Are you fed up with those tinny sounding speakers of your brand new LED television? Do you want to improve the sound but are not comfortable with a large set of speakers? What you need then is a sleek soundbar.

A soundbar makes sense as it doesn't take up a lot of space and looks really cool when paired with a flat screen television. Plus they sound really good giving you much louder and full sounding audio without taking up a lot of space. But aren't audio devices a hassle to set up? Of course not.

A sound bar is easy to pair with your television and requires almost no setup to start working. In fact, some soundbars do not even have an on-screen menu as the setup is instantaneous.

Before buying a sound bar always make sure you look for what your requirements are. Make sure you decide beforehand if you need just a regular soundbar or one with a subwoofer. Next, make sure you keep you televisions connectivity ports in mind. To know more about buying the right soundbar check our buying guide section at the end.

But there are so many soundbars in the market, so which one should you pick? That's where we rescue you from searching through hundreds of websites and products. We analyzed all the best sellers and highly rated products on Amazon and Flipkart before finding the best picks.


Best soundbar in India (5.1 channel)

Sony sound bar speaker

The Sony HT-RT3 Soundbar brings an award-winning design, great surround sound and a whole host of innovative connectivity options that not only gives you a great aural experience but also superb user experience.

Sony products are known for their minimalistic designs and premium finishes and the HT-RT3 soundbar is no different. The soundbar, the speakers, and the subwoofers are unabashedly simple and rectangular. It's not just us who liked the simplicity of the design but India Design Council as well, who awarded it the India Design Mark 2017 for Good Design.

sound bar on hall

For connectivity, you get Aux input, USB, HDMI ARC and Optical ports along with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity as well as NFC for easy connectivity. While NFC is a great addition, the NFC reader is placed on the subwoofer. Placing it on the soundbar would have made it much more accessible.

soundbar on mob

You have all the controls on the top of the subwoofer which can be a little difficult to access, having them on the soundbar would have made things easier as the subwoofer is usually tucked away. But nevertheless, you have an easy to use the remote control that lets you control the volume, inputs and sound effects.

sony remote

The sound of the Sony HT-RT3 is why most preferred it and most of them were blown away but the audio quality. Given its support for Dolby Digital when used with the right audio files you truly get a surround sound experience (Use the Clear Audio+ setting to enable 5.1 channel).

Talking about the bass many users commented that it was just right without being over and almost comparable to the Bose solo 5 soundbar speakers. The mids and the highs reproduced were very clear and crisp as found by most customers. The volume too most felt was pretty loud and never needed to exceed 60% of the max (100), this makes it capable for most medium-sized rooms.

The only issues people pointed were that the two satellite speakers were not very powerful and the fan noise from the subwoofer when standing next to it. The satellite issue can be solved by placing them beside you and the subwoofer fan sound is inaudible unless you are close to it which is rarely the case as its placed far from you.

Sony offers a 1-year warranty on the product and you need to take the product to their service centre to get it repaired in case of any issues. Sony offers a one-time free installation service to install the soundbars for you.

The Sony HT-RT3 is a high quality, premium 5.1 channel soundbar that's designed to give you a true surround experience without taking a lot of space in your home. Of the total 5 speakers and one subwoofer, three are hidden into the soundbar and the two satellites are pretty small. This makes it one of the best soundbar for led tv due to its small size but loud sound and experience.

At nearly Rs.16,500 the Sony HT-RT3 may feel a little expensive but they do sound expensive as well. You get a true 5.1 channel sound, more connectivity than most soundbars and a quality product. The Sony HT-RT3  is not just one of the best soundbar for led tv by Sony, but the best soundbar in India.


  • Great sound quality

  • 5.1 channel arrangement

  • A whole host of connectors (HDMI ARC, Optical, USB, AUX)

  • Supports Bluetooth and NFC also

  • Dolby Digital support

  • Remote support

  • HDMI and component cables are provided


  • No optical cable provided

  • NFC tag is on the subwoofer unit and not the soundbar

  • Controls should have been on the soundbar and not the subwoofer

  • No optical cable provided

Where to buy it?

