Losing all of your work due to a power cut can be a huge nuisance on any desktop computer, so is there something you can do to stop that? Yes, there is. With the right UPS, you can get extra time to save your files and safely shut down your computer.

A UPS then can go a long way when using your computer. Not only does it keep all your components from failing due to a sudden power shutdown but also has built-in mechanisms to keep the computer safe from power spikes. But hold on, that sounds a little too expensive of a solution?

A UPS for a computer starts are under Rs.2000 for an entry-level model that can power most of the computers. Also, you do get even higher capacity models that will give you longer life and can also power much more powerful computers like some of the Intel i7 or i9 powered rigs out there.


When it comes to buying a UPS firstly you must know what you need it for? Always make sure that your UPS has more power than what your computer needs (Eg: A 360W UPS for a 300W system is good). Next, you have to look at the number of ports that are present on the UPS so you can connect not just your computer, but also your monitor, speakers, external hard drive and router. For a more in-depth buying guide section the dedicated section below.

Best APC UPS for Higher Backup Time

APC BX1100C is our best pick here as it offers the longest standby, has the most power and has a proper built-in cooling system too. With its ability to sustain up to 660 W of power it was easily the most powerful UPS we tested and also the only one truly capable of powering a gaming system.

A powerhouse of a UPS

The APC 1100 VA is a UPS with a modern design that's sleek and tall, with the power-button readily available on the front of the UPS. However, it is quite big in size with dimensions of 26.5*13*29 cms. There are air vents on either side of the UPS to prevent it from overheating along with an inbuilt fan which is switched on when the UPS is turned on.

APC 1100 VA was the only UPS we had tested that had 5 ports in which 4 you can use for backup purposes and 1 port to use only for surge protection. It is designed in such a way that the space between each socket is adequate and the plugs for other devices will not collide with one another other.

APC's 5 Ports

The APC’s battery performance clearly outdid the others. The APC 1100 VA provided a backup of around 23 minutes in the test. This was significantly higher than the other UPS. The UPS has two 7.2 Ah batteries inside, which can be fully charged in 8 hours.

 APC 1100 VA connected to a PC

The APC 1100 VA batteries are estimated to last for two years, and they can be replaced for Rs. 2,800 for both the batteries together. While going through verified reviews online, we didn’t find any negative reviews or complaints from users who had purchased it.

APC 1100 then is for people who want a long battery backup or have a system with a large 500W-550W power supply and need a powerful UPS to work with. Also, we tested it with a system having a Seasonic Bronze 620W PSU and the APC UPS managed to power even power than for around 5-10 minutes.

If you want one of the best UPS’ out then there isn’t a better deal than the APC 1100 UPS which offers excellent backup, has the most power output is well built and comes with 5 ports too.


  • The UPS has a circuit-breaker, it helps in protecting the UPS from going into overload

  • APC 1100 VA has LED lights which indicate when the UPS has finished charging

  • During a power cut, it takes 10 milliseconds to switch from power supply to battery backup

  • It doesn’t produce a lot of fan noise

  • Has a cooling fan

  • It had the longest chord of about 58 inches


  • The cost of replacing the battery is very high when compared to the other UPS that we tested

  • It is quite big and bulky

  • A little expensive when compared to the others

  • Has only a 10year warranty

Where to buy it?

Best UPS for Average Backup Time

Zebronics 600 VA ZEB-U725

​Zebronics 600 VA ZEB-U725: A Good Pic

While APC is a powerful UPS for powerful computers, the Zebronics ZEB is a more affordable UPS that can work with most regular non-gaming computers around. It was picked because of its long battery life (for a 600VA UPS), 2-year warranty and under Rs.2000 sticker price.

The Zebronics UPS is almost half the height of the APC due to a single battery and hence takes less space. The cord length and plugs of the UPS are of good-quality and the UPS seems to be made of good quality material.


Zebronics has three ports for you to use. The space between the ports is satisfactory but not as spacious as the APC 1100 VA.

​Zebronics 600 VA ZEB-U725 and its 3 Ports

The Zebronics gave us around 12 minutes of back up time after it was fully charged. This was marginally lower than the Cycle power UPS (by 2 minutes) but the warranty service offered by Zebronics more than makes up for that. Plus, the backup time is sufficient for you to save your work and shut the PC down safely.

APC UPS and its ports

Zebronics batteries can be replaced at a minimal price of Rs. 750 - Rs. 850, similar to Circle Power. Also, this price is extremely low compared to APC 1100VA’s batteries.


This makes it a great buy for people who want a budget way to prevent their computers from abruptly turning off.

The Zebronics ZEB then is an excellent UPS in the budget category that offers decent performance, low maintenance and has a long warranty.


