Sometimes the most time-consuming part of cooking is the preparation, especially when it comes to chopping. While some people might enjoy this activity (and there are some of you out there), a lot don’t. If you’re one of these people, then we’ve got some good news for you.

Have you ever considered using an vegetable chopper? Vegetable choppers are a handy cutting tool designed to not only chop vegetables and fruits, but also grind dry ingredients and whisk eggs as well. They’re a lot smaller than your average standalone mixer or grinder, meaning you get one machine that does it all and saves you space at the same time.

As they’re such a versatile machine, we think it’s something that would come handy in any home, so we decided to try and find the best one available for you. We conducted multiple in-depth tests - from chopping tomatoes to mincing chicken - on each of the top vegetable choppers and came up with our picks for the best units available.

Here’s what we found.

Best Vegetable chopper

Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601

Out of the four different vegetable cutters we tested, the Preethi Turbo Chop stood out from the rest for one main reason: its sheer chopping power. This little machine managed to win each of the chopping tests—and not just win, but dominate them. The quality of this machine’s chopping was much better than the rest, and it took on average 10 seconds less time than each of the others, making it a great time saver too.

With a plain white body and simple design, it’s not much to look at, but the clear plastic bowl has a capacity of 700ml, making it the largest of all the machines we tested. It has one of the most powerful motors too, coming in at 450 watts. With a 120 cm electrical cable, you can place it comfortably on most surfaces, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

There were a few things we didn’t like about this appliance, though. It’s a top-mounted cutter so it can be a little heavy while using, and the motor doesn’t sit flush with the base, so there’s a little movement while it’s turned on. There’s no seal between the spindle and the bowl, meaning food gets caught in the spindle, making for a more in-depth clean-up, and there’s no Start/Stop button, meaning you always have to keep your hand near the mains switch while it’s in use.

But overall, it’s a fantastic machine, so these faults are a small price to pay for such a good appliance. At around Rs.1949 for this top-end kitchen helper, you really can’t go wrong.

Best Budget Vegetable Chopper

Glen GL4043 Plus 250-Watt 0.4-Litre Mini Chopper

The Glen GL4043 sits firmly in the budget range for vegetable choppers, but for its price, you’re certainly getting a lot for your money.

The second fastest chopper in most of its tests, it also comes two 400ml bowls, one whisking attachment, and two lids (one airtight). This performance, plus the kit it comes with, makes it by far the best bang for your buck.

Like most cutters it features a simple white design and a clear plastic bowl, however, the Glen GL4043 is slightly smaller than the competition, coming with its 400ml capacity bowls, and a 250-watt motor. Despite this it ran well, and was nice and stable while running, with a Start/Stop button making for easy use. The airtight bowl is a good little bonus, meaning you can store food safely once you’ve chopped it.

It had a couple of downsides, though, one being that the electric cord was only 90cm (the shortest of the lot), and another that there is no seal between the motor and the bowl, meaning food makes its way to the spindle and needs some more work to clean.

But at around Rs.1399, and with a 1-year warranty, there’s more to like about this handy device than not, and is the reason why we chose it as our best budget pick.

Why trust us?

We wanted to make sure we could find you the very best vegetable cutter available to you, so we tested each vegetable chopper thoroughly before making our decision.

To begin our tests we looked online to see what was available—we were surprised. There are so many vegetable choppers online, in all shapes and sizes, colors, and power ratings.

We narrowed our field down to the top 25 with the most reviews, removing those that had 100 or fewer reviews. This already gives you an idea of just how many are available! This gave us a list of nine appliances left, which we sorted by star ratings, removing all those with less than four stars.

Best Vegetable chopper

This left us with the following final four vegetable choppers, which we put through exhaustive testing for over a week to arrive at our conclusion:

  1. Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper
  2. .Glen GL4043 Plus 250-Watt 0.4-Litre Mini Chopper
  3. Black & Decker SC350 120-Watt Mini Chopper
  4. Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601 0.7-Litre 450-Watt Chopper

    The final four we chose were a good mix of power ranges (120W to 450W) and bowl sizes (350ml to 700ml), but each with the same working mechanism and twin-blade design. We tested to see not only how they performed their functions as described on the box, but if we could find out any new capabilities as well.

    But before we get into our tests and the in-depth results, let’s start with the basics.

    How to use vegetable cutter

    As well as saving you time in the kitchen, and using a vegetable chopper couldn’t be easier.

    1. Prepare your ingredients

    Okay, this still requires some chopping, but it’s far, far less than what you would normally need to do. To prepare your ingredients, wash or peel any fruit or vegetables you require, and simply chop them into big chunks, around 3—4cm.

    2. Prepare the vegetable cutter

    Put the mixing bowl on top of the spindle (or below the spindle on some cutters), safely clicking it into place. That’s it—you’re ready to chop.

