With way too many choices for microwaves in India today, the choice of the best microwave, which suits your purpose, can be a difficult one. But when it comes to a choice of a microwave which serves its purpose extraordinarily well, we found that the Morphy Richards’ models did the job.

While looking for the best microwave we tested a couple of microwaves, Morphy Richards was one of the three models we tested. We did everything from baking cakes to grilling potatoes to test the features of the Morphy Richards quality of features. Our research even included consultation with microwave consulting professionals including the Morphy Richard’s rep to assert how well Morphy Richards performs it's after-sales services.

​Keep in mind that we tested only one particular Morphy Richards model. However, our week’s long research gave us pretty good insights into what you can expect when you buy a Morphy Richards microwave.

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List of Models

Here is the current list of all the models manufactured and marketed by Morphy Richards in India today:

  1. Morphy Richards 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (25CG).

  2. Morphy Richards 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (23MCG).

  3. Morphy Richards 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30MCGR).

A closer look at the Morphy Richards microwave

Features in Morphy Richards Microwaves

Auto-Cook Option

If you are a beginner or are a person who does not have much time to spend on cooking, the auto cook feature will be your rescue. The auto-cook option has various times and temperatures configured for a variety of dishes you might want to cook. All you need to do is click on a recipe that you need on the display panel and hit start, and the microwave will adjust the time and temperature accordingly.

We tested the auto-cook feature on the Morphy Richards 25 L Convection Microwave Oven. We did this by making popcorn and boiling potatoes.

Boiled potatoes in the three microwaves we tested

​We found that the LCD panel in the microwave was hard to use in comparison to the IFB’s auto-cook feature. However, it was a minor drawback considering the quality of heating it provides and the after sales services the company provides.


If you love grilled foods and have a knack for baking, this feature is just what you need. As most standard microwaves, the Morphy Richards comes with two settings, Micro+Grill and Micro+Convection, which allows you to grill and bake foods in the microwave respectively.

Pizzas cooked in the three microwaves to test the Combi-tech feature

We tested this feature by grilling veggies and meat and baking a pizza and a cake. We found that the Morphy Richards microwave performed well by heating the food evenly and cooking it well. Additionally, we did not find this feature hard to operate.


This feature is useful when you want to pop some dish out of the fridge and bring it to room temperature, waiting for it to thaw out naturally would take too much time. Popping it in the microwave and using this feature will give you perfectly warm food and you can dig right in.

We put a bowl of rice and used this feature for a minute. We found that the Morphy Richards performed well and heated the bowl of rice evenly.

Power Levels

If you want to try new recipes, you will need to set the temperatures depending on the dish you want to cook. Morphy Richards comes with various power levels. You can increase or decrease the power levels as per your requirement.

The model we tested had power levels from 0-degree Celsius to 100-degree Celsius. The panel for temperatures on this particular model was easy to use.


If you have vegetarians in the house, this feature is a must-have. When you heat any kind of meat, it leaves behind a pungent smell which can stick to whatever you heat next. The option for deodorizing in the microwave removes the pungent smell and gives you a perfect odorless environment to heat other things.

The Morphy Richards’ product we tested, had a dedicated button for this specific feature, making it easy for us to use. We used the option and found that the smell had disappeared completely. When we used the deodorize feature after defrosting rice for 5 minutes, we found that the after-smell of rice had disappeared completely.

What are features missing?

In comparison to the IFB microwaves the Morphy Richards does not come with the following:

  • Power Save button

  • Disinfectant

  • Steam Clean/Fermentation Option

  • Keep Warm


These features are not as essential as the other features which are present in the Morphy Richards as the deodorize, auto-cook and combi tech features.

Installation and Warranty

Microwaves have many features; it may be hard for you to grasp all of it alone. And this is why when you buy a microwave online, or offline the companies send a technician to install it and walk you through the process. During our testing, we had a Kenstar, Morphy Richards and IFB person install the microwaves and walk us through the features. We found the Morphy Richards person was almost as knowledgeable as the IFB person, which is good enough.


​The Morphy Richards person was able to answer questions regarding matters from heating to combi-tech. However, he was not able to answer the question on the child-lock feature.

Another impressive feature of the Morphy Richards’ ovens is that they come with a 2-year of warranty, which is unique and is not offered by any other brand in the market. The magnetron will also be replaced free of charge during the warranty period. The servicing of your microwave would require some money. Here is what we gathered from the Morphy Richard’s technician about the service after the expiration of the warranty:

Comparision chart of repairing costs offered by Morphy Richards and Local mechanic

The technicians can source the original spare parts for your microwave, which is great and will preserve your microwave’s quality.

​If your microwave stops working and you can’t heat up your coffee or your food, you will want this solved quickly. This is why we prefer Morphy Richards’ service to IFB—it’s most likely quicker.

Our Thoughts and Suggestions on the Morphy Richards microwaves

​During our review on the best microwaves in the country, we found that the model we tested, Morphy Richards 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (25CG, Steel), dominated our tests.

​The cooking quality and baking quality was far more superior to the other ones we tested. Although IFB was a close competitor, owing to the better quality of Morphy Richards’ service, we found that it was better than IFB.

​Out of all the features available, the Morphy Richards excels in cooling and deodorizing—a boon for when you don't want your coffee or paneer to be stinking of chicken.

​To see our complete research process to about the three microfibers to our Best Microwave article here.