For many of us using a beard trimmer is a daily task, whether it’s grooming a beard, trimming a moustache, or staying clean-shaven. So we want to make sure we’re using the best trimmer in India we can get.

There are hundreds of trimmers to choose from, each boasting a different type of blade, number of attachments, faster charging, or affordable price tag. With so many variables it might be difficult for you to decide which trimmer is best.

This is where we swoop in to help save you from the misery of going through pages and pages of irrelevant numbers and lists of products.

To better understand the differences between each trimmer we partnered with the veteran stylists at Studio 11, New BEL Road, Bengaluru to test our carefully selected set of trimmers out on different people to see which one was the best.

With our extensive research coupled with our real-world testing, you can rest assured that what we suggest is giving you the best bang for your buck.

Why trust us

As with all our reviews, we don’t just blindly recommend products—we sit down and thoroughly analyze the best trimmers in India, to find the one that’s going to be right for you.

On our search for the best beard trimmer, we started with over 100 different trimmers, which we analysed and carefully sorted, and then enlisted the help of the professional stylists at Studio 11, who put each model through rigorous testing. Each trimmer was tested by two stylists, and used on at least three clients.

How we tested

At Hometop we deviate from the norm when it comes to testing products.

We conducted the usage test to gauge various aspects, like how they felt in the hand, how easy was it to change the attachments, whether you could control the settings, and also how long the charger takes to fully charge, and the time it takes the battery to discharge—after all, there’s no use having a great trimmer that only works for a short duration and needs half a day to recharge.

The usage test gave us an accurate idea what you’ll experience when you use it on a daily basis. For the actual testing portion we handed over the trimmers to the stylists at Studio 11, who used each of the six trimmers on different customers with varying beard sizes.  We made sure to hide the brand names on each one, so the stylists wouldn’t be biased.

nice trimmer
black colour trimmer

Nova NHT 1086 & Philips 4005 being tested

Philips vacuum trimmer in action

Philips Vacuum Trimmer

panasonic trimmer in action

Panasonic GB37 trimmer being tested

​During use, our expert stylists noted things like battery discharge time, time to charge, and more importantly finer points of use, like the accuracy of the trimmer depending on the style of beard, blade sharpness, weight and feel, ease of use, and how easy each one was to clean.

All of these are important. The best trimmer in India, must be able to give you blade accuracy so you can achieve certain beard and stubble styles. It must also have a sharp blade so it can cut through a  lot of beard hair. It has to feel nice to hold and easy to clean.

After long consultation with the stylists after the testing we reached a decision regarding the ranking of the products.

Here’s what we found.

Best trimmer for men

Philips QG3387/15 Multi Grooming Kit

Philips QG3387/15 Multi Grooming kit


What we liked

  • Very thoughtfully designed with a blade that juts out

  • Excellent multi grooming trimmer with 9 attachments in the box

  • Superb battery life (50 minutes) & quick charging time (1 hour)

  • Excellent blade & trimming quality

  • Good warranty & brand

  • Waterproof

What we didn’t like

  • A little expensive at Rs.3200

  • All plastic body may not appeal to all

  • Cordless use only

Our Studio 11 experts immediately fell in love with the QG3387/15 as it offers more than what any average trimmer offers, that is a whole grooming experience. The good things about the Philips trimmer starts with the manner in which the whole trimmer is designed starting from the well positioned blades, the number of attachments and the waterproof body.
The Philips QG3387/15 can be used for your beard, hair, body hair, nose hair, and eyebrows. It’s cordless, with a plastic body and classy silver accents the trimmer stands out amongst the horde of red and black trimmers, although the plastic look and feel might not appeal to everyone.

Our Studio 11 stylists loved the quality of the blades (Chromium steel) which helped them get accurate cutting (“Great for styling”, said our stylist), then comes the attachments which further helps to get a lot of control over cutting different areas of your face (Beard, Nose hair, head hair etc.)