Best soundbar in India (Best Design)

Tiny soundbar and large sub woofer

The Polk Audio mini soundbar is unlike most soundbars in its class. With a pretty tiny soundbar and an almost “Star Wars” inspired subwoofer it definitely scores points for design. The sound too is really good considering its size but it is priced a little higher than the Sony which offers a much louder sound.

Small but loud

The soundbar comes with two 12mm tweeters and four 2.25-inch drivers while the subwoofer has a downward-facing 6.5-inch driver and port. The layout of the drivers around the soundbar also gives the MagniFi Mini a more surround-like sound.

In terms of connectivity, you have one HDMI input (which needs HDMI ARC),  a digital port, a 3.5mm analogue input, an Ethernet port along with support for Bluetooth audio and Google Cast over Wi-Fi.

Easy to use and good looking

The remote provided is simple to use and has a unique feel to it. There are multiple bumps and cavities that make it easier for you to familiarize the functions. Also, note that there is no on-screen menu or app to setup or control the soundbar. All you have to do is connect the cables and the system takes care of most of it including pairing the sub-woofer unit.

Cnet found the sound quality of the sound bar to be excellent for movies and TV making them more clear and wide. Cnet particularly commented on the excellent bass performance of the subwoofer especially in scenes with explosions and other effects.

Tomsguide meanwhile enjoyed the performance so much that they even called it the best audio from a small speaker especially when it comes to handling movies and music.

The Polk Audio soundbar is for people who want not just good sound but also a product that looks really good and the MagniFi Mini is, without doubt, the best-looking soundbar here. The subwoofer of it is wireless which gives it a cool look while the soundbar its is pretty stubby but very small in size giving it a unique look.

Priced at around Rs.25,000 the Polk Audio MagniFi Mini may be the most expensive here, but it's unbelievably good at its price. It has the looks, the sound quality, the connectivity which makes one of the best soundbars in its category.


  • Louder than its size suggests

  • Excellent design

  • Strong bass makes it great for movies

  • Good connectivity option

  • The subwoofer connects to the soundbar wirelessly

  • Comes with a remote

  • Easy to setup


  • No mobile app

  • Pricier than its competitors

  • Doesn’t work with regular HDMI ports

Where to buy it?

Best soundbar in India under 10000 (2.1 channel)

blaupunkt sound bar

Blaupunkt SBW-01 is a rather new product that gives you great sound in a much smaller 2.1 channel package. Like Sony, you have a whole lot of connectivity options as well. But unlike Sony, it is much more affordable going for more than half its price. Plus it gives better bass than the smaller Mi soundbar, putting in a very comfortable position in terms of price and sound.

The SBW-01 looks quite modern and sleek with its squircle cross-section. You get two front firing speakers in the soundbar and the subwoofer which handles the bass which gives your sound the depth.

You have a long list of connectivity options like optical in, AUX IN, Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, and USB. This means you can connect everything from a smartphone to television with this speaker.

blaupunkt remote black colour

To control the sound you have buttons on the soundbar itself where you can control the volume and on/off and input. These buttons are however flush and will be a little difficult to press. The USB port is placed right next to the buttons on the soundbar this way you can attach a pen drive easily.

Our best pick had the USB ports on the subwoofer unit and we actually liked Blaupunkt's placement better. The remote provided has a ton of controls from the basic volume and play pause to the more audio focused equalizer options and treble and bass control. This gives you great flexibility in the way you want to listen to your sound.

sound bar side view

Coming to the sound itself most customers found it to be very good without any characteristics that show its affordable speakers like the screeching sound or sibilant sound in the treble. Bass too was loved by most people who commented that it was punchy, although some people did say that they wanted more bass. From what we saw in the reviews most customers were rather pleased with the sound reproduction over Bluetooth which they felt was better than through a wired connection.

