The tablet market was once filled with tons of great products from makers like Nvidia, Google, Motorola, Asus, and Acer. But they are all long gone with the market now dominated by Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and a few other brands.

The reason for the decline in tablets is simple, smartphones today are getting bigger and laptops are getting smaller and lighter. Hence, there is no need for a stop-gap measure.

But there are some instances when tablets do become necessary like a presentation or watching a movie on the go or as a gaming device for kids.

To find the best tablet under Rs.10000, we went through many technology websites to see what they suggest. We also looked through some of the best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart to get you the best tablet for your money.

​Best tablet under Rs.10000

Alcatel Pop 4 with Keyboard 16 GB 10.1 inch with Wi-Fi+4G Tablet

With a unique set of features that include a 10.1 inch Full HD screen, dual speakers, 4G support and a bundled keyboard the Alcatel POP 4 has one of the most powerful processors in its price range and also comes with a large battery so you can work and play effortlessly. The price and features make it one of the best tablet under Rs.10000 we looked at.

​You can purchase this with keyboard here
You can purchase this without keyboard here

​Budget tablet under Rs.10000

Alcatel A3 10 (VOLTE) 16 GB 10.1 inch with Wi-Fi+4G Tablet

If you need a budget tablet with a large screen and great audio pick the Alcatel A3 10. It also comes with a much newer version of Android over teh POP 4 and supports the latest 4G VoLTE all for around Rs.9999.

​If you want (2GB ram/16GB internal storage) purchase it here.
​If you want (3GB ram/32GB internal storage) purchase it here.

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​Why Trust Us?

The tablet market has been getting less and less exciting over the years and the current scenario is pretty grim.The cut-throat specification war that we have in smartphones is not to be seen in tablets. While a lot of tablets are affordable because they are crappy, there are some that at least give you a decent screen so you can stream away nicely.

When we looked through best picks on other technology websites we did find any product that stood out. Most we okayish but nothing great. So we started looking around on Amazon and Flipkart here we did find some good picks that were good for not just streaming but light productivity as well.

​How we selected?

Our search for tablets started with our understanding of the needs of a tablet. Given their close proximity to smartphones, we expect a similarly priced tablet to carry the same processing power, display resolution and features as the phone. But that is not the case in the market. The cost of the larger displays means manufacturers often cut down on the processor, RAM or the internal storage.  

A small drop in processing power does not hurt the user as tablets at least in this price range are more for media consumption than media creation. The larger screen can be great for elderly folk, or the fact that they can be a great gaming device for your kids and most of them also come with sim card capability so you can just plonk in your Jio sim and stream videos on the large screen. They are also much more immersive when watching movies on a flight or a bus over say a smartphone.

So when you set out to look for tablet in this range you will have to accept the lower spec sheet when compared to the smartphones.

The case with software is also similar as most Android Tablets have Android Nougat or Marshmallow, which were launched a year or two ago. And expecting regular software updates is also a waste as the era of the Nexus Tablets is long gone.

We started our search by taking picks from other technology websites where we found a lot of tablets that had sub-par hardware. We did just say that you can expect a lower specification but expecting 1GB of RAM and terrible screen just amounts to a really poor experience. Just to give you an example we found a Samsung tablet where all they had mentioned under processor was Qualcomm Quad Core. Even Samsung was ashamed to let you know which processor it was. What's really funny was not even GSMArena had a clue about the processor.

Tablets with such specifications are available in aplenty in the market and are being relaunched with a newer name regularly.

Not quite satisfied with the picks of other websites we started looking at the best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart. Here we selected based on some specifications like 10-inch screen, 4G connectivity, decent processor and a decent battery. Here we chanced upon two really good tablets that immediately stood out due to their display quality- a must for tablets, their decent processors and good battery life. These tablets were not as powerful as smartphones but they had the right specifications that are needed for streaming content on the move. Also it was not just us who felt these tablets were good but reputed websites like NDTVGadgets and Economic Times also had given them favorable reviews.