  • The UPS does not occupy too much space.

  • The UPS is extremely affordable compared to the other choices and comes at only around Rs. 1800.

  • Low battery replacement cost

  • Long 2-year warranty


  • The UPS has only one battery

  • There is no LED indicator for indicating when the battery is charging

  • Only thee ports

  • The spacing between the ports could have been better

Where to buy it?

Who is the competition?

APC 600 VA

The APC 600VA is a smaller version of the 1100VA but has some issues when it comes to battery backup. The APC 600 VA gives only an 11-minute backup after 6 hours of charging. Even compared to our 600VA picks, the backup time was not satisfactory, which is one of the reasons why it did not make the cut.

The replaceable battery’s cost is high as well at Rs. 1400 (almost twice of its competitors). There is no space between the sockets given at the back of the UPS, which was yet another major drawback, which made us eliminate this as a contender.


Luminous’ only advantage was that the UPS sent a technician to our location. Other than this, the battery backup was not satisfactory. The replaceable battery’s charges go up to Rs. 1000- Rs. 1100, which is close to the APC’s batteries and pretty expensive.

Cyber Power

Cyber Power was one of the best-designed UPS’ we had the chance to test. The UPS gave a backup of 21 minutes against APC’s 23 mins. However, Cyber Power UPS has heating issues. The UPS did not have fans to help it cool down, which was one of the primary reasons why we did not go with this UPS. Keeping this in mind, we found that APC 1100 VA had much more to offer and was of superior quality.

The uniquely designed Cyber Power UPs

Circle Power

​The UPS gave us excellent backup time plus the charges for the replaceable batteries were just Rs.700-Rs.800 but there are major drawback with the service. So, even though Circle power gave us good backup time it did not make the cut.

Buying Guide to the best UPS

If you are in the market for buying a new UPS for your computer, here are a few things you must look at.

The capacity of the UPS is the first thing to look at. The larger the capacity more will be its power output and backup time. In general, a 1100VA UPS (660W) is more than enough for most 500-550W and even 650W gaming computers as usually, a computer is not drawing all that power. But if you have a regular 250-300W computer like most of us then you can make do with just a 600VA UPS which will be much smaller and  more affordable

Next thing to look at is the number of ports. Usually, a computer needs one port, a monitor needs another and you can have a spare one for your router. But if you are a power user/ content creator you may need an additional port to connect a speaker or an external storage device so make sure you pick your UPS based on your requirements of the port.

And finally, you have service. Most of the big companies have service centres in most cities but make sure you have a brand service centre in your locality.  During our testing, we tested the service centre of Zebronics and APC. We found that Zebronics uses in-house technicians and APC provides technicians to service your UPS, Both of them were prompt and handled our requests professionally.


  • Length of the cord?

    The APC has a 58inch cord while the Zebronics too has a sufficiently long cable

  • The weight of the UPS?

    The APC weights around 10 kgs while the Zebronics is around 4.4 kgs

  • How much time it can provide backup?

    When used with a regular computer, monitor and router, the APC gives a backupof around 22 minutes while the Zebronic manages around 12 minutes

  • How much time does it take to charge?

    The UPS’ generally take 6-8 hours to fully charge

  • Can I connect LCD or LED TV?

    Yes, a TV should technically work with a UPS

  • Do we need to buy a battery or the battery will be coming with UPS?

    No, unlike an inverter, the UPS price also includes the battery

  • How many 3-pin ports are there?

    The APC has four 3-pin ports that can be powered by the UPS while there is a single spike arrested port as well. The Zebronics comes with three 3-pin ports

  • Is there a USB port?

    No, these UPS’ do not have a USB port

  • Is there a UPS that works with the Seasonic S12-II bronze 520w / 620W PSU?

    Yes, the APC 1100 UPS works perfectly with the Seasonic 620W UPS

  • Can we connect just a router to the UPS?

    No, you cannot just connect a router as a router only uses around 1.5W which the UPS doesn’t consider as a significant power load and simply turns off. But you can use a router by connecting a smartphone/ laptop charger to the UPS.

Final Thoughts

Having the ability to work on your computer without worrying about power cuts has always been a luxury on laptops but with a UPS you can also do the same but for a short time. But with so many with so many models in the market which one should you choose? To help you with that we did all the groundwork so you can just pick the best ones.

The APC BX1100 UPS is simply one of the best UPS in the market. It offers the most power output, has a large battery, has the most number of ports and works very well. Of course, it's a little expensive but if you have a gaming computer then you surely need this UPS in your squad. 

But if you need a more affordable and smaller UPS, then the Zebronics ZEB still makes for a great buy. Its small in size has a good backup and even has a long 2-year warranty. 

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding ceiling fans? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

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