So you are looking to buy a Kenstar Microwave, eh? Kick back and relax in this article you will find all the info on Kenstar you need.

In the past, while testing microwaves to find the best one, we had the chance to test a Kenstar model as well. While doing so, we researched every single element of Kenstar’s microwave and the overall experience they offer. We even called up their service centre to understand how well they service customers. We’ve summarized our entire findings in this article.

In this article you’ll find

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List of models

Here is the complete list of Kenstar microwaves available in India today.

  1. Kenstar 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (KJ20CBG101, Black).

  2. Kenstar 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (KJ25CSG150, Silver).

  3. Kenstar 25 L Convection Microwave Oven  (KJ25CSL101, Black)

  4. Kenstar 25 L Convection Microwave Oven  (KK25CBB250, Black)

  5. Kenstar 26 L Convection Microwave Oven (KT26CSS4, Silver)

Kenstar microwave: A closer look

Features offered by Kenstar

During our tests to find the best microwave oven in India, we found that Kenstar was one of the favorites. So, we have compiled every feature this company’s microwaves offers so you can understand which model is best for you.

Auto Cook recipe

The Auto-cook recipe feature is a nice-to-have feature which is not really necessary unless you are a beginner at cooking. It can prove useful when you are trying some new dishes, but over time you’ll probably not use this feature too much.

It helps in setting temperatures and time duration for the menu or the food that you’ve decided to cook. All Kenstar models have this feature. Some models have upto 250 recipes that you can auto cook while the model we tested had around 101 recipes. The winner of our tests - the Morphy Richards microwave - had 200 recipes.

Combi-Tec Combi-Tec 

All Kenstar models come with the same Combi-tec feature. The Micro + Grill function allows you to vary microwaving and grilling alternatively. You have two options which allow you to vary the time of grilling. His is really useful for grilling vegetables and chicken.

The Micro + Convection function allows you to vary between the microwave and convection feature alternatively. If you lan to bake cakes and so on, this is a must-have feature.

During our tests we found that the the Kenstar microwave we tested didn’t give us an even distribution of heat. The quality of the potatoes that we tried to grill wasn’t great. IFB and Morphy Richards were far better as far as distribution of heat and quality of cooking was concerned.

Cooked potato fries cooked in our chosen microwaves

Power Levels

Kenstar like - most other brands - let’s you pick the power level that you want. They allow you to vary the power level from 0 - 100 degrees in intervals of 10.

Even though Kenstar is very popular in India for their microwaves, we found that they are lacking in terms of key features. Here’s a complete list of features that IFB and Morphy Richards offer that Kenstar doesn’t:

  • Deodorize

  • Defrost

  • Steam Clean

  • Keep Warm

  • Fermentation

Some of the above features are not really useful like the steam clean feature which basically heats the water you put inside it until evaporation. This can be replicated manually.

However, there are other functions like Deodorize and Defrost which your home will definitely need. The Deodorize feature which is available in the winner of our tests, allows you to remove the smell of chicken from the microwave so you can cook vegetarian food without worrying about it smelling of chicken.

To summarize: we are not big fans of Kenstar’s features. Check out our recommendation for the “Best Microwave”.

Installation & Service

As far as microwaves go there are two types of services. One in which the company sends their own employee to service the machine. The second one, the company ties up with local partners and supplies them with spare parts to service customers. Kenstar, follows the second model. They tie up with a variety of local partners and have them handle service issues and installation. We spoke to around 7 people in the microwave service business including a Kenstar service rep. and have found that this model is very efficient in terms of how fast they will service your microwave.

IFB, which follows the first model has only their employees servicing customers. Therefore they have a limited amount of resources to service people. Whereas, Kenstar works with partners and is able to scale their service much faster than IFB. This, we theorize, is the main reason for IFB’s sub-par service. Especially in rural parts on India.

The service guy came to our house after 2 days to install the microwave. He was mostly knowledgeable. He ran some tests to see if the microwave was working fine and explained each feature to us patiently. However, he didn’t fully understand the auto-cook feature which was quite surprising.

​Regarding service, it is the same guy who comes for installation who handles it. All Kenstar models come with 1-year and 3-year warranty for machine and magnetron respectively. If you get your microwave serviced during the warranty period, the service will have no costs. Should you need service after the warranty’s expiration, you will need to pay according to the damage.

​Unlike IFB, for Kenstar they take the microwave back to their shop to get it serviced.

In our research we also found the basic problems that occur in microwaves and how much it costs to service them. The main problems that occur in a microwave are:

  • Magnetron stops working and causes a heating issue

  • The touch buttons stop working

  • Unusual noise from the microwave

  • Rusting on the inner cavity

  • Microwave door doesn’t lock

Here’s how much it costs to solve these issues with Kenstar versus going with a local mechanic. This should give you some sort of benchmark to make sure you don’t get scammed.

Comparision between Kenstar's repairing and the local repairing costs

Keep in mind that these are approximate rates for the 20 litres model. You can expect variations.

Our Thoughts and Suggestions on the Kenstar microwaves

Although Kenstar’s microwaves are decent, they lack a host of features that can be found in both IFB and Morphy Richards. Lack of features, honestly, is a huge turn-off. Other than this, the microwave that we tested lacked the quality of heating found in IFB and Morphy Richards.

​The installation for Kenstar usually is pretty straight-forward. But as it happens with third-party technicians, you can never be sure of how well they know the functioning of the specific brand.

​Also, it was evident that a lot of model’s design was not up to the mark of IFB and Morphy Richards.

​Though Kenstar’s service was good, it failed to perform well in comparison to its competitors

​Considering that a microwave is an appliance that should be dependable and fast we suggest you look at either the Morphy Richards microwave, which can cook some mouth-watering stuff or have a look at the IFB microwave.

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