Getting your clothes washed by the laundry is slowly becoming a more and more expensive proposition. Then there is the issue of waiting for your laundry to be ready and available when you need it the most. So how do you get around the problem?  Invest in a fully automatic washing machine.

A washing machine allows you to wash your dirty clothes at the touch of a button without requiring any pre-washing or cleaning. This not just saves time but effort as well so you can put your clothes for washing and head out or get busy with your work. But doesn’t a washing machine take up too much electricity?

Well, not really, they will only add a small increment to your electricity bill and besides, you can get your clothes washed at any time of the day. They also give a very good wash quality and can dry clothes very well as well. Add to the fact that they are much more easier and simpler to use than semi-automatic washing machines and you truly have the best of both worlds.

Features to look for in a fully automatic top loader are almost similar to a semi-automatic or front loader starting with spin speed. Higher the speed means better drying. The other thing to look for is capacity, as you must pick based on your family needs. Check our detailed buying guide below to know more about specifications and features to look for when buying your next fully-automatic washing machine.

To make sure you do not have to surf through hundreds of websites and listings to find the best semi-automatic washing machine in India, we have done all the hard work so you can sit down and read through our research before making the important purchase. We went to offline home appliances dealers like Reliance Digital, Adishwar and Pai Electronics to understand the market, the latest innovations and must have features for customers.  

Best washing machine in India (top loading) in detail

The Whirlpool washing machine

The Whirlpool washing machine was certainly a looker and it stood tall in the cleaning tests, usability tests and of course it was literally the tallest machine here. The Whirlpool machine with its top-mounted control panel was easy to use and had little tricks, like a deep clean option, a detergent indicator, an easy to load/unload door. The machine perfectly cleaned almost all the stains in the cleaning tests we conducted which was brilliant.

The first thing you notice about the Whirlpool is its sleek, inky navy-blue exterior, which sets it apart from most other washing machines on the market. With a black-tinted frameless door, a pleasant slope on top, and top-mounted control panel, it's designed to stand out amongst the horde of white and grey machines that we see daily.

We loved how easy this machine was to use. Standing at 100cm tall it was the highest of the three we tested, making loading and washing very easy. Its drum is placed snugly against the opening and allowed clothes to be piled in easily. The control panel is safely out of reach of children and is protected from any water spillage.

One feature we liked was once you’ve put in your laundry it tells you how many cups of detergent to use, a feature that’s particularly handy for new users. Overall the Whirlpool was very easy to use. Only the IFB came close.

Close up of the Whirlpool washing machine
Whirlpool's control panel
Dirty clothes being washed in the Whirlpool washing machine

The Whirlpool dominated all of our washing tests, completely removing ketchup and mud stains from our testing strips. It came in as the top performer in our bed sheet test - removing mud, ketchup and sambhar entirely, and lightning the tea stains enough that they no longer bothered us.

Dirty clothes being washed in the Whirlpool washing machine

It has a total of 12 washing programs which will satisfy all your washing needs. There’s a very efficient default program for your daily needs, along with a few programs like Saree, Delicates, Wool that helps to perfectly clean delicate clothes like sarees, baby clothes and woollen clothes respectively.

The machine also comes with programs for extreme cleaning like Blanket for cleaning heavy bedsheets and the pièce de résistance is the stain wash program which also uses the extra deep clean program to help clean even the dirtiest of stained clothes.

Also present are manual programs like rinse only or spin by which you can reduce your washing time and perform only a rinse cycle or a fast spin/ dry cycle for your clothes.

In addition to the 12 main programs there are also 4 extra programs for added functionality, for example, the express wash program can be clubbed with some of the 12 programs and it will help reduce wash time, the deep clean program is for better cleaning, while the delay wash program will delay the wash time.

The only things we didn’t like about the Whirlpool was the confusing layout of the buttons on the control panel (which we found we got used to after just a few washes), and the low-quality back cover which appeared to be made of Styrofoam.

good washing to see

But the brilliant wash quality, regular two-year warranty, and 10-year warranty on the motor, more than makeup for these slight faults.