    3. Put in your ingredients

    Put the ingredients you want in the mixing bowl, and fix on the lid (or motor, in most cases).

    4. Chop

    Plug in the power cord, and depending on the machine you’re using it will either start chopping immediately, or you’ll need to press the Start/Stop button. Then simply chop until your ingredients are of the desired consistency.It’s that simple to use, and you end up with perfectly chopped, ground, whisked, or mashed ingredients, ready to use (or ready to eat!).

    Why you should use a vegetable cutter?

    Your vegetable chopper makes meal preparation so much quicker and easier. Here’s why.

    It’s easier. Most vegetable choppers have only one Start/Stop button, so it’s clear how to use it. Some even have a multi-speed setting, so you can chop your ingredients even finer.

    It’s quicker. Chopping your ingredients takes seconds, much quicker than using a regular chopping board and knife. You make less mess, and they’re simple to clean, meaning less time cleaning up after your preparation, too.

    It’s versatile. As well as chopping fruits and vegetables, your appliance can be used to grind nuts and herbs, crush ice, and even churn curds, beat eggs, and whip besan. The mixing bowl can be used for storage once you’re finished, so you’ll be able to keep your ingredients fresh until you use them.

    It’s safer. With all the chopping going on inside the enclosed plastic bowl, you don’t have your fingers near a shape blade, so there’s no risk of cutting yourself. Most cutters also come with a shock-proof ABS plastic body, meaning they don’t conduct electricity, so you won’t get any nasty electric shocks while you chop.

    So let’s look at why we chose our top two in a bit more detail.

    Our best pick (in detail)

    Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601As

    We’ve already said, the Preethi Turbo Chop stood head and shoulders above the rest of the appliances due to the sheer power it provided. We ran it through each rigorous test, and each time it came out on top.

    It chopped two onions evenly and finely in four seconds flat. One tomato was chopped in just three seconds, and with an extra six seconds and three tablespoons of water, we were able to achieve a perfectly silky smooth tomato puree.

    When chopping and mashing potatoes, and chopping beetroot, the wide bowl made it much easier to chop the larger chunks, and chopped the beetroot finely and mashed the potatoes to an even light mash in just 12 seconds. With a bit of added water, we made a fine beetroot puree in just 25 seconds. Better yet, the beetroot didn’t stain the bowl, nor did it splash, making it much easier to clean up.

    Apples can be pureed in just 35 seconds.

    The Preethi grinds dry coconut, a notoriously tough ingredient, in just 10 seconds, leaving you with fine, even coconut bits. Chutney making was a breeze too, making a perfectly even coriander, mint, green chili, garlic, ginger, tomato, and onion chutney in 10 seconds.

    If you’re after a quick summer refreshment, the Preethi is your machine, crushing ice evenly in just four seconds flat.

    So as you can see, it chops, dices, mashes, and purees extremely quickly and powerfully. This is due to the 450-watt motor, and the wide 700ml bowl makes it handy for larger ingredients, and making larger batches.

    As we’ve mentioned before, though, it’s not without its flaws. Being a top-mounted cutter means it’s heavy to use, and to get in and out of your cupboard. The motor is also a bit wobbly during use, meaning it will rattle while chopping, and as there’s no Start/Stop switch you have to plug the machine into the wall with one hand, and hold the top of the machine with the other, in order to use it. Cleaning is a little tricker, too, as there’s no seal between the spindle and the bowl, meaning food gets caught in the spindle, so it takes a little more time to clean—but much less cleaning time than if you were using a knife and chopping board.

    So if this is all that’s setting you back, the Preethi Turbo Chop’s super-fast chopping times more than make up for this slight inconvenience.

    The 120cm electrical cord means you can comfortably use it almost anywhere that you prepare food, and with a one-year warranty you’re covered should anything go wrong.

    So for Rs.1949 you’re getting a fantastic machine, the sheer power and speed of which will change the way you cook.

    Our budget pick (in detail)

    Glen GL4043 Plus 250-Watt 0.4-Litre Mini Chopper

    The Glen GL4043 is our choice for the more budget-focused user, and it performs admirably.

    It was the clear winner of our usage test, as it comes with not just one 400ml bowl, but two, and an added whisking attachment and two airtight lids. These added extras already make it better value for money, and the rubber base keeps it quite stable during use—both great points, but how did it perform?

    On average, the Glen GL4043 comes in a strong contender, at only a second or two behind the next leading competitor (with the Preethi already a clear winner).

    It chops beetroot evenly in nine seconds, can blitz two onions evenly and consistently in just 14 seconds, and can chop and mash potatoes to a satisfactory finish in 15 seconds.

    Harder fruits like apples take a bit more time, and the result is slightly thicker than some of the other choppers, but softer vegetables are where the Glen shines, blitzing through a tomato and turning it into a smooth, perfect puree in just 12 seconds (total).