​Best tablet in detail

Smart and stylish: Alcatel Pop 4 Tablet


  • Large 10.1 inch Full HD screen with 10-point multitouch

  • Keyboard bundled for productivity

  • Slim and well-built device

  • Dual front-facing speakers with WavesMaxx audio

  • The large 5830mAh battery gives good battery life

  • Supports 4G LTE

  • Snapdragon 430 processor is better than its competition

  • Supports Wifi N, A-GPS, USB OTG and Bluetooth 4.0

  • Expandable storage up to 32GB

  • Comes with NCERT course material


  • 2-year-old Android Marshmallow

  • No true VoLTE (But still can make calls)

  • Only 2GB RAM and 16GB Storage

  • Poor camera quality

  • Bundled keyboard lacks trackpad

  • Weak viewing angle and brightness on the display

  • There is no earpiece hence calls are routed from the speaker

  • No gorilla glass screen protection

  • No auto-brightness

The Alcatel Pop 4 has a slim design to it which is around 7.9 mm thick and is well built as well. The front of the table is adorned by the large 10.1 inch screen, the dual speakers, and the camera. The back is pretty much spartan with only a single camera and no flash as well. 

This tablet has a clear focus on productivity and hence there is a Bluetooth keyboard thrown in the included priced for good measure. You also get a suite of office applications preloaded. This puts it in a rare position in the market where it doesn't have any competition. All Android tablets that came with additional keyboards like the brilliant Asus transformer series are long gone and if you need one this is all there is. NDTVGadgets found the keyboard convenient to use especially because of the extra buttons for back, home, and app switching.

However, they did comment that it didn't offer good feedback. Do note when you connect the keyboard and tablet together it is via Bluetooth and there is no proprietary dock here. The keyboard has its own battery which needs to be charged separately (Via micro-USB). We personally feel Alcatel had a great opportunity to bundle a large battery in the keyboard that could charge the tablet up whenever it was docked. 

The Pop 4 was the only Full HD 10 inch tablet that we saw in its category as all the other had a lousy HD resolution only. This gives its sharp picture quality and pleasing colors. The touch response was also good as stated by The Economic Times.  The size and resolution made it great for watching movies. The dual speakers too are very helpful in this regard and NDTVGadgets found that they could get pretty loud which is good for watching movies. There is, however, a headphone jack if you need to listen to your movies without disturbing everyone around you.

Talking about the performance the 2GB RAM and Snapdragon 430 will not ace any benchmarks but the processor is still much better than the Mediatek processors offered by its competitors. NDTVGadgets reported benchmarks scores of 46,288 in AnTuTu 7, and 629 and 1,825 in the single-core and multi-core tests in Geekbench 4. This puts it in the same category as the 10.or D and Redmi 5A smartphones, but don't forget this tablet has to push a higher resolution screen. This is why NDTVGadgets found slow load times and frame drops in games like Missiles, Clash Royale, and Shadow Fight 3 on the Pop4. So if you need a tablet for high-end gaming we suggest an iPad or any flagship tablet from Samsung.  

Gaming aside the stock android version makes it reasonably smooth in everyday usage but opening heavy apps or multiple apps will slow down the tablet. There are also a lot of preinstalled apps like AVG AntiVirus, a separate app store, Asphalt Nitro, Flipkart, Instagram, Messenger and WPS Office. One really helpful app for students is the NCERT Books app which contains reading material from classes 1 to 12, this app gives access to not only NCERT approved course books but also sample question papers.

The POP 4 supports mobile telephony via the single 4G LTE sim slot. If you are wondering about the lack of VoLTE for your JIO sims, you need not worry as Jio has their own Jio4gvoice app that enables you to makes calls on non-VoLTE devices. One thing to note is there is no earpiece and the calls are routed to the main speaker so you may need to use an earphone or Bluetooth headset before taking calls.

