Continuous innovations in smartphone industry mean that newer technology often trickles down to lower budgets. For a long time, the Rs.20000-25000 budget was considered to be a sweet spot and any smartphone cheaper than that would simply give you a terrible experience. Not anymore! the sweet spot has since lowered to Rs.15000 and now you can get a great smartphone that is properly capable for under Rs.10000.

To find just such a smartphone for you we read through all the suggestions from reputed technology websites like NDTV Gadgets, TechRadar, and Digit and even read through customer reviews on Amazon and Flipkart.

Best phone under 7000

Redmi 6A

Xiaomi's take on budget phones with power: Redmi 6A

The Redmi 6A is Xiaomi’s newest entry-level offering which builds up over the popular Redmi 5A. The 6A brings along some meaningful upgrades to the display, processor and software while adding some much-needed features like face unlock, portrait mode as well to justify its increased price.

However, in the process of offering many features some things are still missing, like a fingerprint sensor, faster charging (10W at least) and a large 4000mAh battery. But if you need the best smartphone experience at this price, look no further than the Redmi 6A which is by far the best phone under 7000.


  • Decent design and comes with four colours

  • Comes with the latest MIUI based on Oreo

  • Decent everyday performance

  • Bright display with good viewing angles and colour reproduction

  • Good battery life

  • Dual sim slot with dedicated micro sd slot

  • Decent build quality

  • Good cameras


  • Slow charging

  • No 3GB version

  • Pricier than its predecessor

  • Riddled with bloatware

  • Slow charging speed

  • Face unlock can be tricked with a photo

What's missing

  • Fingerprint sensor

  • IR Blaster

  • Gorilla Glass

If you want (2GB ram/32GB internal storage) purchase it on Amazon

If you want (2GB ram/16GB internal storage) purchase it on Amazon

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How we selected?

Our search for the best phones under 7000 led us to some of the most reputed technology websites from where we picked some of their suggestions.

We then analyzed the best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart by readings through verified customer reviews before making any picks.

For the shortlisted phones, we were looking for at least better performance and RAM/ Storage over our best picks under Rs.5000.

Best smartphone under 7000 in Detail

The new Budget Phone: Redmi 6A


Design: Changes very little

Xiaomi for some time now is getting a little boring when it comes to design, except for their top-tier smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi Mix most other phones share a similar design. We get that for this budget you cannot get a lot but a company must differentiate their products somehow.

There are some positives, however, like no notch, a modern 18:9 display and the whole raft of colours from the usual black and gold to the more exotic rose gold and blue doe lend it some freshness.

While there is a headphone jack present, the IR Blaster is removed for some reason. That is a common feature that is found on most Xiaomi’s and was present on the previous Redmi 5A also.

While a fingerprint sensor would have been a nice addition, the Redmi 6A does support face unlocking so you have some level of basic security.

Using an 18:9 display panel does help cut a lot of visual bulk upfront and the bezels at the side at pretty slim with manageable top and bottom bezels. However, Gsmarena noted that they while coloured front (on the gold, rose gold and blue phones) looks like a thick border.

The back houses the single-camera sensor and a single led flash which is styled to look like a dual camera sensor. You also have a micro USB port and a headphone jack. The sim slot can hold two sim cards and a dedicated microSD slot.  

The Redmi 6A despite its metal finish is still made of plastic and which not feeling as premium as metal itself. Gsmarena found it was lightweight and easy to hold in the hand with no creaking or rattles.

Software: MIUI and bloat go hand in hand

The 6A comes with the latest version of Xiaomi’s custom skin- MIUI 10. Apart from a lick of paint on most apps, there are changes to the home screen, the volume controls and system apps. There are some new modes added to the camera app as well which include the new beautify mode and portrait mode.

You do have some niceties that MIUI brings along like amazing customizability options, a ton of wallpaper and ringtone downloads, app locker, app cloning and more.

Sadly bloatware and ads are a little crazy on the Redmi 6A. You have four browsers installed along with two music players, two photo galleries, two keyboards, and two app stores. Add to that most system apps now feature ads when you open them. This leads to a poor experience and when you have jsut 16GB of storage so much bloatware really kills the user experience. Hopefully, Xiaomi will tone down their ads and pave the way for a much smoother user experience.