Beard trim level controller

Beard trim level controller

Our stylist said it's not just that the blade was of high quality and made a fantastic job of trimming even the most difficult of beard styles, but the manner in which it’s mounted on the trimmer which makes it the best. Unlike some others, it juts out from the body of the trimmer, and there is no plastic shroud around it (See Philips BT7206) which can prevent a smooth and accurate shave action. This is one of the most important reasons why it was able to perform this good, even at zero shave setting.

The Power & Turbo Power button on the QG3387/15

The Power & Turbo Power button on the QG3387/15

In action, the QG3387/15 has multiple trim settings, ranging from zero to 18mm, and a turbo button for faster cutting speeds, which is extremely useful when you’ve got a lot of beard to trim, or you have thicker hair that takes a lot of effort to cut. Think of the turbo button as an added speed boost when you need it.

During our tests we found the QG3387/15 to be very ergonomic to hold, and each of the nine attachments was easy to insert and remove.

It was easy to control the trim levels, and the buttons have a nice clicky feel to them. Being waterproof and plastic, it’s easy to clean, and while it doesn’t have a vacuum function, the design of the trimmer is such that it doesn't trap a lot of hair in its body or cavity, unlike some others our stylists tested. However, the plastic body didn’t give it the most premium feel.

One thing we particularly liked about the QG3387/15 was that it’s waterproof, a particularly useful function when using around the sink—and you can even use it in the shower. This was seconded by the stylist at Studio 11.

Waterproof testing

The bundled Philips fast charger has a proprietary port and is held tightly in place during charging. The cable is also sufficiently long at 130cm. The charger takes 1 hour to completely charge the trimmer gives you enough battery life to use non-stop for 50 minutes (“Brilliant,” said the stylists). A five minute charge is good enough for a single shave.

When on charge the charging indicator lets you know the progress. Some people online had confusion regarding the charging system, but it’s not that hard: a blinking green light indicates it’s charging, and a solid green light means it’s complete.

It’s important to note though that the QG3387/15 cannot be used while charging.

Multigroom in action

Philips Multigroom in action

It also comes with a two-year international warranty, so you can trim away with confidence. An added bonus we enjoyed was that it comes with blade oil, so you can always keep your blades in top condition.

Our stylist even tried out the trimmer for trimming head hair, which he said was good, but wasn’t as powerful as professional WAHL head trimmers, as it didn’t have a movable blade, which helps to get different angles. So unless you’re thinking about some serious style work, the QG3387/15 will stand up to your daily grooming routine.

The Philips QG3387/15 Multi Grooming Kit is excellent for its trimming prowess. At Rs. 3249 it’s a bit pricier than other models, but we feel this is more than justified, due to its thoughtfully-designed blade, great attachments, waterproof body, brilliant battery life, and quick-charge function.

If you’re thinking that the Philips QG3387/15 is a bit too advanced and has too many attachments for your needs, worry not, read further for our budget pick, which may be more up to your taste.

Best budget beard trimmer

Philips Beard Trimmer QT4011/15

Philips beard trimmer QT4011/15


What we liked

  • Great for trimming

  • Excellent blade quality

  • Best battery life in test (Almost 90 minutes use) & Fast charging (1 hour)

  • Corded/ Cordless use is a great option

  • 2+1 year warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Not waterproof

The Philips 4011/15 is a much simpler trimmer considering that it comes with a single comb attachment, but it has a high quality titanium blade (Yes, there is no plastic shroud around it, our stylist approves of this), a long battery life & quick charging. It’s got everything you need in one basic package (seriously—it ships in a tiny cardboard box with no fancy photographs of models with the trimmer in hand, or any description of the product).

This is not meant to be a fancy trimmer, but rather a highly functional, high-quality machine. It certainly looks the part, with a solidly-built black plastic body with red accents giving it a subtly stylish look. It comes with a titanium-coated blade with a single attachment for your beard, a brush to clean the trimmer after trimming, a carry pouch for the equipment, and the paperwork for your 2+1 year international warranty.

Platinum coated blades

The platinum coated blades, rotary trim controller & sliding power button on the 4011/15

Despite the lack of attachments our stylist was happy with the performance of the trimmer, which he felt would be a great tool for people who are looking for a high quality budget beard trimmer without any extra attachments.