    During the chutney test, we found that the Glen chopper handled better than the Orpat & Black & Decker, as there was no need to scrape down the sides during mixing. At 30 seconds for a thick, tasty chutney, the Glen was the perfect performer behind the Preethi Chopper.

    The Glen performs equally as well when grinding dry ingredients, too, chopping tough coconut to bits in just 20 seconds.

    Lastly, it perfectly crushes ice in six seconds and minces raw chicken in 10, making the Glen a perfect all-rounder.

    A few things we noticed that were slight drawbacks to this appliance was that during use vegetable bits tend to get trapped in the lid, making it slightly more difficult to clean, and with only a 90cm electrical cable you need to make sure your workspaces are near an electrical outlet.

    However, we still recommend the Glen GL4043 due to its solid chopping ability, and affordable price tag of Rs.1399. So if you’re after a solid machine that chops, grinds, minces, and comes with some handy extras, but don’t want to spend the big bucks, the Glen GL4043 is for you.

    How we tested?

    After reading through each of the online reviews for each vegetable chopper, we decided that the only real way to get to know these machines was to test each one by hand. So, to make sure we got accurate, factual information to recommend to you, we put each vegetable chopper through its paces, using realistic situations that you’ll be sure to come across.

    The unboxing test

    For this test, we compared the different vegetable choppers on their boxed presentation, so how they were packaged, the differences in their specifications, and how easy they were to get to know, and to use. This test was done to ensure that the product that’s advertised is exactly what you get.

    Winner: four-way tie

    Each chopper was just what it said it would be, coming with all pieces intact, and a warranty document as advertised.

    The usage test

    This test is key to understanding how each chopper works, to get to know how they handle, any extra features we can take advantage of, and any other things you should know before using.

    The only key similarity between each chopper was a plastic body and plastic bowl—everything else would depend on the machine itself. We had a good mix of sizes and power capacities to work with: the choppers we tested were 120W, 250W, and 450W, and came with bowl capacities of 350ml, 400ml, 500ml, and 700ml. And we found out later that these sizes make all the difference when it comes to power.

    Three out of the four choppers all operated the same way: fill the bowl and fix the motor lid at the top. The Black & Decker alone had the motor on the bottom. Each chopper had a two-blade detachable system, and all blades tested were stainless steel (or a plastic whisking device), and were strong enough to chop fruit and vegetables, both hard and soft, and grind harder dried ingredients like spices. The appeal of these handy devices is that they’re quite multifunctional appliances, and we made sure we tried them out for each of these uses.

    When it came to use, three of the choppers had a rubber base, giving them a firm, stable feel. The Preethi was the only chopper not to come with such a base, making it a bit wobbly during use.

    One issue we noticed among all four choppers is that due to a lack of sealing between the motor and the base, there are times when your chopped ingredients can get stuck to the motor spindle, making it difficult to clean. While this might not be a problem for pure vegetarians or pure non-vegetarians, it can pose a problem for those who are vegetarian on a particular day of the week, as food remnants can get left behind in the spindle.

    Winner: a tie between the Orpat Express and Glen GL4043 Plus

    The Orpat Express and the Glen tie for a win in this test, due to their powerful mid-range motor and sufficiently large bowls (500ml on the Orpat and 400ml for the Glen). Both have airtight lids for food storage, an extra whisking blade, a Start/Stop button, and are sturdy whilst in use.

    The Glen, however, lost a point due to its shorter electrical cable, and the Orpat gains a point for coming in an eye-catching purple—not the normal white.

    The chopping tests

    Some of the ingredients used for chopping tests

    Some of the ingredients used for chopping tests

    As vegetable choppers are designed for just that—chopping—this was probably the most important of all the tests. This was where the fun began.

    Using Chopper with & without on/off button

    Using Chopper with & without on/off button

    Onion Chopping

    Onion Chopping

    We started out by chopping different vegetables to different consistencies, from hard beetroot and tough onions to soft tomatoes, and chopping and mashing potatoes.

    Dry Coconut grinding

    Dry Coconut grinding

    And it wasn’t just chopping—we wanted to see if this device could indeed replace both a separate mixer and grinder. We tried grinding dried coconut until a finely chopped consistency was obtained, and we tested each chopper with mincing chicken, making tomato and beetroot purees, creating a thick apple juice, and even making a chutney.

    Apple chopped & mash

    Apple chopped & mash

    For each ingredient we decided upon a fixed chopping time, like one-second bursts for tomatoes, five-second bursts for harder vegetables like potatoes and beetroot, ten seconds for the juicing, and we kept repeating these bursts until each chopper achieved a somewhat consistent product.

