Update: Shortly after our post on the leaked image on the Apple Watch series 4 was out, we found out that the image our source provided was, in fact, a fan-made creation and not a photo of the real watch itself. We apologize for this error, especially to loyal Apple fans and to the original creator. Also, a huge shout out to the eagle eyed viewers out there for letting the truth come forth and to the original creator for the convincing Photoshop work. 

Having bought the first hands-on video of the iPhone (2018) mockups, the first leaked images of the Oppo AX5 and the first hands-on look at the upcoming LG Q9,  we are happy to share with you the first hands-on look at the Apple Watch Series 4.

With the Apple event less than a week away (September 12), we know fans are getting more and more excited about the new direction of iPhones, which is supposed to come in three versions. But today, thanks to our partnership with trusted tipster Madsimar we have procured an exclusive hands-on image of the Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple Watch Series 4 first look

hands on image of Apple watch

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While many people were hoping that the next generation of Apple’s watch will come with a more traditional circular dial like the original Moto 360 smartwatch, recent news and leaks suggested the same Apple watch shape will continue but with some minor changes. Our hands-on image confirms that the watch still maintains its rectangular shape but if you look closely at the image we can now confirm the display is an edge-to-edge one with the smooth rounded corners in accordance with the current smartphones. On a lighter note, we are chuffed that there is no notch on the top of the display. The image shows the watch draped in Rose Gold color with a white strap and it does look swell. The watch will still have the previous Space Gray, Gold, and Silver colors as well, along with the Rose Gold, which is similar to Apple iPhone lineup.  The digital crown position and button position too looks to be the same. But rumour is that these hardware buttons will go the way of the iPhone 7/8 home button and be solid state in nature. They will of course be touch sensitive with a haptic feedback. The move from mechanical to solid state buttons could help with reliability and will actually help to improve Ingress Protection. But by far the biggest change is the screen, which now displays a lot more content than before. Talking about the price, many say the prices will remain the same as the Apple Watch Series 3.

While this leak has been proven fake, the image still gives us a rough idea about what the new Apple Watch may look like.  

Apple Watch Series 4 Specs & Features

Coming to the specifications of the next generation of the Apple watch, there have been a lot of leaks and speculations. Starting with the edge-to-edge display that is said to be at least 15% larger than the previous generation. Now this is something we can confirm as the image clearly shows. The next bit of information again pertains to the display, with the resolution of the display expected to be around 384 x 480 pixels, which for sure will bump up the pixel density of the display (over the previous Apple watch’s 312×390 resolution). The larger display means content developers can display more information as can be seen in the hands-on image which shows a newer much more detailed watch face. Talking about the watch face in the image, these are the 9 bits of information that are displayed which:

  1. Time (Analogue) & Date
  2. Countdown Timer (Top left)
  3. Weather (Top right)
  4. Ultraviolet Index (Bottom left)
  5. Sunrise Timer (Bottom right)
  6. Music (Centre left)
  7. Activity (Centre Right)
  8. Earth rotation/ Astronomy
  9. Appointments

Moving on from the display with slimmer bezels, to the processor which should be an upgrade over the Apple S3 powered Watch series 3. The newer, more improved Apple S4 processor apart from performance upgrades will also bring along an improvement to the wireless chip (W3 in this version). The newer processor should help push the higher resolution display while improving battery life.  

Coming to software, the Apple Watch is supposed to launch with the next iteration of their watchOS, the watchOS 5. The newer operating system apart from its usual set of performance and battery improvements is supposed to get some new features, from new watch faces to support for 3rd party watch faces. The support for 3rd party watch faces is something that Apple is going to open up for the first time which would enable some creatively designed watch faces for the Apple watch. The Apple Watch 4 is also supposed to bring an improvement to health and fitness apps, with the inclusion of a new 7-day activity competition with medal based rewards to encourage Apple watch users towards better fitness. Also on board will be improved workout detection, new activities, better calorie tracking and finally indoor and outdoor cadence tracking as well. As displayed at Apple WWDC 2018, there should even be the new walkie-talkie feature which will let two Apple watch users communicate with each other over Wi-Fi and cellular.

Adding to health and fitness, there are rumored to be changes to the detection hardware with the improved heart rate monitor and even EKG support, which could pave the way for the Apple watch as a medical grade tracking device.

Another piece of leak points at new smart straps which could add functionality to the Apple watch, like enabling longer battery life or even UV-IR detection to protect your skin from sunburn. Think of these smart straps as MotoMods for your watch.

With newer features and a larger display, a larger battery is to be expected. But Apple may just go for the more efficient S4 chipset along with the new software to improve battery life rather than going in for a physically larger battery.

Apart from these changes, things like color options, storage and watch size options should continue to be the same as the previous version, however, there is speculation that all variants will now have cellular connectivity.

Apple Watch Series 4 Launch & Price

As we said before despite being a substantial upgrade over the older Apple Watch series 3, the newer watch should still retail at the same price as the previous one. While the launch date is something we all know about, as Apple will finally unveil the next generation of the Apple watch along with the new iPhone’s, iPad and even new Macbooks on the 12th of September.