The Whirlpool washing machine is for people who want the best washing experience and don't care about the price. It also comes with a ton of wash options making it very useful to tackle just about any stain.

At Rs. 18,999 the Whirlpool was one of the most expensive of our picks, but this price is more than justified. With the wealth of wash settings, the ergonomically-placed control panel, and fantastic, stain-free wash quality, the Whirlpool is a standout appliance that will make your home life easier.


  • Winner of the washing & usage tests

  • Stylish design

  • The top located control panel

  • Easy to remove and insert clothes in the drum

  • 10-year warranty on motor


  • The buttons have a confusing layout

  • The rear cover is made of a styrofoam-like material

  • Pricier than the others

Where to buy it?

Best washing machine in India (top loading) in detail

The Samsung washing machine

With a great design, metal build and a ton of features the Samsung makes for great value. It has a powerful 700 rpm motor, cleans clothes really well (not as well as the Whirlpool) and gives the user a lot of control over the programs. You also get the backing of Samsung’s strong service network to help you in the event of an issue.

The Samsung Washing machine is quite a sleek looking machine with its cool grey colour and metal finish. The control panel is located towards the front of the washing machine which is easy to access but is also in the way (water spills) when your loading and unloading clothes.

You have a large display and equally large buttons that should make using it easy but the layout can be a bit confusing as there is no logical manner in which the programs are arranged. In comparison, we loved the simple colour-coded control panel on the budget Midea machine.

Looking closing at the control panel of the Samsung washing machine

To help you with your cleaning needs there are the usual programs like blanket, delicates, normal and quick wash. There is also a monsoon wash program whose button is given its own spot away from the other programs.

You can also manually select between Wash, Rinse, and Spin programs. We loved that the controls are flush and there is not dial which can further hinder when you are loading and unloading.

The Samsung comes with some unique features like Air Turbo which sucks in air through the air vents during the spin cycle to allow better drying of the clothes and also prevents mildew formation.

Then there is the drum itself which is made of stainless steel and has a diamond pattern on the inside which is very gentle with your clothes and prevents them from getting tangled. The Magic filter is the lint filter that has a unique hexagon grid for better lint collection as well as cleaning.

You also have a tempered glass door so you won't have a headache cleaning the insides of the drum in case of a drop mishap.

A closer look at the washing drum of the samsung washing machine

Given the machines 6.2kg drum size, you can wash 3 shirts, 3 pairs of trousers (Jeans take more space) and 2 single cotton bedsheets at once. It has a spin speed of 700 rpm which is lower than our previously tested Whirlpool Machine which spun at 740 rpm. This difference is too less and you should get the same amount of cleaning and drying as the Whirlpool machine.

What makes the Samsung machine particularly good is the price and it's not just we who think that, but 100% of verified customers on Flipkart felt the machine was value for money. Also, 84% of the customers loved the performance of the washing machine which they claimed was very good in terms of speed, wash quality and noise. 

The Samsung machine with its price, features and quality offers a great washing that is second on to the Whirlpool and it is for someone who doesn’t want to spend that little extra for the Whirlpool.

If you want a powerful top loading washing machine from a reputed brand with a great service network without having to spend a ton, have a look at the Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL which costs about Rs.14,000.  It gives you a steel drum, decent wash programs, powerful motor and low electricity consumption.


  • 700 rpm speed

  • Sleek Design

  • Stainless Steel drum

  • Monsoon and Quick Wash programs

  • Air dry option

  • Low power consumption

  • Option to pause washing available

  • 2-year machine warranty + 5-year warranty on motor

  • Great value


  • The confusing control panel layout

  • No wheels for easy movement

  • Doesn’t wash as well as the Whirlpool

Where to buy it?

Best washing machine in India (budget top loading) in detail

The Media Washing machine

The Midea washing machine brings forth the value proposition that is too hard to ignore, it is priced at least Rs.3,000-5,000 cheaper than the competition despite that you get a 700 rpm motor which lets you dry your clothes better and useful wash programs.