    Chicken mince & Chutney making

    Chicken mince & Chutney making

    Beetroot Chop & Puree

    Beetroot Chop & Puree

    Winner: Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601

    The clear winner across the board in the chopping tests was the Preethi Turbo Chop. With a more powerful motor and a bigger bowl, the size and strength of this appliance made it stand head and shoulders above the rest, coming in anywhere from three seconds to ten seconds faster at chopping than the other units.

    All the ingredients were chopped to a fine, even consistency, even the tough dried coconut; the chutney was a pleasant texture, and the purees were silky smooth.

    The cleaning test

    Cleaning a chopper bowl

    Cleaning a chopper bowl

    The most dreaded part of any kitchen preparation, the clean-up, is made easier with an vegetable chopper, due to their detachable bowl and blades: simply take the blades and the bowl out and wash as normal, wipe the motor down with a wet cloth (never immerse it in water), and that’s it!

    Vegetable collected on lid

    Vegetable collected on lid

    A few things to note that we found out, however, is that food can sometimes leak and end up on the motor spindle. This isn’t a big issue but can lead to extra cleaning. Also, be sure not to add too much water into the bowl, as this causes liquid to splash out from under the lid and will lead to extra cleaning later.

    Vegetable collected on lid

    Vegetable collected on lid

    Winner: Black & Decker SC350 120-Watt Mini Chopper

    The cleaning test was where the Black & Decker shone due to its bottom-mounted motor. None of the food contents leaked, leaving the motor spindle clean, making for a quicker, easier all-round cleaning experience.

    Can a Vegetable Chopper replace your Mixer-Grinder?

    If we were to compare based solely on the motor capacity then vegetable choppers can be a replacement to some extent, as there are 450 Watt choppers as well as mixers, and from the chopping test that were done we see the choppers are very capable with various ingredients of different consistencies.

    But where the choppers fall short is the amount of control you get, it's not just about having 450 watts but you get to control the speed in a mixer-grinder, there are multiple blades and different sized container for a much more optimised chopping/grinding experience. Also the Jars provided with the mixers are sealed and thus can be used for making juices without any spilling.

    So, while the vegetable vegetable choppers can do a lot more that simply chop vegetables, they are not as versatile as the mixer grinder.

    Pro-tips when using the chopper

    • Chopping a completely filled base or a sparsely filled base is difficult, so try to fill till the max level line for optimum chopping & faster time
    • Do not try to fill too much water in the base, the water will splash out & into the motor spindle
    • The blades and base can be washed with water, but the motor should be wiped with a wet cloth and not be dipped in water
    • For cutting soft vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes) multiples short chopping bursts of 1 seconds of chopping is sufficient for getting small cubes
    • Longer chopping for soft vegetables/ fruits will make it into a puree/mashFor harder vegetables like Beetroot, multiple shorts chopping bursts of 3 seconds is sufficient
    • For making ground powder/ fine pieces/ puree run the chopper for continuous bursts of 10-15 seconds
    • Never run the chopper for a continuous minute
    • Keep checking the bowl to see if the chopping is actually happening, move down the bowl contents if the spinning action has cause them to rise to the top of the bowl
    • Do not dry run the chopper (empty bowl). It will wear the motor out.

    Final thoughts

    Vegetable choppers are designed to make your life easier. They let you save time during meal preparation, and can chop, mash, and puree most fruits and vegetables with ease. They can even whisk eggs, mince meat, grind spices, and crush ice.

    Being such a versatile little gadget, for your regular, day-to-day meal preparation we absolutely recommend you invest in one for your kitchen.

    However, if you regularly chop or grind larger batches of ingredients, we recommend sticking with a dedicated mixer/grinder. The increased size, power, and control is designed for heavy-duty usage and will be much more effective and time-saving.

    But for the average cook, the smaller footprint, cheaper cost, and ease of use and clean-up of a vegetable chopper are more than enough to make it a valuable tool.

    Which one you choose, though, is up to you. Of the four we tested, the Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601 and Glen GL4043 Plus 250-Watt 0.4-Litre Mini Chopper were the stars of the show, and we highly recommend both appliances.

    If you want a smaller, efficient vegetable chopper, that does a decent job of chopping, mashing, grinding, and pureeing, and at a bargain price, then the Glen is the vegetable chopper for you.

    But if you don’t mind spending slightly more on an appliance that will save you overall time in your food preparation, then you can’t go past the Preethi Turbo Chop. With its stronger motor, bigger bowl, and quicker chopping times, it’s a beautiful, efficient machine that will look great in any kitchen.

    Here at Hometop, we’re committed to researching, analysing and testing products thoroughly to ensure you never buy horrible products again. Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis, and happy chopping!

    We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed researching for it.

    If you’ve got any questions then we want to hear from you. Leave us a comment below and we can discuss these handy, efficient kitchen devices.

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