If you love straight and smooth hair, a good quality hair straightener is what you need. If you are considering a Nova hair straightener, then you’ve come to the right place. During our testing to find the best hair straightener, we tested 2 popular Nova models and found out the features one can expect from popular models of the Nova brand.

The 2 models we tested were: NHS-860 and NHS-870. We tested these models by using them on 3 different kinds of hair (wavy, curly and straight). Our testing was conducted for a around a week and this gave us an in-depth picture of what to expect from a Nova model. We also conducted an intensive test where we used both flat irons on separate days each to see how long the hair stayed straight after usage.

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List of models

We tested the Nova NHS-860 and Nova NHS-870 as they were the most popular ones on Flipkart and Amazon. We selected this as they already have been tested by People in India and have obtained pretty good reviews amongst various e-commerce sites.

How we tested?

Our testing included getting the opinion of a stylist from Jawed Habib on each of the straighteners. hair straightener on a single person and checked how long the straightening effect lasted. The hair stylist used each model and straightened an entire model’s head full of thick,wavy hair. This way we got an in-depth firsthand account of the performance of the straightener.

We were mainly looking for straighteners that gave us a smooth and poker straight finish.We also noted if the acquired finish after usage was glossy. We also made sure to check how each of the straighteners performed on various textures of hair (wavy, curly and fine) on regular at-home users. We’ve mentioned the results for the two Nova models below. If you are not hell-bent on getting Nova then you might want to read our “Best Hair straightener article”. Based on our research and testing we found Remington to be the best.

Our experience with Nova NHS-860

Hair straightners we tested

The NHS-860 comes with a pair of titanium, ceramic plates and four temperatures that you could use(160,180,200,220). It has a well-insulated cord which is of 1.8m.It has an led indicator that switches on as the model is heating, but it does not switch off..There is a light burning smell but absolutely no noise.It did not have a lock also and the coating was not shiny. It was more like a smooth metal plating There is a button present for manipulation of temperature. The winner of the best straightener had a dial to change temperatures, which is more convenient we felt.It more than 1.5 minutes to heat up which is too long compared to the winning model.

During our research, we found that the NHS-860 worked well for wavy hair on 220-degree Celsius.The straightener has a good grip but requires effort to straighten out. It is not very smooth while running over the hair. The plates tug at strands of hair at times hurting the customer. The plug came out twice during testing because of lack of swivel chord. The hair remained straight for 10 hours when straightened with the  NHS-860 model. However, the results were not satisfactory in comparison to the NHS-870 model. This Nova model took more time straighten hair and consumed time when straightening curly hair. However, it wokred fine on other textures. According to our at-home user, this model is a mediocre straightener that does its job as it should. For a price of approx 500 INR, it works well.

Review Nova NHS-870

The Nova NHS870 comes with a shiny red body and four temperature settings(160,180,200,220). The body of the flat iron is curved around the plates like a half cylinder.However, its design is bad because the straightener does not stay lying on its base. It twists over and the plates touch the ground. It is an annoying inconvenience. It has a button, which when pressed manipulates temperature. The LED indicator switches on to show the straightener is working but does not switch off when the straightener reaches the desired temperature so,you cannot make out when the straightener is fully heated. The handle is of narrow grip and can be held easily.It has a ceramic+titanium plate.

When we tested the Nova NHS-870 we found that it worked well on the 220 degree Celsius temperature as NHS-860. The hair straightener, however, worked well with both wavy and curly hair. The effects of the hair straightener remained 4 hours longer than the other Nova model, NHS-860, but the time is not extraordinary compared to the Remington one. According to the stylist, it heated up sufficiently but took time. The grip was okay but others have performed better in this category. In spite of minute complaints, the stylist liked this straightener. She said it did the job and sufficiently straightened hair.

The plug came out once and the plate did tug a little at the strands. The at-home customer wasn’t happy with the finish of either models as it does not give any added gloss to the hair unlike its counterparts.

Features that were missing

Here is a list of major features Nova misses out on and therefore does not offer ease of use:

  • The biggest drawback is the absence of 360-degree swivel cord for both of the models.
  • The Nova models do not come with a lock feature, which again does not offer ease of use.
  • Furthermore, the Nova models do not have an automatic shut-off in any of the two models that we tested.
  • The models are said to feature the Nano Silver Technology.  However, when we tested this feature we found no apparent result of the technology on hair.
  • The plates of the models does not allow for a good grip.

  • Warranty

    Warranties are an important parameter for consideration when you choose a new product or a hair straightener. Your hair straightener may become unresponsive or not work at all. To understand what happened to your hair straightener and to get it fixed, you will need a warranty. Nova has only one service center in Bangalore. If you stay in another state you can ship your defective product to Bangalore. Under Warranty any damage is repairable.  The warranty charges are around 300-400 rupees.

    There will be no charges for your hair straighteners if and when your hair straightener is under warranty. However, if your warranty period for the hair straightener has expired, then the charges will depend on the amount of damage sustained by the hair straightener.

    Our Suggestions on the Nova

    The models can definitely improve in terms of both features and design. The absence of a 360-degree swivel cord can cause a great nuisance to the customer. We found that the absence of the 360-degree swivel cord created discomfort in use.  We saw that during testing as the plug constantly came out while straightening.

    The design of the NHS-860 was identical to the Kemei-329, a cheaper and ineffective Chinese hair straightener. The lack of locking feature and auto-shutoff is also highly disappointing. Without the locking feature, you will not be able to lock the hair straightener after use and will damage the straightener. Also, the auto-shutoff feature’s absence poses an issue to your safety. If you forget or leave the hair straightener plugged it, it may cause of fire.

    Overall, Nova offers a domestic range of budget straighteners but has a long way to go if it has to compete on an international level. The flat iron has yet to incorporate any technology that makes it different from an average flat iron.

    It does a good job of tackling various textures of hair but in the long run, its average abilities will not ensure a stable position in the market.