Tired of that pesky wires limiting your mouse usage? Want to have a more liberating experience while using the humble computer mouse? Well, now you can, with the wireless mouse.

A wireless mouse works on batteries and completely foregoes the wired connection giving you a much better usage. Plus a wireless mouse is also easy to carry. But don’t wireless mice have terrible battery life? Of course not.

While there are a few wireless mice that eat up batteries, there are many which offer excellent battery life and in fact, can last for months on a single charge/ battery.

Before buying a wireless mouse here are a few things you must look for starting with the type of wireless connector. While a majority of wireless mice come with a wireless adapter a few mice even support Bluetooth. This is particularly useful if you forget your adapter somewhere but can still use the mouse without taking up a USB port on your computer.

But there are hundreds of wireless mice out there for you to choose from, making it a tough choice. What do you need to look for to get the best value for your money? This is where we come in. We’d done the hard work for you, so you can just sit back, relax, and decide quickly and confidently on the right mixer that suits you.

Best Logitech wireless mouse (Best performance)

Feature rich wireless mouse

If a Rolls Royce is the ultimate expression of what a car can be, then the Logitech MX Master 2S is the same to wireless mice. With multiple customizable buttons, two scroll wheels, switchable scroll action, built-in rechargeable battery and ergonomic design it is undoubtedly the best mouse for content creators, graphics designers and tech enthusiasts.

The MX Master 2S is a large mouse and come with a cool design with a 3D low polygon effect on the size. Material-wise the mouse is made of matte rubberised finish and feels solid and grippy in the hand.

Its Darkfield sensor allows for more precise tracking which means you can use it on almost every surface including glass (minimum 4mm thick).

Super convenient charging

For connectivity, you get a traditional Logitech receiver that you can plug into your PC port, but you also have Bluetooth support to wireless hook up to your phone or laptop without any adapter. But that's not all, you can even pair it with up to 3 devices and conveniently switch between them using the on-mouse button.

Using the provided Logitech Options software you can not only configure the six buttons but also the twin scroll wheels. You can also tinker around with the DPI settings of the mouse there. You also have the Flow option which allows wireless copy-pasting between computers that have the software installed and connected to the MX Master 2.

Finally, you have the built-in battery that can last almost 70 days on a single charge. You can charge the mouse with the provided micro USB cable and the mouse even works while being charged.

The thumb scroll wheel, extra buttons and easy to use software make the MX Master 2S a boon for graphics designers, video editors and even writers and other tech users as the mouse is extremely versatile and dependable.

Priced at nearly Rs.7000, the MX Master 2S is undoubtedly an expensive mouse, but then again it's one of the best in the market with customizable buttons, long battery life, ergonomic design and cool companion software.


  • All buttons and scroll wheels are customizable

  • Premium design and feel

  • Long battery life and rechargeable battery

  • Thumb scroll and extra buttons are very useful for creators

  • Great tracking across surfaces

  • Excellent software suite

  • Bluetooth and wireless adapter is a good option


  • Priced as much as an entry level smartphone

  • Uses the older micro USB port

  • Non-removable battery

  • Not ambidextrous

  • Not for gaming

Where to buy it?

Best Logitech wireless mouse

Small but equally capable

The MX Anywhere 2 comes a close second because it offers a little less (than the MX Master 2S), but still a lot more than other mice. It's more affordable, has similar design details as the MX Master 2S and even has two extra configurable buttons and the same rechargeable battery system but loses out on the thumb scroll wheel.

You get support for Bluetooth as well as the Logitech dongle. Like the MX Master 2S, it too supports up to 3 devices and has the same Darkfield tracking system for effortless working on any surface. So what else is different between them?

Where it differs in that it has a single scroll wheel, the usual left and right buttons and only forward and back keys on the side. But thankfully you still get the switchable Hyperscroll to Click-to-click scrolling option.

The design of the Anywhere 2 is also much smaller, so it can also fit people with smaller palms more easily although it is still not ambidextrous due to the buttons placed towards the left (suited for right-handed people).

Thoutful feature

Plus you get the excellent Logitech Options and Flow software for easy configurability and easy data transfer across computers. 

You also get the same rechargeable battery that lasts around 70 days but the MX anywhere 2 doesn’t work when charging.

The MX Anywhere 2, then is for people who want a taste of the MX Master 2S but at a much lower price. While it may not have all the extra buttons and functions of the 2S, it is still better than most mice out then and still a great tool for creators on a budget.

