In the current health-conscious times, tracking your weight over time and comparing it with your diet is an important thing. But do you always have to do it at the doctors or the gym? What if you could measure your weight at your home? Well, now you can with a digital or a smart weight scale.

A weighing machine is important as it helps to keep a track of your weight and health. But with the help of modern smart weight scales, you can not only measure your weight but also save them in an app in different profiles. But aren't weight machines inaccurate? Of course not.

Modern weight scales have excellent accuracy and even have a wide range of operation. Plus some of them even let you alter the units of mass from kg to lb.

There are different types of weighing machines in the market analogue, digital and smart. The modern digital and smart weight machines show the data more accurately and even have more features. Check our buying guide for more details.

So if you’re confused what weighing machine to buy for your home or gym we’ve got you covered. For finding the best weight machine we spent 11 hours going through thousands of verified customer reviews and videos.

Best weighing machine (smart)

Simple, stylish and smart

After dominating just about every segment from smartphones to televisions, fitness bands to power banks Xiaomi recently launched the Mi Composition scale- a smart weighing machine and it is again a great offering from the brand. Xiaomi also offers a 1-year warranty and has the multiple service centres across India. With its app support, the ability to measure stats more than just weight, superb design and affordable price makes it one of the best smart scales around.

The Mi Composition Scale comes in a beautifully minimalistic design that feels very premium and inviting. If Apple ever did decide to do a weight machine this is how it would have looked. Plus the all-white exterior hides the all led display which lights up to show your weight when you step on it. 

The only downside? The white colour attracts dust and can look bad after a few uses. So make sure you keep it clean.

The Mi Weight Scale uses sensors that can then show statistics like Muscle mass, BMI, Body Fat, Water Content and a lot more. But do remember that the machine is capable of only displaying the weight on its display, for all the other statistics you need to check the bundled app.

Coming to the health app, it is Xiaomi’s Mi FIt app that they also bundle with their fitness bands which lets you track your weight and other parameters on a simple and pleasing user interface that gives you graphs and other tips to help improve your stats.

This weight machine can measure from as low as 5kg all the way up to 150 kg. Our other two picks, however, have a much wider range up to 180 kgs. But the Mi scale doesn’t just show weight it also can identify and store your statistics in different profiles on the app (up to 16 profiles).

Being a smart scale that uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with the app, you need to use 4x AAA battery cells with the machine which are not provided in the package.  

The Mi Composition scale is for people who want a more capable weight machine that allows them to view and track their health status over time. Plus with the ability to save the data in different profiles makes it a great tool for health-conscious families as well.

Priced at Rs.1999, the Mi weighing scale offers a beautiful design, accurate readings and app support. While it may seem more expensive than regular weighing scales, it is in fact amongst the most affordable smart scales.


  • Stylish design with embedded display

  • Measures a lot more than weight

  • Great app with 16 member profile creation

  • Accurate weight measurements

  • Ability to set goals in the app

  • Good price for a smart scale


  • Uses 4x AAA batteries which are not given in the package

  • Only weight is displayed on the scale (app needed for everything else)

  • The white colour catches dust and dirt quickly

  • The display location is hard to find

Where to buy it?

Best weighing machine (Digital)

stylish, elegant and modern: ​HealthSense PS 126

The Health Sense Ultra Lite is a perfect digital weighing machine for all foot sizes and a weight ranging scale of 5-180 Kgs. It offers accurate readings, stylish design and has a door to door service with a warranty of 1 year making it one of the best digital weight machines in India.

Don't underestimate the PS 126 despite its plastic body and cutesy curvy looks, it can handle weights up to 180 kgs and is suitable for almost all sizes of feet. (As long as your feet size is below 12 inches you are covered)

The quality of plastic used is ABS plastic body and is very sturdy and the machine weights only a kilo and is 33mm thick.

We know this is a weight machine and its only task is to display your weight but the Healthsense machine has a few useful features. Starting off with Auto-Off which shuts off the machine automatically after it's used, thus saving your battery. 

Next, it has anti-skid feet which prevent the machine from sliding away when you step on it. There is also a low battery indicator that tells you to change the battery which makes it all the more convenient.

The Healthsense weight machine can also display your weight in three different units Kilogram (Kg), Pound (lb) and Stone (st). To switch units there is a switch provided near the battery compartment.

We found the display to be large enough and has a legible font, what is even more useful is the backlit feature which makes it easy to view from different angles and at night. The readings stay for 10 seconds and blink before it switches off.

The machine claims it has a weighing range from 5 kg to 180kgs, but we found that it can measure weights as low as 3.8kgs. It is also very accurate as shown by this YouTube channel: Science Sir.

It uses 2xAAA batteries and many Amazon reviews said that the expected battery life was around 1 year or more in some cases. All Healthsense weight machines come with the batteries in the pack and having a AAA makes it easier to replace when the battery goes dead.

