Hi, has something like this ever happened to you?

Once, I needed to buy a beard trimmer. I simply wanted a device that would be functional, dependable, and reasonably priced, that doesn’t seem like a lot to ask, right?

So, I did the usual: I browsed online for a handful of trimmers, read through a couple of reviews and decided on one for Rs. 4,500. It was expensive but I thought it would solve my problem.

When the box finally came, I was so excited to open it and try it out!

But you will undoubtedly understand my frustration when I found out that the trimmer didn’t have the right settings to maintain my beard. Plus, it needed to be recharged quite regularly—something I can’t be bothered about when I’m trying to get ready and out to work in the morning. And, it can’t be used while charging because it had a super short charging wire.

I was bugged that I had wasted so much money for what was now a useless product that didn’t help in my mission to maintain a beard.

Frustrated, I sat back down at my computer and pulled up the reviews. I realized a lot of them had not tested the products or had published content without fully researching the product.

This problem extends to every product imaginable. Even, water purifiers. Imagine that, something as close to your personal health like drinking water! A lot of the sites would just recommend products just to make the most amount of money.

I later found out that I could have paid Rs. 1000 and got a trimmer which was ten times better.

Imagine that, Rs. 3000 cheaper!

We live in a world with too much choice and too few trustworthy reviews.

That’s when I decided that we would be different.

What if we could show you intensively researched products with thorough explanations, so you could know in advance that a product would be up to your standards?

What if we could help you avoid unnecessary features at expensive rates?

That’s exactly what we are building here at Hometop – Home to the top products.

We spend weeks going through hundreds of products and reviews and then testing, investigating, experimenting, or consulting experts to help you avoid buying horrible products filled with hidden flaws.

​Like the time we jumped and swam in a lake to check the waterproofing on two fitness bands. 

Or, like the time we got our beards trimmed with the help of professional barbers with over 20 years of experience, to find the best trimmer for most people.

beards trimmed with the help of professional barbers

Or, like the time we conducted an experiment on some of the top sunscreens, using sunscreen paper, to find the most efficient sunscreen.

experiment on some of the top sunscreens

Finally, we only recommend products that we would buy ourselves or recommend to friends and family.

But researching, testing and maintaining this high quality of work requires time. We sometimes spend weeks on a single article. Therefore our site is built and updated, slowly.

But in our experience, we have found that whichever product we recommend stands the test of time. The best products don’t change often.

We are committed to recommending tested products that are of superior quality yet won’t break the bank with tons of add-ons and extra features you’ll barely use.

Whatever you need from us—from headphones to roti makers—we tell you the best one to get and why.

How you can help

In every possible instance, we prioritize complete transparency. This is why we want to fully explain how Hometop generates revenue.

Our business stands on your trust in us.

We stay completely unbiased in our recommendations; our Review Departments operates 100% independently of our Business Department. This means, our reviewers do their job with no concern for the economic prospects for our company.

To support ourselves, currently our site operates on affiliate links, meaning we only make money when you purchase a product from our links. If you are not satisfied with the product and return it then we do not make any money. In other words, we only survive if the product you buy satisfies you!

You can support our work in one of two ways:

  • ​You can buy the products we recommend from the links on our site. If we are the last link you click before you buy a product then Amazon and Flipkart pays us a small commission (at no cost to you). This helps in funding our research and reviewing activities. This, in turn, helps us create reviews so you can make an informed and educated decision.
  • Or, you can share our story and tell your friends and family about us. This helps more people make smarter purchases and helps us to grow!

We appreciate your trust more than we can say, and we look forward to serving you. Welcome to Hometop – Never buy a horrible product, again.

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