The Blaupunkt SBW-01 is a much more simplified soundbar with support for just 2.1 channels, this makes it even smaller as you have just the soundbar with two speakers and one subwoofer. This makes it more affordable without losing the bass, but the surround effects won't be that effective.

The Blaupunkt claim to fame is the sound quality and connectivity that you get at a very low price of around Rs.6000. That is quite a bargain for a 2.1 channel soundbar, making the Blaupunkt SBW-01 the best soundbar in India under 10000.


  • Great value for money

  • Good sound quality

  • Comes with a dedicated subwoofer

  • A ton of connectivity options (optical in, AUX IN, Bluetooth, HDMI ARC and USB)

  • Supports Dolby Digital

  • Remote with bass and treble controls


  • Distortion at high volume

  • No HDMI cable provided

Where to buy it?

Best soundbar in India under 10000 (Budget soundbar)

Single piece design

Launched some time ago the Mi Soundbar was another one of the highly requested Xiaomi product in India. The Soundbar with its extremely slim and minimal design and low asking price makes for a great budget soundbar. It's not as loud or as bass heavy as the products above, but is still a great pick to use with your television or computer.

The Mi Soundbar design is classic Xiaomi with a white body with soft rounded corners which give it an approachable feel. You get a grey colour mesh fabric up front which looks premium.  


The Mi Soundbar comes with two 0.75-inch dome tweeters, two 2.5-inch woofers and four passive radiators. This helps it to reproduce better bass despite having a small size.  

For connectivity, you have the 3.5mm AUX port, Line-in ports, S/PDIF port, and an optical port. While there is Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connectivity, the soundbar lacks an HDMI or USB port. Talking about missing things, the unit doesn’t even come with a remote making it difficult to control from a distance.

Setting up the soundbar is as simple as plugging in the cables and powering on your television.

Packs in quite the punch

Now coming to sound quality, Beebom tested the soundbar and found it offered all the bass and treble that people expected from it. This is good as it is these specific sounds that televisions speakers lack. Overall the speaker is good for movies and television but not so much when it comes to most music genres. This is because the bass can overpower some vocals in certain genres. This makes the soundbar more suited for EDM lovers only.

With its low price and good sound, the Mi Soundbar is for someone who wants a better sound from their television without having to spend too much or without having a soundbar that takes too much space.

Priced at Rs.4999, the Mi Soundbar is one of the best budget soundbars you can choose for some foot thumping tunes or for a great movie experience.


  • Great sound

  • Low price

  • SImple but premium design

  • Has Bluetooth connectivity

  • Easy setup and clutter free


  • Lacks HDMI and USB 

  • No remote

  • No subwoofer unit

  • Bass can be a little overpowering for certain genres

Where to buy it?

Best soundbar in India (Budget)

Portable soundbar for people on the move

If you need to buy into the soundbar experience without spending a lot then the F&D E200 Plus which costs around Rs.1,600 makes great sense. It's not the loudest but with that built-in battery its one of the few soundbars that's actually portable.

Compared to the others, the F&D E200 Plus is extremely affordable. Also while it doesn't have a dedicated subwoofer it has a built-in battery that makes it portable. In terms of design, it isn't much different than the others, the speaker is finished in black plastic with a mesh for the speaker grill and the speaker is tilted just slightly to the upper side, which directs the sounds towards you.

In terms of connectivity, you get a full-size USB port, a 3.5mm jack, and Bluetooth. As it has a battery built-in you get a micro USB port (5V-1A) for charging it as well. This makes it great to be used on the move or across rooms.

Easy to use soundbar controls

The E200 Plus is actually an upgraded version of the hugely popular F&D E200 soundbar. The E200 Plus comes with a new removable 3.5mm cable, support for Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in battery which now makes it portable as well. Finally, the E200 only had a volume knob (a very cool looking one) but the newer version comes with full music controls on the soundbar itself.