The PS 126 weight machine is for people who want a stylish and accurate weight machine but without any of those smart app shenanigans. Just a simple, but high-quality weight machine.

The HealthSense PS 126 weight machine to have excellent features and a sturdy build quality, which make it the best in its class.


  • Stylish curvy design

  • Large display

  • Quality build

  • Good features

  • Accurate readings


  • Needs two AAA batteries

  • No smart features (app)

Where to buy it?

Best weighing machine (Budget)

Simple and Textured: ​Venus Prime lightweight

Venus EPS-9999 can also be described as a lookalike of Health Sense because of its quality abs plastic body and bright backlight display. That being said the Venus weight machine is from an entirely different company. In terms of performance, its neck and neck between these two and you cannot go wrong with either.

The Venus weight machine carries the same curvy design of the Healthsense but is much thinner at 28mm and also weighs a little less at 950 gms. It too has the same ABS plastic body as our best pick and is suitable for all foot sizes. Like the Healthsense it too can take weights of up to 180 kgs.

The Venus EPS-9999 is designed with large feet in mind so it can actually hold sizes up to 12 inches.

The Venus weight machine lets you measure weights in only kilogram and pounds, unlike the Healthsense machine which also measures in stone units. It also has features like low battery indicator, Automatic-off and anti-skid feature like the Healthsense machine.

It has an LCD display which has a backlight and white font in the display for easy viewing that is similar to the Healthsense one. But its display is almost 1-2cms smaller than our best pick Health sense.

This machine is pretty accurate as we were able to find many positive comments about this product on Amazon verified reviews and Youtube videos. There were negligible reviews about inaccuracies.

To power the weighing machine you need 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries and many people have commented that the battery performance was very good and it easily lasted a year.

The Venus weight machine is similar to the Healthsense one in terms of features and design and both of them are for people who want a high-quality digital weight machine.

Priced at Rs.849, the Venus is definitely the more budget option of the two and actually, it doesn't compromise on a lot. You still get a quality build, large display (but smaller than the one of the Healthsense) and is fairly accurate to use.


  • Stylish curvy design

  • Quality build

  • Good features

  • Accurate readings

  • Great price


  • Needs two AAA batteries

  • No smart features (app)

  • The display is slightly smaller than the Healthsense weight machine

  • Doesn’t measure in the stone unit

Where to buy it?

Buying Guide to the best weighing scale

When it comes to buying a weight machine there are not many things to look at but there is one big differentiator which is the type of weight machine.

In olden days we used analogue weighing scales which proved to be efficient but they used springs. New age digital weighing machines use G-sensors which give far more accurate results.

Not only that the analogue weight machine is quite heavier than digital scales and they can detect weights only up to 120-130 Kgs but our best picks can detect up to 180 Kgs.

Moreover, analogue machines work mechanically so there will be some wear and tear with use, Digital scales, however, are solid state and will keep functioning for longer without any niggles.

The inner workings of an anlog weighing machine

Analog weighing machines working mechanically

There is another advancement in digital weighing machines i.e. smart weighing machines. They can show body fat percentage, water percentage and other stats.  This is achieved by using more advanced sensors and leveraging the power of a companion app.

Once you have got yourself a shiny new weighing scale here are some tips on how to use it properly.

To get accurate readings we must calibrate the machine. Follow the procedure below to set your machine up perfectly.

  • Place your weighing machine on a flat surface not on a carpet or a mat place it on the floor.

  • For performing the calibration, first, stand on the machine and get down the display will be automatically ON and will show 00.00 and will automatically switch off.

  • Now stand on the machine and keep your chin up (stand with bare foot)

  • You will have ample time to see your weight after you get down from the machine.


  • What kind of battery is needed?
    Our two best picks use 2x AAA pencil cells while the Mi Weight Machine uses 4x AAA cells

  • Can I use it for measuring the weight of vegetables, chicken etc which weigh around 1-3 kgs?
    No, most weight machines have a minimum weighing limit of 5kgs

  • Does this come with the Step-off function in which it shows the weight for a few secs after you step-off?

  • The accuracy of scale?
    Our best picks are accurate when it comes to weighing 

  • Does the app work only with Xiaomi phones?
    No, the Mi-Fit app works with any Android or iOS device

  • Is this product support backlight?

Final thoughts

So if you are in the market for a reliable and accurate weight machine for your home then we have three really good picks for you.

For fans of all things smart, you have the Mi composition scale which measures weight, BMI and more courtesy of the smart Mi-Fit app. Wrapped up in a gorgeous white shell the Mi scale is one of the best smart scales around. 

If you want a simple digital weighing scale with great accuracy, a large display and door to door warranty service you can choose HealthSense PS 126.

Or for a slightly cheaper price, you can pick the Venus EPS-9999 machine which is equally accurate and has good service coverage.  

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding weighing scales? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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