The Midea 6.5 kg Top loading washing machine despite being the cheapest here still managed to look good. Being priced at under Rs.11,000 this machine represents a huge saving over the other machines in its market and it's not like Midea has skimped a lot. It gives you a quality stainless steel drum, a speedy 700 rpm motor and a large enough capacity. 

A closer look at the washing drum of the media washing machine

To make using the washing machine that much simpler Midea uses a Smart Touch feature that allows you to start the washing process at just the push of a button. Water level, wash type and all other parameters are calculated by the machine depending on the laundry weight so you do not have to worry about it. But being a new brand and lacking so key features like a display and detergent tray are the reason why it comes third in our list.

The control panel too has this easy to use philosophy when it comes to the design. There are five large buttons on the panel with two colour coded ones for on/off and start/ pause. The other three buttons are used to control the program, water level and function options. This tidies up the panel tremendously and makes it simple to use without having to read the manual.

Sadly there is no display to show additional information, you just have LEDs to show you the various cycles the washing machine is at currently.

The wash programs present are standard, fast, heavy load, deep clean, delicate and active. The manual wash, rinse and spin options are available too.

Previously we had recommended a Haier washing machine that too was affordably priced but had an inferior plastic drum, this machine, however, uses a better quality stainless steel drum just like the Samsung machine.

One place where Midea has cut costs is by not having a detergent tray in the machine, you just have to pour detergent into the machine directly or use liquid detergent.

If you live in an area with frequent power cuts, the Midea machine comes with a memory function that allows it to continue from the previous state without having to start over again.

The Midea washing machine is great if you want a washing machine on a budget and are not satisfied with semi-automatic machines.  

If you need a washing machine that is very good at cleaning away just the stains on your clothes and not your money than the Midea Washing Machine is your best best. It costs significantly less than its competitors without any significant omissions, instead it is faster than most of them.


  • Superb value

  • Easy to use 5 button control panel

  • Has a quick wash and deep clean program

  • Option to pause washing available

  • 2-year machine warranty


  • No wheels for easy movement

  • Service network not as great as Samsung

  • No detergent tray

  • No display

Where to buy it?

Buying Guide to the best top loading washing machine

Apart from inputs on customer preferences to brands and features we also got some valuable tips on making the right purchase when it to comes to washing machines from the sales personnel over at Reliance Digital, Pai Electronics and Adishwar.

If you are new to washing machines and are concerned about sizes do note that a 6-7kg washing machine is sufficient for families of around three or four members. Machines of this size can adequately take a 4-5kg laundry load, which for a 6.2kg model looks something like this:

  • 3 x shirts

  • 3 x pairs of trousers (note that jeans take up more space)

  • 2 x single cotton bed sheets

A 7kg washing machine can wash this and a couple of things more

A 7kg washing machine can take an extra article or two of clothing, on top of this.

While washing machines have various sizes and types and these are what a lot of people pay attention to, and it is important, don't forget to have a look at the control panel design. Our best pick, the Whirlpool machine has a well-positioned top mounted control panel as it is far from the reach of kids and doesn't get in the way while removing/ inserting clothes into the machines.

A feature that the dealers suggested as must have in your next machine is “Child Lock” as it offers good safety and doesn't allow kids randomly pressing the control panel to stop/ alter your wash cycle.

Wash programs are something that can be very tricky to understand given the variety of names that each manufacturer uses. So given the sheer number of wash programs anyone can get confused as to what they do (Heck, even we were a bit overwhelmed when there were three machines and each had a ton of programs to offer). Here are some of the common programs found in machines and their explanations.

  • Fuzzy: Use for daily use, the default program on IFB

  • Gentle (Wool): Use for woollens clothes, delicates

  • Quick Wash:  Reduces cleaning time by 30-40%

  • Air Dry: This program sucks in air from the top vents to help dry the clothes faster during the fast spin cycle.Useful during the rainy season.

