​There can be nothing more frustrating that a glitchy mouse, especially if it’s in the middle of crucial work. And considering that it’s a device that you’re constantly going to be using for most of the day, taking the time to figure out which is the best out there can be totally worth it.


  • Most of the wireless mouses we tested had similar performance.

  • The only difference we found was in their warranty policy.

  • All our recommendations use only 1 battery, offer power conservation and use.

The range of various wireless mouse that we tested

Best Wireless Mouse​​​​​

Logitech B175 >>Get it here Amazon | Flipkart

​Logitech M235 >>Get it here Amazon | Flipkart 
Most of the Logitech mouses that we tested were excellent performers. The reason we picked these two was because they had 3 years warranty which will be fulfilled at the nearest Logitech centre. Apart from that they are super responsive, excellently designed, and have a great battery life.

Their design was top-notch and worked like a dream for both left-handed and right-handed users. Both possess excellent battery life with auto-off feature that conserves power. We found them to be extremely responsive on all the surfaces we tested, and they passed the ten-metre distance test with flying colors as well. What impressed us the most was the highly-responsive customer care service and their extensive after-sales service network. Truly remarkable.

Second Best Picks

HP X3500 >> Get it here AmazonFlipkart

​HP X3000 >> Get it here Amazon | Flipkart

The HP mouses come in as our second-best choices, but that doesn’t necessarily make them a downgrade over the Logitech. In fact, the HP’s might even have an edge when it comes to looks and aesthetics. Though they might just be a notch below in core functionality, the HP’s comfortably match Logitech when it comes to features. Beneath the sleek exterior, they both have slots for the mouse receiver, strong battery life with the auto-off, and sharp responsiveness. They gave the Logitech's a run for their money on the surface test, and demonstrated acceptable performance on the ten-metre distance test as well. It probably comes down to individual tastes, but if you’re worried about getting a lesser product, you shouldn’t be. The HPs are excellent choices and would be a perfect addition to anyone’s computer.  

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Why trust us?

In order to find the best wireless mouse in the market, we spent over two days using and testing the mouses.

Here are all the aspects we took into consideration:

  1. Ergonomics

  2. Compatibility with different surfaces

  3. Time-lag /accuracy

  4. Battery efficiency

  5. Warranty and after-sale services

We conducted intense in-house tests to assess these parameters.

​​How we selected?

Initially, we identified 505 wireless mouse devices as a part of our online research.

From these, we shortlisted the top 30 devices, based on the customer ratings and reviews online. We then excluded the products which had low star ratings and reviews on Amazon and Flipkart. Products lacking key features were also eliminated.

Thus, we were able to whittle the list down to eight models which we then put through extensive testing.

The following eight wireless mouses were selected.

  1. Logitech B175
  2. HP X3500
  3. Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse
  4. Hp X3000
  5. Lenovo N100
  6. Lenovo N300
  7. Logitech Bluetooth Optical Mouse M557
  8. Logitech Wireless Mouse M280
The chosen wireless mouse

​​​How we tested?​​​​

A good wireless mouse should utilize its battery efficiently. The battery life for each mouse was estimated with the help of Amazon and Flipkart reviews. We calculated the number of positive and negative reviews each device received and arrived at an estimate of the battery and product life based on reviews.

To test the wireless mouses, we used different items to help simulate types of surfaces. The test surfaces included glass, plastic, our hands, a laptop, table mats, a piece of cloth, and finally, a mouse pad. Each test surface had a size of about 15 x 15 cms in dimension.

We also ran each mouse through the Fitts simulator. The Fitts simulator throws up random dots on your screen, and measures how long you take to click them. Our simulation produced 21 dots of varying sizes, at different distances from each other. We then calculated the average speed it took to click on each dot. The assumption is that since the dots are random, this will enable us to measure the speed with which we can click on the the dots with the mouse, and hence quantify their responsiveness and accuracy.

We even analysed the shape and weight of each mouse to estimate how ergonomic it would be for an average hand. We also check the device with both our hands to see if the mouse was ambidextrous.

We also tested the sensitivity and effectiveness of the mouse at a distance of ten metres from the computer. We used this information to compute the effective range of each device, which is vital for those who will using the mouse to control devices from afar, say at a seminar or in a conference room.

Best Pick

Logitech B175 & M235 

We had two best picks this time, we felt both were equally good and deserve to share our best pick title. Both had excellent build quality and great battery life,which make them a worthy addition to your desk. 

1)  Logitech - B175 
The oldschool: Logitech B175 & M235


  • System requirements: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 10), Mac OS X 10.5, Linux Kernel 2.6

  • Controls: 2 buttons and scroll wheel

  • Warranty: 3 years limited domestic hardware warranty

  • Price: Rs.599

Design & Usage: Lightweight and Ambidextrous

This is a simple-looking lightweight mouse that is well-suited for both left-handed and right-handed users.

