A UPS with the perfect backup time for your work can be hard to find. We tested 7 of the most popular UPS in the market to find the best UPS for your PC.

To find the best UPS here’s what we did:

  • We tested the actual back up time for each UPS.

  • We analyzed the after sales service of each company.

Best Pick for higher backup time

APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA

You can purchase it here AmazonFlipkart

Best Pick for average backup time​

Zebronics 600 VA ZEB-U725

You can purchase it here AmazonFlipkart

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Why Trust Us?

To find the best UPS for your PC we spent nearly 4 days charging and discharging UPSs. We checked each UPS’s backup time. We even analyzed the after sales service by raising an issue and checked how the company performed when their customers needed some technical support.

How we selected?

To find the best UPS we went through a list of 900 UPSs available on Amazon and Flipkart. We removed all products that were not popular with customers on amazon and flipkart. We removed all the products that had excessive capacity. We removed all brands that do not have the option of replacing the batteries. We removed all brands that did not have at least 300 Watts of capacity.

At last, we shortlisted 7 best UPS based on popularity and features:

  • APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA
  • CyberPower BU1000E-IN
  • APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN
  • Circle Power Backup 600VA
  • Luminous Pro 600VA
  • Luminous UNO 600VA
  • Zebronics ZEB-U725.
Our chosen UPS

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How we tested?

To test each UPS, we tested them under three different setups:

  1. Monitor, CPU and Router.
  2. CPU, Monitor screen off and  Router.
  3. Router and Laptop.

We charged each UPS completely and then measured how long it was able to sustain each of the three above setups. The first setup of our test, with all three components switched on was done to see how your UPS will run with all three components working. This gave us the exact time you would require to get your things down, save them and shut down the computer. We performed the tests for the second setup to see the impact of the turned off monitor. The third setup was done to find out for how long the UPS would work without the primary power supply simply on a laptop charger and a Wi-Fi router. Here are the results:

  • cpu,router and monitor
  • cpu and router
  • router and laptop
A look at realistic performance with laptop and Wi-Fi

Notice that you can get a significant increase in your running time by switching off the monitor.

Now you may wonder why we did not measure the power consumed by a Wi-Fi router alone, right? The reason is if you leave your UPS with a Wi-Fi router, the UPS usually shuts down after a couple of minutes.  The reason this happens is that the Wi-Fi router charges 1.5 W, which is negligible for the UPS. This is why the UPS shuts down within 1-3 minutes after the power-cut. This charge of 0.5 W is taken as a “no load” situation by the UPS, and that is why it will shut down. To use your router, while the primary source of power is still out, you can use laptop charger or any other device which draws minimal amount of power - like your phone charge or your laptop.

Best UPS for Higher Backup Time

APC 1100 comes with a one year warranty, can sustain upto 660 W and was amongst the leaders in the tests we conducted. If you have a gaming system or have a system that takes quite a load then get this. This is also a good choice for you if you want your router to run for more than an hour when the power is gone. If you are looking for a regular UPS to just save your work, then check out our best pick for average time.

A powerhouse of a UPS


  1. The UPS has a circuit-breaker, it helps in protecting the UPS from going into overload.
  2. APC 1100 VA has LED lights which indicate when the UPS has finished charging.
  3. During a power cut, it takes 10 milliseconds to switch from power supply to battery backup.
  4. It doesn’t produce a lot of fan noise.
  5. Has a cooling fan.
  6. It had the longest chord of about 58 inches.


  1. The cost of replacing the battery is very high when compared to the other UPS that we tested.
  2. It is quite big and bulky.

Built quality

The APC 1100 VA is a UPS with a modern look. The UPS is sleek and tall, with the power-button readily available on the top side of the UPS, as seen the in the image. However, it is quite big in size. This UPS comes with the dimensions of 26.5*13*29 cms.

Other than this, the UPS comes only in a black color and is quite has air vents on either side of the UPS to prevent it from overheating.  The UPS comes with an inbuilt fan which is switches on when the UPS is turned on. The cord was flexible, and the plugs were well-built.


APC 1100 VA was the only UPS we tested that had 5 ports in which 4 you can use for backup purposes and 1 port to use only for surge protection. It is designed in such a way that the space between each socket is adequate and the plugs for other devices will not collide with one another other.