The Alcatel POP 4 comes with a 5 MPx front camera and an 8 MPx rear camera. Both the cameras lack auto-focus and led flash and as NDTVGadgets put it," The photo quality isn’t very good you won't be able to use it for anything serious."

One place where Alcatel hasn't skimped is in the battery capacity, the POP 4 comes with a whopping 5830 mAh battery that allows you to watch HD movies for up to 10 hours. NDTVGadgets also reported that with mixed use of gaming, document editing and watching videos over wi-fi they still had 30% of charge at the end of the day. The bundled charger is a 10W charger and NDTVGadgets reported it took around 4 hours to completely charge the tablet.

For the price of around Rs.11,999, the Alcatel POP 4 with its large Full HD screen, bundled keyboard and dual speakers is a great pick for people who need productivity and entertainment on the move.

Note: If you want the Alcatel POP 4 without the keyboard you can even pick that version here which has all the features as the POP 4 but simply loses the keyboard and Rs.1000 off the price.  

​Best tablet under Rs.10000

Alcatel A3 Tablet


  • Large 10.1-inch screen with 10-point multitouch

  • Slim and well-built device

  • Dual front-facing speakers

  • Supports 4G VoLTE with the latest software update

  • Supports Wifi-N, A-GPS, USB OTG and Bluetooth 4.2

  • Expandable storage up to 128GB

  • Good battery life

  • Comes with a 3GB/32GB version

  • Comes in two colors white and black


  • 1-year-old Android 7.0

  • Screen resolution is only HD

  • Average performance from the MediaTek MT8735B processor

  • Poor camera quality

  • Hybrid sim-slot

  • No gorilla glass screen protection

  • No auto-brightness

The Alcatel A3 10 is a slightly more affordable version of our best pick the POP 4. The A3 10 keeps the same screen size as the POP 4 but dials down the resolution to HD which is not a great thing considering the large screen size. But thankfully it still keeps the dual speakers so you at least get a great sonic experience.

Another downgrade is the processor which is now a MediaTek MT8735B which gives benchmark scores of 24422 in Antutu and, 466 and1249 in Geekbench 4 single-core and multi-core respectively. These scores are much lower than the POP 4 which limits its performance.

One improvement over the POP 4 is the support for 4G VoLTE which makes Jio calls hasslefree.

Everything else is pretty much the same as the POP 4, the software is stock but has some bloatware, the cameras which are now offer an even lower resolution are equally bad.

But the audio quality and large screen make it great for watching movies and basic games. It even supports up to 128GB microSD cards and has a much newer Android 7.0 OS. The VoLTE supports means you can use it for phone calls as well along with data.

The 4600mAh battery although smaller than the POP 4 actually gives great battery life due to the weaker processor and lower resolution. People reported battery life of more than a day

The Alcatel A3 10 costs around Rs.9999 and comes with a large display, great, and 4G calling supports. 

​After Sales Service

Alcatel offers a 1-year warranty on its tablets and 6  months on the accessories. For any issue, you have to take the product to the service center for repairs/replacement. Alcatel has around 312 service center in almost all the major cities. Click here to check the nearest service center to you.

​Who are our best picks for?

The Alcatel POP 4 with its large Full-HD display and dual speakers make it great for a movie buff who wants to watch a movie on the move. But it isn’t all play with the POP 4 as the Office apps and the bundled keyboard make productivity also possible. 

The A3 10, however, is more affordable and will work better as a basic gaming device for a child. You can still watch movies, stream content and make calls over it using the 4G VoLTE support. But the processor limits productivity and high-end gaming. 

​Final Thoughts

The tablet market today is much scarcer than ever before but we still have managed to find two good tablets for two different type of users.

If you need to work and play than the Alcatel POP 4 with its keyboard and high-resolution screen make both possible. It is also priced reasonably at Rs.11,999.

But if you need a more basic tablet for your kids or for use at home the Alcatel A3 10 comes with a large display, 4G VoLTE and dual speakers making movie watching and light gaming possible. It's also priced very well at Rs.9999.