The Honor 7x replaces the amazing Honor 6x which was amongst the first few dual camera phones of its time. The Honor 7x updates that phone to a large extent with a huge 18:9 display, newer processor, improved cameras and newer software.

Being a dual camera phone the Honor 7x has to take on the Mi A1 and its own elder cousin the Honor 9i. So let us see how the budget Honor device performs compared to the others.

Honor 7X- Specifications


Hardware and Software

Connectivity & Expandability

Camera, Video and Battery

Sensors and Extras


  • Excellent, Modern Display with Gorilla Glass protection

  • Premium design

  • Good Cameras

  • Amazing Camera app features

  • Good multi-tasking


  • Hybrid Sim Slot

  • Lacks 4K Video

  • Lacklustre gaming performance

  • Slow charging

  • Lacks Gyroscope (No VR support)

  • No USB-C

  • Only 32GB internal storage

Design & Build Quality

Extremely well built device with a great body to screen ratio.

Budget phones were notorious for having thick bezels around the screen, especially on the top and bottom. The Honor 7x remedies this with a 18:9 display and minimal bezels around the display. Honor managed to fit a 5.93 inch screen in a phone the same size as the Mi A1, this makes it easier to hold in the hand and gives a more immersive viewing experience.

The phone is made of metal and you can feel the amazing built quality. We had the black color phone but it’ll look equally good looking in the blue or gold colors.

The fingerprint sensor can be found at the back of the device, far from the camera sensors. The dual rear camera sensors however jut out of the body and may get scratched when placed flat on a surface.

The top of the phone has the secondary microphone. The bottom of the phone however is rather busy with the 3.5mm jack, microphone, speaker and microUSB port.

OTG pendrive also works on the Honor 7x. The charging cable is sufficiently long and is detachable from the power brick.

The sim tray holds 2 nano sims and 1 sd card and is to be mounted on the side.


Gorgeous display, one of the best we tested in this range.

The 18:9 Full HD+ display is beautiful, you get great colors, brightness and viewing angles.

You also get a lot of control over the display temperature and you even have a Blue light filter to reduce visual fatigue.

Being a 18:9 display you have an option to extend the height of apps manually thus forcing each app to take advantage of the taller screen.

The larger screen gives you a better viewing experience.

For added protection against drops and scratches the display also support Gorilla Glass.

Audio & Call Quality

Clear audio quality but one lacking in bass.

The mono speaker on the Honor 7x produces very clear tunes but it lacks bass. This lack of bass gives a hollow sound. At high volumes there is no distortion but you feel a little sharpness in the sound, this again is because of a lack of bass. If you want loud and good sound from your phone do pick the Mi Max 2 or the Mi A1 - both of which we recommend for this budget.

EMUI Music Player Album Coverflow

Just an addition here, irrespective of the sound quality the Honor 7x has a gorgeous music player app. It is reminiscent of the iTunes cover flow app from the older iPhones and iPad.

The call quality is clear and loud on both sides.

Multi-tasking, Gaming & Benchmarks

Excellent Multi tasking performance, Average gaming and benchmark performance. Lower priced phones are much better at gaming than it.

The Honor 7x managed to keep a whopping 17 apps in background and switch between them without any apps restarting or refreshing. That number is double of what the other phones we tested could manage. Few of the apps we tried were Asphalt 8, Pokemon Go, Subway Surfer, Facebook, Chrome (WIth 7x tabs), Instagram, Youtube etc. That is an impressive performance from the Honor 7x.

Great Multitasking performance aside, the Honor 7x is terrible in high end gaming performance. Playing Asphalt 8 at high settings was a poor experience with constant lags and frame drops. Dropping down the visual settings did improve the performance but you can still feel the lack of smoothness. This is sad especially since you have a gorgeous display. Phones with much lesser prices manage to play the same game at high settings. We feel Honor should have stuck to the Snapdragon 625 processor instead of the Kirin 659. If gaming is your concern do try the Mi A1 or the Mi Max 2.

The performance difference between the Honor 7x and other phones can be seen in the Benchmarks too. The Kirin 659 lagging behind most phones in its category.

  • Antutu
  • 3D Mark

If you still feel the Honor 7x is the phone for you you can get it here: Amazon. But keep in mind that you'll be leaving better options for the same budget.


The Honor 7x’s software experience is a mixed bag, with a lot of great features but a poor design and user interface.

EMUI 5.1 Home Screen, Notification Shade, Picture in Picture mode (Left to Right)

The EMUI 5.1 UI based on Android Nougat 7.0 has a ton of great features like Picture in Picture video, Screen Record, Scrolling Screenshot, Wi-fi Bridge, Camera light painting features etc. The software also lets you choose keep yours apps in an app drawer instead of on your home screen.