APC's 5 Ports

Battery performance

The APC’s battery performance outdid the others. The APC 1100 VA provided a backup of around 23 minutes in the test. This was significantly higher than the other UPS. The UPS has two 7.2 Ah batteries inside, which can be fully charged in 8 hours. 

 APC 1100 VA connected to a PC

The APC 1100 VA batteries is estimated to be for two years, and they can be replaced for Rs. 2,800 for both the batteries together. While going through verified reviews online, we didn’t find any negative reviews or complaints from users who had purchased it.

After sales service

We found the APC’s service to be very professional and prompt. We found the engineer to be very knowledgeable. He answered all the questions we posed to him very clearly.

Best UPS for Average Backup Time

Zebronics 600 VA ZEB-U725

The UPS comes with a 2-year warranty and can sustain up to 360 W. If you need a budget-range UPS, Zebronics 600VA is the one for you.

​Zebronics 600 VA ZEB-U725: A Good Pic


Built quality

The Zebronics UPS doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Other than this, the cord length and plugs of the UPS are of good-quality.  The size of the UPS is quite small, given the fact that it only uses one battery against the two used by APC 1100 VA. The battery can be fully charged in 6 hrs.


Zebronics has three ports for you to use. The space between the ports is satisfactory but not as spacious as the APC 1100 VA.

​Zebronics 600 VA ZEB-U725 and its 3 Ports

Battery performance

The Zebronics gave us around 12 minutes of back up time after it was fully-charged. This was marginally lower than the Circle power UPS (by 2 minutes) but the warranty service offered by Zebronics more than make up for that. Plus, the backup time is sufficient for you to save your work and shut the PC down safely.

APC UPS and its ports

Zebronics  batteries can be replaced at a minimal price of Rs. 750 - Rs. 850, similar to Circle Power. Also, this price is extremely low compared to the APC 1100VA’s batteries. Also, this price is extremely low compared to the APC 1100VA’s batteries.

After sales service

After sales service is important for you to have, as you may run into some technical problems. Zebronics uses its technicians to service UPS. They send technicians to your house to sort out your problems. During our research we raised an issue and they sent a technician to help us out. He was knowledgeable and had all the answers to our questions.

After sale service

To find out what kind of after sales service each company offers, we raised a false issue with each of the companies were assessing. We found that most companies either send someone across to your house to inspect the UPS or they ask you to courier the UPS to their service centre for further inspection. We found that APC, Zebronics, Luminous and Cyber power send someone over to your house and sort any issues. Circle power alone expects you to send the UPS to their service centre. This was the main reason why we didn’t recommend Circle power over APC.

Of all the above we really liked APC. The service technician was prompt and arrived on time. He was knowledgeable on all problems. Even after his visit APC called us to find out if the problem was solved two days later.

Why the Others did not make the Cut?

APC 600 VA

The backup time, even for a 600VA is quite low. The APC 600 VA gives only a 11-minute backup after a 6 hours period of charging, even compared to our 600VA picks, the backup time is not satisfactory, which is one of the reasons why it did not make the cut.The replaceable battery’s cost is high as well, as compared to the Rs. 700- Rs. 800 of our recommendations. The battery is priced at Rs. 1400.There is no space between the sockets given at the back of the UPS, which was yet another major drawback, which made us eliminate this as a contender.

APC UPS and its ports


Luminous only advantage was that the UPS sent a technician to our location. Other than this, the battery backup was not satisfactory. The replaceable battery’s charges go up to Rs. 1000- Rs. 1100, which is close to the APC’s batteries and pretty expensive.

Cyber Power

Cyber Power was one of the best designed UPS’ we had the chance to test. The UPS gave a backup of 21 minutes against APC’s 23 mins. However, the Cyber Power UPS has heating issues. The UPS did not have fans to help it cool down, which was one of the primary reasons why we did not go with this UPS. Keeping this in mind, we found that APC 1100 VA had much more to offer and was of superior quality.

The uniquely designed Cyber Power UPs

Circle Power

​The UPS gave us excellent backup time plus the charges for the replaceable batteries were just Rs.700-Rs.800 but there are major drawback with the service. So, even though Circle power gave us good backup time it did not make the cut.

Circle Power's simplistic Design

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