Coming to the sound quality most people loved it, especially the clarity of the sound. Given the shape of the soundbar, you cannot expect a lot of loudness but it was still decent for a small room. People did say that bass was existent if heard close to the speaker but you cannot expect rumbling bass like our best picks with dedicated subwoofers.

Verified customers found the Bluetooth range to be decent at around 5-6 meters. Battery life too is very good with the soundbar lasting up to 6 hours and taking under 3 hours to fully charge.

Lastly, the F&D E200 Plus like most F&D products is a budget product that tries to do something more than the others. It doesn't have a subwoofer or any of the cool surround sound trickery of the other two but it comes with an inbuilt battery so you can play it wirelessly or even carry it on your trip.

For a budget price of nearly Rs.1,600, the F&D E200 Plus gives you good sound, Bluetooth connectivity and an in-built battery making it not just great for your room but also a music companion on the move.


  • Terrific Value for money

  • Good sound for the price

  • 2600mAH built-in battery

  • USB, AUX and Bluetooth connectivity

  • Good battery life


  • No subwoofer

  • No remote

  • No charger provided

  • Slow charging

Where to buy it?

Buying Guide to the best subwoofer

Here are some pointers to look for before buying your next soundbar.

Firstly, make sure you decide the type of soundbar you want. There are portables ones with a battery that can give your good portability but will not has the necessary bass sound. Then there are the usual soundbars that are much larger in size but are meant to be used on mains power like the Mi soundbar. These soundbars will have better bass than portable ones but still not enough.

For the best sound experience, you must pick a soundbar with a subwoofer. Soundbars with subwoofers are available in 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 channels. This means that you can have one subwoofer unit (for bass) and either two, five or seven speakers placed around you for surround effect.

Next, you have to pay attention to connectivity. If you are going to use the soundbar with a television you need an HDMI connection or SPDIF for the best audio quality. You also get Bluetooth connectivity with soundbars for easy connection to your smartphones or laptop but this has limitations when it comes to sound quality.

Still, have some questions on soundbars? Check out our FAQs section below.



  • Is the woof​​​​er active or passive?
    Yes, the woofers on these soundbars are active and don't need any external amplification
  • Does it come with demo and installation?
    Some of the products do have demo and installation like Sony. Do check before buying
  • How to connect the soundbar with a TV?
    You get multiple wired/ wireless connectivity options with these soundbars to connect to your television
  • Does it have India warranty?
    Yes, these soundbars do have a warranty
  • Does it have Bluetooth?
    Yes, all our best picks have Bluetooth support
  • Can these soundbars work on battery power?
    No only the F&D has a built-in battery.

Final Thoughts

Given the vast number of soundbars in the market it can be difficult to select the best ones, but with our thorough research, we have managed to find three different soundbars for different budgets.

For a high-end, 5.1 channel surround experience you have the Sony HT-RT3 with its award-winning design, a plethora of wired and wireless connectivity, loud sound and ease of use. It offers the best sound quality of the soundbars here despite not being the most expensive. 

The Polk Audio MagniFi Mini is all about style and it truly stands out when it comes to its design. The sound quality too is great with the subwoofer giving a brilliant performance for movies. It is the most expensive here, but as they say- good design costs good money.

Blaupunkt SBW-01 brings to you a much more affordable experience, giving you 2.1 channel sound with clarity and bass without taking quite as much space as the Sony soundbar. The Mi Soundbar can be considered as the more affordable version of the Blaupunkt without the subwoofer. This makes the Mi soundbar very small in size and gives it a clutter-free design. It sounds good too but don’t count on it for the same level of bass as the soundbars with a dedicated subwoofer.

Finally, we have the F&D E200 Plus which costs around Rs.1,600 but comes with Bluetooth and aux and also a built-in battery making it great to carry on your trips as well.

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding soundbars? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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