There are many kinds of weighing machines in the market: analogue, digital and smart. So if you’re confused which weighing machine to buy for your home or gym, we’ve got you covered. For finding the best weight scale we spend 11 hours going through thousands of verified customer reviews and videos.

Best Weighing Machine

HealthSense PS 126

A great growing company known for it excellent health products with a perfect weighing machine for all foot sizes and a weight ranging scale of 5-180 Kgs. It has a door to door step service with a warranty of 1 year.

If you want to purchase HealthSense PS 126 check out Amazon | Flipkart

Also good

Venus Prime lightweight EPS-9999

Venus EPS-9999 can also be described as a lookalike of Health Sense because of its good abs plastic body and bright backlight display. It has perfect efficient 200+ service centers all over India with a warranty period of 1 year.

If you want to purchase Venus EPS-9999 check out Flipkart

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​Why trust us?

We spent 11 hours reading close to 5,000 verified reviews, watching Youtube reviews and going through other website recommendations to find the best weighing scale. We even rang up each brand's customer care to understand their warranty and service policy.

How we selected?

For products as simple as weighing machine it is better to stick to what’s already worked for other people before. So, we started off with choosing the most popular selling products from Amazon and Flipkart. We then made sure to choose weighing scales that had the anti-skid feature and ones that had range from 5 - 180 kgs. We also removed all products that didn’t have any warranty. Anything above Rs.1500 was not selected as it is too overpriced. Reading through the reviews we found that the backlight feature was very useful so we shortlisted only those scales that had that feature. At last, we made sure the scale that we select is suitable for most foot sizes and there is enough space for the foot placement.

We did not choose any analogue scales because the technology has been improved and there are some advancements in digital scales that are able to produce accurate results. So, these are the weighing scale that we shortlisted,

  • Venus Prime lightweight EPS-9999.
  • Hoffen Digital Electronic LCD Weighing Scale.
  • HealthSense PS 126.
  • Activex Tempered Glass Digital Body Weighing Scale.


While all four machines were able to produce accurate results we removed the Hoffen Scale from our list as we found a little detail that is pretty deceptive. Unlike other scales the Hoffen has only 6 months of warranty but Hoffen claims to increase it to 1 year if you give them a five star review and send them the screenshot. So, technically they are paying for reviews and their five star reviews is not reliable. We removed them from our list.  

Best digital weighing scale

stylish, elegant and modern: ​HealthSense PS 126

Health Sense has made a name for themselves as company specialising in all health-based electronic devices ranging from BP monitors to weighing scales. We found their PS 126 weight machine to have excellent features and a sturdy build quality, which make it the best in it’s class.

Design and quality

Don't underestimate the PS 126 despite its plastic body and cutesy curvy looks, it can handle weights up to 180 kgs and is suitable for almost all sizes of feet. (As long as your feet size is below 12 inches you are covered)

The quality of plastic used is ABS plastic body and is very sturdy and the machine weights only a kilo and is 33mm thick.


We know this is a weight machine and its only task is to display your weight but the Healthsense machine has a few useful features. Starting off with Auto-Off which shuts off the machine automatically after its used, thus saving you battery. Next it has anti-skid feet which prevent the machine from sliding away when you step on it. There is also a low battery indicator that tells you to change the battery which makes it all the more convenient. 

The Healthsense weight machine can also display your weight in three different units Kilogram (Kg), Pound (lb) and Stone (st). To switch units there is a switch provided near the battery compartment.

Display & Accuracy

We found the display to be large enough and has legible font, what is even more useful is the backlit feature which makes it easy to view from different angles and at night. The readings stay for 10 seconds and blink before it switches off.

The machine claims it has a weighing range from 5kg to 180kgs, but we found that it can measure weights as low as 3.8kgs. It is also very accurate as shown by this YouTube channel: Science Sir.

