With too many options for microwaves, it is hard to find the best one in India. But when it comes to giving buying a quality microwave with many features, IFB is all you need.

When we did our research to find  the best microwave oven for you, we found IFB to be one of the most popular brands. So, we tested one of the IFB models to see what it had to offer. We analyzed almost all features IFB offered in that microwave and also assessed IFB’s service quality by speaking with multiple people in the microwave service industry including an IFB service representative.

In this article, we are completely breaking down our experience with IFB. Here are the topics we are covering:

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List of Models

​IFB has a lot of models available online. They come with a mix of different features. You can find the list in the drop down below.

Complete list of IFB models in India today

Our chosen IFB Model

There are about 18 different models in Convection Microwave Oven. As you can see IFB has microwave come in various sizes ranging from 20 liters to 38 liters. You can pick based on your family’s size. 

Features offered by IFB

We compiled a list of features offered by the IFB models and tested the features for their functioning quality.

Keep Warm

If you do not want to eat the food right away and want to maintain the warmth of the food, then the “Keep warm” feature is what you need.This feature makes your microwave a hot pack and works with a preset temperature of 50 degree Celsius. This feature can keep your food warm for 90 minutes.

Only some IFB models have this feature. The model we tested did not have this feature.

Auto Cook recipe

Auto-Cook feature is a must-have if you are a beginner or cannot spare a lot of time to cook. The auto cook recipes have preset time and temperatures, so all you need to do is place the food in the microwave and select the recipe. All IFB models come with pre-set auto-cook features. Some models have up to 150 auto-cook features.

We tested this feature by making caramel popcorn, masala tea and boiling potatoes. We found that the food was evenly cooked and the heating distribution of the microwave was at par with Morphy Richards. During our tests, we also found that the IFB microwave’s popcorns were better than the ones we made in Morphy Richards.


If you love grilled food and have a knack for baking foods, this is a cool feature to have in a microwave. The IFB models come with two features for Micro+Grill and Micro+ Convection which is helpful for grilling and baking alternatively.

The Micro+Grill feature is an amazing feature to have if you want to cook and grill vegetables and meat. The Micro+Convection feature will allow you to use your microwave to bake things as pizza and cakes.

When we tested the IFB model for this feature by grilling some veggies and baking a pizza, we found that the food was uniformly cooked. This feature was almost at par with our winner, Morphy Richards. During our tests, we found that the IFB microwave took a couple of minutes more than our winner. However, it is a slight drawback considering the uniform cooking of the microwave.

Weight Defrosting

If you want to eat food right after taking it out of the refrigerator, defrosting is what will help you. This feature helps in fast heating of the  frozen items kept inside refrigerators and bring the food down to room temperature without overcooking the food.

We tested the defrosting feature by putting in a bowl of rice for a minute. We found that the defrost feature in the model evenly heated the bowl of rice without overcooking it.

Steam Clean

Cleaning your microwave can be a tedious task, but with the steam clean feature, you can get this job done quickly. The feature automatically cleanses the microwave after you put one bowl of water and squeeze lemon and turn on the steam clean option.

During our tests, we tested the steam clean option by squeezing a lemon in a bowl of water for five minutes. When we opened the microwave door after five minutes, we found that wiping the water vapors made cleaning the microwave easy. This option gave us a clean microwave.


This can be a very useful feature when you cook Non-Vegetarian dishes in your oven, and your microwave still has the odor of meat. Using this option you can flush out the odor via the exhaust fan at the back.

This was a very useful feature, and we used this feature for letting out the foul smell inside the oven after cooking rice. When we tested this feature, we found that the foul smell had disappeared completely.


If you are not good with kneading the dough, this feature will get your dough ready in minutes. All you need is to place the dough in the microwave and press the “fermentation button,” and it will do the rest.

We found that this feature was present in only some IFB models and can be found on the display panel.

Power save

If you want to make sure that your microwave does not use power when it is not being used, then this feature is a must-have for you. The IFB’s power saving mode saves energy when the microwave is not in use or is sitting idle.

During our research we that this feature saves by switching off the LED display. Only some IFB models have this feature.

Power Levels

The freedom to use various kinds of power levels is important when you try to cook dishes which are not on the auto-cook menu. The IFB model has various temperature settings.You can adjust the temperature according to the dish you choose to make.

We found that when we decreased the temperature the cooking time increased and the vice versa.


If you have visitors at your place and they have a kid with them, this feature will prove to be quite useful. This feature disinfects kids’ feeding bottles in no time.

We found that out of all the microwaves in Indian markets, only IFB has this particular feature.

Installation and Warranty

Installation of the microwave may be hard for you. There are various features in a microwave, which you may not know how to use. That’s why when you purchase a microwave online or offline; the company provides you with free installation and the technician who will visit you will walk you through the features of the microwave. During our testing we had an IFB rep visit us. He walked us through the features and installed the microwave. The IFB rep was as knowledgeable as the Morphy Richards rep and answered all of our questions.

IFB Microwaves come with a 1-year Microwave Oven warranty and 3 years magnetron warranty.

If you face a problem with the IFB microwaves, you can simply ring up the IFB service center and set a time for service. The technician from IFB will show up and give you an estimate of the damage the and the estimated price for fixing the problem.

If your microwave is covered under warranty, you will bear no charges. However, after the expiration of your warranty, the charges for damage and servicing will vary. The technician who visited us gave us an estimate of the price it would take to fix the problems and the money it might require.

Comparision chart of repairing costs offered by IFB and Local mechanic

If you expect good service with a greater reach you can look at Morphy Richards and Kenstar, who partner with local mechanics, which means you will have service irrespective of where you live,  unlike IFB which uses in-house technicians and can cover only the areas where it has service centers. Click here to know more about our best pick the Morphy Richards Microwave Oven.

Our Thoughts and Suggestions on the IFB microwaves

Recently, on our hunt to find the best microwave, we reviewed the IFB microwave, IFB 23SC3. Testing it extensively and analyzing every aspect of the microwave we came to a conclusion and concluded on its service.

We tested the IFB 23SC3 we particularly liked it for its excellent features and performance in the cooking tests. The heat distribution is at par with our winner and gives us a perfectly balanced cooked meal. The size is perfect for a family of four with a capacity of 23L, it cooks evenly and comes with two warranties: a 1-year product warranty and a 3-year magnetron warranty.

However, in our research, we found that IFB has a bad rep when it comes to their after sales service. This was the sole reason why we didn't recommend IFB as the winner. So you should consider buying this one only if you are 100% confident that the local IFB will service you well or if you do not care about sales service.

Also, we saw that IFB microwaves come with a lot of functions that are simply useless. The steam clean function is one of them. All the feature does- is heats a bowl of water that you’ve put into it and the steam produced cleans the walls of the microwave. You can do this yourself by heating a bowl of water normally.The keep warm feature, found only in IFB, is another useless feature. While it sounds good in theory, it just makes more sense to reheat your food when it is ready to be served. You don’t need another button that does the exact same thing.

In our review which involved cooking many different food items from popcorn to cakes, chips to pizza we found the Morphy Richards 25CG to be the best.

The Morphy Richards machine came with a raft of useful features, like child lock, deodorize, defrost, cake baking, and combi-tech, which made it a supremely convenient machine, and with a capacity of up to 25L it can easily cater to a family of up to five. Compared to the IFB machines, the Morphy Richards microwave received mostly positive customer reviews.

To know more about our best pick in microwaves click here.