The mouse falls into the palm perfectly and the scroll wheel is smooth and continuous to use.

It’s a plug-and-play model where you can just slide the receiver into the USB port of your computer and start using it. Handily, there is a slot for the USB receiver inside the mouse itself. This feature allows you to keep the receiver safe during travel, and when the mouse is not in use.

The mouse works with most operating systems from Microsoft, Apple and even Linux.

Performance: Fastest response time and works on multiple surfaces

Of all the mouse devices we tested, this had the fastest response speed, as the average time taken to make a selection on the Fitts simulator was 0.57 secs (the least value among all the mouses that we tested).

We read through reviews by verified customers on Amazon and found that there were very few complaints about the mouse’s durability. We tested how the mouse performed on different surfaces from glass to plastic, and found that it worked very smoothly on all the tested surfaces without any lags. When testing the strength of the wireless connection, we found that there wasn’t any noticeable lag even at a distance of ten metres between the mouse and the receiver.

Battery: Excellent Year long battery with auto-off function

The battery life is excellent (upto 1 year), this number is achievable because of the useful auto-off function that switches off the mouse when not in use for long time. A small on/off switch is present at the bottom and can be used to manually switch on or off the device. An LED light conveniently indicates whether the device is awake or not.

In Short

With a price tag of only Rs.599, the Logitech B175 is a great wireless mouse with superb response speed, good range, year long battery life and great performance over varied surfaces.

2) Logitech M235 Wireless Optical Mouse

Smart and simple: Logitech M235 Wireless Optical Mouse


  • System requirements:  Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 10), Mac OS X v10.5, Linux Kernel 2.6

  • Controls: 2 buttons and scroll wheel

  • Warranty: 3 years limited hardware warranty

  • Price: Rs.769

Design & Usage: Simple but functional design

The M235 looks similar to the B175 and varies only in the color option and position of the Logitech logo. It too was light in weight and was designed to be used by left-handed and right-handed users.

The scroll wheel on the Logitech feels smooth and continuous, and ergonomically, the palm fit is just perfect.

The mouse supported plug & play usage with the receiver dongle, which can also be stored within the mouse while travelling.  

OS compatibility is not as issue with ti supporting Windows, Mac and Linux Operating systems.

Performance: Works on many surfaces and has a fast response speed

Response speed was what separated the B175 from M235, with the M235 scoring a slightly slower average time of 0.605 secs for each selection on the Fitts simulator (third-best in speed when comparing all the mouses tested).

While reading through reviews by verified customers on Amazon, we found that there were very few complaints about durability. We even tested the mouse’s performance on different surfaces from glass to plastic. Again, we found that it worked very smoothly on all the tested surfaces, with no time lag in any of the cases. The responsiveness of the mouse from ten metres also didn’t throw up any noticeable lag issues.

Battery: Excellent year long battery and auto-off function

Battery life is excellent (upto 1 year), once again due to the auto-off feature, which enables the mouse to switch off automatically, saving power when not in use. An LED indicator shows when the mouse is on and off. The mouse can also be manually switched on and off with a little switch at the bottom.

In Short

Priced at Rs.769 this mouse is another great choice for a wireless mouse with good response speed, ergonomic design and great warranty.

Second best​

​HP X3500 & HP X3000

We had two best picks this time, we felt both were equally good and deserve to share our best pick title. Both had excellent build quality and great battery life,which make them a worthy addition to your desk.

1) HP X3500

Productive and well-designed: HP X3500


  • System requirements: Windows (XP, Vista, 7,8,10)

  • Controls: 2 buttons and scroll wheel

  • Warranty: 1 year domestic warranty

  • Price: Rs. 749

Design & Usage: The most ergonomic mouse in out test

Aesthetically, the HP X3500 looks great especially with the glossy black accents. The mouse is also very ergonomic to hold with the grippy matt finish on the outer shell. The large size in comparison to the Logitech mouse makes it even better to hold onto.  

Of the mouse devices we tested, this one was the most ergonomically suited for left-handed and right-handed users—the shape is just perfect. It’s also quite lightweight. The device is also plug-and-play, and it connected seamlessly to the computer without any issues. There is a slot for the dongle inside the mouse, which allows the user to store the receiver when it’s not in use.

Performance: Second fastest response speed

The average time taken by the mouse for each selection on the Fitts simulator was 0.595 secs (this was the second-best speed we got out of all the mouse devices we tested).

Reviews by verified customers on Amazon showed that there were few complaints about durability. The performance of the mouse on different surfaces, from glass to plastic, was very smooth as well, backing up what the reviews stated. We also didn’t find any time lag when we used it on any of the testing surfaces.

Finally, the mouse worked great at a distance of ten metres from the receiver and didn’t show any noticeable lag.

Battery: Year long battery life with auto-off function

The battery life is excellent (upto 1 year), with an indispensable auto-off feature that shuts off the mouse when it’s not in use.

