Blue Fin Condenser Vs Gold Fin Condenser – Which Works Better?

You might have heard the term bluefin or gold fin condenser while buying an AC. These are technologies developed to protect the condenser coils from rusting and increase their longevity. 

In an AC, the condenser coils play a very important role. They help in the release of heat gathered from the room into the atmosphere. Since these coils are present in the outdoor unit of the AC, they get exposed to harsh weather conditions such as rain, humidity, dust, and debris. This makes them highly prone to corrosion and rusting. 

Once these coils get corroded, the cooling efficiency of your AC will go down significantly and you might need to replace the condenser coils. This is where the bluefin and gold fin technology come in. 

These are basically chemicals that are used to coat the condenser coils. They are made up of materials that are highly resistant to corrosion and therefore protect the coils from rusting. 

Today we will talk about these coatings and understand how they are different from one another and which one you should prefer if you are planning on buying a new AC. 

What is Blue Fin Condenser Technology?

Blue Fin Condenser

Bluefin or Hydrophilic blue fin technology uses a chemical called epoxy to coat the condenser coils. The condenser coils which are originally made up of aluminium or copper are coated with this material to prevent rusting. 

The epoxy coating prevents the accumulation of salt, acids, moisture, and other materials on the coils. This is because epoxy is a chemical that is non-reactive to both acids and salts.

Additionally, due to its low surface tension, it does not allow moisture and water droplets to gather on the coils. All of this prevents rusting and corrosion of the coils and can increase the longevity of the coil by a significant amount. 

This technology is quite new in India and is offered by only a handful of companies like Voltas, LG, Bluestar etc.  


  • It prevents corrosion and makes the coil last for a very long time
  • It reduces the time, money and energy that is required to clean the AC frequently to prevent rusting
  • It is especially beneficial in coastal areas where the atmospheric salt content is high and the coils get corroded easily
  • When the coils get corroded, the AC uses more power to facilitate the heat transfer. Bluefin technology prevents that and makes the AC energy efficient.  


  • It can interfere with the heat exchange process of the coil because it adds an extra layer to the coil
  • It is not offered by all brands in India

What is Gold Fin Technology?

Gold Fin Condenser

Similar to the bluefin technology, gold fin technology also coats the condenser in order to prevent rusting. Here nano gold molecules are used to do the coating. These coatings are synthesized from titanium oxide which is known for its ability to prevent corrosion. 

Because these are nano molecules they form a thin but powerful coating on the surface which is better at minimising corrosion than the bluefin technology. They also improve the efficiency of the AC because they speed up the defrosting process and ensure that the AC cools the room properly.

This is especially beneficial in humid climates where defrosting can get difficult.


  • It performs better at preventing corrosion than other technologies 
  • This is the most latest technology and can also improve the performance of the AC by speeding up the defrosting process
  • They are 100% eco-friendly and does not cause any harm to the environment 


  • They are quite expensive because of the nanogold molecules
  • They are not commonly available in India

Difference Between Blue Fin and Gold Fin Technology

Protection Against
This provides great protection
against corrosion
This is better than blue fin technology
PriceBlue fin technology comes at
an affordable price
Gold fin technology is quite expensive
because it is made up of nano gold
Availability Not all brands in India offer
blue fin technology
Gold fin technology is quite new in
Effect on Performance
of the AC
This does not improve the
performance of the AC in any way
Gold fin technology improves the
performance of the AC

Blue Fin vs Gold Fin Condenser – Which is Better?

If you live in high humidity and coastal areas where the risk of corrosion is high, then you should definitely go with the gold fin technology because it performs much better than the bluefin technology. But if you don’t live in an area with a high risk of corrosion then blue fin technology will work just fine for you. 






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