The MX Anywhere 2 costs around Rs.4800 and comes with Darkfield tracking system, the cool scroll wheel and configurable buttons, making it another great contender for the best wireless mouse in India.


  • Has the excellent hyper scroll feature

  • Configurable buttons are a boon

  • Compact package

  • Long battery life and charging capability

  • Supports Logitech options and Flow software


  • Still pricier than most mice

  • Uses the older micro USB port

  • Non-removable battery

  • Not ambidextrous

  • Lacks the thumb scroll wheel

Where to buy it?

Best Logitech wireless mouse (Best budget)

The oldschool: Logitech B175 & M235

The Logitech B175 comes third because it is merely a barebones mouse when you bit it against the MX twins, but when compared to all sea of cheap mice out there, it stands out due to its excellent battery life, superb tracking and good ergonomics.

This is a simple-looking lightweight mouse that is well-suited for both left-handed and right-handed users, comes with a replaceable battery, is small in size and has good performance for its low price.

The mouse falls into the palm perfectly and the scroll wheel is smooth and continuous to use and has a wireless adapter which can be placed inside the mouse itself.

Of all the mouse devices we tested, this had the fastest response speed, as the average time taken to make a selection on the Fitts simulator was 0.57 secs (the least value among all the mouses that we tested).

We also found the mouse to work well on different surfaces from glass to plastic and found that it worked very smoothly on all the tested surfaces without any lags. When testing the strength of the wireless connection, we found that there wasn’t any noticeable lag even at a distance of ten metres between the mouse and the receiver.

The battery life is excellent (up to 1 year), this number is achievable because of the useful auto-off function that switches off the mouse when not in use for a long time. Plus you have an LED light conveniently indicates whether the device is awake or not.

Due to its low price and simple functionality, the B175 is for anyone whos looking for a high-quality wireless mouse. Plus its symmetric- design also makes it great for left-handed users too.

With a price tag of the only Rs.599, the Logitech B175 is a great wireless mouse with superb response speed, good range, year-long battery life and great performance over varied surfaces.


  • Extremely affordable

  • Ambidextrous (Usable by left and right handed people)

  • Long battery life

  • Good tracking

  • Compact size


  • No configurable buttons

  • Doesn’t support the Logitech Options or Flow software

  • No forward/ back buttons

  • No charging port/ built-in battery

Where to buy it?

Best Logitech wireless mouse (Best budget)

Smart and simple: Logitech M235 Wireless Optical Mouse

The Logitech M235 is almost similar to the B175, but during our testing, we felt it was a wee bit slower in response times.

The M235 looks similar to the B175 and varies only in the colour option and position of the Logitech logo. It too was light in weight and was designed to be used by left-handed and right-handed users.

The scroll wheel on the Logitech felt smooth and continuous, and ergonomically, the palm fit is just perfect.

Response speed was what separated the B175 from M235, with the M235 scoring a slightly slower average time of 0.605 secs for each selection on the Fitts simulator (third-best in speed when comparing all the mouses tested).

We even tested the mouse’s performance on different surfaces from glass to plastic. Again, we found that it worked very smoothly on all the tested surfaces, with no time lag in any of the cases. The responsiveness of the mouse from ten metres also didn’t throw up any noticeable lag issues.

Battery life is excellent (up to 1 year), once again due to the auto-off feature, which enables the mouse to switch off automatically, saving power when not in use.

The Logitech M235 offers a quality product for a low price and is great for people looking for a mouse on budget.

Priced at Rs.769 this mouse is another great choice for a wireless mouse with good response speed, ergonomic design and great warranty.


  • Extremely affordable

  • Ambidextrous (Usable by left and right handed people)

  • Long battery life

  • Good tracking

  • Compact size


  • Slower response than the B175

  • No configurable buttons

  • Doesn’t support the Logitech Options or Flow software

  • No forward/ back buttons

  • No charging port/ built-in battery

Where to buy it?

Who is the competition?

HP Z3700

Different but good looking

A unique, flat shaped mouse from HP, the Z3700 seems decently priced at under Rs.1000, but we strongly suggest you stay away from it. Not only does it feel cheap for the price, but it's also a little too light according to our researcher who used the same product. Plus its flat shape can cause pain in your wrist after long use.

Think that's all? Well, no apparently the connection is always wonky giving you jerky and laggy cursor movements. Add to that the extremely poor battery life of around a month with a new battery and its best to stick to the Logitech mice.

Lenovo N100 & Lenovo N300

When we tested the Lenovo mouses, we found that battery life was very poor. It lacked an auto-off feature, which compounded battery issues. We found that we had to replace the batteries frequently.