The titanium-coated blade, paired with the comb attachment, makes it a great tool for getting various facial hair styles, and the shape of the attachment itself meant that no hair gets trapped in it, or the body, making it much easier to clean than a lot of other trimmers out there.

After extended use of the QT4011/15, our stylist said that it came in a close second to the QG3387/15, which is quite an achievement given that it’s almost half the price. The blade itself jutted out from the body, much like the QG3387/15, so it had all the performance of the superior model. What really made it a great device was how simple it was, and its titanium-coated blade, which made trimming easy and accurate. He did not recommend using it for head hair, though, so perhaps pop in to Studio 11 when you want a full haircut.

Philips 4011/15 Trimmer

Philips 4011/15 Trimmer

When we used it, we found that the QT 4011/15 was very good to hold in our hands—not just ergonomically, but also from a quality point of view. It feels solid and has no creaking sounds when squeezed. Inserting the attachments is easy, and feels natural. It has multiple trim settings, from zero to 10mm, and the trim level controller is a rotating knob which makes it extremely easy to control, and helps to make it feel much more solid than the other trimmers level controllers.

The on-off switch is a slider switch as opposed to a button, and also has a nice feel to it.

The Trimmer comes with a proprietary fast charger, that can charge the trimmer in 1 hour and has a battery life of 90 mins (Our stylist loved this). We liked that the trimmer can be used even when plugged into the mains, so you can use it as soon as you plug it in.

Philips 4011 in action

Philips 4011 in action

As with the Philips QG3387/15, there was some confusion online as to the charging. The QT4011/15 charges exactly the same, with a green LED that blinks while charging, and stays solid when the charge is complete.

One downside to this device is that it isn’t waterproof, which is why it comes with a cleaning brush to clean the blades. You can remove the comb attachment though, which can than be washed with water for a thorough clean.

Rotary trim level controller on the  4011/15

Rotary trim level controller on the  4011/15

The QT4011/15 is a great beard trimmer that will do justice in the hands of a new user, just as well as an experienced person. The high-quality blades and attachments, the ergonomic body and easy-to-use controls, and the simply amazing battery life, coupled with the fast charging, makes it really a bang for your buck product at just Rs. 1699.

How we selected

Starting with over 100 trimmers, we knew we had quite a task at hand. We quickly cut the list down by removing any products with less than 500 reviews and less than 3.5 stars, this was done as the top rated/ reviewed products had over 10,000 reviews and more than 4.5 stars!

This left us with 20 of the best beard trimmers.

For these 20 products we listed all their major features and specifications, like number of trim settings, charging and discharging time, blade material, extra attachments, and warranty information, to see the capabilities of each one.

From here we laid out some ground rules for eliminating the trimmers, such as any with a charging time of over 10 hours, any that came with less than a one-year warranty, and those that were older models.

This left us with six of the best trimmers for men in India. The price varied from Rs. 600 to Rs. 3200. These were:

Our tested trimmers

These were the six trimmers we tested, and put in the excellent hands of our Studio 11 stylists, to put them through their real-world trials.

A note on hand size

To understand how each beard trimmer fits in different hand sizes, and so we wouldn’t recommend a trimmer that doesn’t fit your hand properly, we made a range people having different hand sizes hold each shortlisted trimmer to get a feel for how well they fit.

We tested each trimmer on people with really small palm sizes (5th percentile), regular palm sizes, as well as very large sizes, so we could get the full range of opinions.

Most products are designed with the differing sizes of the human body taken into consideration, as every brand knows that each user is different, so different people will have different hand sizes, heights, and so on.

For example, consider the cap on a water bottle. These must always be designed to take the smallest palm size and grip size into consideration (known as the 5th percentile), while a doorway always has to take extremely tall people into account (the 95th percentile).

With this in mind we can safely say that although the trimmers have different shapes, when tested by us and the experts at Studio 11 each one was easy and comfortable to hold, no matter the size of the hand using them.

Why the others weren’t chosen

Our two picks stood out from the rest due to their brilliant performances, ease of use, amazing battery life, and quick charging time. With that being, said the rest of the trimmers weren’t bad—these two were simply that much better.