Hardware: Amazing display and good processing power

The new Budget Phone: Redmi 6A

NDTV Gadgets found the 5.45-inch HD+ display to be good for most everyday task and for the occasional movie watching and video gaming. They had no complaints when it came to the quality of the display. Gsmarena liked the accuracy of the display and found it to be reasonably bright, indoors and outdoors.

The rear-mounted speaker isn’t the best in terms of location but sounds decent enough for music and movies. GIven the price there not much to be expected.

Benchmark performance

Both Gsmarena and NDTV Gadgets found the performance to be adequate for light use but pushing it hard would result in slowdowns and stutters which is common at this price. In benchmarks, it scores around 61,053 in Antutu, 765 in GeekBench single-core and 2306 in Geekbench multi-core. The scores are higher than most other phones in its category beating even the Snapdragon 430.

Connectivity options on the Redmi 6A include Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy, GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS, and 4G VoLTE. Call Quality, however, is good and Fonearena reported no call drops either.

The face unlocking although fast is not accurate and can be tricked with a photograph of a person. Xiaomi themselves gives you a warning for the same before you set your face to unlock.

Note: The Redmi 6A is also available in a 2GB RAM/ 16GB Storage version for Rs.5699. However, we suggest you pick the Rs.7499 version which comes with double the storage at 32GB.

Camera: Decent in good lighting conditions

The 13 MPx rear sensor and the 5MPx front sensor remain the same as previous years model but they do benefit from the new camera app which brings some nice features to the table.

Gsmarena tested the Redmi 6A and found that it gives more details than even the pricier Redmi 6. They were even pleased with the colour reproduction and low noise level in the photos. They felt that the camera even had a decent dynamic range which they said was enough to skip the HDR mode which produced rather unnatural over processed looking photos.

Testing out the selfie camera PcMag was impressed with the quality of the photos capture even though they were from a low resolution 5 MPx camera.

Video recording maxes out at 1080p and 30 fps and while the quality was good with good details being retained Gsmarena was not a big fan of the stabilization which they felt was inadequate.

Battery: Great battery life with slow charging

Except for a few phones, Xiaomi phones, in general, have great battery life and even the entry-level Redmi 6A is no different. NDTVGadgets found that the phone would last around 13 hours in their video loop test. In general usage, the phone easily could stretch for more than a day.

While battery life is great, the same can't be said about the charging speed. It took NDTV Gadgets 3 hours to top it up from zero to a hundred per cent.

Who is it for?

The Redmi 6A is one of most affordable mobile phones by Xiaomi. While it doesn't feel as well equipped as some of the more popular Redmi Note series of smartphones it has some good specifications for an entry-level smartphone user.

Its Dual 4G VOLTE makes it great as a backup/ secondary phone as well which you can use as a hotspot or for making quick video calls in an emergency. The low price tag also helps in this case.

Phones that didn't make the cut

InFocus Vision 3

The InFocus Vision 3 is priced similar to the 10.or E at Rs.7000 but comes with a more modern 18:9 display and even dual rear camera. That's cool, right? so why didn't we make it the winner? Well to start with the display is an HD+ display which is lower in resolution than the 10.or's Full HD panel. Then there is the RAM which is only 2GB and the storage which is only 16GB. The last issue is the quad-core MediaTek processor which isn't as powerful as the Snapdragon in the 10.or E.

Nokia 2.1

Priced very close to the Redmi 6A, the Nokia 2.1 has one great feature for consumer- quick and regular software updates. But that's the only worthy feature, the display is an older generation 16:9 panel, the RAM is a measly 1GB, storage is only 8GB and the processor is an entry-level Snapdragon 425. For the price, it's just not worth it, especially in front of the Redmi 6A.

Final Thoughts

Finding a good smartphone that suits your needs and fits your budget perfectly can often be a hard task but with our thorough research, we have managed to find just such a device.

With one of the best displays in its category, a capable and power-friendly processor and a long battery backup, the Redmi 6A is truly one of the best smartphone under 7000.