In Short

Priced at INR 749 the X3500 mouses check all the boxes when it comes to overall design, ergonomics, performance and battery. It loses to the Logitech’s because of a shorter warranty of only 1 year.

2) HP X3000

A close up of the HP X3000


  • System requirements:  Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 10), Mac OS

  • Controls: 2 buttons and scroll wheel

  • Warranty Summary: 1 year, worldwide parts, and labor limited warranty

  • Price: Rs.749

Design & Usage: Petite Size with Grippy sides

The X3000 is smaller than the X3500 and is sized similar to the Logitech’s. It too has a glossy finish on top which looks great while the sides getter a dotted texture to help you grip it better.

This device is lightweight and can be used by both left-handers and right-handers. It also comes with plug-and-use capability, which saves you the trouble of hunting down the right drivers.

Just like the other devices we’ve tested here, it comes with a slot to store the dongle during travel or when the mouse is not in use. This feature is quite nifty as losing the dongle can cost a bit.  

Performance: Good everyday performance

The average time taken for each selection on the Fitts simulator was 0.67 secs (fourth-best among all the mouse devices we tested).

Reviews from verified customers on Amazon showed no concerns about the durability of the device. Our tests further showed that buyers needn’t worry about the mouse’s performance on different surfaces like glass or plastic. It worked quite smoothly with no issues, on all the tested surfaces. We also did not record any time lag in each case. In the ten metre distance test as well, there wasn’t any noticeable lag in the performance.

Battery Life: Excellent 1 year battery life

The battery life is excellent (upto 1 year), and the auto-off feature helps optimise battery usage by switching off the mouse when it’s idle.

In Short

Although prices similar to the X3500 at tRs.749, the X3000 is a much smaller sized mouse that some of you may prefer. Despite the smaller size it still packs the same performance, speed and great battery life as the X3500.

A Note on Warranty & Service

Since the best mouse can’t be considered the best if there is no support from the manufacturer after purchase, we decided to investigate after-sales service as well. We compared the warranties and customer service provided by each company, to see which offered the best deal. What we found in the process was quite surprising!

We called the customer care number for each of the eight mouse devices we’d shortlisted. The plan was to ask for information on the procedure to replace defective and faulty mouse devices. What we learned was that Lenovo did not have a proper support channel. The customer care numbers mentioned on the packaging of the mouse and on the website lead us around in circles, going nowhere.

When we tried to call Lenovo customer care instead, they asked us to call our nearest service centre. But when we called several service centres near our location, all said that they provided support only for laptops, but not mouse devices. None were ready to offer help! We couldn't even register the product ID on their site, as an error message kept popping up, saying, “No matching product”.

Overall, Lenovo’s after-sales service and warranty was very poor in comparison to Logitech and HP.

1. Logitech

The Logitech B175 and M235 come with a warranty of three years. While only manufacturing defects are covered by the warranty, external damage or other problems can be serviced upon paying a fee.

After speaking to Logitech customer support and the nearby service centres, we could say with some certainty that they have good service coverage throughout India. For mouse devices, customers will have to take their defective product to the nearest service centre, as on-site service is not available. After troubleshooting, the mouse is replaced, if a manufacturing defect is found. The procedure takes about seven working days, from the time the customer arrives at the service centre.

2. HP

HP mouse devices come bundled with a one-year warranty. There is an instruction manual as well as a warranty card that is to be produced at the time of claiming it. Clear instructions are given, which was very helpful.

After speaking to their customer care  and the local service centres, we felt comfortable rating them just as highly as we rated Logitech. HP appears to have excellent coverage for after-sales service across the country. The company operates a good network of service centres all over india, and in case there’s a defect, the mouse can be taken to the nearest service centre for a replacement, if needed.  

Those That Didn’t Make the Cut

Lenovo N100 & Lenovo N300

When we tested the Lenovo mouses, we found that the battery life was very poor. It lacked an auto-off feature, which compounded battery issues. We found that we had to replace the batteries frequently.

As mentioned earlier, buying a Lenovo mouse is a bit risky due to its poor after-sales service and warranty for mouses. As far as we could tell, the warranty was of little use as we could not even connect with customer care to request information—both via phone and internet. For these two reasons, we consider the Lenovo mouses a poor choice.

Logitech Bluetooth Optical Mouse M557

Compared to our winners, this mouse had trouble connecting to the PC. After pairing is done, this mouse was not able connect automatically when the bluetooth was switched off and on.

Additionally, it required two AA batteries to operate, which made it heavier and expensive. In our surface tests, we observed that the device did not perform well when we tested it on our hands. It lacked the grace of our top choices. For this reason, we consider it a clear downgrade from the other devices.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

Smart and mordern: Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

This mouse was not ambidextrous, which made it comfortable only for right-handed users. However, the performance was excellent. But given the drawback that it is uncomfortable to use for left-handed users, we did not consider this mouse in our top choices.