Let’s look at the reasons we didn’t pick any of the rest.

Armed with double sharpened steel blades, a vacuum system, fast charging, and sleek design, the BT7206/15 had what it takes to be a winner, but fell short owing to a few things.

The main issue was that the blade, although good, has a plastic shroud around it that limits free motion, so its performance suffers, especially when it comes to beard styling. Its vacuum feature worked well—in fact, it was the only trimmer with this feature. However, due to all the hair getting sucked into the trimmer, it made it difficult to clean, and not being waterproof makes it even more so.

Plastic shroud near blade on Philips vacuum (Left)

Plastic shroud near blade on Philips vacuum (Left)

Philips Vacuum trimmer traps hair in cavity

Philips Vacuum trimmer traps hair in cavity

Philips QT4005/15 Trimmer

The QT4005/15 is one of Philips’ budget offerings, coming with a steel blade, 20 trim levels, and a range of 0.5-10mm. Our stylist noted that its accuracy was a little off, as while its blade is positioned well, it tends to jam remnants of hair between the blades, making it difficult to use.

Another reason this model is not the best trimmer for men in India, is its slow charging time of 10 hours, and usage time of only 45 minutes, so although it’s ergonomically pleasing and sturdy to use, it falls short due to its slow charging and performance.

Panasonic ER-GB37 Men's Trimmer

The Panasonic has an amazing design, waterproof body, and a dock-based charging system.

Our stylist felt this trimmer is more suited for shorter beards only, due to the blade design tending to jam with bits of hair, making it difficult to work with. While it had a 50-minute battery life, the necessary eight-hour charging time didn’t really help its case.

Nova NHT 1086 Trimmer

The Nova was one of the most affordable trimmers in the test, priced at Rs.649. It came with a titanium-coated blade, however we soon found that this wasn’t really of much use, as it didn’t do a particularly good job of trimming or styling. But it’s not just the blade material that matters, but many other things like strength of the motor, attachment design, and charging time (eight hours for this model). In all these tests the Nova unfortunately fell short.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can i use it cordless? Can I use it with the cord? Removable battery?

Does it work for body hair? Can we use it to trim our head hair?

Is there a charger in box? Lost my charger what to do? Proprietary or usb charger?

What material are the blades? Where can we get new blades?

Can we use it in a shower?

Any effect on the skin?

Charging and usage time? Battery remaining indicator?

Do you feel any pain while using?

How many blades do we get?

Can we get a clean shave? Can it replace a razor?

Are there attachments? if any sold loosely?

What do we get in the box?

Warranty details

Is it easy to clean? Does it have vacuum function?

Is there a nose hair trimmer?

Noise while use? Do the blades heat a lot while use?

Is blade oil provided?

What are the trimming levels we get?

Material of the body

Using trimmer without powering on?

Final thoughts

Armed with our suggestions for the best beard trimmers available, we can assure you that your task of trimming your beard, moustache, or your next shave will be easier than ever.

Of the six trimmers we tested we felt two were the best trimmers in India. If you want a full grooming kit then Philips QG3387/15 Multi Grooming Kit is the complete package. At around Rs. 3000 it comes packed with features, boasting a chromium steel blade, nine attachments for you hair, beard, body hair, nose hair, and eyebrows, fast charging, and a comfortable, waterproof body. This trimmer shines when it comes to accuracy and quality, and managed to really impress our stylist.

But what if you need something less complicated, then our budget pick Philips QT4011/15 is perfect for you. Priced at around Rs. 1,000 it comes with a titanium-coated blade, 90 minutes battery life, a super-quick 1-hour charging time, and 20 trim levels. Our stylist liked this one too and it came in a very close second. 

​A huge thank you to Mr. Ujwal Gowda and his stylist team at Studio 11, New BEL Road, Bengaluru, for helping us out with this article by providing their time and expertise during our tests.

Studio11 has more than 60 salons in 15 Indian States, with more coming soon. Head over to their site  for more info about them, or to book in for a trim.

We hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions, leave us a comment below and we'll get right on it.