Pro is neither that hot nor a pro at anything, making Infinix' current lineup seem more lukewarm than anything. While the screen has the modern aspect ratio of 18:9 you get only an HD+ resolution and the processor is a rather weak Snapdragon 425 and all this for Rs.7999 is not really justified.

Final Thoughts

Given the deep competition amongst device manufacturers, it can be rather difficult to find a smartphone that suits your needs. But with our thorough research, we have managed to find the best android phone under 8000.

The 10.or G brings together a blend of great performance, great features and best of all a true value for money price. It has one of the better Full HD displays in its category that's also backed by one of the most powerful Snapdragon 626 processor and a great battery life. This truly makes it one of the best smartphone under 8000