As mentioned earlier, buying a Lenovo mouse is a bit risky due to its poor after-sales service and warranty for mouses. As far as we could tell, the warranty was of little use as we could not even connect with customer care to request information—both via phone and internet. For these two reasons, we consider the Lenovo mouses a poor choice.

Logitech Bluetooth Optical Mouse M557

Compared to our winners, this mouse had trouble connecting to the PC. After pairing is done, this mouse was not able to connect automatically when the Bluetooth was switched off and on.

Additionally, it required two AA batteries to operate, which made it heavier and expensive. In our surface tests, we observed that the device did not perform well when we tested it on our hands. It lacked the grace of our top choices.

For this reason, we consider it a clear downgrade from the other devices. Plus another issue we found while testing was the mouse would suddenly stop working if connected via Bluetooth and needed a restart every time to fix it.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

Smart and mordern: Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

This mouse was not ambidextrous, which made it comfortable only for right-handed users. However, the performance was excellent. But given the drawback that it is uncomfortable to use for left-handed users, we did not consider this mouse in our top choices.


Buying Guide to the best wireless mouse India

When you decide to buy yourself a new wireless mouse look at what you need it for exactly- regular use, gaming, creative purpose. Usually, a wireless mouse is not preferred for gaming due to its slow responses but for the other two use cases, a wireless mouse is perfect.

Next, you have to look at the type of wireless module used. A majority of wireless mice use a dongle that's plugged into the USB port of your computer and then communicates with your mouse through a 2.4GHz wireless network. The downside of this is a USB port of your computer is used up and you need an OTG adapter if you have to use the mouse with your phone or tablet.

To fix this very flaw, there are now Bluetooth enabled mice that do not need a dongle and can work flawlessly with computers, tablets and smartphones.

Once you are sure about the connectivity part, you must look at the features that you need. The most important ones are extra buttons, with the most common ones being forward and back buttons. More premium mice come with even more buttons and extra scroll wheels to allow you to map certain functions to these buttons.

Next, you have to look at the battery situation. Most mice with a slot to put a AAA or a AA battery, a few mice need two batteries due to their additional functionality. Some, however, make do with an in-built rechargeable battery.

Ultimately whatever you pick make sure it suits your needs and simply do not be drawn in by unique designs like a flat mouse (can be extremely unergonomic to grip and use) or ones with fancy designs that look like cars or other objects.

If, however, you want a comfortable mouse and you do not like the ones in the market look for a vertical mouse, which is designed for you to grip it in the natural handshake position which puts very little stress on your wrist and arm.

Still, have questions on wireless mice? Check out our FAQs section below.


  • Is the battery replaceable? Rechargeable?
    The Logitech B175 and M235 use regular AA batteries, while the MX series mice use a built-in, non-removable and rechargeable battery.

  • Does it work with windows 10? Mac os? Android phone?
    Yes, all mice work with any of the above mentioned operating systems. You only have to make sure you have the right dongle while using it with Android/ iPad/ iPhone. The MX mice do not need a dongle as they support Bluetooth.

  • Are the buttons customizable?
    Only the MX series of mice support customizable buttons

  • Is the battery provided in the box?
    Usually, a battery cell is provided by manufacturers but make sure you check it before buying

  • Does the MX Master 2S work while charging?
    Yes, it does work while charging

Final Thoughts

When it comes to wireless mice, you have a ton of options in different colours, shapes and from different brands. We understand that it can become a little overwhelming to you, so we went through the difficult part of sorting and reading through reviews so you can just sit down and click on the mouse that you want from the four we have recommended.

The Logitech MX Master 2S is undoubtedly the best wireless mouse currently available. It ticks almost all the boxes when it comes to design, ergonomics, build quality, performance, customizability and battery life. But its high asking price limits it to professionals only. 

The Logitech MX Anywhere 2 offers you an almost similar experience to the MX Master 2S but at a much smaller price tag. This mouse is also much more suited for people with smaller hands and for people who really want the who customizability options and extra buttons. 

The Logitech B175 is all about simplicity, its costs very little, works very well for a budget mouse and is shaped such that it can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people. 

The Logitech M235 offers pretty much the same functionality of the B175 but doesn’t feel as fast. But otherwise, you get the same long battery life, same build quality and similar ambidextrous design.

Have any of the picks we suggested? Comment down below about your experience with the product or the brand service. Still, have a doubt regarding wireless mice? or about any feature related to them? Write down your question below so we can help you with the same.

Finally, do not forget to check out our other articles and share them with your families and friends.

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