Compass app, Scanner App, Mi Remote app (Left to Right)

The are also little extras like changing the position of your navigation bar icons, or displaying your network speed on the status bar or performing gestures on your fingerprint sensor for added functions. All these improve the experience of the user.

There is a lot of Bloatware on the phone with a ton of apps and trialware games. Thankfully most of them can be uninstalled. The UI however isn't the most pleasing the notification shade is black while the settings page is white, there are a lot of such inconsistencies. Finding your GPS settings screen is tough as its hidden in Security settings. Similarly the camera has many features that will help a user get more from the excellent camera but there are quite a few representative features. The colors and icons used aren't aesthetically pleasing too.

Honor has promised the newer EMUI 8 update for the 7x in the near future. But if you are someone who wants the fastest updates do look at our budget recommendation - the Mi A1. The A1 is based on Google’s Android One program and receives the latest updates and security patches really quickly.

Camera & Video

The Honor 7x has a good camera with a lot of settings that does well in most lighting conditions. The video lacks 4K and 720p slow-motion.

The Honor 7X has a good picture quality with respect to colours, and tones and depth of the picture. In most lighting conditions the picture is well balanced. Some of the images are a little more saturated when it comes to solid colours. The software induced Bokeh works fairly well and gives a smooth blur to the background. The resulting image looks good but peek a little closely and you see the edge detection is wonky in certain areas. This was something we noted in the Lenovo K8 Plus too and we believe with time, bokeh effect will become better with improvements in the software.

Camera App UI, Camera Modes, Wide Aperture effects (Left to Right)

The selfie camera also has software bokeh effects and it’s pretty good. But at times, we found the 7x did not blur the background that well. At night despite lacking a selfie flash the Honor 7x manages a decent photo. It manages this by using a neat little trick of turning the screen into white during image capture, effectively converting the screen into a flash light of sorts.



Bokeh Selfie


The Honor 7x supports digital zoom only unlike the optical zoom on the Mi A1. Digitally zoomed photos give a pixelated image so if you need a crisper and sharper zoomed phone you can look at the Mi A1 with its 2x (50mm focal length) optical zoom support.

Night selfie

Night flash photo

The Panorama on the Honor 7X is clear and sharp on the screen. There is almost no lag in the software and processing time. The resulting image is clear and it could be more sharper. The final image was the smallest amongst the four we tested in terms of pixel height. This is something that causes the softness in the image.


The Video capabilities of the Honor 7X are good but the slow motion features shows quite an extent of pixelation in the footage and the lack of 4K capture means the 7x loses quite a lot of points. The Honor 7x is clear in audio capture and we did not find much wind noise in the footage. The Mi A1 and Mi Max 2 phones however support 4K video and 720p Slow-motion so please check them out.

If you still feel the Honor 7x is the phone for you you can get it here: Amazon. But keep in mind that you'll be leaving better options for the same budget.

Battery & Charging

Average battery life and Charging. Needs fast charging support.

The Honor 7x manages a screen on time of just 3 hours under heavy usage. The Mi A1 with a smaller 3000mAh battery manages 4 hours and 45 minutes of screen on time under the same conditions. The Honor 7x is also slow in charging taking around 3 hours to fully charge.

Even the PCMark Battery Benchmark gives it a 4 hours 51 minutes time at max brightness.

Make sure you have a power outlet near you if you pick the Honor 7x and are a fairly heavy user.

At HomeTop we use Screen on Time as a metric to measure battery life. Screen on time tells you the time the screen was on and being used. We measure screen on time by simulating a heavy use case consisting of playing games, watching movies, watching Youtube, running benchmarks and playing music. This gives a much more accurate measure, as people tend to use the phone more with the screen on. If you are someone who doesn't use the phone a lot you can use the PCMark Battery Benchmark score as a more realistic measure of your screen on time. You can see the entire analysis here.

Closing Remarks - Honor 7x

The Honor 7x with its average gaming performance, lack of gyroscope, average battery & charging and smaller internal storage doesn't make a great case for itself. Especially considering that the Mi A1 is available for just Rs.1000 more. Which gets you better gaming performance, better audio, better battery life, more storage and faster software updates.

Instead of the Mi A1 you need a large screen with great gaming performance and audio nacking by a mommoth battery, look towards the Mi Max 2. But we must warn you the Mi Max 2 is not very good in the camera department.

HomeTop’s Verdict

Weighings the shortings of the Honor 7x with its price, we feel the Mi A1 is a much better smartphone to buy.