  • Smart Sense: The default automatic program on IFB. If you set on Smart Sense you only have to press start and your washing machine will take care of everything for you.

  • Express: Reduces cleaning time by 30-40%.

  • Hygiene +: It is a wash program which enables better detergent removal with the help of an extra rinse cycle. This is helpful for people who are allergic to detergent residue on their clothes.

  • Blankets: Use for stained bulky items like bed sheets

  • Delicates: Use for Saris, Embroidered Churidars

  • Daily: Use for daily use, the default program on Whirlpool.

  • Delicate: Use for Saris, Embroidered Churidars

  • Stainwash: Use for heavily soiled fabrics

  • Sari: Use for Synthetic Sarees

  • Woollens: Use for woollen clothes

  • Dry: A normal spin dry system (Whirlpool machine) and doesn't have an Air dry system like the LG or IFB machines.

  • Express Wash: Reduces cleaning time by 30-40%

  • Deep Clean: Extensive Cleaning for better cleaning action

Finally, here are some useful tips for a great experience:

  • Read the manual well, understand each program, read the amount of water that is needed, the minimum or maximum laundry load accepted for that program before using the program.

  • Always place the machine on flat dry ground, even a slight tilt to the machine can cause excessive vibrations and always remember to place the machine in a dry place, mostly not a bathroom with wet floors!

  • Always open the clothes up properly before putting them in the drum, will ensure proper washing.

  • Always check pockets for coins, keys etc., make sure you remove them before putting in the machine.

  • Modern washing machines have separate washing powder containers and need water supply from taps.

  • If you feel excessive vibrations from your machines, immediately Press pause/ Stop and check the inner laundry. Always make sure the laundry is balanced, next check if the laundry is beyond 75% of the drum.

  • It is not advised to use an extension board with a washing machine

  • Be very careful while removing clothes from the washing machine, as any water from them may damage the control panel, which is usually not covered in the warranty.

  • For people who feel the washing machine is wasting too much water or taking too long to clean, try to soak the clothes manually and select a manual but shorter rinse & spin time on the machine. This will save water and electricity, also you can the Aqua conserve modes to reuse water from a previous rinse cycle for the next wash cycle.

  • All washing machines come with the set of locked parts which are helpful during transportation, make sure those are removed before using. This is usually not a problem when you have the installation personnel from the company service centre.

Still, have some questions? Check our FAQ section below.


  • Size to people ratio, how many clothes can be washed?

    Check our buying guide to see a visual representation
  • Accessories with the machine?

    With each washing machine, you usually get a water outlet pipe, a water inlet pipe, rat mat (usually) and a complimentary sachet of washing powder (usually) 
  • Is there a built-in water heater?

    No, our best picks do not have built-in heaters. Do check you the front loaders if you want a built-in heater
  • Is there buzzer at the end of the cycle?

  • Does it dry clothes?

    There is no dedicated dryer, so once the spin cycle is complete you have to sun dry the clothes for a few minutes.
  • Installation free?

    Yes, installation is free
  • Wash, rinse and spin can be used separately?


Final thoughts

Washing machines are an appliance that we really couldn’t live without, and they make our lives so much easier—and cleaner.

After in-depth testing, we landed on the Whirlpool washing machine as our best pick. With its sleek and stylish design, it stands out from your usual suspects and provides deep fabric penetration to remove all but the hardest of stains. You can trust it to look after your delicates while washing, and clean heavy items like blankets fuss-free. With a comfortable, ergonomic design, the Whirlpool is a powerful, efficient device that will make your day easier, and take the chore out of doing your laundry.

If you are in the market for a well built, powerful, feature-rich washing machine then the Samsung Top Loader with its 700 rpm motor, stainless steel drum, host of features and Rs.14,000 asking price will help ease your cleaning needs at home. 

However, if you do not want to spend a lot and are looking for a much affordable way of getting your clothes cleaned than the Midea Top Loading washing machine with its superb value for money position and a powerful 700 rpm motor will suit your better. 

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding ceiling fans? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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