Battery performance

It uses 2xAAA batteries and many Amazon reviews said that the expected battery life was around 1 year or more in some cases. All Healthsense weight machines come with the batteries in the pack and having a AAA makes it easier to replace when the battery goes dead. To find the best performing and value for money batteries read our article here.

After sales service

The HealthSense weight machine comes with 1-year warranty and they provide door-to-door service where they come and pick up the product from your doorstep. However, it can take upto 10 days for your issue to be resolved as all products are sent to their Bangalore office for repair/replacement.

Also good

Simple and Textured: ​Venus Prime lightweight

The Venus weight machine seems to be a look-alike of Heath Sense PS126 but they are different products from different companies. It has a large space to place your legs and suitable for all foot sizes upto 12 inches.

Design and quality

The Venus weight machine carries the same curvy design of the Healthsense but is much thinner at 28mm and also weighs a little less at 950 gms. It too has the same ABS plastic body as our best pick and is suitable for all foot sizes. Like the Healthsense it too can take weights of up to 180 kgs.


The Venus weight machine lets you measure weights in only kilogram and pounds unlike the Healthsense machine which also measures in stone units. It also has features like low battery indicator, Automatic-off and anti-skid feature like the Healthsense machine.

Display & Accuracy

It has an LCD display which has a backlight and white font in the display for easy viewing that is similar to the Healthsense one. But its display is almost 1-2cms smaller than our best pick Health sense.

This machine is pretty accurate as we were able to find many positive comments about this product on Amazon verified reviews and Youtube videos. There were negligible reviews about inaccuracies.

Battery performance

To power the weighing machine you need 2x AAA 1.5V batteries and many people has commented that the battery performance was very good and it easily lasted a year.

After sales service

We found Venus’s after sales service to be adequate. They have nearly 231 service centres all over India and you can get it rectified when you take the product there or you can courier the product and get it rectified. This is actually better than our best pick as for our best pick has only one service centre in bangalore. So if you are in North India, it might take more time for your Healthsense to get serviced. Whereas if you get the Venus then you should get the machine back quicker thanks to their 200+ service centres.

After sales service

Among the all weighing machines that we analysed Venus seemed the best as they had nearly 231 service centres all over India so you can always pop into their service centre to get your machine fixed. You can also courier them your product if you don't have a centre nearby, they also fix your product after warranty for a small service charge.

Health Sense is a small growing Bangalore based company who provides warranty for 1 year along with Door step service throughout India. They achieve this by partnering with well-known courier companies. But all products that are picked are sent to their Bangalore office and hence take turnaround time is around 10 days once you deposit your fault device.

​Digital Vs. Analog weighing scales

In olden days we used analogue weighing scales which proved to be efficient but they use springs. New age digital weighing machines use G-sensors which give far more accurate results. Not only that analogue weight machine is quite heavier than digital scales and they can detect weights only upto 120-130 Kgs but our best picks can detect up to 180 Kgs.

Moreover, analogue machines work mechanically so there will be some wear and tear with use, Digital scales however are solid state and will keep functioning for longer without any niggles.

The inner workings of an anlog weighing machine

Analog weighing machines working mechanically


There is another advancement in digital weighing machines i.e. smart weighing machines. They can show body fat percentage, water percentage and other stats. Look out for review on it coming soon.  

How to calibrate and get accurate results?

To get accurate readings we must calibrate the machine. Follow the procedure below to set your machine up perfectly.

  • Place your weighing machine on a flat surface, not on a carpet or a mat. Place it on the floor.
  • For performing the calibration, first stand on the machine and get down the display will be automatically ON and will show 00.00 and will automatically turn off.
  • Now stand on the machine and keep your chin up 
  • You will have ample time to see your weight after you get down from the machine.

Final thoughts

So if you are in the market for a reliable and accurate weight machine for your home then we have two really good picks for you. If you want a weighing scale with great accuracy, a large display and door to door warranty service you can choose HealthSense PS126. Or for a slightly cheaper price you can pick the Venus EPS-9999 machine which is equally accurate and has good service coverage.